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From Elvis In Memphis - Updated

June 12, 2009 | Music

The confusion surrounding the re-issue of "From Elvis In Memphis" or "In The Ghetto" seems to come to an end. Sony confirmed the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Elvis' Memphis Sessions with a double CD re-issue of "From Elvis In Memphis". The release date is July 24, 2009, Sony Australia says July 24, Amazon.com states July 28. Ernst Jorgensen has also confirmed for EIN that it will be called "From Elvis in Memphis" not 'In The Ghetto!" and Elvis Australia showed the promotional flyer with details of the release.

The tracklisting:

CD 1: The original 'From Elvis In Memphis' album with additional tracks:

  • Wearin' That Loved On Look
  • Only The Strong Survive
  • I'll Hold You In My Heart
  • Long Black Limousine
  • It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'
  • I'm Movin' On
  • Power Of My Love
  • Gentle On My Mind
  • After Loving You
  • True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
  • Any Day Now
  • In The Ghetto

Single A-Sides

  • Suspicious Minds
  • Don't Cry Daddy
  • Kentucky Rain

CD2: The original 'Back In Memphis' album with additional tracks:

  • Inherit The Wind,
  • This Is The Story
  • Stranger In My Own Home Town
  • A Little Bit Of Green
  • And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
  • Do You Know Who I Am?
  • From A Jack To A King
  • The Fair's Moving On
  • You'll Think Of Me
  • Without Love (There Is Nothing)
  • Single B-Sides
  • Rubberneckin'
  • My Little Friend
  • Mama Liked The Roses

Album Tracks

  • I'll Be There
  • Hey Jude
  • If I'm A Fool (For Loving You)
  • Who Am I

General Info:

After returning from service in the US Army, Elvis Presley spent the next several years focusing on his acting career, yielding hit films and blockbuster soundtracks. It was, however almost a decade away from the stage and recording proper studio albums. In January 1969, seeking to gain back some artistic control, Elvis produced some of his most significant work ever during a two week long series of recording sessions at American Studios in Memphis. These were the first recording sessions after his triumphant comback TV special ELVIS that aired in December of 1968 and the first recording sessions in Memphis since he left Sun Records for RCA in 1955. A total of 32 masters were cut, the first release was the LP From Elvis In Memphis featuring the hit single 'In The Ghetto', followed by three hit single releases; 'Suspicious Minds', 'Don't Cry Daddy', and 'Kentucky Rain'. A second album was released as one half of the double album From Memphis To Vegas-From Vegas To Memphis, which features the utterly brilliant Percy Mayfield blues 'Stranger In My Own Home Town' and 4 additional tracks were later released on different LPs. In a career that was full of triumphs, Elvis' recordings at American Studios stand as one of the absolute highlights.
This is the Legacy Edition of one of Elvis' most significant albums, the critically acclaimed June 1969 release, From Elvis In Memphis. This brand new 2-CD set contains all tracks from the sessions recorded at American Studios in Memphis in January and February of 1969, newly remastered for optimum sound quality.

Previous update June 09, 2009:

Previously announced as a double CD release and re-issue of the "From Elvis In Memphis" album containing the 32 masters Elvis Presley recorded at the American Sound Studio's, the CD "In The Ghetto" appears to be a single disc containing 18 tracks according to the UEPS website. Amazon lists the CD as a single disc too. The CD is due July 28, 2009 from the Sony Legacy label. 


  1. Wearin' That Loved On Look 
  2. Only The Strong Survive
  3. I'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)
  4. Long Black Limousine
  5. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'
  6. I'm Movin' On
  7. Power Of My Love
  8. Gentle On My Mind
  9. After Loving You 
  10. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
  11. Any Day Now
  12. In The Ghetto
  13. The Fair's Moving On
  14. Suspicious Minds
  15. You'll Think Of Me
  16. Don't Cry Daddy
  17. Kentucky Rain 
  18. Mama Liked The Roses

EPE still has the update below in their news-section:

"To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Elvis' historic American Studio session that resulted in "Suspicious Minds," "In the Ghetto" and "Kentucky Rain" among many others, Sony Music will release a deluxe version of From Elvis In Memphis, including all the 32 masters recorded at these sessions. These recordings have been remastered from the original album masters for optimum sound quality. More details on the release to come."


