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July 11, 2010 | Book



This is a 200-page book with images exclusively designed to complement the music from the film. It consists of two main sections; the recording sessions on January 16, 1958 and song scenes from the filming of the movie (including behind-the scenes shots). The images are classic and well-known shots with the majority being previous unpublished and taken by the original still photographers on the set (no freeze-frames)
The accompanying CD consist of the masters and the well-known alternative masters (no unreleased session reels have been found). As always, the music has been re-mastered.


01 King Creole – take 13 – 2:08
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
02 As Long As I Have You – take 10 – 1:50
Fred Wise/Ben Weisman
03 Hard Headed Woman – take 10 – 1:53
Claude DeMetrius
04 Trouble – take 5 – 2:17
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
05 Dixieland Rock – take 14 – 1:47
Claude DeMetrius/Fred Wise
06 Don't Ask Me Why – take 12 – 2:06
Fred Wise/Ben Weisman
07 Lover Doll - take 7 – 2:08
Sid Wayne/Abner Silver
08 Crawfish – take 7 – 1:49
Fred Wise/Ben Weisman
09 Young Dreams – take 8 – 2:23
Martin Kalmanoff/Aaron Schroeder
10 Steadfast, Loyal And True 1:15
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
11 New Orleans – take 5 1:59
Sid Tepper/Roy C. Bennett


12 Danny – take 10 – 1:52
Fred Wise/Ben Weisman
13 As Long As I Have You – (movie version) – take 4 – 0:56
Fred Wise/Ben Weisman
14 Lover Doll (undubbed EP master) – take 7 – 2:14
Sid Wayne/Abner Silver
15 King Creole (1. version) - take 3 – 2:05
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
16 Steadfast, Loyal And True (1. version) – take 6 – 1:31
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
17 As Long As I Have You (unused movie version) – take 8 – 1:24
Fred Wise/Ben Weisman
18 King Creole (1. version) – take 18 – 2:16
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
19 Steadfast, Loyal And True (undubbed version) – 1:15
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller

January 15, 16 & 23, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood
Guitar: Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley; Bass: Bill Black; Bass & Guitar: Neal Matthews; Bass & Tuba: Ray Siegel; Drums: D.J. Fontana, Bernie Mattinson; Piano: Dudley Brooks; Bongos: Gordon Stoker; Cymbals: Hoyt Hawkins; Clarinet: Mahlon Clark; Trumpet: John Ed Buckner; Sax: Justin Gordon; Trombone: Elmer Schneider, Warren D. Smith; Vocals: The Jordanaires, Kitty White (track 08)

February 11, 1958 at Paramount Studio Recording Stage
Guitar: Scotty Moore, Tiny Timbrell; Bass: Bill Black, Ray Siegel;
Drums: D.J. Fontana, Bernie Mattinson; Piano: Dudley Brooks; Vocals: The

June 19, 1958 RCA Studios, Nasvhville
Vocal overdub by The Jordanaires on track 7 & 10

Release date: August 8, 2010.

Artwork Good Times

Following on from our previous strictly Limited Edition series, FTD is pleased to announce the release of a special 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set of GOOD TIMES – THE OUTTAKES. Supplied in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, it features the superb original draft artwork design that was superseded prior to release. UNIQUE!


• Vinyl cutting by ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS
• DMM Copper Mastering
• 180 Grams heavyweight vinyl
• Re-mastered by Vic Anesini and Jean-Marc Juilland
• Strictly limited pressing
• Unique facsimile of the original album sleeve design!

Side 1

Take Good Care of Her - rehearsal & take 1
Loving Arms - take 1 & rehearsal
I Got a Feelin' in My Body - take 1
If That Isn't Love - take 1
She Wears My Ring - take 8
I've Got a Thing about You, Baby - take 1
My Boy – take 1

Side 2

Talk about the Good Times - take 3
Spanish Eyes - takes 1, 2
Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues - takes 7, 8
I Got a Feelin' in My Body - take 4
I've Got a Thing about You, Baby - take 14
My Boy - take 2
Take Good Care of Her - take 4

Side 3

I've Got a Thing about You, Baby - takes 6, 8, 10, 11
Loving Arms - take 2
I Got a Feelin' in My Body - take 2
Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues - takes 1, 4, 6
Take Good Care of Her - takes 2, 3
Spanish Eyes - take 4 (undubbed master)

Side 4

Talk about the Good Times - takes 1, 2
Talk about the Good Times - take 4 (undubbed master)
She Wears My Rings - takes 1-7
I Got a Feelin' in My Body - take 7
My Boy - take 3 (undubbed master)
Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues - take 9 (unedited undubbed master)
If That Isn't Love - splice of takes 5 (LFS) & 7

Release date: August 8, 2010.


