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The Final Curtain

July 02, 2009 | Other

Just weeks before our 10th anniversary we decided to call it a day and stop with ElvisNews.com. We have done it for nearly a decade now, most of the time with a lot of pleasure, but lately it started to feel more like a job than a hobby.

When this site started almost 10 years ago news on our man was scattered all over the World Wide Web. As a fan you needed to browse through a long list of favourites to collect all of it. Wouldn’t it be nice when you could find it all, or at least most of it, on one site? Looking back we can say we succeeded, but with one big minor; we still had to browse all those other sites to collect the updates for ElvisNews.com. The hobby became a daily job.

Last year we reached this point too, but with some good agreements and time management we decided to give it another try and at least complete the 10 years. Unfortunately that won’t happen. As you might have noticed our hosting service is acting pretty poor lately and since our contract with them will be done in August, we could move to another hosting service. The lack of pleasure we have in this job/hobby lately and the duties we have elsewhere made us decide not to make such an investment.

Oddly enough Michael Jackson’s premature passing took away the last doubts. Both of us were annoyed by a lot of the comments made and almost ashamed we are Elvis fans too. One was so irritated he decided to ignore our own rules and make up some new ones. The other got irritated by that, since to him freedom of speech is more important than disgraceful content on the site. Last but not least our regular moderator quit because of broken agreements, resulting in a mess within days.

We give this background information just to show the limit is really reached. Probably you understand the site is not worth to risk a long time friendship.

We are very grateful for the support we got this last decade, the friends we made and the satisfaction the site gave us over the years. Probably we’ll meet somewhere (around on the internet) in the future, since Elvis will never let go on us.


Adios, we bid you a passionate farewell!

(B.T.W. We closed the possibility to add reactions)

FJE wrote on July 03, 2009
OMG! Iam reading this while I am in hospital due to some quite serious health problems but this news is even worse than my health condition!! What are we going to do without you? I'm totally devastated. Of course I appreciate the hard work you had to endure all this time and I can honestly say that the 5 years I have been a member were the happiest and educational (Elviswise) times of my life. Thanks for everything guys. I will surely miss you.
Jerry 79 wrote on July 03, 2009
I understand You guys! I wish you All the Best In whatever you will be doing. Sometimes when a hobby becomes a daily job it is not easy to go on with it forever. It is even harder if you have to deal with fanatic Elvis fans. Reading some opinions on this site (and others) I was wondering if I am crazy or the world turned upside down… Spend more time with your family and friends! Listen to Elvis music playing in the background but don’t make it the most important thing in your life because it will ruin you! Again ALL THE BEST and thank you for your great job. Viva Elvis
Jim says hello wrote on July 03, 2009
Adios... I'll miss you all.
columbo wrote on July 03, 2009
Hello there Lex, Kees, Loes and the others, Many thanks for all those great years, updates and (sometimes) great reviews ;-) I know how many time it costs and stress it can give to keep such thing up-to-date. Well....nothing more to say. THANKS! Kind regards, Geert
Colin B wrote on July 03, 2009
Bye and thanks ! It's been a pleasure !
Steve Morse wrote on July 03, 2009
For years now, you have been my "first click of the day". Thanks for a great service, which will be sorely missed. All the best in your 'retirement'.
RJ wrote on July 03, 2009
Thanks team for your dedication. The are are plenty of alternatives to catch up with EP news, but this one was the best. Cheers.
Jerome-the-third wrote on July 03, 2009
Thanks for all the hard work and information you brought us over the years- I really enjoyed all of it. Too bad that the passing of Michael Jackson got such nasty comments and took away your last doubts. Such things have nothing to do with the love of Elvis, his music and his person. But there's more in life and I can just be grateful for your efforts..
Rob Wanders wrote on July 03, 2009
I will definitly miss you. It disturbs me also that some people dont show any respect and say the worst things on internet because its anonymous. I didn't even read the comments on the article of Michael Jackson, because I already suspected a lot of horrible comments. Sometimes you really feel ashamed being an Elvisfan, I agree; but I always keep in mind that most people, also among Elvisfans, do have the decency to respect other people. All the best to you and many thanks for all the work.
benny scott wrote on July 03, 2009
Really sorry to have to read this ! Wishing the whole team "all the best" in the future and in their lives .Thanks for everything ! Always El.
