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Restoration Bad Nauheim Monument

November 30, 2009 | Other

Elvis' European home, Bad Nauheim, is preparing everything for the upcoming celebrations of Elvis' 75th birhtday. The area of the monument that is located next to the Grünewald Hotel is being renovated at this time.

Alant15 wrote on December 01, 2009
Good news. I hope they alter Elvis' image on the monument though. It's not the best likeness it has to be said. Pity there's no plaque outside the Geothestrasse house though. Do Germany have their own version of our UK blue plaques I wonder?
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on December 01, 2009
It is very good news that something is finally happening in Bad Nauheim. A few years ago there was precious little Elvis-wise in the town to gladden the heart of a fan. If they removed the parking from the road where Elvis was photographed by the arch it would certainly be an improvement! (I write as an optimistic photographer and Elvis fan!) The situation regarding his Goethestrasse house was that the owner was not happy with fans outside the house, so I don't think there will be a plaque there quite yet! (There will be in time, you can bet on it, as the good Burghers of Bad Nauheim finally realise that their association with Elvis is worth capitalising on) Statues of Elvis rarely look like him, but at least someone has has made an effort outside the Greenwood Hotel.