On September 14, FTD will release the soundboard of the November 10, 1971 BOSTON GARDEN Show (previously released on bootleg) as this is the only available show from the early tours of the seventies. We believe that this is of such historical importance, that it should be available to everyone.This will be a 5” digipack with a photo booklet

On the same date, a 2-CD set of ELVIS (FOOL) in the CLASSIC ALBUM series.. This will feature a 7” digi-pack with an 8-page booklet.


Recently, we’ve had several frustrated e-mails from some customers about information getting out about our releases, prior to circulation of the official FTD announcement. Ideally, it shouldn’t be like that, but at the same time with so many people helping us in advance with our product origination, there is a good chance that word will spread before exact release plans can be chosen due to manufacturing and distribution issues. The nature of being involved in the ‘Elvis‘ industry dictates that the sharing of new information is a thrill to most people, so leaks will occur.

In an effort to improve the situation, we will try to announce our schedule further up front. The downside to this is that there will be times when unforeseen production problems cause releases to slip. So, in accordance with this, In September FTD plan to release another soundboard. Early November will consist of a classic album and 2-LP Limited Edition vinyl Set. Titles have not been chosen yet but we’ll update as soon as decision is made.

TY1975 wrote on July 11, 2010
This the great thing about FTD - something for everybody. I can't wait to hear the 1971 Boston show. Also, nice to hear that FTD plans to start being a little more open with forthcoming release plans. Now, fans have to do their part and not rake them over the coals when schedules or details change.
DekeR wrote on July 11, 2010
I'm looking forward to 'King Creole'. The Boston Concert is a good show. I've heard it and it's one of my faves. I wish there were more of these early concerts.
burninglove92 wrote on July 11, 2010
im soo excited for these releases, especially the boston show its an awesome show, i will be buying king creole, the boston show and the fool album for definate. it's such a shame ftd didnt' plan some on tour material ready for the launch of the dvd, would of been great to get a boxset of on tour shows then another with rehearsals. oh well thers time yet
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on July 11, 2010
Just when you thought things couldn't get worse,here are the shocking news. No SUN-book,no Hawaii 61,no Louisiana Hayride dec. 56! Almost only reissues! Madison's One Night Only is perfect,Ernst and Lene won't be able to make it better. Oh and we will have another useless vinyl. Great:( The only one i'm interested in is the Fool album and maybe the soundboard,but only if it's not another reissue. Thanks to FTD,i will save a lot of money in this year.
Steve V wrote on July 11, 2010
The FOOL album? We were the fools for buying that album in 1973, an obvious attempt by the Col & RCA to cash in on the recent Aloha show with another hastily thrown together LP of songs randomly recorded. The worst Elvis album ever after Having Fun On Stage.
Erika Freiburger wrote on July 11, 2010
I like the Fool album very much,it's not weak at all in my opinion. Clambake and Double Trouble are weak but Fool isn't. I like most songs on it. The only exception is Padre. As for the other releases,i'm looking forward to the new soundboard but i won't re-buy Good Times on vinyl,King Creole and the Boston soundboard which i already have. In this year we didn't get too many interesting releases from FTD,but there were a few at least. The may 1974 Lake Tahoe CD and a few others. Love,Erika
glynalone wrote on July 11, 2010
Looking through the session files there doesn't seem to be much left unissued from the various Fool tracks, 11 takes of Padre perhaps? Be interesting to see how they pad it out to a 2CD set. Re-introduce the Aloha after show tacks and A Blues Jam perhaps? And what's happened to Jailhouse Rock Vol 2?
TY1975 wrote on July 11, 2010
Fool doesn't make the short list of worst albums, far from it. Not with classics like "It's Still Here," "It's Impossible," "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right," "Fool," and "For Lovin' Me." Not to mention "Where Do I Go From Here" and "Love Me, Love The Life I Lead." I'd give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Looking forward to FTD's Classic Album treatment.
glynalone wrote on July 11, 2010