Rockin Rebel wrote on July 03, 2009
Really sorry to have to read this ! Thanks team for your dedication. The are are plenty of alternatives, but this one was the best.
Wiebe wrote on July 03, 2009
I did not see this coming. I checked your site everyday. It will be strange not to have elvisnews around.Thank you for your hard work. Elvis appealed to a very broad audience, unfortunately it also includes the mentally retarded.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on July 03, 2009
Well done chaps! I perfectly understand your reasons & just want to thank you all for your efforts on our behalf over the past 9 years. Have a well earned rest!
Ton Bruins wrote on July 03, 2009
It's obvious. You guys stop because of the comments of a lot of Elvis fans here on several subjects. I understand that completely. I will not say what I thought of a lot of comments because I would use foul language...Lex, Kees, and the others thank you very much..
Lex wrote on July 03, 2009
Elvismatters.com and elvisinfonet.com are the most complete and up-to-date, but you need to browse a couple more to be really complete...
Pedro Nuno wrote on July 03, 2009
Wish this was not true! For the last 10 years (since you were Elvis Telegraph), you've been part of my life, in a day by day basis. You were my home page since then. I’m very very sad. They say boys don't cry, but I just feel like that. Thank you guys for the marvellous, wonderful and countless moments of pleasure you've given me with your news, reviews and pictures of our beloved KING. God Bless you. And Thank You, Thank You so very very much!
dannyboy1 wrote on July 03, 2009
Really sorry to read this, since turning to ElvisNews has been part of my daily routine for SOOOO long. But I understand completely that you guys have a life to live. Many thanks for all of your excellent work over the years. It's been wonderful!
sitdown68 wrote on July 03, 2009
thank you...and goodnight. Steve_V: any forum you are on?
burninglove92 wrote on July 03, 2009
really gutted about this, sooo sad to see elvis news go, again along with others it has been part of my daily routine, this was the only elvis site i would use to find out something. its a shame that a few of us from here couldn't continue the legacy of elvis news.
burninglove92 wrote on July 03, 2009
oh sorry but has nothing to do with this but any one notice that the picture on the wonder of you is different to what is adviertised on elvis matters. check it out and compare
joemin wrote on July 03, 2009
Will be very sad to see you go. You have provided an excellent service to Elvis fans. I check into this site at least 3 or 4 times each week for as long as I can remember. Thanks very much.
jean michel wrote on July 03, 2009
Thank you for your hard work & dedication ; you'll be missed !
Lefty wrote on July 03, 2009
It's been a great website. Thanks for giving us 10 years of news.
JLpResLey wrote on July 03, 2009
Oh, this is just sad news, but I must say, I understand. I havn´t been a member for a very long time, but it´s been an enjoyable time. Thanks for a tremendous job with this site.
Hans Otto wrote on July 03, 2009
This is very sad news indeed. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you guys have provided to the Elvis World. I will sure miss your website, as it has become a part of my daily routine checking out the latest Elvis news with one easy click. I do, however, hope that you will leave the old Elvisnews.com running on the net. It does contain a wast amount of unique information, and will continue to be an important database for us fans. Once again, many thanks for ten years of excellent service. Hope to hear from you guys again in the future - in some form (maybe a book with some of the highlights from the ten years of Elvisnews?) or another. Wish you all e great - and well deserved summer holiday!! Best regards Hans Otto (Norway)
Mark S. wrote on July 03, 2009
Damn, this website has been a part of my daily routine for as long as I'm on the www... Lex, will you be doing your reviews on your own Elvex Pages from now on?
