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New Live CD On Its Way

February 18, 2010 | Music

Based on the late 1970s album set, this steelbox contains some of Elvis´ best 1970s live performances on 1 CD. The tracks are mixed as to 1 rockin´ live show.

Blue Suede Shoes – August 22, 1969 D.S.
Sweet Caroline – February 15, 1970 M.S.
Burning Love – April 18, 1972
Runaway – August 22, 1969 D.S.
My Babe – August 25, 1969 M.S.
Johnny B. Goode - – August 24, 1969 M.S.
Mystery Train/Tiger Man – August 25, 1969 M.S.
You Gave Me A Mountain – February 1972
Never Been to Spain - April 18, 1972
See See Rider – February 1970
Words – August 25, 1969 M.S.
Proud Mary - April 18, 1972
Walk A Mile in My Shoes – February 1970
Steamroller Blues – March 20, 1974
Polk Salad Annie – August 11, 1970
Something – August 11, 1970
Let it Be Me - February 15, 1970 M.S.
The Impossible Dream – February 1972
My Way – June 21, 1977

Source:Elvis Unlimited
Ton Bruins wrote on February 18, 2010
Trash !
commoneverybody wrote on February 18, 2010
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on February 18, 2010
It's actually called "Legendary Concert Performances" & it is most certainly not trash!
Jerome-the-third wrote on February 18, 2010
that is stunning cover art (for a budget release)..
schemies wrote on February 18, 2010
C'mon, create a playlist on your iPod, and you would surely include some more titles. Trash in tins?
theoldscudder wrote on February 18, 2010
Oh my. Another crappy tin, another crappy release.
dgirl wrote on February 18, 2010
This was a cheapo album in the 80's (K-Tel I think) and now sme 20+ years later we are in need of it on CD? Please. Someone said on another topic it feels like the 80's again with so much product coming out. Im afraid that is true. Quantity not quality seems to be the rule now. Never thought I'd miss the 90's so much when CDs were reigning supreme and the releases were well thought out.
ttwiise wrote on February 18, 2010
we don't need this stuff. Who buys it. I agree that we need quality not quantity. some of the bootlegs recently have been fab but apart from 1 or 2 exceptions the legit stuff has been pants
Deano1 wrote on February 19, 2010
I can understand the two record set that was released in 1978 by the RCA record club (not k-tel) as they had no idea that Elvis' material would be in demand thirty two years later and they were just trying to make money while the memory of his career and death were fresh. It was a good record set for it's time and it did collect some of Elvis' best live performances. I can also understand this CD and tin. I don't think this set or most tin boxes are meant for the serious collector or for those of us that have spent fortunes on soundboards and two CD sets of "classic" albums, but there is nothing wrong with them. If someone buys this and they enjoy the music then that is what mattered. I think that is what the tin boxes are for...attractive packages sold at reasonable prices to win new fans. That is why you see tin boxes for Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers and several other artists in the music sections of stores.
Natha wrote on February 19, 2010
Most of these budget releases are aimed at the casual shopper. Coming across these cds they might think: 'Hey, Elvis! That is cheap for a few of his songs. I know quite a number of the titles. Let's add that to my collection.' This way they make a buck to pay for the costs and have some profit in a shrinking market. And like Deano1 rightly observed the hype in the late seventies early eighties was based on an expected fading of Elvis' reputation. Lately he is mentioned so often that everyone wants to cash now, in case . . .
japio wrote on February 19, 2010
Why do still buy this CRAP. And srange only Commoneverybody like all this CRAP what coming out? very srange
benny scott wrote on February 19, 2010
Why should this be crap ? It's another compilation, so what ! Natha : you're right ! I always like your comments. They are always show common sence, no complaining, no moaning. That's the spirit ! Always El.
benny scott wrote on February 19, 2010
Oeps, meant " they always show.." Had " showing" in mind. Always El.
Natha wrote on February 19, 2010
Thank you, Benny Scott, I think we have nothing to complain as Elvis fans. We have the best musical legacy and we should focus on that. Something to complain is just like beauty 'in the eye of the beholder'.
PAndy wrote on February 19, 2010
it's just a CD-R - NO silver disc
GEORGE (GK) wrote on February 19, 2010
So obviously, this is not a "official" release by RCA Records and Sony. However, if done correctly, A Good Live album, of the best performances, with continious applause and no breaks, would be a fun listen. I know its been done before, but the sound editing wasn't the best back in the day. A new Live collection, of various concerts, mixed, to sound like one continious concert performance, would be a nice edition to the Elvis Legacy.
Deano1 wrote on February 19, 2010
Benny Scott and Natha...I guess at times I nitpick a little, but deep down I can enjoy anything Elvis sang (ok, maybe not "Barefoot Ballad", but almost everything). Natha, you put it perfectly. We do have the best musical legacy to enjoy.
Ciscoking wrote on February 19, 2010
All stolen ........C-R-A-P......
benny scott wrote on February 19, 2010
Deano1 : be assured I'm not picking on you .On the contrary : your comments are always reasonable ! So don't get me wrong! Wishing you all the best . Always El.
benny scott wrote on February 19, 2010
Ciscoking : I consider you as an Elvis-expert, no doubt about that, and in accordance : all my respect ! Sure all this has been stolen, but aren't all bootlegs ( or call them "imports" if you like)? Are you referring (C.R.A.P) to the fact that the tracks have been stolen, or to the soundquality ? Would be thankful if you'd explain your point of view ! Always El.
marco31768 wrote on February 19, 2010
Every track is taken from official releases (please, note the date of the shows)...
Ciscoking wrote on February 19, 2010
This is what I meant by saying..C-R-A-P...in this case.... I hate when they even steal from official/FTD...this thing was pressed for making a quick buck..
Gellerpower wrote on February 27, 2010
I like it they release this kind of fantastic on stage material, meant to be sold to the wider public who are not necessarily elvis fans. And another one of these should be released by BMG : a double CD of TTWIWas carrying all the movie songs of the show on one CD and on the other one the studio songs + rehearsals, outtakes and altern. versions (great Little sister, Such a night, A fool such as I, PSAnnie, LmTender, Love me, + unreleased material from original footage please). Will buy this CD as a birthday gift for someone.
japio wrote on March 01, 2010
i can't understand. they used even the sony logo.CD-r for a wider public.The live greatest his from a few years ago don't sold very well. And now a CD-r. Made on a pc at home.I don't get it. Last year we had a great stereo cd. original and is glourious stereo. But everybody compains and this cd-r are we positive about. But ok .it's your money. if you like ok. But don't complain about other cheap releases.
waymore44 wrote on March 03, 2010
If this shows up in stores I will buy it. Every song is great and the original album was a Record Club budget way to introduce me to LIVE ELVIS. I loved the original LP's so not matter if I'm duplicating what I already have, I don't have it in this order. I definitely will buy it if the remasters are Anesini. Seeing his name alone on the products make me buy them....just because the sound quality is so much better than previous releases.
Sidfan wrote on March 04, 2010
Feel that such a new package is good to attrack younger fans amongst the wider worldwide public but it won't sell amongst FTD collectors (real loyal life-long fans). Hope they bring out the missing digipacks. I can't wait to hear all those marvellous outtakes. Yes, waymorElvis, if you know Anisini please tell him to ask the FTD Team to release still this summer From EPBlvd, Fool & Prom Land digipacks full of outtakes; and later this year (Nov 2010?) HGtArt (that many fans can buy as a gift item for the year end holidays) That would be greatly appreciated and supported also by EPE-folk out in M'phis I hear.