Just looked at those session files a little closer and realised they'll easily pad Fool out to a second CD with all those outtakes we've already bought before on FTD (I Sing All Kinds, Standing Room Only, Elvis Now) as well as the main label. Nice to have them all in one place will be the reasoning I guess.
burninglove92 wrote on July 11, 2010
i hope ftd release some strong stuff later this and year next, i would love to see madison sqaure garden classic album with a brand new mix! and the 2nd cd the other garden show as released as in an afternoon in the garden and the same as the aloha show classic album both shows and after tracks all in one. i just praying for an on stage classic album with another feb 1970 show combined, 1970 opening night and closing in one and some on tour material. its all a must for all elvis fans.
Orion wrote on July 11, 2010
I'm glad for those of you who couldn't get a copy of Madison's "One Night Only" that you'll get to hear the excelllent show from Boston in Nov. of 1971. I do find it odd that the press release states "this is the only available show from the early tours of the seventies." That goes against Tunzi's list of soundboards, but at least we got this one and Madison's upgrade sounds fine enough for me to skip this one. If you don't have that one, I strongly suggest you pick this one up. I guess I'm a completist, that's why I'm looking forward to the "Fool" release. The next batch comes out in November, huh ? Wonder if we'll see the classic release of "The Wonderful World of Christmas" ? There can't be many more unreleased classics (where there are outtakes available) left.
eric c wrote on July 11, 2010
can't wait for these....finally we get the boston concert.I'm probably the only one who likes the fool album-can't wait to see what march 72 session songs make the bonus list-if any.this would have been the perfect album to combine the vegas 72 cuts with the march session.It would have given Elvis a major hit album...the good times vinyl release will be cool also.
JerryNodak wrote on July 11, 2010
The "Fool" album. Yes! I can't wait. And so many "experts" on various Elvis MBs said it would never happen.
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 12, 2010
Where is 'Jailhouse Rock Volume 2'??? That's what's needed, not more useless vinyl or reissues of concerts that have already been on bootleg at least twice. And as for the 'Fool' LP...it was thrown together at the time and surely we've had all of the outtakes of 'Fool', 'Where Do I Go From Here' etc. on 'Standing Room Only'. It's a very weak album with 'Padre' being one of the poorest things he ever did.
dgirl wrote on July 12, 2010
Harvey is exactly right. As for The Fool album, it should have been a Camden at best. Damn it sure looked like one. To have this 'LP' as a full priced RCA album was a disgrace. Elvis just came off one of the biggest triumphs of his career, and this thrown-together album came out to capitalize on it much like the Burning Love Camden album did a year before. Did he care? I guess not, but these 2 LPs probably did more damage to his 70's reputation as a serious recording artist than anything else. Then came the sub-par Raised On Rock. By the time the decent Promised Land single & LP came out, Elvis was not taken seriously by radio & critics and those releases didn't get the proper attention they deserved. I lived it , I know. Many on this site were born after he died are discovering these songs way after they were released, but for those of us who lived through it, they are a painful reminder of a great artist losing his way and control of his record career.
Deano1 wrote on July 12, 2010
I have to agree with dgirl and Harvey Alexander concerning the "Fool" LP. What a shame that this album was the follow-up to "Aloha From Hawaii". RCA and Colonel Parker had to have their three albums per year and come hell or high water they were releasing whatever was in the vault. The material isn't bad, but it isn't exactly the best work of his career. Seven leftovers from recording sessions in 1971, one live track and two songs from the 1972 "Burning Love" Sessions made up this rather bland LP and sales showed the fans discontent (it peaked at #52 on the album chart). Elvis should have been being celebrated by his label and his manager after the success of "Aloha", but instead he was put back in Vegas for 50+ shows two weeks after the worldwide telecast. The "Aloha" LP was still in the top 20 on the LP chart as RCA released this "gem" of an LP. Why couldn't they release an album celebrating his recent chart success??? I know most of his hits from 68-72 had been collected on other albums, but did they think that maybe the fans and even pop music fans might want the hits on one album? Why wasn't "Gold