Antjie wrote on July 03, 2009
I'm very sorry to hear about this, though I understand. There is such a lot of info that will be missed. Except for the obvious - the news & articles - your site was my lifeline for quick info on all things Elvis, especially the song base, as well as A - Z and Day by Day info. In fact, all the main and subcategories on this site has such a wealth of info together in one place about our man, as well as Elvis fandom, from magazines through pictures all the way to the shopping isles, that this annoucement is a huge loss for me, personally, info wise. Really everthing you could possibly want to know was all here - just a click away. I remember when I became a fan in 2000 and start surfing the web, the first Elvis site I every came upon, was your site. And I still see as clear as daylight the first article I read: It was an interview with Andolyn Lensen. Ah, the memories. At that time you had a buy & selling fixture on the site. I bought my first rare DVD via this option - imported it all the way from Sweden, as it was not available in my country and I could not find it at any other online fan club at the time. Phew, I'm gonna miss the site, you guys (and gal.) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for countless hours of so much pleasure and excitement. Sorry for all the bad comments we've all had to endure some days. I wish you all much continued success in your future commitments.
TCBslo wrote on July 03, 2009
Thank you very much for all this years. I am very sad because Elvisnews was my favorite site on internet. Thank you a hundred times. Best wishes from Slovenia!
PRESYER wrote on July 03, 2009
Those are real sad news. But I really understand that you guys have also a personal life to live and that's OK for me ! Every good thing must come to an end but we never seem to really expect it. Elvisnews.com was my home page and I had to visit every day and even many times per day. You will be missed. Thank you very much for all your hard work and I wish you people the best health ever !
Steve V wrote on July 03, 2009
wow this is sad but totally understandable. I dont know how you did it for this long. You will be missed, thanks for your time.
ranskal wrote on July 03, 2009
I have frequented this site for a few years now and have absolutely loved the layout, news, updates, and reviews. I totally understand it feeling like a job. I, for one, truly appreciate the time and effort you all have put into this site. Aside from some members constant negativity, this has always been a great place to visit! Thanks again!
Take 1 wrote on July 03, 2009
I'm only an Elvis fan for 2 years. and i've learned so much on your site. what's hot and what's not. first click of the day: ElvisNews. very, very sad you stop it. but i can absolutely understand your reasons. best wishes for the future. you are 10 out of 10 points. thank you very much.
Iron Man wrote on July 03, 2009
If there was any chance you guys might want to change your minds... This would have been the best thing I could think of. Of all the Elvis sites Elvisnews is the only one I visit on regular basis. And changing this tradition does not make me happy. Thanks for the 10 years and I trully hope that there is a new tomorrow. I really wish you guys would change your minds.
clp1093 wrote on July 03, 2009
Hi , Really bad news. Before the final curtain have you given any thought of making the site a 'pay' site? Yearly subscription would ensure only dedicated fans both of the site and Elvis. Would give you some serious 'holiday money' and would leave the best Elvis site still running for us who like to have their daily fix? If you do reconsider, great, if you don't thanks guys you will be sadly missed
Cher wrote on July 03, 2009
Oh this is such bad news. You're my only resource for everything Elvis and my Elvis-pedia and I'm really really going to miss you. I hope that you will change your minds. Make it a pay site, I'd pay to be a member. I understand the MJ reference but those of us who are true fans don't read that crap. If you don't change your minds please accept my heartfelt thanks for everything you've given this Elvis fan. Yours are big shoes and will be hard to fill.
johnwaynefan wrote on July 03, 2009
Thank you so much for your effort and hard work over the past decade. I've checked elvisnews.com every day for the last several years, and your creation will be missed. Thanks you so much for all you have done. It has been greatly appreciated.
benny scott wrote on July 03, 2009
Ever thought of cutting the "give your opinion"-part, and keep "news, articles, shop, pictures, encyclop. and fanworld"? Anyway, thanks again for everything !!! Always El.
