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The Wonder Of You

June 01, 2009 | Music

On June 29, 2009 the Follow That Dream will release "The Wonder Of You"  featuring the complete concert performance as recorded at The International Hotel, Las Vegas on August 13, 1970. This release has been mixed in its entirety by Vic Anesini and comes as a single disc digipack.

The concert was filmed as part of the legendary "That's The Way It Is" movie, unique performances include; "Stranger In The Crowd", "In The Ghetto", "Make The World Go Away" and "Don't Cry Daddy".

Both the vinyl FTD releases "Blue Hawaii" and "Standing Room Only" will be issued on June 29, 2009 along with ‘The Wonder Of You'.


  1. That's All Right 2:56
  2. I Got A Woman 2:29
  3. Hound Dog 3:19
  4. Love Me Tender 4:32
  5. Don't Cry Daddy 2:33
  6. In The Ghetto 2:44
  7. I Just Can't Help Believin' 3:49
  8. Stranger In The Crowd 4:00
  9. Make The World Go Away 3:21
  10. Sweet Caroline 3:22
  11. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' 4:15
  12. Polk Salad Annie 5:35
  13. Introductions 3:42
  14. The Wonder Of You 2:39
  15. Heartbreak Hotel 1:41
  16. Blue Suede Shoes 1:09
  17. One Night 1:52
  18. All Shook Up 1:19
  19. Bridge Over Troubled Water 4:22
  20. Suspicious Minds 6:06
  21. Can't Help Falling In Love 2:09

Guitar: James Burton, John Wilkinson, Elvis Presley
Guitar & vocals: Charlie Hodge
Bass: Jerry Scheff
Drums: Ronnie Tutt
Piano: Glen D. Hardin
Vocals: The Imperials, The Sweet Inspirations, Millie Kirkham
Joe Guercio and his Orchestra