Records, Vol 5" released as the follow up to "Aloha"..."In The Ghetto", "Memories", "Supsicious Minds", "Don't Cry Daddy", "Kentucky Rain", "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me", "The Wonder Of You", "I Really Don't Want To Know", "Where Did They Go, Lord", "I'm Leavin", "Until It's Time For You To Go", "Burning Love", "Separate Ways" and "Fool" would have made a great 14 song follow up to the other volumes. Yes they would be duplicating two songs from recent Camden releases and RCA had released the 50 Gold Award Hits and the Other Sides in 70 and 71, but I have no doubt this LP would have been a big seller. Heck, they should have given the album (minus "Fool") they released as a freeby if you bought this "GR5". If they had released "GR5" and let it be the last LP of 1973, they would have built anticipation for his next LP. An LP that should have been the best of this July and December Stax Sessions. Did they forget how anticipation of his first post-Army single and album helped sales??? There is no doubt that the Camden releases that used "Burning Love" and "Separate Ways" to dupe people into buying them hurt future attempts to use current singles to sell LP's ("Raised On Rock" and "Promised Land"). People didn't want to get stuck with subpar albums. Of course, Elvis fans deserve a lot of the blame. They bought over 1 million copies of BL and over 500,000 copies of SW. In other words, those two albums outsold "That's The Way It Is" and "Elvis Country"! I would have to imagine that decent, but disappointing sales of great LP's such as these really caused Elvis to quit caring as much about recording. In the end, Elvis career was brilliant from start to finish and it does seem odd to second guess the decisions that were made, but it is a shame that the tremendous artist Elvis had become was disresptected by his record company, his manager and yes, even his fans. A manager without vision, a record company that was spoiled and many fans who couldn't move past wanting to see a gyrating Elvis sing "Hound Dog". Is it any wonder that Elvis didn't produce a great recording session in July of 73? He had conquered the world and on Jan 14, 1973, he reigned supreme, yet instead of being treated with respect, it was "give us another LP", "go do 58 shows in four weeks in a town you have grown to hate, because I like to gamble" and do the same thing because it is easier than doing something different". Elvis tried to find other things to do. He commisioned a movie script for a film titled "Billy Easter" and he showed that old Elvis spark in Spring and Summer concerts in '73. Unfortunately, August brought another 58 show engagement in Vegas, the last thing Elvis wanted or needed. Elvis seemed to be making an impact on the pop chart the following year as he had three straight top 20 hits ("If You Talk In Your Sleep", "Promised Land" and "My Boy"). The success of these singles didn't make Elvis anymore anxious to record, but he did manage a solid recording session in Mar of '75 (After Dec of 73, Elvis recorded just 10 more songs in a studio and 16 songs at Graceland). The disappointing chart performance of "T-R-O-U-B-L-E", seemed to confirm in Elvis' mind that his days of being pop chart king were over. From there his records were geared to country music stations and while successful, he would not see the pop top 20 again in his lifetime. Another big hit wouldn't have added to his legend or made him anymore relevant or popular, but it might have done a great deal for his attitude and inspiration. Perhaps if someone had just treated him with respect he had earned, Elvis would have taken better care of himself. In the end, his friends, his manager and fans took everything they could from him until he had nothing left to give.
tornado wrote on July 12, 2010
I agree with you dgirl, there was no clear direction in Elvis's career after 1970 and I remember how I was in dismay after the great return era 68-70. I think Ernst wanted to get it over with the erratic sessions of 1971. Only He Touched Me and the Xmas Album had some kind of consistency. After Fool, I wonder wich classic is going to be chosen. Will Ernst choose to finalize the gospel legacy with He Touched Me? Or make a Première with A Wonderful World of Christmas? Or will he choose to finalize the Nashville 66-68 secular songs? Guessing is also a fun part of this whole Elvismania our ours. In the meantime, I'll get Fool and King Creole too.
Dan The Man wrote on July 12, 2010
Great news!!! FTD is the label, May you reign forever, or as long as there's tapes.
benny scott wrote on July 12, 2010
Dazman : I couldn't agree more ! You said it ALL in a few sentences !