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on July 03, 2009
I'm so sorry to hear about this. I've checked your website everyday for years. You should be very proud of the work you've done- you were by far, my favorite Elvis website. I always enjoyed your articles, and I could always find information about a song, a book, or a CD on your site. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK! I will miss you. Good luck and good health to all!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 03, 2009
Sorry to see you guys go,sad that many Elvis fans dont know how have a decent disscussion,but it seems all other Elvis sites have this same issue,therefor the reason i dont visit them often & if i do i for most part just get the news,the guys and girls on here were a bit better,so thanks for the hard work and take care!
jb4elvis wrote on July 03, 2009
I, too, am sorry for the decision you have come to. And yet at the same time, I am grateful for your time, commitment (and I'm sure financial) investments you have made into this webite. I am one who stopped by everyday and always enjoyed my visits. While I would be thrilled at a reversal of your decision, nevertheless I respect your decision. THANK YOU for all that you done and all the best to you in the future.
secondrichard wrote on July 03, 2009
I'm going to miss ElvisNews.com more than MJ.... It has been my opening site when starting up the pc for years by now. Would be a shame if MJ's nose would replace this opening site. Excellent job for years guys and girls, be proud off yourselves for that. There will always be an Elvis world, but the ending of this site is a real loss. Its BAD...oh no, not that freak again....
Ciscoking wrote on July 03, 2009
Please reconsider,...don`t go..the site`s too precious...it`s become a brand..one of the best..really..
Mike Landsdown wrote on July 03, 2009
Thanks to everyone involved with ElvisNews for the fine service you have provided for the past 10 years. This site, along with EIN, are the best Elvis-related sites, and you will be greatly missed by many, many fans. Best wishes for whatever the future holds - you have done a great job, through the good times and also through some unfortunate and frustrating times - and you certainly deserve a break. Take care, "Mike Landsdown"
Natha wrote on July 03, 2009
Thank you very much for your loyal efforts. It will be hard to find all the information we are used to getting. Wishing you many hours of Elvis enjoyment I bid you all an affectionate goodbye.
tesla wrote on July 03, 2009
My boy, my boy wrote on July 03, 2009
"Maybe I didn't treat you quite as good as I should have"...Lord have mercy...I'm in shock !!! I will miss the Elvisnews site so much...thanks for everything folks...on what day precisely will it be off the net ?
Gordon wrote on July 03, 2009
oh please re consider folks. Ive checked this site for years and i'll be lost without it. Make it a paid site as previously said. If your still gonna go then I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR ALL THE ELVIS INFORMATION. TAKE CARE AND GOOD LUCK FOR THE FUTURE.
Dixieland Rocks wrote on July 03, 2009
marty wrote on July 03, 2009
Thanks for the hard work to bring all Elvis news to the fans around the world. You have been the daily source of Elvis news for many people. Your site will be missed. I wish all the best.
Herman wrote on July 03, 2009
Almost every dag I visit your site, I will miss it. Thank you for what you did for the fans ! I hope you'll come back some day. Kind regards, Herman (Doetinchem, the Netherlands)
bastiaanvinke wrote on July 03, 2009
Sad to see you go. Thanks.
jeter wrote on July 03, 2009
This was the best Elvis site of all. Please reconsider. I went on your site almost every day for the most informative Elvis news
Little_Darlin wrote on July 03, 2009
As someone who just discovered "The Wonder of Elvis" a couple of years ago, your site has been the best possible resource for all kinds of information, news, reviews and fun. I am so very sorry to see that you have decided to call it a day, but wish you the very best in the future. Thanks so much for everything!!
OtisBlue22 wrote on July 03, 2009
"I know I shouldn't want to keep you. If you don't want to stay, yeah. Until you've gone forever. I'll be holding on for dear life. Holding you this way, Begging you to stay"
theoldscudder wrote on July 03, 2009
Ah ba fongoul!I was hoping to get a date with Ruthie from this website. One date with TOS & she will forget about Elvis.
Cruiser621 wrote on July 04, 2009
In a sense this comes as no surprise, although as my wife just stated, now maybe you'll talk to your wife, as I'm always checking out this site for new music or FTD releases to be. However, I think nothing new is nothing ventured, as there really isn't any additional new out-takes per our man and everything lately has been a glorious scam by BMG/SONY/FTD aka re-releases of the same stuff! Bon Vi-age guys I will miss you very, very much. You were always first on my daily site check-ups! Good luck in the future.
