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Ginger Alden Sells Her Engagement Ring

October 15, 2009 | People

Ginger Alden who was Elvis' current girlfriend at the time of his death is selling her engagement ring which Elvis gave her. Here is the description with the ring which is being auctioned off in November.

Elvis Presley's Diamond Ring to Ginger Alden. Ginger Alden, Elvis' fiancee, first met Elvis Presley in 1961, when she was just 5 years old. Her father had been been Presley's induction officer when the musician joined the Army in 1958, and the Rock legend had invited the family out for an evening at the local fair.

The two were introduced 15 years later in 1976. During their courtship, Presley often introduced Ginger and her family during his performances, including his last televised appearance in 1977. He had planned to announce their engagement publicly on his upcoming tour in Memphis; sadly, he died before this could happen.

Ginger describes the scene thusly: "In December of 1976, Elvis Presley performed what would be his last shows in Las Vegas, and he invited me to accompany him. Seated on his bed inside of the penthouse suite at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel, Elvis called me in, asked me to sit down, close my eyes, and hold out my hand. I felt a ring being slipped on my finger. I was stunned when I opened my eyes and he asked me to hold out my other hand and he slid this gold and diamond ring onto that finger. Elvis loved jewelry, wanted me to share that love and I wore this many times in Las Vegas and afterwards."

The ring features 15 round brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of 1 kt. in a 14 kt. yellow gold setting with a weight of 11.8 grams. Two of the diamonds are chipped, otherwise the ring is in Excellent condition. Estimate: $30,000 US Dollars - up.

Source:Elvis Unlimited
Jerome-the-third wrote on October 15, 2009
sad that she probably needs the money otherwise you would not be selling this..
GEORGE (GK) wrote on October 16, 2009
With the current bad economy. Everyone is looking to make some extra income, including Ginger Alden. I'm sure, she has wonderful memories of Elvis, with or without, the ring.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on October 16, 2009
Have you ever tried chipping a diamond? Has this been thrown back at someone!!
benny scott wrote on October 16, 2009
good remark Buffalo-Horn ! To chip a diamond there must be heavy powers involved ! Always El.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on October 16, 2009
I agree, a diamond is tough to chip. After Elvis left the building in 1977, Ginger, should have put the ring in a vault, to perserve it. Of note, I hear a rumor, that Ginger is writing a book, about her brief life with Elvis. Nothing fully confirmed yet.
theoldscudder wrote on October 16, 2009
Am I reading this correctly.?Is the weight 1 kt. per diamond times 15 or is it just 1 kt? If it is just 1 kt. I can see why it is chipped. She probably hit him in the jaw with it.
pasa-ryu wrote on October 17, 2009
i cant believe she is actauly gonna sell her engagement ring that elvis gave to her all those years ago?;it mean that muh to her then?-she must be sufering from financial problems to do such a thing?-i will look-foward to her book if it comes out one day??,(i wonder what she will say about her mysterious phone-calls she suppossedly made prior to finding Elvis' body in the bathroom in 1977??)..if owned a piece of precious jewlery tht Elvis gave to me 'personaly',i know that i would never part with it anytime!.
barbieelvis wrote on October 19, 2009
If in fact this is the description of the ring she is selling, unloading, auctioning....whatever. It is NOT the supposed engagement ring. The engagement ring only had 7 diamonds in it, and was much, much larger that described here. Reguardless I can't figure out why anyone would get rid of something that should be that priceless. After all she was one of the very last people in the world to receive gifts from THE MAN. Had he given something like that to me....I'd have to be killed to get it from me!! Here I have copied the story on the supposed "Engagement Ring" written by the jeweler who made the ring. Hope you all enjoy. Engagement Ring About 1 o'clock in the morning the phone rang...it was Elvis. It was very unusual for him to call me that late. He said, "Lowell, I need an engagement ring. I want to give Ginger Alden an engagement ring tonight." He said, "I want a diamond exactly like the one in the middle of my TCB ring." I was still half-asleep and I told him, "I don’t have one and nobody else is going to have one either." He argued with me for a while and then he said, "Well I’ll find one somewhere else." Then he hung up. I went back to sleep. About 30 minutes later the phone rang again. It was Elvis again. He said, "Lowell, you've got to have a ring tonight for Ginger. What am I going to do?" I said, "Well, I can make a phone call or two to New York. That's the only place I know to find a diamond that size." I told him if I could find one, we could take the jet to New York and bring the diamond back here. He said that would be great. "Let's see if we can do it". So I called a couple of diamond dealers I knew in New York. I woke them up in the middle of the night, told them the dilemma, and both of them said there is no way a diamond of that size is not going to be in a vault. The vaults are all on timers in banks and there is no way we can get a diamond that size. So I called him back and told him the bad news, and I think he accepted it. I was laying there thinking about what he wanted. Was there any other way I could think of to do it? It dawned on me that if he wanted a diamond just like the one in the TCB ring, why don’t we use that diamond tonight and replace the diamond in the TCB ring next week before he goes on his next tour. So I called him back and told him of the new idea to get Ginger her ring. Well, it was just exactly what he wanted. So I drove to Graceland, picked up the TCB ring, and went back to my jewelry shop. I sat down, removed it from the TCB ring, and made a mounting to fit it with three diamonds on each side. I set the big diamond in the center of it, sized it to Ginger’s finger, and then drove back to Graceland with it. I got there just after daylight. On January 26th, he gave Ginger the ring, and then on January 28th he bought additional jewelry for her to complete her engagement gifts.
Ruthie wrote on October 19, 2009
If it's really the original ring, why would it be a surprise? She already made one killing financially with the Enquirer & he had yet to be buried. It's about time to beef up the investment again.
boris wrote on October 19, 2009
It's not the engagement's ring. Just have a look at the pictures it says it all. I bet this one is sold by her mother Jo as all the other items she already sold on Heritage Auctions.
Ton Bruins wrote on October 19, 2009
Stupid woman ! I would never sell it !
Linda Kovalcik wrote on October 20, 2009
Don't call a woman stupid,especially when you don't even know her. You're not a gentlemen...
benny scott wrote on October 22, 2009
Never liked Ginger Alden ! ( Linda Thompson was another kind of a woman, she really loved Elvis). I completely agree with Ruthie. If Ginger wants to sell the ring that's her choice. Why she does it ? Only she knows why. If Ton Bruins thinks she's stupid selling it, he has the right to give his opinion . Why should the word "stupid" not be used when one talks about a woman or women ? . Or is it only tolerated when one speaks about a man or men? Linda Kovalcic : by stating that Tom Bruin "Is not a Gentleman" you insult him. You're not a Lady ! Always El
dgirl wrote on October 22, 2009
Who cares? Its her ring and her business & not anyone else. When people need money, they do things. This is not outrageous, times are tough.
Sully wrote on June 29, 2022
Why wasn't the engagement ring giving back to the estate. It was an proposal of marriage and since Elvis had passed away before being marriage, it should have been returned to the estate. According to the Tennessee law.
Sully wrote on June 29, 2022
Why wasn't the engagement ring giving back to the estate. It was an proposal of marriage and since Elvis had passed away before being marriage, it should have been returned to the estate. According to the Tennessee law.
SD wrote on August 03, 2022
Why keep telling these lies!?? Ginger Alden DID NoT sell her engagement ring! And the photo in article is not her engagement ring. If you’re going to report something, please make it factual.