Marten wrote on July 12, 2010
glynalone, I think you're on to something regarding the Aloha tracks! Maybe the first version of the LP will be included (as compiled by J. Deary), as well as the original. Then we'll get the outtakes from Hawaii too, maybe?! There are also some takes left of Until It's Time For You To Go, strangely not included on the Now FTD, as well as the complete piano ballads. I don't think there will be duplications of the outtakes from 1972. Could be a totally okay release. I actually like the approach to Good Times too, although it will be too expensive for me. Great work, Ernst!
HangLoose wrote on July 12, 2010
Very weak releases,Ernest. King Creole book with well-known photos and WITHOUT any new audio? And for $120? Oh dear... The GDP of Denmark should be very weak if they are trying to steal our money on a such disgusting way. Boston 71? It has already been issued about 2 or 3 times,last time in 2006 by the great Madison label. And now here's the chance to get the Lene Reidel version in digipack:) Good Times on vinyl? Oh dear! The best thing that happened in my life (well,one of them) was the CD. Glad that i can hear my music without pops, white noise, scratches etc. And some of you are still excited about that old big black shoddy vinyl thing. Why? I don't get it. Back to the 70's... Ernest,you're living in the past.
marco31768 wrote on July 12, 2010
"Good times" lp haven't master takes... ???
Wiebe wrote on July 12, 2010
The Boston show is not my favourite. I think it´s the weakest show from the tour. The local orchestra is crap and hits wrong notes all over the place. Try the final chord of Suspicious Minds. I just hope when they arrested Jurgen Keilwerth in the 90ies that they didn´t destroy his collection as he had soundboards from Houston 1970 and Tampa 1970. And most importantly Pittburgh 76, which I know he was working on and apparently sounded great.
tornado wrote on July 12, 2010
Marten: if there are some takes left here and there, I'm sure that FTD will provide a compilation down to line for hardcore completists. If I'm not mistaken there is also an official complete unreleased take of Fountain Of Love from Pot Luck. HangLoose:is it that hard to understand that there can't be no new audio from King Creole? Ernst has repeated time and time again that they found none after years of research and the Hall Wallis succession admited they didn't have anything.The positive side to it is that after 13 years, since 1997, we will get a better sound since Sony has authorized a complete upgraded remastered of all Elvis's master and FTD carry on in that line of duty as they release 8 times a year what is called Classics Album of Elvis. As for the Boston 71 soundboard, you can't deny FTD the right to release it legally this time on their own because bootleggers did that many times before. It's their priviledge. FTD is aimed at releasing officially all recorded material for every part of Elvis's career to cover the whole scene and this legacy will remained available for generations to come. I'm with you on the vinyl mania. Maybe I didn't have a sophisticated high fi system in my youth but the only thing I miss about them is the bigger front cover picture, but today we have access to beautiful photo-books to look at. So I feel spoiled. On the other hand, FTD decided to graciously offer this option for those who dig vinyls. Live and let live is my motto. As TY1975 said rightfuly: there is always something for everybody
Orion wrote on July 12, 2010
It seem's that Ernst and co. have been trying please e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y the last couple of years. I know that the idea of vinyl doesn't appeal to me, but it does a certain population. So, for you all there is now FTD vinyl. I know quite a few on this list have been asking (pleading ?) for "King Creole" and viola !! For you guys and gals, you get a book with all that FTD has available on the music front. To steal a title from the man himself, there seems to be "Something For Everybody." As far as the classic release of "Elvis", I think it will be a lot like the "Elvis: Now" release. I was never happy with that LP, but FTD made me enjoy it with improved sound and some enjoyable outtakes. So, for the classic of "Elvis", I look forward to hearing Elvis work up another Gordon Lightfoot song in "(That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me", or another enjoyable track in "Love Me, Love The Life I Lead." There's also some unreleased takes of Elvis at the piano. I also look forward to the outtakes of "Padre." I haven't played it much through the years, but look at it as a follow-up to "Heart of Rome" - which I totally dig. In short, pick and choose what you want. There is something for everyone this time around as well as a chance for those who don't have Boston to pick it up. There's also other goodies waiting for us in November. I think it's a good fall. Yes, EOT, would've made sense - but I would've been disppointed in those as I have all the shows on "imports" as well as the rehearsals from Madison. So, I'm satisfied with the selection - that's the key. FTD provides a selection and you have the right to say yes or no.