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SuziB wrote on June 09, 2009
If this is correct, then what can you say other than what a disaster! Two of Elvis' greatest recordings ever, namely 'Stranger In My Own Hometown' and 'And the Grass Wont Pay No Mind' omitted but the awful 'Mama Liked The Roses' included. Just bizarre!
elvistruth wrote on June 09, 2009
Really sad. All Elvis legacy destroyed!!!!
debtd1 wrote on June 09, 2009
Totally disgusting. What a letdown!!!
Herman wrote on June 09, 2009
That's it ?!?
Steve V wrote on June 09, 2009
There is absolutely no need for this. I knew the Suspicious Minds 2 cd set was the still ultimate & right Memphis collection to have. The label has gone downhill ever since around 2000-1. Just awful the way Elvis' output is treated. Now see what I mean when I say EMI treats the Beatles fans with more respect? This is a disaster. Why even bother with it? Oh yeah, it will generate a few dollars profit. Silly me, I forgot.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on June 10, 2009
Then why bother releasing this CD ? What a disappointment !!
livingstonsn wrote on June 10, 2009
I think this may be a mistake. Amazon lists this as having one disc but the pricing (22 USD) indicates 2 discs. Plus, Legacy editions are ALWAYS multi-disc sets. I think we should all just take a deep breath and wait for more details....
JerryNodak wrote on June 10, 2009
I doubt this info is correct. But if it is there is no point to this. I already have this CD (and so would anyone else who cares). This is the same 18 track version that was released several years ago. Just out of curiosity who/what is the source of this info?
Smile:-) wrote on June 10, 2009
Probably state of the art sound, nice packaging and The Kings best songs that will win over some new casual buyers. But this news don't make me smile:( While other major artists and their record companies highlight, polish, remaster and promote their main body of work - the original back-catalogue of classic albums, Elvis is re-packaged... For the millionth and not the last time, I'm afraid. Why repackage and re-title one of Elvis' most classic albums? With this the company only signals to critics, music lovers and the CD-buyers in general that they don't have faith in the work originally done. The availibility and praise of Elvis' classic albums is being kept secret in a closed circuit (FTD). This is a shame on Elvis, his legacy and his fans. Sorry for being negative this time....
benny scott wrote on June 10, 2009
Hope livinstonsn and J.Nodak are right and there could be a mistake . IF NOT: really disappointing and shame on Sony + will have to agree with the rest of the reactions. Always El.
dgirl wrote on June 10, 2009
Smile may be onto something here. By releasing it this way (new title) , the compamy has no faith in the original album to be out on the market & it leaves FTD to release it under the original title in an expanded version for the die-hards who probably have every outtake available already anyway. It's an awful way of doing things but nothing surprises me with this company. Imagine Abbey Road being released under the title 'Come Together' or something. It's a joke if this is true.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 10, 2009
The way Elvis and the beatless catalog of music arr handled is like night and day,its not going to change,Elvis classic albums are on a collectors label that many people have no idae excists!
elvis197475 wrote on June 11, 2009
and you all say you love elvis.what a shame on all of you?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 11, 2009
Please explain that comment elvis197475,by the way i meant beatles!
elvis197475 wrote on June 11, 2009
all the negative talk about elvis music.i myself like all elvis music even his so say bad moives soundtracks.so sony upgrads.no big deal.if you don't want it don't buy it.no need to put it down .
benny scott wrote on June 11, 2009
Hi elvis 197475 : your comment has nothing to do with this topic . Nobody is reacting negative in connection with Elvis' music . The negative comments concern the record label SONY and the way they mess around with Elvis' music . I see no reason why anybody should be ashamed of telling the truth. In my opinion your meaningless comment on this topic should be removed, according to Elvis News Input Guidelines nr 1 : "there is no relation with the article" . Always El.
Brian Quinn wrote on June 11, 2009
I have just confirmed with Sony that the 'From Elvis In Memphis' Legacy release will in fact be a double CD. CD 1 will be the original album and CD 2 the rest of the masters.
Steve V wrote on June 11, 2009
Benny - is it very hard to establish a dialog with fans such as elvis197475 who only see what they want to see. Obviously that person cannot read (or spell) and respond to the topic accordingly. Thats why sometimes I find it so hard to say I dont like a song like 'Ito Eats', because I know there are fans who will love it & slam me just because Elvis sang it. It's ridiculous because we all know (as did Elvis) that he recorded a lot of garbage songs. But back to this topic, if Brian Quinn is right, it is good news because what was given as the release above was not doing the 40th justice at all.