Ruthie wrote on July 04, 2009
I certainly can't add much to this sad news except to say that possibly if you could stick to news & do away with the opinons, it may seem like less work & not so depressing. I don't think you truly feel that most Elvis fans are as opinionated & nasty about it as some on this site. However, I do understand when a job/hobby becomes tedious & tiresome. Thanks for all of the helpful information over the years. Maybe we will hear from you again in the future under a different format. There is always hope! Thanks again & good luck to you. As for TOS, I wouldn't think of you for a nanosecond whereas Elvis is 24/7. And you are the only one who thinks you are funny.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 04, 2009
Ouch give the guy a break ruthie,old scudder is just lonely,he means no harm im sure!
My boy, my boy wrote on July 04, 2009
Back off TOS, Ruthie is mine !
Ruthie wrote on July 04, 2009
My boy, my boy, you are such a hoot! Thanks. As for mature elvis (TOS), people usually are lonely when they are so opinionated & refuse to consider another side. But we are all digressing here. The topic of this article is and should be how we are all going to have less in our lives when this site is finished. At least, speaking for myself.
kingtiger0321 wrote on July 04, 2009
I've enjoyed reading your site 9 of your almost ten years, you will be greatly missed :( Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.
zahir wrote on July 04, 2009
India will miss you very much. Your site has the maximum news which you were the first to get. It's been a daily habit for the last 7 to 8 years or even more. All the very best to all three of you and thank you
Greg Nolan wrote on July 04, 2009
I'm sorry to see it go, too. I remember when I first found it, being new to the internet but a long time Elvis fan. I thought to myself..."Elvis '[i]news'[/i]"??? What kind of 'news' could there possibly be? But I came to enjoy it and discovered it was not the only place that similarly mostly concentrated on Elvis CD collecting and new releases instead of lots of the more silly stuff about our hero. This site, it should be known, will mostly be archived on the non-profit Wayback Machine (look it up) should anyone want to access some of the reviews or articles over the years. By the way, EJF, naturally, this isn't the only place that covers this stuff, so rest well in your hospital bed! Best wishes to the gang here for their years of work. "Reconsider, Baby"!
Kenneth wrote on July 04, 2009
I completely understand what you are saying and agree with your decision but will you ever be missed, I wish all of you the very best throughout your whole lives. THANK YOU.
Mathias wrote on July 04, 2009
Thanks a lot for 10 great years and your hard work. Even if the site has changed in style and content within the last years, I have always been a visitor supporter on a regular basis. Give my regards to all of you at Elvisnews.com and hope to see or hear from you somewhere in the future again. You were simply the best and most informative site on the net! All the best and Thank YOU very much!
FJE wrote on July 04, 2009
Hey EN,how about regaling us (not that we all deserve it) with a special farewell download that we all can keep? I will certainly treasure it all my life as a reminder of the best Elvis Site on the web. Adios Amigos, Emanuel J. Felici, Malta. Greg Nolan, thanks for your get well wishes. I do visit a lot of other quite good Elvis Sites but as I said above EN was the best.
Michael.W. wrote on July 04, 2009
I'm really sad to hear you guys are quitting! But thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You did a tremendous job in keeping Elvis' legacy alive. I will miss your site a lot but nevertheless i wish you all the best for the future. A BIG Thank You from Austria, Michael
elvis sweden wrote on July 04, 2009
Sad reading, but thanks for being here and telling the elvisnews and your hard work in doing it all possible.
ThomasM wrote on July 04, 2009
I read ElvisNews.com at least once a day and it's one of my favourite Elvis sites. Though it's sad that you're closing down I fully understand. When a hobby feels more like a job it's time to quit. I also share your feelings about rude comments being made. Still, ElvisNews.com will be greatly missed. Thank you so much for a work well done!
ivag wrote on July 04, 2009
Thank you alot alot for all your effort throughout the years. I have been a faitful reader of this great site and its sad to see it go. I can understand that your motivation got several blows lately. Unfortunately I did not participate too much in the discussions. I see in aftermatch that I should have, if only to show that there are many E-fans that appreciates other artists and other musical styles besides Presley. About MJ and his tragic ending. We lost a great artist last Thursday. I appreciate several of his albums, like "Off the wall". He was a fantastic entertainer and greatly influenced the music of his time, just like Elvis did. When it comes to his personal life, its badly influenced by the abuse his father conducted against him during his childhood. Jackson were never allowed to be a child, and because of this he could never really be an adult either. Jackson was a victim of abuse and was trapped in the well known vicous circle. Enough said. RIP Michael Jackson, You deserved better.