Ciscoking wrote on July 12, 2010
Quote: "On September 14, FTD will release the soundboard of the November 10, 1971 BOSTON GARDEN Show (previously released on bootleg) as this is the only available show from the early tours of the seventies". What is "early 70`s"...? My guess would be until including 1973..what do you think..? We have tour SB from 1974..but none until 1973..or am i wrong..?
Gary O. wrote on July 12, 2010
Looking forward to the FTD release of "KING CREOLE"; 200 page book should have quite a few never before seen photos of Elvis during the recording sessions held at Radio Recorder. Hoping that the November Classic FTD release will include "JAILHOUSE ROCK", volume 2. I would love to have the complete binaural tracks of "DON'T LEAVE ME NOW" from the JHR sessions. Hope that Ernst Jorgenson and Kevin Budd have not given up on releasing the FTD SUN PROJECT; it has been two years since we have heard any update on that Sun Records book / cd release!
Orion wrote on July 12, 2010
Cisco: I, too, caught that quote. Looks as though Tuzi's 'inventory' list of soundboards is in-correct. He claimed that four or five shows were caught on soundboard during those first tours outside of Vegas in the "early tours of the seventies." I don't know what the next soundboard could be, but I hope that the trend of releasing previous bootlegs on FTD doesn't continue. I guess that's really selfish of me, but the last few years has brought us the Aug. 16 opening in Vegas, the rehearsals for that show, the Dallas and Birmingham shows, and now Boston - all previously released on boots. I realize that it's nice for those who don't have these "imports", but I guess it just makes it all the more real to me that the pool of Elvis material that might be new to these ears is indeed getting all the more shallow.... Oh, how spoiled I've become. I guess that's why I always come to Ernst's defense. I remember what the Elvis music world was like before him, and really do realize what my Elvis library is like since him. I just hope he's got a few diamonds left to present with Promised Land", "E.P. Blvd", and the Nashville 67-68" being the major jewels left. Then again, some might think that JR vol II and the SUN project will be the crown's jewels. Whatever comes next I really don't care, but I just hope that all of these materialize before a steady stream of re-released boots is released by FTD.
benny scott wrote on July 12, 2010
Cisco : like Orion wrote in a previous posting that the statement "Boston... " is the ONLY show available of the early seventies " is in contradiction with Joe Tunzi's list is correct. It is in contradiction with that list. According to the book "Sessions III" RCA should be in possession of the following number of shows in the form of soundboards or "reel to reel" tapes: 1969 : 6 / 1970 : 24, / 1971 : 16 , / 1972 : 14, / 1973 : 34, / 1974 : 98 !!!!, / 1975 : 37 , / 1976 : 67 , / 1977 : 56 . If this is true ( and I think it is 'cause Tunzi's research is done in a seriuos way ) then we have many many soundboards to see the light of day during many many years to come. Always El.
Orion wrote on July 12, 2010
Benny: You beat me to the punch.. I had to go to my office (in the basement) to get my copy of Tuzi's list. According to that list, RCA should be in possession of the following soundboards outside of Vegas from the early 70's: 19 from 1970; 7 from 1971; 10 from 1972; and 7 from 1973 - for a total of 43 soundboards prior to 1974. The question now becomes who do we believe.. lol An argument can be made for Tunzi in that I don't recall a bootleg or FTD soundboard that is NOT on Tunzi's list... hmmmmm ? Am I wrong on that ? Either way, it makes Ernst's statement all the more interesting.
benny scott wrote on July 12, 2010
Hi Orion, the figures I posted were, as you may have noticed , including Vegas and Lake Tahoe. As for the list ... I really don't know what still could come up in the ( hopefully near ) future ( I'm not that young anymore, so time is really not on my side ). As far as I know Joe is working on a follow-up of Sessions III, with updates .So who knows, maybe if some, untill now unknown, audio recordings of one or more shows should turn up, Tunzi would certainly ad them to the list. One can always hope and dream ! Wishing you all the best from my small european country Belgium !Always El.
