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From EP Boulevard Memphis TN. Spain

June 13, 2009 | Music

Volume 19 in the local La Vanguardia news-paper re-issue series is the album "From Elvis Presley Boulevard Memphis Tennessee” as published in May 1976 (APL1-1506). This edition contains the original tracklisting of songs  recorded in Graceland as remastered by by BMG in the 90´s.

As usual the presentation of this collection is an 30 pages hardcover bookwith information, comments about FTD records from this sessions and photographs in color and black / white. 

moodyblue1 wrote on June 13, 2009
Why doesn't BMG put out all of Elvis Presley original albums here in the US.
elvis197475 wrote on June 13, 2009
great elvis album in my opinion.shows elvis could still produce near the end.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on June 15, 2009
Could this series be a 'dry run' for the Complete Works box set? (or whatever it eventually ends up being called!) It's gone a bit quiet on that front recently, but doubtless it will appear & cause a few more bancruptcys!
Coronel Parker wrote on June 15, 2009
Great collection! The book is with photos in color and the text is great. (the recording session, the musics, the songs and more