benny scott wrote on June 11, 2009
Steve : Amen to that ! No one should be slammed because he doesn't like a certain song. And to translate a ( here in Europe) well-known saying " there should ne no discussion about taste and colour". We all have the right to have a personal opinion. As for the forthcoming CD : I think Brian is right ( the guy seems to have close connections in the circuit, and that's mighty fine ), so indeed this is hopefully "good news" ! Take care ! Always El.
Take 1 wrote on June 11, 2009
thank you Brian! good info, good news.
eric c wrote on June 11, 2009
i hope this isn't the release.this can't be the same team that has given us suspicious minds, sunrise, memories, tiger man, burning love, tomorrow is a long time and the classic boxed sets like thats the way it is SE, today,tomorrow and forever, elvis up close and live in las vegas! this can't be the same team. I miss THOSE guys.from a deluxe release to possibly THIS!!! can't be.
JerryNodak wrote on June 11, 2009
Can't be and ISN'T. See Brian Quinn's post below. His info is correct.
Brian Quinn wrote on June 11, 2009
The tracklisting for the double CD is: CD 1 (15 Tracks) The original 'From Elvis In Memphis' album with additional tracks: Suspicious Minds Don't Cry Daddy Kentucky Rain CD2 (17 Tracks) The original 'Back In Memphis' album with additional tracks: Rubberneckin' My Little Friend Mama Liked The Roses I'll Be There Hey Jude If I'm A Fool (For Loving You) Who Am I
bajo wrote on June 11, 2009
I've recently been able to play my vinyl collection again! And the two Memphis albums have been spinning a lot lately, mint copies as they are. There's no doubt that the vinyl albums sound much better than any of the CD releases of the same over the years. If they may be able to get that sound through on the new release I'll be very happy!
JerryNodak wrote on June 11, 2009
Thanks for the updated info, Brian. I like the way they've formatted the 2 CDs.
lray wrote on June 11, 2009
Thanks Brian for bringing everyone back to reality. This is the best way for the 32 to be presented. I am really looking forward to it. The sound will be the best we have heard on these.
Steve Morse wrote on June 12, 2009
A perfect presentation (though the 'picture' hasn't downloaded on my PC. Thank goodness they've kept the original title, "From Elvis In Memphis", and kept the sequencing of the two original albums. I recently played the original album on CD and it remains a miracle, especially to those of us who were Elvis fans in, and 'suffered' during, the mid-60s. Of course these things are always tinged with personal memories, too. Musically it stands comparison with any pop or rock music, from any era. It's soulful and timeless. It's also my favourite Elvis album cover. Incidentally, this re-issue is no place for outtakes. Let's stick with the purity of the masters and lets hope it gets some notice and some critical acclaim.
circleG wrote on June 12, 2009
The whole session in one set to commemorate the anniversary.? It kind of makes sense, if the sound is as good as the 'I believe' box then I'm sold. Do we know who the sound engineer is?maybe vic? Btw I can't wait for the FTD releases. I never bought the 'crown jewel' series so I'm really lookin forward to those.
FJE wrote on June 12, 2009
Now only one question remains. Does the FTD team plan to release these two albums in the Classic Series, with the missing tracks added plus outtakes? Of course it would be a shame if they don't cos few other albums deserve the title "Classic". So if in the affirmative it would make this release redundant in my opinion and not worth spending my hard-earned cash on, if that is the case. Can you comment on that Ernst?
Herman wrote on June 12, 2009
Most of the time a deluxe edition of an album has a bonus dvd inside. So why not all the tracks in a audio-dvd 5.1 if the sound is "optimum sound quality" ? Or release it as a Super Audio CD. C'mon we live in 2009.
JerryNodak wrote on June 12, 2009
Will FTD do classic album versions of From Elvis In Memphis and Back In Memphis with outtakes? Yes, I believe they will in time. But I don't expect it within the next year or two. Really looking forward to this package. If memory serves I seem to remember reading somewhere that Vic Anisini will be doing the sound upgrade.
eric c wrote on June 12, 2009
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........this is more like it.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on June 12, 2009
Now this is more like it !! I hope the remastering is good .
Herman wrote on June 12, 2009
Everybody is happy.......for what ?.......only the sound ?!? All well-known songs here.
Steve V wrote on June 12, 2009