Deano1 wrote on July 12, 2010
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind FTD releasing the "Fool" LP, but I just hate the idea of it being called a "classic". The LP was deleted less than two years after it's release and neither sales, content or critical acclaim would classify it as a classic. It actually was the worst commercial decision that could have been made after the "Aloha" show telecast and album. I have stated before that I think FTD does a good job and they are, as Orion stated, just trying to release something for everybody.
Orion wrote on July 12, 2010
Deano is correct in that "Elvis" coming on the heels of Aloha was such a bad move, but considering what RCA had in the can at that time, there was really nothing that would've satisfied the record buying public or kept the momentum going. As much as I loved the FTD release of ROR, even it would've failed coming on the heels of Aloha. That whole show, album, etc. set the bar pretty high. I guess I was too young (ten and buying records with my allowance money.. lol) to notice how poor RCA's moves were at the time. Again, it's a case of hindsight as well as water and bridges. Loking ahead to the release of "Elvis" as a classic, I sincerely hope that Ernst and FTD have secured the rights to release the duets of Mary & Temple with Elvis on "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." I've only heard one version (Temple's - I think...) from an acetate of the recording, and really feel these could be re-mastered quite well and sound truly fresh and comtemporary. It might be a newish sounding recording. This album would be the perfect place for them IF they are ever going to be released by FTD. I know I'm crossing my fingers for their inclusion.
Orion wrote on July 12, 2010
Benny: I know what you mean interms of age.. I'm soon turning 48 (which is relatively young - I guess), but really don't want to wait another four or five years for "Promised Land" or "E.P. Blvd". Then again, some have waited nearly three for the SUN project - so it could be that long. Only Ernst knows, and it sounds as though even he doesn't know what's next. Maybe I'm too anal, but I'd already have planned out the next few years releases. I mean I can take Tunzi's book and plan what could be a good release schedule. Oh well, I'm sure he keeps busy with other obligations other than FTD and Elvis. Speaking of Tuzi, I'd welcome another sessions book with some updates.
schemies wrote on July 12, 2010
I think, "Promised Land" would be more interesting, and it would finally complete the Stax trilogy, thus I assume it to be more important. Furthermore, I would prefer the 2nd volume of "Jailhouse Rock" over another "King Creole" re-release, but I hope the re-mastering is better than with the 1997 release of that album. But the book sounds interesting to me. I hope they included the picture which made it on the cover of Essential Elvis volume 3, this is a real great shot of Elvis. And since I think the latest FTD release, "How Great Thou Art" is fantastic (to people who like the Gospels), I would hope to have "He Touched Me" in the Classic Album series before Christmas. To me this album is again of much more importance than the "Fool" Album. Further I am not sure anymore if I get a kick of soundboards anymore, I guess I stick more with the alternate takes. Finally, I am one of those who think the Vinyl era is over since long time ago, so I will never buy one of those releases again, but others seem to be pleased very much.
Dazman wrote on July 13, 2010
Orion & Benny Scott: re JAT's soundboard list. I've read in his on-line interviews after the release of "Sessions III" that certain shows including St. Louis '73, Oklahoma City '75 and the last 2 '77 tours were confirmed by credible sources as being SB recorded but they still remain in private hands. These distinctions must be made come vol.4. as to what SB's are at FTD's disposal. Another question; how many of these tapes are Vegas booth recordings ?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 13, 2010
Why nothing from On Tour From Ftd?
claunath82 wrote on July 13, 2010
I hope that King Creole will come in the classic album serie and not only the book , I m happy with the " Fool " album news, it would be very logical to include steamroller blues (the B side from the fool single) from aloha to give also more sense to the cover ! great job FTD team, something for everybody !
