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Re-Release 60s And 70s Masters

September 16, 2010 | Music

Sony will re-release the 60s and 70s Masters in November in cut down small packs like they did with the 50s masters. These will contain the exact same masters as originally released, not the new masters.

Source:Elvis Australia
lray wrote on September 16, 2010
If they are not the new masters then it is a waste of everybodys time.
schemies wrote on September 16, 2010
What a sh!t. They would better release them without all extras but with all complete masters (70s box) and with the new remasters.
Tony C wrote on September 16, 2010
It's just a record company repackaging exercise, putting the same content in a smaller box than before. It's nothing to get excited or annoyed about. All of us should have the original big box editions, so they are not really aimed at Elvis fans specifically.
circleG wrote on September 17, 2010
personally i don't think these sets should have ever been off the shelves. we raved about them in the 90's and quite rightly so. they gave alot of credibilty back to the musical legacy and i can't think of much since that had the same impact on the minds of the public.
Steve V wrote on September 17, 2010
These sets got all the acclaim they deserved back in the 90's All the major publications, yes including Rolling Stone, gave them rave (for the 50's) to good reviews (for the 70's). I never read one bad review. Also, it was a way for the label to start legitimizing the catalog. Along came Burning Love, Tomorrow is A Long Time and others to really present the music as it should have been all along. What happened? Aside from the 30 #1's, 2nd to None, the label really lost their way and now the Elvis catalog is a mess with so many comps and budget releases its a crying shame. I agree, they should have never been taken off the shelves. I guess it proves the CD boxset had truly become a dinosaur.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 17, 2010
Does Elvis have that many hit complilations? you gotta be kidding,no these sets should have never been put out of print,but its good that they will have something for people who dont want to pay a bloated(very bloated)price for the new box set,its amazing how they have put most of Elvis box sets out of print,his music is handled in a very strange way! Yes when you file through his music at a music store(yes they still have a few of those)you find 90% compilations and not good ones at that.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on September 18, 2010
Anyone know if the 50's Masters has been released in the UK in a 'Cutdown pack' rather than the original square box? I don't think I've seen this here. I know they reissued it in the States in 2000 in oblong box (Original Square box was 1992)
SnOwMan wrote on September 19, 2010
What a joke! The 50's and 60's material sound awful on these box-sets compared to the new remasters. Releasing such bad sounding material when they're already available in much better sound quality shows total disrespect towards the buyers. Typical from Sony,though.
Pam-TT&Fep wrote on September 21, 2010
Would like to know if it is technically possible to put 34 songs on each CD of these CDs in Masters 60s and 70s ? That would be quite an improvement if BMG decides to re-release those nice boxes. I never understood anyway why songs like : I will be true, Katheen, I shall be released (by hand...?), Allah at the Ranch, It's diff now, Love come down, Lady Mad, 12th of never, It's still here (??what??) were choosen as "studio highights" whereas they actually were not...!? And why one CD so-called Elvis show ?(!) Really don't understand the 'rationale' behind it all, like many others obviously don't (seen from the many comments on your forum here). Only if BMG comes up with a remarkable re-make of these Boxes (which I do like an awful lot !) then I will buy them again. If not, it really doesn't make any sense.
Tony C wrote on September 22, 2010
A CD can hold eighty minutes of music, so the length of the tracks is the defining factor in how many can be put on each disc. The reasons for leaving out some of the studio masters on the seventies box set have been given many times over the past fifteen years. The plan was to release three five-disc sets giving an overview of Elvis' career and the live disc was part of the third box because Elvis' live albums were a big part of his seventies recording legacy. The somewhat sub-standard unreleased material was included to give people something new. I notice somebody below uses the chance again to complain about EPE, when they have nothing to do with this re-release. But then the same person thinks that Elvis would have been seventy-five next January!
reload wrote on October 01, 2010
I like comments of Snowman re. quality. Hope they enhance with best available quality the new boxes of the 70s.