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Mr. Lansky Ill

April 01, 2010 | People

Mr. Bernard Lansky is recovering from pneumonia. He has been hospitalized for some time but the family told Elvis Unlimited he is doing very well now. We hope he will recover completely soon!

Source:Elvis Unlimited
italianfan wrote on April 01, 2010
I hope he has a speedy recovery. I always remember, every interview with him iv ever seen he has always mentioned how Elvis called him Mr Lansky before he told Elvis "mr lanksys my father, im Bernard" So perhaps this news should be titled bernard Lanksy ill.
Erika Freiburger wrote on April 01, 2010
Get well soon,Mr. Lansky!
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on April 01, 2010
Bernard is a genuinely nice man & one heck of a salesman! We always like to have a little joke about the different English & American pronunciation of our first name! Get well soon Bernard!! Bernard (Roughton!)
al shookup wrote on April 02, 2010
I remember meeting him in his shop nearly 23 years ago and found him to be a delightful and friendly man.....hope he gets back to good health soon!
bray1977 wrote on April 04, 2010
Get well soon Mr Lansky.
1 BILLION SOLD wrote on April 06, 2010
I too met him at his shop in 2002, and spent a fortune on some really cool clothes! I asked him if he'd pose for a picture w/ me, just like the famous one w/ Elvis when he was standing in front of Elvis and adjusting El's shirt for him, and he did so w no hesitation! I like to think Elvis n I are the ONLY 2 w that shot! (ya, right! lol) Get well Bernard!!