It is nice to see the label honoring the 40th anniv of arguably Elvis' best studio sessions. But am I going to buy these songs for the umpteenth time? Lets see, bought the orig LP in 1969, again then on 8-track for my car, moved onto cassette for my car. Bought the Mobile Fidelity Sound album, the first CD release, the 60's CD boxset , and the Suspicious Minds 2 CD set which was supposed to be the ultimate release for these songs. To buy them again for a slight sound improvement which again will be improved probably on an FTD release or a 45th anniversary release just seems silly to me. These songs have seen a lot of money. But for those who haven't invested as heavily as me, enjoy!
JerryNodak wrote on June 12, 2009
I understand Steve's point because he and I have followed a similar (though not exact) purchase path in regards to these songs. However we have come to a fork in the road. Steve is taking one path and I the other. I will buy this release AND the FTD classic releases of From Elvis In Memphis and Back In Memphis when those see the light of day (as they will). Differences of this nature are what make the Elvis world interesting for me. Steve, have a great day.
theoldscudder wrote on June 12, 2009
An unnecessary release due to the previous release of this material on Suspicious Minds. The label has become a real bloodsucker milking the fans dry. I just heard the Beatles Lp cds will be rereleased. At least that label waited many years so the upgrads will be welcome to Beatles fans. As for ftd their release will probably contain the outtakes. If this was Bob Dylan outtakes would be great as his outtakes sound like completely different songs. However with Elvis his outtakes ,by & large sound alike. Sometimes I can't tell a certain outtake from the original. Just my take on things folks.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on June 12, 2009
Like Steve and Jerry, I have, bought, this album, in every format. And I will, most likely, buy it again. Re-releases like this, are meant to create new interest, and gain attention, for a classic album.The 2 CD set will get a new 2009 release tag, and will be displayed in the new release rack. And, I am all for, bringing some fanfare to this amazing album !
Take 1 wrote on June 13, 2009
a few months after this one, they should release a cd from the 1970 nashville sessions. 2cd, only masters, for the general market.
benny scott wrote on June 13, 2009
I agree from all points of view with Steve, Jerry and GEORGE . In my case I consider this release as a nice adding to my collection. Always El.
VivaLasDavies wrote on June 13, 2009
A welcome release, all the masters in one place, nice and simple. I always disliked the S. Minds set the way they incorporated the outtakes with the masters on disc two, a very uneven listen. If I want to listen to outtakes I'll go to the the five "American Way" discs.
JerryNodak wrote on June 13, 2009
Have to say also that I'll enjoy this set with all the masters in one place without the outtakes. Outtakes belong on the FTD "classic" releases of FEIM and BIM which I'm sure will come at some point down the road.
Greg Nolan wrote on June 13, 2009
Many of us have been calling on RCA (Sony, et al) to at least make an event out of the anniversary of classic releases such as this one..if they cannot keep the original albums in print (a hard task especially if you're fixated on short term profit: "love song" compilations, Christmas recompilations, and especially hit compilations. It's odd to find ANYONE complaining about what is effectively a reissue. Who could be against any effort to keep Elvis' great original albums in print, if not every few years with repackagings of the original? If you have this set (and all the various permutations, you certainly are a true fan who long ago paid his dues. But many new fans need to know about this gem and of course some die-hards hunger for upgrades in sound for every five to ten years, as it seems they discover new ways to improve the sound. I'm no defender of the main label but when they do something right, they shouldn't be called a "bloodsucker." No one is forcing anyone to buy these releases and I would assume that most of us would love to see his best albums be taken seriously and remain in print. This is a great spotlight for arguably his best work. Steve V: you said on on a related thread that Elvis "was a singles artist and not an album artist." Have you been hanging out with Beatles fans? (grin) That's one of the biggest canards going. He had many legitimate million-selling / gold, (etc) albums that stand up very well to this day. It's only that the '60s rock / baby bummer cadre that runs magazines like ROLLING STONE cannot bear to admit that they don't give Elvis his critical due. Other critics certainly do and for once, we should uniformally applaud RCA / Sony for putting this album back in print with new bells and whistles. It is, after all, no small amount about marketing and at least they are mixing historic and critical need along with an attempt to make this sellable. Could "Elvis Is Back!" be next? Again, I'm talking about the mainstream market. I have the FTD (all of 'em, actually) but as a fan who cares about Elvis' image and reach into newer generations, I'm all for such releases. How could you not be unless you want Elvis to remain an ever-shrinking memory for an aging fanbase, who literally are dying every year? Shine the light on what man the man great and the rest takes care of itself.
