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For LP Fans Only

May 07, 2010 | Music

For LP Fans Only, the album of Elvis from 1959, will be released on CD by Hallmark on May 24, 2010.


That's All Right - Lawdy, Miss Clawdy - Mystery Train - Playing For Keeps - Poor Boy - My Baby Left Me - I Was The One - Shake, Rattle And Roll - I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone - You're A Heartbreaker

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on May 07, 2010
What a iconic cover as were most of the early albums and with Hallmark you know it's not going to cost the earth!.Great cover,great tracks.....still as good as when it had it's first outing.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on May 07, 2010
Regrettably the contents are the 10 track USA version, not the much superior 14 track UK release. Why? Hallmark used the 14 track UK version of "Elvis' Golden Records", over the USA track selection, so why not be consistent? Also the Hallmark version of "A Date With Elvis" is the USA 10 track lineup instead of the UK much superior 14 track version. Pity!
aura wrote on May 07, 2010
The only album in the world (I think) carrying NOT the name of the singer on it!!!...
dannyboy1 wrote on May 07, 2010
No aura, there are plenty of others. Even Elvis has the On Stage album.
Mystery Rider wrote on May 07, 2010
at the time of its original release it was the only way to get the songs thats all right/Heartbreaker, until Rca decided to put them on the Gold standard Series (447) the originals (not counting Sun) on RCA were gone out of the factories, and of course it was the first album with an artist's name mentioned on the cover as mentioned aura
Mystery Rider wrote on May 07, 2010
excuse me i meant NOT mentioned on the cover
Cruiser621 wrote on May 07, 2010
Although a stop gap album, just as the title said "For LP Fans Only" and with, may I say, only 10 songs as released here in the good old U.S.A., this album was value for the money. Every song on this LP was a clear winner and a real excellent grouping of songs giving a newcomer a real good smattering of music that was in fact what Elvis was all about. The follow-up, "A Date With Elvis" was much in the same vein as this one but not as well received as the album with no name, "For LP Fans Only"; afterall, who really needed a name. His picture told you.
JerryNodak wrote on May 08, 2010
When this album is re-released through Sony Special Products re-mastered by Vic Anesini I'll buy it. But I'm not buying this Hallmark issue.