benny scott wrote on July 13, 2010
Dazman : thanks for the interesting news about SB's being in private hands. Maybe..maybe.. let's hope one day we'll have the luck to hear them. You're right about the distinction that should be made in the forthcoming "Session IV " ! As for the booth recordings I'm afraid there's ( untill now ) no insight so far. Orion : planning what could be good releases in the near future is part of enjoying the "Elvis World " , so have a good time doing this ! Best regards to both of you. Always El.
Rob Wanders wrote on July 13, 2010
yeah ofcourse Fool was a dissapointed album after the success of Aloha, but now almost 40 years later I will be happy to have the FTD-version of the album.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 15, 2010
Linda,very funny,i actually feel the same way,but you know your kind of thinking makes you a rebel in the Elvis world.
Eap54 wrote on July 15, 2010
I myself am a BIG ELVIS FAN and have been sence 1956. I have seen his ups and downs, but I will buy the Fool album which I did in 73 and enjoyed it. The album took me back to his roots in his music when he started out, simple before he recorded THAT'S ALLRIGHT MAMA. So I will enjoy it again with the out takes. Thanks FTD.
kink56 wrote on July 18, 2010
I would love to see the following ASAP in the Classic Album series: Elvis (2nd album), Elvis Christmas Album, Flaming Star, G.I Blues, King Creole, Speedway, Roustabout, Kissn' Cousins, FTD version of "Tomorrow is a Long Time" A FTD version of Stay Away Joe, Live a Little-Love a Little, The Trouble With Girls, Charro, Change of Habit, and especially the following two: From Elvis In Memphis, Back In Memphis, then--He Touched Me, The Wonderful World of Christmas, Promised Land, From EP Boulevard, Moody Blue, and the remaining 4 Gold Record albums. And I would not mind a combo of For LP Fans Only and A Date With Elvis. Let's hurry up, at the rate FTD is going, I may be dead before I have all the original LPs on FTD! And what the heck, Madison Square Garden, Aloha from Hawaii, On Stage and Elvis In Concert too! Let's get this project finished, enough with the soundboards already.
kink56 wrote on July 18, 2010
In reference to making sense of the cover. Why is it RCA/the colonel chose a picture of the NBC TV Special for the In Person at the International Hotel and a picture of Elvis on stage at the International for the Back in Memphis cover? I do not think the inclusion of "Steamroller Blues" will help the Fool cover be justified.
SPK wrote on July 19, 2010
kink56, I agree w/you completely on those releases that FTD should complete especially soundtracks. Still awaiting Sun project and Hayride 56 after about 3 or more years. Would welcome them. What about Hawaii 61 film, early tv shows on DVD? Any news? All the best, SPK
Dazman wrote on July 20, 2010
The 'King Creole' project with no new audio is hardly worth the expensive price tag. I can't see how FTD can fill 2 CD's for the 'Fool' re-issue when the 1971 & 72 outtakes are largely exhausted. With the suggestions given in this space I see no value in re-releasing the 'Aloha' broadcast show and both MSG shows when they're already available in their entirety on BMG. For the 'Tomorrow....' album pick up a copy of 'So High' for the outtakes. I would however warmly welcome the re-issue of the 'Aloha' dress rehearsal in it's proper sound with unused outtakes of the post concert songs and this time using the genuine photo for the front cover and make that 1988 hatchet job obsolete.
HowGreatEP wrote on July 21, 2010
Finally, fine to receive news re. coming FTD releases ! Too bad PromL, EPBlvd or MBlue are not mentionned? Will they also come with a US$100 Tunzi book ?
Tony C wrote on July 23, 2010
I'm sure we will get the rest of the seventies albums before too long. There are not too many albums left that have not been given the deluxe FTD treatment, a few of which have no or very few existing unreleased out-takes.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 24, 2010
How about a 2 cd set from the On Tour shows and a release covering the guitar man etc sessions? Wouldnt that make for 2 nice releases?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 27, 2010
Serious,actually most of the outtakes from the king creole sessions are thought to have been erased or thrown out. So what you get on the King Creole 97 release & on the Essential Elvis vol 3 release is all that they have. If people enjoy this kind of release then great but for $85 plus shipping, i just cant justify purchasing it. I will save my money for the Boston Show & the Elvs Fool FTD's and hoefully a show from On Tour.