Greg Nolan wrote on June 13, 2009
P.S. I meant "on what made the man great" (grin)
Steve V wrote on June 13, 2009
Yes Greg - I believe many critics and music fans consider Elvis a singles artist, a guy that had a lot of hit records but is not known for his albums. I'm sure many 'general' music fans my age (over 50!) cannot name 5 Elvis albums. Ask those same people to name Dylan or Beatles LPs and you will get a list. For a guy that recorded as many years as he did, he only has a handful of studio LPs I even deem worthy. Yes this is one of them. (I don't count soundtracks or comps)
ivag wrote on June 14, 2009
This will be a great release. As VivaLasDavies correctly states, the Suspiceous minds release was destroyed by the inclusion of outtakes in between the masters. Lets hope that remastering can put some new life into these old classics. I wonder why they don't use this opportunity to completely remix these songs from the master tapes? With a true master like Vic Anisini at hand this would have been really great. The sound improvement of only remastering the originals will not be a revolution sound wise. I always found the mix from these sessions weird, with the drums in one channel. To me the drums and the rest of the rythm section should ALWAYS be in the middle of the sound field. This was attemted with the release "The Memphis album" way back in the late 80's. This album was totally remixed and sounded fresh and different at the time. An upgrade would be more than welcome.Still I prefer some of these mixes over the originals, even 20 years later. I wonder if the weird stereo mix here is the reason why Elvis himself preffered a mono mix on the singles from these sessions? At least the drums had more punch as opposed to the stereo seperation we have now, where it sounds as if the drummer sits in the kitchen while the rest of the band is in the living room. Why on earth was mixes like these approved?? Like the awful "Rubber Soul" Beatles mix. I think a complete remix would have been soooo much better. Well, maybe one day.....
JerryNodak wrote on June 14, 2009
I hate the "Memphis Record." That abomination no longer resides in my collection.
JerryNodak wrote on June 14, 2009
I'm certainly glad they are not going to totally remix "From Elvis In Memphis" to sound like the "Memphis Record." A masterful sound upgrade by Vic Anisini will certainly suffice for me.
lray wrote on June 14, 2009
A remix we don't need. They will sound great with the remastering (listen to Stranger In My Own Home Town on Elvis R&B). Anisini is the best of the best.
shakey leg wrote on June 14, 2009
I agree with JerryNodak & Iray..no remixes. When you start remixing then you take away from the original recording, and they've already done that with some of the past releases such as "On Stage" etc. A good remastering from Vic Anisini with first generation master tapes (if possible) and I'm good too go.
Smile:-) wrote on June 14, 2009
This is more like it! Makes me smile:-)
Steve V wrote on June 14, 2009
Wow Jerry - I forgot all about The Memphis Record. Add that to the list of the number of times Ive bought these songs. Its getting ludicrous now.
John4126 wrote on June 14, 2009
Unless there is a real promotional drive behind this release it will do as badly as the Suspicious Minds 1969 anthology release in terms of sales and being a hit with the mainstream buyer. It won't even hit the radar as far as Joe public goes. I recall EMI re-releasing the 2 cd 'let it be' by the Beatles in the UK and that made all the news stations and got numerous plugs on the radio and some great write ups not only in the music press but the regular newspapers too. It was everywhere. Will Elvis get the same treatment? I doubt it. I hoped i am proved wrong, but i don't see this making the impact it deserves.
JerryNodak wrote on June 14, 2009
I might be wrong but I don't expect any major promotional blitz. Sony will be content with whatever free buzz they get in the music press about the re-release of these historic sessions. But a mega budget promo push? Chances are slim and none.
Steve V wrote on June 14, 2009
It doesn't matter. Promotion or no promotion, CD sales are DOA. I just saw a newscast last night stating sales are down 50% from 5 years ago and the CD to a person under 30 today means no more than a 8-track. Everything is downloaded. A release like this (or any) wont sell a lot of copies anymore. The CD market just is dead. As for the Elvis market, you can figure it out.
dgirl wrote on June 15, 2009
