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Elvis Coin Banks

February 03, 2010 | Other

Flexcraft brings you their Elvis Presley coin bank series, where all seven high gloss, guitar-shaped banks measure 21" tall and each is decorated with memorable graphics of the king himself. The banks are offered with or without Flexcraft's gourmet popcorn, and are sure to be a hit with your favorite Elvis collector.

Lex wrote on February 03, 2010
I wonder what is worse... the rubber duck or these.
Loesje wrote on February 03, 2010
No doubt: the rubber duck ;-)
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on February 03, 2010
That's 21 inches of popcorn folks! No contest, you can't eat a rubber duck!
Jimmy Boy wrote on February 04, 2010
Bring on the Elvis Toilet Paper!
Elvos77 wrote on February 04, 2010
Why my lord? Don't they have any taste at all, or do they think Elvisfans have no taste at all. You can think of any product to be made with Elvis's name or pic on it ,and they always pick the wrong ones. American Kitch.i.mo.
Steve V wrote on February 04, 2010
This kind of stuff will forever be linked with Elvis and his fandom. Its unfortunate to say the least.
Ruthie wrote on February 04, 2010
As tacky as it is, it is hardly new news. The popcorn filled guitars have been out for years. I can remember them being featured at one of the many dollar stores about 3 yrs ago. Unfortunately, a friend of mine gave one to me. I emptied the popcorn & set the bank in the corner of my bar. If & when I ever get it filled, I may have enough saved for a trip to Australia.
Deano1 wrote on February 04, 2010
I think we need to take a step back and try to not become hung up on memorabilia saying something about us fans. I received one of these from my niece and while maybe it is something I wouldn't buy, I like it and I don't see anything wrong with it. No I don't have a velvet Elvis painting and normally I just collect his CD's, records, record sleeves, magazines, DVD's, a few things with his likeness, but if someone wants to collect all the ceramic plates, swiveling hip clocks, throws and other things that doesn't mean they are a freak or should be judged as one because they collect these things. Non-Elvis fans will find many things in which to make fun of Elvis and his fans with or without them. Many would point to people being part of a website talking about a man that has been dead for 33 + years as being a little crazy, but if so, call me crazy.
vegaselvisfan wrote on February 05, 2010
i know people who have really enjoyed these. i used to. i am more selective, but yes, i have a teddy bear or two in my collection. (i do think some products are silly) don't even start that idea about who is really a fan or not by the things he/she buys. --- who are you to judge? i ve said it before and i will say it again, your average fan buys his/her elvis items in dept stores and drug stores or via collecting houses like bradford. they most likely pay cash, it's an impulse buy or those are the only places those fans know to buy things. many fans are not on the internet or dare buy things via the net or use a credit card or ... *are serious collectors.* if you are REALLY ANGRY why not dash off a letter to the EPE licensing dept? altho we know what good that does. but that is the only place to truly complain to. i don't think you are going to be able to control the casual or die hard fan from buying these unless you go ransack the store and set a bonfire. :) the 'serious' fan (for lack of a better descriptor) is in a separate world and not every fan is there.
sitdown revamped wrote on February 05, 2010
at least it's not another hair strand being auctioned...;-) It's adequate gear for a long winter night of Elvis DVD's accompaigned by popcorn...
catmommeg wrote on February 06, 2010
I've seen these out for at least a year, they were on Beale St shops in Jan '09. Right on, Deano!!Whatever brings you to Elvis, just enjoy it!
Mystery Rider wrote on February 10, 2010
I Think they should have made a 1977 Version it would have been somewhat Bigger, and would have held a little more money.