Source:Elvis Unlimited

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mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 01, 2009
Somebody at Ftd listened to me? so next how about the Hampton roads show from On Tour? i will be getting this Ftd release and looks like they will have someone who knows what there doing taking care of the audio! Great release!
Herman wrote on June 01, 2009
Finally ! Why not a 2 disc set cd and dvd....just a thought !
Ronaldv wrote on June 01, 2009
I'm NOT impressed at all, sorry Ftd, the bootleggers were a couple of steps ahead as always, but I'll wait for the next announcement. Surprise me! Could you do that in the remaining part of 2009? I'll hope so.
Jerome-the-third wrote on June 01, 2009
stranger in the crowd has a great sound and this one perhaps better- the packaging of audionics was great so despite I like FTD- will this be an addition? The footage must be released in its fullness but I think they didn't choose to do so at the time because Elvis being sloppy in several songs during this concert..
marco31768 wrote on June 01, 2009
I guess this will be dinner show...
ttwiise wrote on June 01, 2009
thank you ftd, i'm happy
jb4elvis wrote on June 02, 2009
I agree..., THANK YOU very much, FTD!!!
Lefty wrote on June 02, 2009
It looks like FTD is taking a more direct approach in the battle against the bootleggers. Audionics must've known FTD was planning this release. That would explain why "Stranger In The Crowd" was announced and shipped almost simultaneously. It looks like Audionics has put out a fantastic package (tri-fold digipack and booklet). I'm going to stick with the import. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see which one is actually the better product.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on June 02, 2009
This CD, should be a regular RCA-Sony release, and not just an FTD release. I'd like to see it in Music shops, and on Amazon, this summer.
Jerry 79 wrote on June 02, 2009
The release date of the LP's have been moved again. GRRRR. The CD sounds good but I think it should be released earlier and on regular BMG/Sony label.
sitdown68 wrote on June 02, 2009
hope this is the definitive cover photograph. I like the pic, as the man is contrasted by the girls singing. fine cover art. but...what about a nice booklet...
burninglove92 wrote on June 02, 2009
Can't wait for this show, i think it wil be stunning however i dont like the name ftd always get the title of these ftd releases wrong, i think the best titles are one night in vegas, dixieland delight and things that correspond not the wonder of you that he sings during the show, very dissapointing, i drather it was called, August Astonishment or something like that, but its only my oppion
JerryNodak wrote on June 02, 2009
I'm sure I'll buy it eventually. But it's not at the top of my "gotta have" list.
Ton Bruins wrote on June 02, 2009
And again a lot of duplication...skip it..
Wiebe wrote on June 02, 2009
Elvis is very tired this show but gives a terrific performance. I'll surely buy it.
Mark S. wrote on June 02, 2009
"Guitar: James Burton, John Wilkinson, Elvis Presley", "Guitar & vocals: Charlie Hodge", so ah Elvis doesn't sing on this? :-) Anyway, nice to see this show realeased officially!
Mark S. wrote on June 02, 2009
"released", that is...
wmarkj wrote on June 02, 2009
Yes, someone was asking. Based on the songlist, this is the Dinner Show for sure.
Sirbalkan wrote on June 02, 2009
I'm gonna vomit "1970 "shows... !!! Enough FTD enough !!! :0/
circleG wrote on June 02, 2009
I'm happy - more 1970 I say
dgirl wrote on June 02, 2009
Sirbalkan - I see your point, but like someone said on another topic, there is nothing left but these live shows and countless outtakes of songs you already have outtakes on! The well is dry. While Im sure this is really a good show, Im not sure I want to spend 35.00+ on a show Ive basically heard many times before. Weve already had a 1970 summer show on the TTWII SE Cd set, FTD One Night In Vegas, & the Live In Las Vegas set, some being normal BMG releases. Unless this show is so over the top and he does the songs in a different way, I cant say its a must have for another 35.00 now on another FTD release. How many more does one need? A video is one thing, another CD quite another.
burninglove92 wrote on June 02, 2009
YES! More 1970 tis i what we want. i dont know how you can say "you gonna vomit". think abwt it, one night in vegas, se special edition, liv ein las vegas, and polk salad annie are all flawless shows in my opinion. i can't wait for this next show. but i do think that ftd could of at last done a super special edition of that's the way it is shows, all 6 shows one package = amazin!!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 02, 2009
The one bad thing is Ftd released tracks on the way it was and writing for the king,they do need to think ahead a bit more, i mean didnt they know they would release this show in full,with that said 70 and 72 are my fav years to hear Elvis live,so i welcome this release along with the On Tour shows,if your looking for anything differt as in setlist,i dont think its gonna happen!
Steve V wrote on June 02, 2009
Quite right mature - I think FTD's planning stinks. I love 1970 the best also, but to be honest I can count on one hand the number of times I play live cds, no matter how good they are. I'd rather see the performance than just hear it. Im not sure Stranger In The Crowd is worth me paying 35 or more for. I'll wait for a review. By the way, if these shows are filmed in their entirety, that's what I'll wait for. I may be 90 by then, but I'll still enjoy it more than riding in my car listening.
Ciscoking wrote on June 02, 2009
Is it multi track..?
benny scott wrote on June 02, 2009
Ciscoking, if the info I obtained is correct then we're talking about a 16-multitrack recording. Always El.
bajo wrote on June 02, 2009
I'll do my own wave! Welcome!
dannyboy1 wrote on June 03, 2009
This one is definately a buyer. This will be a great FTD release. I don't understand why, if a bootleg label releases a show it draws widespread praise, but if FTD does so there is large-scale criticism. Well, I didn't consider trying to obtain the "Stranger In The Crowd" bootleg and now I'm glad I didn't. Give me a good ole FTD any day.
