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FTD Vinyl Blue Hawaii Deleted From Catalogue

August 23, 2009 | Music

Roger Semon from the FTD Label announced exclusively to ElvisMatters that the vinyl release of 'Blue Hawaii' will be deleted from the FTD catalogue. The stock at FTD is sold out for the next 8 weeks. At that time, they will receive the last 200 copies from the manufacturer. Once they are sold to the dealers, FTD will delete the title from their catalogue. If you have this item still on your wishlist, now is the time to order them while they are still available!


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drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on August 23, 2009
Is this a ploy to boost sales on a item that has not sold that well?, deleted not long after it's run must mean that as i said before cost was a factor in these 2 vinyl releases. Although it was a limited edition and aimed at the collectors market FTD cannot be that happy with sales.So those who don't own a copy yet don't panic as there will always be copies about in the market probably a bit cheaper than original price.
dgirl wrote on August 23, 2009
It could be a ploy for sales, but for those that think these items will soar in value, I think not. The only vinyl really worth something are the original issues that came out prior to Aug 16, 1977 in mint condition. Anything since has been marketed with gimmicks (limted edition, colored wax, etc) in an attempt to lure collectors into thinking thay are buying something that will gain in value. Very few have and they can be found on ebay for half their original cost.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on August 23, 2009
dgirl, agree with you all the way regarding collectable items that have come out post 77 especially the many versions out on vinyl,i always go by a item is only worth what i am willing and happy to pay. Early Elvis vinyl,Hmv, Rca etc are a different case and have increased in value but as you have said most early vinyl can be picked up on Ebay at a sensible price.FTD vinyl will have a certain value but not much more than the asking price?? Not expecting FTD to be doing any more vinyl releases? but then again you never know? nice Sun box set on Sun label vinyl would be a nice touch.
Brian Quinn wrote on August 23, 2009
I have bought all the FTD CD releases but not the vinyl. I got rid of my record player a long time ago.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on August 23, 2009
Anyone know for sure exactly how many copies have been pressed, including the 200 to come? It's a very expensive item, so I wonder if in reality it has sold as well as hoped. On the other hand it could genuinely have sold out & the last 200 will go very quickly to fans waiting to get it! I wonder if the same situation also applies to Standing Room Only? I have still got a record player, but these two issues are too pricey to despoil the virgin grooves by actually playing them!! Incidentally, I disagree with some of the correspondents, I think these, if unopened, will become sought-after collectors items. We'll see in a few years time who was right!
Steve V wrote on August 23, 2009
I have been buying and selling on Ebay for about 10 years and before that through Goldmine and other auctions. I can tell you for sure that no one cares about post 1977 vinyl for the most part. They are hot when they come out then quickly lose their appeal. Ive had sealed copies of 30 #1's and the 50's & 60's boxsets Ive had to sell for 1/2 their original price. Maybe an FTD vinyl will be a different story, I dont know. Most serious Elvis vinyl collectors are looking for near mint copies of the original RCA releases that came out during his life not after it. Same goes for paper items.
Greg Nolan wrote on August 24, 2009
There is a true up-tick in interest in vinyl in the music world at large, with it returning even to stores like Best-Buy and COSCO at times , mainly as a specialty item.So if it happens in the Elvis world, it should be welcomed. And course, it has to be a limited batch, so it's never going to move like CDs do, so hats off to FTD for a well-designed "back to wax" campaign.