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The Milton Berle TV Show

April 22, 2009 | Video

IMC Vision will release a DVD titled The Milton Berle TV Show - Guest Starring Elvis on June 1st. According to the product description, it will feature the show on the USS Hancock.


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dgirl wrote on April 22, 2009
This has been out countless times already. Enough of these reissues! Why never the 2nd Berle show where he does Hound Dog? That was also televised in color. I wonder if anyone ever seen it in color. Now that would be a gem of a release.
FJE wrote on April 22, 2009
Agree with you 100% dgirl. And, at the risk of being slightly off subject, what happened to all six Dorsey shows which were mentioned a few months ago on this site as being remastered for release soon? Anyone has any idea?
samcra wrote on April 22, 2009
That USS Hancock show is probably my least favorite early Elvis presentation. Yeah, and how about all the Dorsey Bros. shows? Elvis' first national exposure...just fantastic!
Steve V wrote on April 22, 2009
Agreed - the 2nd Berle show is perhaps Elvis' most controversial TV show and really made America take notice. Why is this show never released by the Berle estate? Dont they have the whole show? Just a clip here & there. I have an old VHS bootleg of it, but would love to get a DVD copy. The Hancock show was ruined by that silly routine with Berle and I dont revisit it very often.
Vegas Sun wrote on April 23, 2009
What we need here is a DVD with all of his TV appearances (just his performances, no need for the entire shows) from Dorsey to Frank in order. I know it's a dream, but it could get done. Please, someone!
Jerome-the-third wrote on April 23, 2009
quite a rare picture..