Almo wrote on June 03, 2009
I agree with you dannyboy1. I was advise by my local supplier to hold off from buying the bootleg version "Stranger In The Crowd", due to a "another release that will be of better value and quality" and I am glad that I took his advise and waited for what will be a superior products due to the higher quality master source (original 16-track tapes) and the outstanding work of a great engineer (Vic Anesini). Well done FTD.
burninglove92 wrote on June 03, 2009
Is It only me but is Any one hoping for a better cover? but i would love to see a 7"Digipack with a complete concert and a dvd of that concert. that would be fantastic!!
sitdown68 wrote on June 03, 2009
what is it what you don't like about the cover?
Take 1 wrote on June 03, 2009
In my eyes a very good cover. not always those very close pictures, were you only can see the face or the half of Elvis. i would like to see more of those (with band and singers). give them some credit. no band...no music.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 03, 2009
I like the cover,i think the title could be better,use some imagination!
thenexte wrote on June 03, 2009
Something tells me the Audonics version of that show will not be a new stereo mix from the original multitrack recordings (otherwise there would not be a problem with having half a track only available in mono). I highly suspect it will be a stereo soundboard reel-to-reel recording where the tape was switched during "Sweet Caroline" and a camera monitor recorded the whole show in mono as a backup. Since the FTD release of the show will feature a new stereo mix from the original multitrack recordings (as prepared by Vic Anesini) it will undoubtedly be a far superior product. I guess whoever owned the stereo soundboard tape of the show was getting wind of the FTD plans and decided to release the tape in a hurry.
Smile:-) wrote on June 04, 2009
I think "thenexte" is very close to the truth. I am sure that the sound on this release will be spectacular:) Regarding the title, please use something else than a songtitle, "...Night" or the concert city. However, I am looking forward to this release. I give my compliments to Ernst and FTD for their wise choice in releasing the show at the same time as the bootleggers:)
benny scott wrote on June 04, 2009
I agree with Smile:-) about thenexte's comment and about Ernst and FTD. Always El.
Sirbalkan wrote on June 04, 2009
Well... I wish they could release a soundboard concert from 1973, instead of countless 1970s "Las Vegas" shows. everybody knows that Elvis was more and more relaxed and people reaction were more excited during tour shows.And I am definitely sure that FTD has got it. Why don't they release that? Well but in any case, nearly all fans will buy it. And I buy it because of the sound update as people here mentioned.
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 04, 2009
I'm sick and tired of live shows - be they soundboard or audience. I want King Creole, Jailhouse Rock etc. and not endless concert releases of the same stuff. This show isn't all that good. Listen to the mono version or watch the footage of it and you'll hear / see Elvis himself saying he doesn't feel worth a damn during this ishow. More false starts and singing the wrong lyrics? It ain't amusing anymore. Give me something that's worth having - not more concerts, concerts, concerts.
dgirl wrote on June 04, 2009
Interesting - I just received the new Man & His Music which reviewed the complete works TTWII boxset of dvds & cds. This show apparently was part of that set and they said it was the worst one of the cds. As Harvey said, he didn't sound all that into it. So buyer beware I guess. FTD already had a release from that season (One Night In Vegas) so I dont really see the point in this release other than to compete with the bootleggers.
theoldscudder wrote on June 04, 2009
I don't get the many comments regarding the big deal over the name. It seems a lot of fans worry more about the name than the content of this product. I agree with Harvey & dgirl re: the content. This is just more of the same. Only the faithful & fanitical will buy this. It makes me wonder just how much profit there is in these releases?
Ronaldv wrote on June 04, 2009
Good point, Sirbalkan. I listened tonight to the Uniondale show 23-6-73 and the seatlle 29-4-73 ES show. Marvellous! If we can have this kind of shows in soundboard quality, that would be a dream come true!
tesla wrote on June 04, 2009
Thank you FTD, fantastic period, great music.....encore!!
Cruiser621 wrote on June 04, 2009
I agree whole heartedly with Mr. Alexander; entirely way too many of the same monotonous live concert recordings. I have what I want (concerts) and enough is enough! How about Jailhouse Rock and Elvis with all the out-takes available? There would definitely be enough out-takes for the Jailhouse Rock FTD CD. Constantly releasing the same old tired songs per concert has been way overdone to this point.
Steve V wrote on June 04, 2009
Wow I just read the same review in M&HM. Some of the quotes are 'Elvis isn't just plum tuckered, he's also forgetful'. Not the type of show I want to listen. Although this season is excellent we've already had several complete shows released from it not to mention the documentary film itself. I think that's enough. 1970 is great so how about a fall 1970 show when Elvis first went back to touring or even the Feb 1970 Astrodome shows? I guess they don't have any of those shows. But I've had enough of TTWII unless they release the unseen MGM footage.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 04, 2009
I think that all digi pack releases should now be 2 cd's, i am wondering what they really have, and if the shows they do have are interesting, as for the outtakes i think im pretty much over that stuff, interesting shows are about the only thing im interested in now, this release i will pick up!
burninglove92 wrote on June 06, 2009