Lonesome_Cowboy wrote on July 04, 2009
Thanks for all your hard work over the years. You will be sadly missed in the Elvis World. Since I got on-line a few years ago I've visited this site daily. Good luck in the futre and thanks again.
Monster wrote on July 04, 2009
AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!! This is terrible news! But big respect to you guys for keeping the best Elvis site on the web going for nearly ten years. What an achievement to give so many Elvis fans a place to call home on the web. I wish you the best for the future and will miss being part of something wonderful. Shame on the small minded idiots who helped to bring down this great service. All your stupid comments did was to make YOU feel better and ruin the experience for the rest of us. Long live the King. RIP Elvis News, you will be sadly missed.
Emiel Maier wrote on July 04, 2009
Thank you, ElvisNews.com for the daily up-dates. Over the last years time lacked (due to marriage and children) to keep up reading the Elvis News. You were the ones who collected them all, and presented them in a very enjoyable way. The reason you give sound very familiair. I too organised my elvisdisco-parties in Amsterdam for the very last time after 12 years. It is time to move on and step into the next phase in life. There will get something new into your "Elvis-life", just wait and see. Or to quote Alan Freed: This is not farewell.., just goodbye!' Once again thanks a lot for the past 10 years and we will see you around!
boppin bob wrote on July 04, 2009
So sorry to hear that you are giving up on this site though perfectly understandable. It is a shame to think that in all the ten years that you have been serving the Elvis world you were never able to report an official release of either TTWII or On TOUR as a deluxe boxset of DVD's, if only!!! All the best to you in the future, thank you for all your hard work. Long live the King.
bray1977 wrote on July 04, 2009
This is very sad news. I have just read it. I respect the decision you guys have made but I am really going to miss this site. Thanks so much for everything down the years.
lray wrote on July 04, 2009
This is my favorite go to site every morning. Sorry to see you go, good things don't last forever.
Rev. Gerhard wrote on July 04, 2009
No friends, this is not a good decision. It's so sad! Not comprehensible, that you haven't found a team, that would like to continue. Okay. Why do I complain? Because I love your work! Thank you for the long and good time and your wonderful work. Good luck for all your plans in the future. TCB
Coronel Parker wrote on July 04, 2009
Thank you very much for all this years.
Doug wrote on July 04, 2009
Lex, I hope you change your mind. We'll miss you Elvisnews.
Jim Hoff wrote on July 04, 2009
And now, the end is near; And so you face the final curtain. My friend, Ill say it clear, Ill state my case, of which Im certain. You,ve lived a life thats full. You've traveled each and evry highway; And more, much more than this, You did it your way. THANKS, guys....
Sirbalkan wrote on July 04, 2009
Guys... Let's make elvisnews.com stay forever with a donation per year. Lex... If you decide to make it as a membership website with a fee, can it still go on? I mean I can not do without elvisnews.com. IT IS DAMN SO SAD TO SEE SUCH A TERRIBLE DECISION. :0( Guys...Let's give money to donate this site with a bigger server.... What do you think????
old shep wrote on July 04, 2009
This is sad news as this site is the best Elvis site there is and I will miss it a lot when it goes. It has become a daily ritual logging in and and scanning the news on Elvis and his associates. All the best for the future and good look in what ever comes next.
elvistruth wrote on July 04, 2009
Thank-you, God bless you, Adios!
