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Madison Quits

March 21, 2009 | Music

The Madison import label announced that it quits the business. The CD "Rock My Soul" - volume 5 in the Standing Room Only Tapes series which is out now - is the latest release from this bootleg label.

Their final message read: "Rock My Soul, the latest Madison CD is out now. It will be the label's final release. From everyone at Madison, we bid you a fond, affectionate farewell."

Source:For CD Collectors Only
Sirbalkan wrote on March 21, 2009
I think it's because of the crisis.Anyway .. Madison, I really thank you for the great support and magic you have given us for all these years.
Natha wrote on March 21, 2009
A great loss for all of us. Yet as it is said: all meetings end in partings. I appreciate and value highly what the Madison Team has done for the Elvis fans. So: I will remember you fondly whenever I listen to cds produced by you all. Thank you, thank you very much.
Erika Freiburger wrote on March 21, 2009
Oh nooooo!!!!!!!!! I can't believe this!
Zoltan84 wrote on March 21, 2009
Balkan: it's not only the crisis. It's Ernst Jorgensen (he issued the same 1973 Vegas soundboard that Madison wanted to release and banned those sites which offered bootleg releases for sale). Shame on you Ernst! It's also the crazy fans who didn't appreciate this label and didn't buy their great releases. They managed to sell only 500 copies of their CD's which is a shame. The Elvis fans killed the Madison label. God bless you, Madison! We'll miss you. And thanks for all the great releases during the last 10 years.
schemies wrote on March 21, 2009
Fort Baxter, 2001, DAE, Luxor, Madison, ...., what will the next name be ?
Ronaldv wrote on March 21, 2009
Very sad news. It's not the crisis, they run out of previously unreleased material some time ago. But thank you very much Madison for many great releases, especially Event Number 8! and the 75 soundboard shows, ah too many to tell. I'm convinced these guys show up later this year under another import label name. What is left now? Mainly re-release (audience) labels. Such a shame. Don't forget the international label! Let's hope that Jorgensson has some real surprises from now on.
Jerome-the-third wrote on March 21, 2009
they've done a fantastic job, too bad. Its probably now up to FTD as the only label to come up with high quality sounding alternate material..
Lefty wrote on March 21, 2009
What sad news! Madison climbed to the top of the heap, so I guess if you're going to quit, might as well do it when you're on top. Oh, how I hoped that they would've managed to release a complete version of the Hampton Roads concert, but alas that's not going to happen. Maybe someday the official label will get around to doing somethingit, or with On Tour, although they missed a big marketing opportunity on the 30th anniversary. Who really knows for sure what will happen next? However it turns out, I'm grateful for the quality stuff that Madison shared with the fans, and I wish the guys behind the label all the best.
EspenK wrote on March 21, 2009
Excellent! *applause* one down, a few more to go. I look forward to more good official releases!
Santa Claus wrote on March 21, 2009
EspenK: You are waiting for good official releases? Well, there's one coming up. The new "Standing room only" CD will contain 5 (yes FIVE !) tracks that are not duplicated from other releases. When I was a child we called records with 5 new tracks Extended Plays. Today we call them FTD and they cost 30 Euro. Well, this is what you can expect in the future. Being a cow that will be milked.
benny scott wrote on March 21, 2009
Too bad Madison quits ! Thanks for the great releases in the past ! Santa Claus : where i live the FTDs can be purchased for 19,80 euros, i repeat : 19,80 euros ! And in general Extended Plays had 4 songs, not 5. Always El.
asd123 wrote on March 21, 2009
thank you madison. it's been a great time with you guys around!
dgirl wrote on March 21, 2009
I am not in favor of supporting bootleggers with my hard earned money but this label had a few good releases. It was the intent of FTD label to put the bootleggers out of business. Maybe (or maybe not) they will come up with fabulous releases in the future but I havent been impressed with FTD for a while now and who knows, maybe the economy will force FTD to shut down as well. They cant be selling as many CDs as they did a few years ago. Just this week 2 car showrooms went out of business in my county. Things are very bad for every business.
SnOwMan wrote on March 21, 2009
FTD is dead,indeed. The killer is Ernst Jorgensen. He destroyed the label. No new material,only re-releases for $35. I'll miss Madison very much.
