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The Milton Berle TV Show


The Milton Berle TV Show
Released: 2009/06/01 by IMC Vision

Milton Berle 'nicknamed Uncle Miltie' was a comedian who dominated American television in the 1950's, earning him the title 'Mr. Television'. His career spanned over 80 years on stage, in film and on radio, but it was 'The Milton Berle Show' that made his lasting mark. On the 3rd of April 1956, Elvis Presley appeared as a star guest on The Milton Berle Show from the deck of the USS Hancock, and again on June 5th. Elvis caused huge controversy with viewers and the press after a sensuous perfor

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Aron wrote on December 26, 2009
We know these performances already, they are an important piece of Elvis' career. It's nice to have them now on DVD.
Rating: 4 / 5