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Elvis Sun Sample On eBay

January 13, 2010 | Other

Offered for sale on eBay is this 1955 Sun 78 rpm Sample record, with the sleeve signed by Scotty Moore. Bidding starts at less than a thousand $US. The description reads as follows: "Recorded March 5 (U-142) and February 5 (U-143) 1955, SUN Studio, Memphis Tennessee - Elvis Presley (vcl/gtr); Scotty Moore (gtr); Bill Black (bs); Jimmie Lott (dms U-142). UNIQUE 78 rpm single from sun, stamped in block letters 'SAMPLE' in red ink. Vintage autographed by 'Scotty Moore' on the orig. library record 78 rpm sleeve. Nearly like-new condition of both record and label. Rare and impossible to dublicate. The rare record, scarce 'sample' stamp, and the topper of an scotty moore signature make this one great Elvis collectible.

I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on January 13, 2010
This looks in remarkably mint condition!! Presumably not signed by Scotty in 1955?
columbo wrote on January 13, 2010
WARNING FOR EVERY COLLECTOR! Most of the items this person is selling are fake! They buy old (vintage) items on Ebay and many many months later when no one can see anymore what he bought. He try to sell the items only now with (promo)stamp or fake autograph on it. Some of the buyers are well known friends from him. We're keeping an eye on them for a while. Previous Ebay id's are sohor and epesecuritycentre. If you want me to give examples from this seller i can give them to you. Please think twice when you buy something from this seller. Kind regards, Geert
Steve V wrote on January 14, 2010
Thanks Geert - I have noticed those same 2 sellers selling tons of 'vintage' material that is signed not only by Elvis, but by other 50's Rockabilly and Country stars. My suspicions mounted when week after week they seemed to come up with incredible pieces. I have been buying & selling Elvis seriously since 1970 thru Goldmine, record shows, now ebay and other auctions. A red flag goes up whenever I see a seller constantly get rare pieces. I know how hard it is.
nobis wrote on January 15, 2010
Most of the items come from the Gary Pepper collection, the real fans out there know of course who Gary Pepper was. One can of course argue that Gary Pepper never lived and that Elvis is sunbathing in Florida right now. But we want facts not fantasy. I would like to see a follow up of the "proofs" you announced Geert, since we have the free of speech everybody can assume anything. We are all waiting impatiently your, I quote: "proofs" that "most of the items this person sells are fake", after that I would like you to define the word "most" also. Waiting for Geert....
memphisflash53 wrote on January 15, 2010
The Gary Pepper collection is just recently sold, this con woman, named Barbara Sochor (ebayname oldmaybelle) is selling time after time faked items. Do you want proof ? I'll give you proof, see the posting I made on Elvis collectors (1955 ELVIS SUN RECORDS 217 SAMPLE 78 RPM)Do you still don't believe it ? I have even more proof ...