Steve V wrote on March 21, 2009
No new material? Elvis is gone 31 years, what in the world do you expect the label to do, create new songs? Folks, the well is dry, please be happy you even get 1 new outtake per year. The man is gone a very long time. I dont expect much so I'm not disappointed with any release. I just dont care enough anymore about 9 outtakes of Separate Ways or whatever. I've often stated, give me an expanded EOT on DVD and a decent Elvis DVD anthology and I will be very happy. You want new good music in an Elvis style? Pick up the new Raul Malo CD. It was actually recorded in this century. There is some good music made after 1977 if you care to find it.
eric c wrote on March 21, 2009
can't wait to hear this one.1972 is one of if not my favorite Elvis period.
marco31768 wrote on March 21, 2009
THANK YOU from Italy to this amazing label !
Santa Claus wrote on March 22, 2009
With the TTWII Complete Works box and Madison's Rock My Soul CD just in the mail you can't really say the well is dry. It's only dry when it comes to FTD. I say it again: The difference between Madison and FTD is that FTD is releasing patchwork CDs with monologues edited and things cut together. If you buy a Madison CD you know the subject is concluded. As with FTD you are buying samplers and samplers and samplers .. endlessly. Never anything complete like a collector wants it. I'm proud about every Madison in my collection. But to be honest; some of my FTDs are still shrink-wraped.
Matt W wrote on March 22, 2009
Santa Claus, GeertFromNl, SnOwMan, and Zoltan84 - the ignorance of your statements are shocking. I am amazed that so-colled "Elvis fans" would make such garbage remakrs as you have here! Your time would be better served getting educated than spent aimlessly posting useless comments on the internet.
GeertFromNl wrote on March 22, 2009
Dear Matt,the truth hurts,you know. And the truth is that Madison was a much better label than FTD will ever be. Most Madison releases gave us unreleased material while the whole FTD classic album series is a complete rip-off. $35 for a 5 or 8 new outtakes. Is that what you want? You must be an ideal cow to milk,i guess. But that is your problem.
Matt W wrote on March 22, 2009
Truth? Your head is in the clouds. Are you forgetting that many of the last handful of Madison releases are re-issues of shows previously released elsewhere on the bootleg market? FTD's list of titles is superior to any and every boot label there has been - this is undeniable. Even if you were to ignore the movie soundtracks and classic albums their catalogue is outstanding.
japio wrote on March 22, 2009
Matt, The truth is that FTD do the same. Old material rereleasing (like blue hawaii) except the fact that it in in stereo now. But how many takes we get on different of cd's .first on compilation than on a classic album. Shows that been (ok not all ) releaesd on other labels.Simply made covers in cheap didgpack. with high prices. And they remasterd a lot with losing the original studio sound where are the promised Jailhouse rock release. No the other FTD after another. that's why it dry out). But you say the walk in the clouds. I think you should wake up. But probably you one of the fans that buy everthing that comes out. Wake up
ValeriaG wrote on March 22, 2009
I am very very sad for this news, really! I thank all the Madison crew for his fantastic job, in so many years Madison gave us a lot of extraordinary fantastic and unreleased material. I wish good luck to everybody from the bottom of my heart
tornado wrote on March 22, 2009
I agree with you Matt W. For obvious reasons FTD must follow certain rules to release the material not the bootleggers. So we cannot compare one to the other. To blame FTD is pointless other than wanting more FTDs. What we really miss are more complete shows from August 70, Live shows from On Tour. The rest have been released on various albums. My estimation is that there's around 15 to 20 more Classics to get to complete the whole Elvis musical legacy. I only hope Ernst is going to do it within 3 years from now. On almost things they are doing very well in my opinion. But like many here, I'm just impatient to get them.
djm wrote on March 22, 2009
very very sad? is it that bad? perhaps this label is closing simply because its run out of material? maybe the bootleggers well is running dry. after all its been 30 yrs and a massive amount has been released and now we keep seeing old shows re-issued `with better sound than before. i dont really buys these anymore purely because FTD will get round to it one day. i`m impatient too. i ould love the pearl harbour show, or jailhouse rock sessions, promised land etc to be next.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 22, 2009
If you think Ftd will release such things as complete rehearsals then some could say your head is in the clouds,Ftd isnt bad and have had some fine releases,but they need some improvements not too mention better communication.how about we just give our view of something without the your comment is wrong attitude?
