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Elvis Christmas (The Yule Log Edition) DVD

September 06, 2010 | Video

Featuring the world s greatest Christmas music set to your choice of three heart-warming holiday scenes, THE YULE LOG DVD lights up the holiday season. Perfect for entertaining, these songs and scenes instantly bring the good cheer and magic of Christmas to any holiday home.


Santa Claus Is Back In Town
White Christmas
Here Comes Santa Claus
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Blue Christmas
Santa Bring My Baby Back
O Little Town Of Bethlehem
Silent Night
Peace In The Valley
I Believe
Take My Hand, Precious Lord
It Is No Secret
O Come, All Ye Faithful
The First Noel
On A Snowy Christmas Night
Winter Wonderland
The Wonderful World Of Christmas
It Won't Seem Like Christmas
I'll Be Home On Christmas Day
If I Get Home On Christmas Day
Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees
Merry Christmas Baby
Silver Bells

Release Date: Oct.19, 2010

Source:Elvis World Japan
Elvis_Fanatic wrote on September 06, 2010
And is this DVD available now? Is it available in the US, or just another DVD that Elvis fans in the US will have trouble getting their hands on? I love the songs -- of course, they're Elvis, so who wouldn't!!
Elvis_Fanatic wrote on September 06, 2010
Oh my goodness! I just checked with Amazon and see that the DVD will be released October 19, 2010 for the price of $11.49 usd. Can pre-order right now! Glad I read about it at ElvisNews.com or I would have never known about it! Thanks!
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on September 06, 2010
This is an official US RCA Legacy release, that runs just under half an hour!
dgirl wrote on September 07, 2010
Well here is another essential purchase for the holidays! Milk, milk, milk it boys. The fans are out there and you can sell anything.
JerryNodak wrote on September 07, 2010
Once owned a home with a fireplace. Fireplace was a big pain in the arse. I'll take this product any day. Cheaper, cleaner, safer.
Herman wrote on September 20, 2010
Total playing time: 61 minutes
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on September 26, 2010
The original track listing on Amamazon.com only had/has the contents listed as the original Christmas album (ie not including The Wonderful World of Xmas" material) But the running time is now listed as 61 mins, which seems to indicate additional material has been added. We'll see!
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on November 01, 2010
The Yule log DVD does features only the original 1957 Xmas album. However.... having said that, it only contains 11 tracks. "I'll be home for Christmas" has been omitted. (Not sure about the logic of that on a Christmas DVD ???) Total running time is in fact 28.42 mins. Hmmmm! Santa Claus is definitely not back in town as far as RCA/Sony etc are concerned