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Elvis In Vegas

May 09, 2010 | Book

Paul Lichter will publish another book soon: Elvis In Vegas.

Source:Elvis Information Network
kenny wrote on May 09, 2010
I hope this is not the cover he will use.... using a november 10th 1972 picture "el paso" as a front cover pic to a Vegas book. Lichter....... :-(
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on May 10, 2010
Just what we need, 2 more books on Vegas, & from a dubious duo! Some of Lichter's books look like photocopies, so one rather doubts the picture quality will match that of the "King of Las Vegas" & Tunzi's book will hardly have as many pages...
bamche wrote on June 05, 2010
Of course Paul Licher releases a picture book from Las Vegas now. Very convenient. Why his pictures looks like photocopies, my guess is they are.