Why All the complaints about live shows? FTD release so many live shows and so many outtakes/classic album series a year to keep every one happy. for me i agree with mature elvis fan all ftd's should be now 2 disc and with a booklet for me i think a standard release should be a 7" digi pack. however the 5" dixieland delight was stupendous i loved i loved the artwork i love the content and elvis was in great spirits and the booklet was awesome. for me a release like this should come with a bokolet with pictures from the actual concert and either the full concert footage or another 1970 concert to go with it from august. dixieland delight was spot on 2 concerts with 1 days apart. why can't ftd listen to the fans? 2 cds per digipack with a booklet. however for me i want to stick with live shows, i love them however average sounding shows dont encourage me to buy.
Greg Nolan wrote on June 06, 2009
Leave it to Elvisnews' negativity gang to find fault with what indeed is a fine release, albeit inferior in someways to the new import "Stranger in the Crowd." There's no satisfying this bunch, but in most corners, 1970 is a killer year for the King and anytime FTD opens the vaults, that's good news. FTD is tackling lots of angles of his career and the negativity toward the label is petty and even embarrassing. Constructive criticism is one thing but it goes over-board here. Ernst and Roger try to satisfy all the fans, it seems to me, from live stuff to alternates to classic albums, etc. If anything, some have even asked them to slow down. It's a blessing to have FTD at least trying to match the import world, which continues to churn out quality product. As for thenexte's comment, the tape used by FTD may have been mastered in part by Lene Reidel, judging from other comments, as well as missing the very interesting introduction tune, which I've never heard until I got "Stranger in the Crowd" yesterday. It's got fantastic stereo and I'd say FTD will be hard pressed to surpass it, especially with that wonderful 16-pages of notes and photos. So yes, Mature, FTD seems to be coming around and some of us fans (many if you get off this site) do appreciate it. Hard-core fans will want to secure both. Understandably some will choose one over the other but the value for the money nod will likely go to Audionics' proven name. But FTD fanatics and completists will want both. I'll be waiting to get the FTD down the road as Audionics' title will only go up in value. "Stranger in the Crowd" was a great listen overall and only a non-fan would have a problem with the show on the whole.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 06, 2009
Greg,your so right,i am sorry ernst,thanks for FTD,please forgive any negative comments from me and others,i will follow you anywere,im sorry if you have lost sleep over mine or others comments!
Greg Nolan wrote on June 07, 2009
Another gem from the omnipresent "Mature." If you read what I wrote, I also took pains to say that the import "Audionics" version is probably superior and a better buy. Don't try to paint me as an Ernst apologist. I spent years railing against the mainstream RCA strategy of repackaging the hits, Christmas, and gospel sets as well as having been alive during the '70s and '80s enough to know that we have it pretty good by and large. I'm all for constructive criticism - now bring it on.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 07, 2009
Thanks i thought my responce was pretty good myself,my view is my view,never ever do i put others down,hect i even said i like this release! Untill my cd's are sent to me free,i will keep giving my view,,sad that some fans cant just agree to disagree,everything has to be a war of words!
eric c wrote on June 07, 2009
excited about this release.i'll get one for sure.the more 1970 shows released the better.i'd love to see a dvd set with concerts filmed but not used for the film.anyway,i like what FTD has done and i think once again this one will be outta the park!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 08, 2009
I will buy any 70 show,Elvis in his prime,i like the cover,hopefully they add a booklet,and hopefully On Tour is next up,Hampton roads anyone?
Greg Nolan wrote on June 08, 2009
At the risk of over-posting, I should add that it should be interesting to see if this FTD actually comes out on time as promised. In the meantime, "Stranger in the Crowd" is here and already an instant classic. That baby is going to be hard to find and I"m glad I went for it as my list of titles to get keeps growing.. I'll have to wait on the FTD for the next time they have a sale as the "Stranger" Audionics has me pretty much satiated. I do hope the imports have finally prodded FTD to start doing booklets (think how much better more marginal FTDs could have been with some notes and photos to add context to shows like "America" or "Unchained Melody"...) but I highly doubt they'll be putting out a 16-pager. I have to say that is an incredible cover (I used to have a poster of that photo)and they were smart to add the old "RCA Victor" logo for that kind of retro authenticity.
blackdiamond wrote on June 08, 2009
I'm happy that FTD is releasing this concert. Finally another great show from Las Vegas in 1970. Would it be wonderful if this concert was released on the Live In Las Vegas box? Anyway, the thing I think is so strange is that this release comes after the "Stranger In The Crowd" CD from Audionics. This 'import' cd is also the August 13, 1970 show. Is Stranger In The Crowd the same concert? Why would FTD release this then? Is it because it's been mixed by Vic Anesini?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 09, 2009
Yes its the same show,some say Ftd had the idea and then the boot people put theres out fast,some say Ftd came with the idea after hearing of this show being bootlegged,as for the booklets with Ftd,that was and is one of my main gripes with Ftd,its a collectors label,but with that said i praise Ftd,you are my life!
circleG wrote on June 10, 2009
I'm hoping the other shows from Aug 1970 won't be too far behind!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 10, 2009
After Hampton roads you mean?
circleG wrote on June 11, 2009
haha mature either way - i'm cool with it!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 11, 2009
So you agree with me,its hampton roads next? good thought you would come around to my idea! (laughing)