Valeria wrote on July 04, 2009
Then I just have to say "thankyou.thankyouverymuch." I will sure miss having you as my startpage for years.
tornado wrote on July 05, 2009
First let me thank you for this wonderful website you managed for many years. My favorite. Unfortunalty some so called fans were so ugly in their comments, that it became almost impossible for you to go on. Shame on them! It's not the first time I felt embarassed by some nasty remarks made by morrons in the Elvis's world. I don't know if it's the same on other celebrities websites. But I met in my life a lot of weirdos in Elvis Conventions and all kinds celebrations around Elvis, even at Memphis, and I always felt annoyed by the number of crazy fanatics stuck in these environnements. I for one almost decided to stop sending opinions on the web in fear of some jerk who don't know nothing would take the opportunity to spit his predjuices and frustrations.It should have remain a friendly passion. Sadly but logically you decided to quit and I understand that totally. Our solace: the music and movies of Elvis will remain forever, and we will have our complete series of FTD's within the next 3 to 5 years - I would prefer 3 - so take a rest now, just take it easy for while and enjoy the music and leave the driving to Elvis. Again you were very professionnals and that's why I admired you. All the best
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on July 05, 2009
Now that Gyrating Asheville is climbing up the Top 40 you want to quit?
EspenK wrote on July 05, 2009
Given my experience of the totally irrational "moderation" practise of this site I find this to be good news. They were obviously not up to the task and had no rational definition of "warnings" and when to ban a member. Now there's hoping that someone able to handle users will continue where ElvisNews left off.
joemin wrote on July 05, 2009
I notice a number of comments from fans who would be willing to pay a small fee to have the site continue. I certainly would also be more than happy to do so. People who do work for others deserve to be paid, even if they enjoy doing it.
ger wrote on July 05, 2009
thank you and luck to you
Uwe wrote on July 05, 2009
Sad News, Bad News.
Gabe wrote on July 05, 2009
I will miss you very much. I visited your site daily and you were a part of my daily routine, of my life actually. Thank you for your hard work for the past ten years it is highly appreciated. I would also be prepared to pay a fee as a member but i don't think that's the answer to the problem, is it? Have a good life, always Elvis.
chriselvis5 wrote on July 05, 2009
Ill miss you.........thanks
patchitup wrote on July 05, 2009
I will miss Elvisnews very much, I have always checked out your site when new cds are out and to get others reviews on them. I would be happy too to pay a yearly subscription fee to keep it going if it helps. Please don't go :(
LuckyJackson wrote on July 05, 2009
Sorry to hear this news guys - you will be missed - we have been checking you out everyday for the last few years and have enjoyed all the information you've provided, especailly the days in Elvis History. Thank you all and good luck for the future.
elvis197475 wrote on July 06, 2009
the sadest part of all is knowing you almost went all the way. we'll meet you again god bless you adios.
Marko wrote on July 06, 2009
Sad news :(
Theo wrote on July 06, 2009
This news came out of the blue for me. I've been a member for over 6 years and have been visiting ElvisNews on almost a daily basis for an even longer period. I loved to read about the new releases and all the reviews. Thanks Lex, Kees, Loes and everyone else that was involved in making ElvisNews one of the best sites on the web. Thank you for your time, effort and dedication. You will be missed.
Master Fatman wrote on July 06, 2009
This is indeed very sad news! Your site is one of my favorites and your are a inspiration too. I really like the way you have designed this site, like a news paper. I also liked to give my oppionion when there was a vote/quickpoll. And all the other good stof you have! One of the best things was that you where not commerciel :-) The danish site "Elvis unlimited" could learn a whole lot from you... By the way I'm from Denmark ;-) I hope someone would like to try reconstruct, try to make a site like this one..but it will never be the same thing :'-( From Big E (In fact I'm not big, just a nickname) TC
very big Elvis fan wrote on July 06, 2009
goodbye and good luck
Master Fatman wrote on July 06, 2009
By the way, what will happen to the big/great database. Fanworld, The Encyclopedia, Day by Day, Import list, SongBaselist with a lot of ratings and interesting reactions and all the good articles! Will this stuff still be avaleble, after you have left the building? You have done a great job!
Mofoca22 wrote on July 24, 2009
its good to see you guys are stayinga round :)