CDs are dead. By the way , the Let It Be reissue from a few years ago, even with all that promotion, sold a lot less than expected. I hate to be a pessimist but the Elvis Memphis album being even less well known, and re-issued so many ways will not sell very well. I think they've gone to the well one too many times with all these songs renamed the album and confused many a consumer. Nice to honor the 40th, but remember the TTWII 30th did not do as well as the label hoped. People are not going to buy this for the big hits which they already have on comps. The people that will buy this are the ones who logon to this site and maybe a few newbies. It will turn a slight profit which is all the label cares about these days. There really is no CD market anymore as someone stated.
Ruthie wrote on June 15, 2009
5 Elvis albums: A Hundred Years From Now; From Nashville to Memphis; Aloha From Hawaii; From Elvis Presley Boulevard; Today, Tomorrow and Forever - off the top of my head - not to mention the gospel, Christmas & live recording albums. And I am sure I am older than you! Sorry, can't think of a Beatles album & I could never stand Dylan (although ELvis really liked him).
theoldscudder wrote on June 15, 2009
This release will sink like a lead baloon. Only for diehards. The few younger people who want it (30 & under ) will download this. I have all these songs already so what's the incentive to buy? The sound I have is fine so any slight improvement will not motivate me.
Steve V wrote on June 15, 2009
Ruthie - What did you just prove? Of course anyone on this site can name 5 Elvis albums! I'm talking about the average Joe/Jane on the street. 9 out of 10 could not.
djm wrote on June 15, 2009
the cd market has taken a downturn like everything else but sales are still strong. like vinyl it will become a good collectors market. however sony will soon lauch the blu-ray cd which like blu ray dvd should restore the market in some way esp when the economic downturn eases. this new memphis package will be a excellent one. i own several legacy editions and they are great value. i hope the sound has improved as for me the memphis anthology lacked that spark like elvis at sun has. memphis sessions blu ray edition in 2019 anyone ??
JerryNodak wrote on June 15, 2009
Most of the time many of you complain because Elvis' albums aren't available. Now when Sony makes arguably his best album available to the mainstream you're still complaining. Make uo your minds. Yes, the CD market is in decline/dying. Yes, most of the younger generation downloads rather than buying the CD these days. No, this title won't make a big splash on the charts or sell hundreds of thousands of units. But you can bet Sony has a pretty good idea of how many units they will move and what the profit margine will be. If they didn't expect to make a profit they wouldn't release this. Not in today's economic climate. Elvis historic sessions not withstanding. BUT the important point in all this is that it is being RELEASED. IT will make these songs AVAILABLE to those who wish to purchase them. This is a GOOD thing. If you've purchased these songs before (as most of us have) ans you're satisfyed with what you have (I'm not) just skip this release. But to critizize Sony for releasing this well... I'll let you pick the word. I plan to buy this. All the masters in one place with improved sound by Vic Anisini, and no outtakes to muddy the listening experience. I'm happy.
John4126 wrote on June 15, 2009
Ruthie - you can't name one Beatles album?! You are well read on our man - you will know the title of the album that he was disappointed did not feature his image on the sleeve. Go on - admit it you know at least one...LOL
elvis197475 wrote on June 15, 2009
right on jerrynodka that's what i was trying to say.right way to put it
Steve V wrote on June 15, 2009
Jerry - No one (not me anyway) is complaining about this release. Anyone who has read my posts over the last few years knows how I feel about Elvis albums being taken out of the mainstream and put into FTD land for big money. My point is they never should have taken them out of the mainstream in the first place. They should have been left there (like yes, The Beatles catalog) and let the music's rep sell itself. By going in and out of print, with different CD titles, different # of tracks, outtakes, etc., it sort of cheapened the charm of the original LP. Maybe this time they will get it right but I feel we will see this resurface again one day with some new marketing technique. Like I stated I've bought these songs too many times to even count, so I will prob pass this one up. I hope a new audience discovers it however.
Ruthie wrote on June 16, 2009
Dear John4126 forgive me for not quite understanding your question or statement. I do try to be well read on subjects or people who interest me. I am not interested in the Beatles. I like quite a few of their early tunes but not enough to put much time into them. I guess I can name one album, The Beatles Songbook, but that's about it. Sorry.
Ruthie wrote on June 16, 2009
Steve, I am not trying to prove anything. You asked a question & I answered it. I never claimed to be one of the musical "authorities" on this site.
