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Sweet Inspirations Music Documentary

July 23, 2009 | Video

'The Sweet Inspirations are the female backing vocals during all of Elvis' concerts in the 70s. This group is playing an important part in the music documentary 'This Time' that is in post-production. Original members Myrna Smyth and Estelle Brown and 'new' member Portia Griffin are followed by the cameras.

The highlight of their success was in the sixties and seventies. They were not only very popular as Elvis' backing vocals, Aretha Franklin and Dusty Springfield are some of the other famous artists that hired the Sweets during studio sessions.

Besides their career as backing vocals they were also very succesfull as a solo group. It is that part were the director puts his focus on in this documentary.

I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on July 23, 2009
The last documentary featuring this group was fairly amazing, in that the fact that they had worked with Elvis was never mentioned! There were lots of interviews about why "The Sweets" failed to make it, but for an Elvis fan I found the entire film poor & unbalanced. I see the Stax studio site doesn't mention Elvis either – you could reach the conclusion that Elvis is being deliberately excluded by those who don't like him. But I bet "The Sweets" will now need to use their association with Elvis if only to keep the money rolling in...