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Elvis Presley First Album Re-issue

November 26, 2009 | Music

Elvis Presley's self-titled first album will be re-issued on vinyl through the Music on Vinyl (Cargo) budget label on November 27, 2009 in Germany. 

I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on November 27, 2009
Does anyone know if this actually came out on vinyl with the Purple "Elvis" print on left, rather than the usual red, or is this just a colour error? It's been showing this colour on various sites now for about a year. Does it really exist?
ttwiise wrote on November 27, 2009
it's a colour error it was released on the sony legacy label earlier this year but was pink
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on November 29, 2009
Thanks ttwiise! I ordered this 2008 dated LP from the States earlier this year, & was not pleased to find the artwork was absolutely as normal – ie not purple print. However, as you say it was a re-issue on the Sony Legacy label (which is noted on the back of sleeve & on the big black sticker on the front and the black label has an "L" on it). So despite the outer artwork being the same, for a collector all was not totally lost, as I had thus inadvertently obtained a different pressing! (The previous vinyl I hold on this is a heavy duty 180 gram RCA orange label pressing from 2000, in a "Simply Vinyl" outer plastic sleeve. Anyone know of any more ?!)