theoldscudder wrote on June 16, 2009
I recently asked a 23 yr. old to mention as many songs he knew by Elvis & the Beatles. He could not mention one of either artist. To the majority of this websites readers Elvis is their dominate musical interest. To the majority of people Elvis is just an oldies act. I even see it in retail stores. He's usually relegated to the oldies section. The people on this site including myself are now clearly in the minority in their loyalty to Elvis. Each year there will be less & less interest in him. This is just natural he's gone no new music. Iv'e accepted it.
Smile:-) wrote on June 16, 2009
Nothing new for the readers of this site, but the release is fantastic news for Public Joe and music lovers in general! (And thus also for us!). This is Elvis at his best in a fantastic package. Great value for money. Elvis is still a household name, also among the young. I think this release in the shelves can win over qiuite a few buyers who are concious to quality music. Bear in mind that the young are curious to the rock n' roll heritage/history. And this album (along with Elvis' first and Elvis Is Back) are often listed among the greatest rock albums of the century in various books and polls. All of us reading Elvis News should buy at least one copy of this album as a gift to a music loving friend or family member. Spread the gospel guys and gals:)
MJB63 wrote on June 16, 2009
The "Memphis Record" wasn't that bad of a remaster.Listen to "Any Day Now" on it...perfect mix,simply beautiful.The problem with BMG is they have too many repetitive compilations. They should delete 80% of them.That should be enough for the casual fan.Also as the years go by there will always be interest in Elvis no matter what. "From Elvis in Memphis" is a classic and should always be made available.
Ruthie wrote on June 17, 2009
Well, scudder, its too bad you feel that way. I am not trying to be argumentative here but I hate to see the negativity. You know 23 yr olds who do not know Elvis or the Beatles. I know kids younger than that who know Elvis & Beatles as well as Britney. There is another world out there & I can hardly wait until this summer for Elvis week. I usually don't like large crowds but spending time with thousands of Elvis fans during that week every year is a real eye opener, and inspiration & a lot of fun. They don't travel all that way every year to stand in 100 degree temperature for the hell of it. And many, many young people. And I am not referring to little children who get drug along by relatives. This past birthday in January brought one of the biggest crowds they've had in years. I saw a lot more brown, black, red & blonde heads than I did gray or bald! I am only telling you what I experience, what I see & who I talk to. Yes, someday ELvis will fade but not go away totally, but will be more like Sinatra in the music section today. Until then, you should try to accept that his music isn't dead yet & won't be for another couple decades to come. All musical icons remain - just ask the piano student studying Elvis right along with Art Tatum & Chopin.
circleG wrote on June 17, 2009
hey who's bashing the Memphis Record? LOL!! That was the first album that turned me onto the big E in '87 and I've been a big fan since and bought the Cd for people who had not really heard Elvis too! Sure the originals are the 'originals' but as someone said the remix and strip-down of a few songs actually improved them. I dare anyone not to get a chill down their spine to the opening beats of 'stranger in my hometown'. The original mix was very poor. The liner notes are striking too. I also agree that the original albums should have been available in the shops for joe public instead of the countless comps but this collection sans outtakes maybe not be such a bad idea. Thankfully at last sony are starting to celebrate Elvis.
theoldscudder wrote on June 17, 2009
Ruthie, Elvis seems to dominate your life. I hope you have more in your life than just a man who's been gone for over 30 years. You seem to gravitate to all things Elvis including people that are into him. Of course if you go to Graceland all the people there will be crazy for the king. You would find that at a Star Treck convention, all the people there would be into Star Treck. So what point are you making? I live in the N J & believe me Elvis isn't happening anymore. I look at the charts & with the exception of Bob Dylan I can't even recognize the names. The sad fact is the Elvis fan base is getting smaller every day. The older fans are dying off faster than new fans are coming aboard. SteveV said most people couldn't name 5 Elvis albums. I'd say they could't name 2. I'm talking the average Joe's not your circle of friends. Elvis will be remembered as a 50's icon before his music. I was happy I grew up with Elvis I enjoy his music, but I couldn't care less if anyone else likes him or not. It's not a popularity thing with me.
emjel wrote on June 17, 2009
