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Gordon Stoker Hospitalized

July 31, 2009 | People

Gordon Stoker, 84 years old, has been released from the hospital where he was treated for bronchites and diabetes. He's doing well, although his doctor has discouraged him from going to Memphis for Elvis Week 2009.

Gordon was one of the members of the Jordanaires who sang with Elvis on his earliest studio recordings and live show.

tuscanresident wrote on July 31, 2009
Just to hope Gordon's health continues to improve. Our boy thought the world of The Jordanaires and I do too.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on July 31, 2009
Gordon is the leader & main spokesman for the group, so much so that Elvis often affectionately referred to the group as the Gordanaires! I've had the pleasure of meeting & interviewing Gordon several times in Memphis & I've always found him to be polite & helpful, however much the chaos around us sometimes. He is one of the genuinely nice people around Elvis. You hang on in there Gordon & get to Elvis week next year!!
GregMcGee wrote on July 31, 2009
Here's hoping Mr. Stoker gets better soon. Once 20+ years ago, wrote jordanaieres asking for help finding Elvis tribute recod they were on and if I could get their autograph, was sent autographed photo and a very polite note that said Jordanaires were on 100's of records and could not recall the one I was referring to. Here's wishing him a speedy recovery.
hillbillycatlover wrote on August 02, 2009
Gordon, Sir, you are SO loved! Please do what is best for you and your happiness, just don't overdo, we want you around! Georgia PBS has been showing "He Touched Me" and "The Love Songs of Elvis" for which you were interviewed and did such a great tribute to our boy :) TYTYVVVM Gordon