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Details Elvis - The Collection

August 03, 2009 | Music

Here is the first look at the artwork for the forthcoming 7 CD box set "Elvis - The Collection". It will contain the albums:

  1. Christmas Album
  2. NBC- TV Special
  3. From Elvis In Memphis
  4. Elvis Presley
  5. Blue Hawaii
  6. Moody blue
  7. Elvis country

This set is already avalable for pre-order.

Source:Essential Elvis

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RonBaker wrote on August 03, 2009
Looks nice. Have those albums been recently remastered? Or are they the same as when last issued on cd?
Vegas Sun wrote on August 04, 2009
To me, this is the *perfect* starter kit for a new fan. Very well done. I'll be passing on it, but a real winner for a new fan just getting started!
bajo wrote on August 04, 2009
For once it seems as if it has been put some thought into a product like this! Recalling a previous "Original Album Classics" holding 5 CD's. This one could have been a perfect follow up as starting kit for new fans. That box includes Elvis, Elvis Presley, Loving You, Elvis Is Back and G I Blues. So the only double up here is Elvis Presley. Still, as a separated unit, this box is surely something for a christmas gift to somebody who's just got into Elvis!
SuziB wrote on August 04, 2009
An interesting but clearly low cost concept if fatally flawed through the most perverse choice of albums. Blue Hawaii and Elvis Christmas Album may be Elvis' two highest selling albums, yet both suffer the same problem in that aside from a couple of tracks, at most on each, neither represents the kind of music likely to win new fans nor represents Elvis at his best. Moody Blue..Hmm? If they wanted 7 original albums try Golden Records 1 and 2, Elvis Is Back, From Elvis In Memphis, Elvis Country, 'That The Way It Is and The TV Special. Personally, I think what would have been much more interesting but now really unlikely given the recent re-relace of From Elvis In Memphis is a box set focused upon Elvis Memphis output - from Sun, through to the American Sessions, to Stax and then the Graceland recordings but I guess that takes some thought and investment -clearly areas where Sony are sadly lacking when it comes to Elvis.
FJE wrote on August 04, 2009
OK guys, don't lose your blob! From what I can gather this is just a first release in a series. So they are definitely not going to put Elvis' best albums in volume one and mediocre albums in the next volume otherwise new fans, or whoever is interested in buying them (not me), will buy the first volume but will skip the second and so forth. So they have to mix 'em up to try and sell all the volumes that will eventually be released. That's business!
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on August 04, 2009
This is purely put together for a new generation of Elvis fans........aka....newbies? nice concept,sure would of liked something like this when i was just getting into ELVIS music many years ago.Will need more info regarding these cds before i buy but then again it will be a great xmas pressie for family and friends who don't own a cd of Elvis........shame on them??
John4126 wrote on August 04, 2009
The new generation of music fans do not buy CD's. It's a dying concept. Digital downloads are the norm.
Steve V wrote on August 04, 2009
Quite right - who will buy this? My son downloads everything, hasn't bought a CD in years. So is this marketed for the die-hard collectors who must have everything? Apparently so.
sitdown68 wrote on August 05, 2009
I can't help it, but in times of having persons living in tents or in campers due to the economy one must not release such an obsolete box. And aside of that, who needs this "collection"? Not me.
memphismystery wrote on August 05, 2009
I agree that us hardcore fans don't really need a box set like this, but if the box set was aimed at younger fans via the media I,m sure would be a winner, or is this just a set aimed at the hardcore collector who will buy anything. Come on BMG spend some money on Advertising the KING.
theoldscudder wrote on August 06, 2009
Memphismystery, No mystery here the young fans will not buy it, they download & all these songs are available. Only for hardcore collectors that are up in age. In fact I thing the cheesy ads that originally appeared on the Lps noting previous releases are probably deleted & new ads for geritol, prunejuice, etc have replaced them.
dgirl wrote on August 06, 2009
No mystery at all. There is no market for cd boxsets anymore. Any stores that are left are full of used boxsets dumped by consumers. The only reason for it is to make the quick buck. I think if the label even makes a 1.00 profit on a release, they probably are happy about it. Another overload by Elvis' label as compared to the more conservative approach of EMI & The Beatles catalog.
pasa-ryu wrote on October 12, 2009
I happen to love this great box set and think it is a good value for money set as you get 7 classic elvis albums for just £23 from the o.e.p.f.c. of great britain!( you may end up paying around £29 elsewhere??)I believe it is a good start for new fans wanting to start thier "elvis collection" off and it is also a good collector box for us die-hard fans as it will be 'deleted' soon and hence bcome "collectable"..and to think that RCA/BMG were demanding 10-15 pounds for each cd previously proves that it is indeed a great value for money item and not a 'rip off' as some fans have tried to say on elvisnews.com!!!(we all have an opinion i guess?)