From Elvis In Memphis is a tremendous album - period. But this release will not do a damn thing unless BMG give it some decent promotion and build up. But I doubt they will. This release was first announced a few weeks back, and even then there was so much confusion as to what was being released and it actual title. Very little time to get the message across espevcially for magazines that have a long lead time. Compare this with EMI & The Beatles. EMI announced last month that they were preparing new issues of the Beatles catlaogue this coming September - it was in the press and all over the internet. As we get closer to September, there will be a massive build up. Forget the usual comparisons between these two artists - just look at how it should be done. And with reference to naming 5 Elvis albums by Joe Public, forget it. Joe Public would have a hard job apart from maybe a typical "hits" album. Maybe Blue hawaii would get a mention. The Beatles, then I suspect you'd get Sgt Pepper, Revolver, Abbey Road, Hard Day's Night and Help. And possibly a "hits" one. And it's interesting that all of their albums have been available since first released on CD back in 1987. Not one deletion, re-issue or revamp in that 22 year period.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on June 17, 2009
Steve V's list of the various issues of the Memphis recordings is fairly comprehensive, but there are still a few missing. To avoid needle noise you really can't beat the American 1/4 inch Reel to Reel tapes! There is "From Elvis in Memphis" (TP3 1013) & the double length "Memphis to Vegas/Vegas to Memphis" (TP3 5077). (These are the 3.75 inches per second versions, they never came out on 7.5 ips) Transferred to CD they sound brilliant! However to experience the ultimate sound, you really have to hear the much sought-after Japanese 4 channel Quadrophonic Gatefold LP of "From Elvis In Memphis"! (R4P 5005) Also, to come a little more up to date (!) on Elvis' birthday this year RCA Japan released "From Elvis in Memphis" on their superior SHM-CD format!
theoldscudder wrote on June 17, 2009
Ruthie two points I missed. You said their are thousands of fans at Elvis week. Thousands, there are over 200 million people in the US alone so what % does thousands of fans come out to? It's miniscule. Secondly this release will bring very few new fans to the table. There will not be a big promotion so besides the diehards who's gonna know about it? This will sell in relatively small numbers just enough for the label to make a small profit. The profits are getting smaller & smaller so thus the endless releases are needed. Emjil, I agree with your comments. I like the Beatles but I am not a fan like I am with Elvis. Their label shows class by not issuing endless rereleases which cheaping the catalogue. How many Elvis Greatest Hits have been issued since cd's came out? Dozens. I also believe Sgt. Pepper is more recognizable than any Elvis album release.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 17, 2009
There have been hundrends of compilations since cd's came out,and yes it makes his music look cheap and in my view alot of the good music gets left out as the compilations always feature the same songs!
PTCJones wrote on June 19, 2009
Don't wish to be pedantic djm, but there is no such thing as a Blu-ray DVD or Blu-ray CD. Blu-ray is a completely separate format. Sony is trying to cash in on the name though with it's Blu-spec CD, which is a different thing altogether and just a variation of the old CD format. Sorry to sound very boring.
shakey leg wrote on June 19, 2009
Just speaking on the grounds of online downloading, if they done away with it, CD sales would soar back up. AC/DC proved that late last year when their latest album "Black Ice" hit the charts at number one for 2 weeks without even being available on iTunes, Amazon etc. They don't believe in online digital downloading. In fact, there one of only a handful of artists that don't allow their stuff available online.
ijustcanhelpbelievin wrote on June 21, 2009
do we know for sure that vic is going to remaster this? it's not written anywhere i read, please let me know...
pasa-ryu wrote on June 24, 2009
Awsome!-i cannot wait to get this 2 cd se9even thou i alread own the "original2 LP and the 'official' cd with 7 bonus songs!);it's just big pity RCA/BMG decided not to release any "unreleased studio outtakes",such as they did on the superb 1998 double cd set "Suspicious Minds~the 1969 memphis anthology";I also believe they should have released a 'bonus' dvd of somesort to coincide with the cd set,just to promote it's sales...I also hope that UK fans wont have any problems in obtaining this new cd set at local record stores?(or will it be only available as an 'import' album?/)I own the deleted(and extremaly rare)"The American Way" 5 cd (volume) set..NOTHING has beaten this 5 volume set so far??.(rca should be a bit ashamed of failing to release such good quality "session outtakes" such as on 'the american way' sreies.(my best and personal favourate cd's of all time!!!)