RonBaker wrote on March 22, 2009
It's probably easier for "import" labels because they don't pay musicians royalties. However, FTD has become a luxury that I can no longer afford to buy regularly. The rising prices have sent it beyond what I can justify paying for the material. I would like to finish my collection of the 'classic albums' series, but it isn't going to be very likely given the current economic conditions. I will put them on my 'want lists' for Christmas and birthday presents. And I may pick up one or two when I go to Memphis again. I stopped buying the digipak issues long ago. All the tracks ended up on other FTD albums rendering the cd's useless (Studio B?). The live digipaks are cheaply designed as if they have no value other than to fill up a space in a collection. Sorry, but if other artists can issue digipaks with booklets and nice covers, then why can't FTD? The answer is...they don't care about presentation...just about the financial gain. At least the Colonel tried to give fans their money's worth.
theoldscudder wrote on March 22, 2009
I just wish all the bootleggers go out of business. Who needs more of the same over & over again. The outtakes & the live shows are so repetitious & boring. No loss as far as I'm concerned. Good riddance!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 22, 2009
Isnt that what Ftd does? Ron of course your right,i have bought other artist cd's brand new material,some even in a digi pack but still with a nice booklet,some of thoswe artost cd's were as cheap as 10usd,Ftd is overpriced and underproduced!
Sirbalkan wrote on March 23, 2009
Guys... Please be honest to yourself and see the truth. Tell me any name who releases an album in every 2 months in a year which means totally 12 albums per year as you may notice. There is no one !!! And you expect that for a person;already dead for 31 years. This is a silly idea. You all behave a little bit selfish here! I know, I buy the bootlegs( God Bless the Madison label) and I've just ordered "I believe" compilation too AND I KNOW that you say" If sony bmg will release a FTD album, we want them to make it more exciting, complete and with a real booklet inside". Well... I agree with you. But the thing is, an album per two months makes them produce incomplete alternates and live compilation. Because they have LIMITED archive. Just consider a 10 years later... What will they release to those generations if they continue to release 6-8 albums a year? Please just say " release us 2 Albums; complete and with a 32 page booklet and make it 25 dolars then we buy it" then they do it. You have already 738 songs of elvis, countless of live concerts etc but the general public knows Elvis as Love me Tender and Can't Help Falling in Love. Don't you think that to advertise Elvis is more important than FTD quality??? I think all elvis fans have to consider this album releasing issue more than the quality. As I said
John4126 wrote on March 23, 2009
It's sad news but there will be some other label to take it's place soon enough, i'm sure.
EspenK wrote on March 25, 2009
Yougottaknowmore: You really should follow the advice in your own nick, dude. This has nothing to do with jealousy or regular competition, it's about legal rights. FTD are the ones with the legal rights to release Elvis material post 1958. Noone else in the whole wide world has. When FTD release the music, the musicians get paid. That does not happen when anyone else release it, then they steal their money and run away. This is the unbiased truth about bootleggers - and this is why I welcome every death of bootleggers.
benny scott wrote on March 25, 2009
Unless it is different in the USA than in Europe, but releasing or released material has nothing to do with paying musicians. Musicians are paid per session at a fixed wage and once the session is completed they have nothing more to expect moneywise. People who are paid in accordance to releases are the composers (music) and the authors (lyrics) . I should know, as I've been recording my own songs ( words and music ) during 27 years. As a composer and author I'm still getting paid for recordsales by the Belgian Composers and Authors Society. The musicians who played on the recordingsessions were paid per session and that was it. Bootleggers indeed don't pay any rights at all, and the composers and authors are the victims and indeed lose money.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 25, 2009
Ftd could shut down tomorrow,you wont hear me crying about it,will they release the hampton roads show? complete rehearsals cd?theres many holes in Ftd and many fans are getting off the Ftd band wagon,for some Ftd is fine and yes its true bootlegs dont pay every guy who blew a horn etc,you would think with all the people Ftd have to pay etc that they would make a better product to have something to show for there work!
Matt W wrote on March 26, 2009
"Ftd could shut down tomorrow,you wont hear me crying about it" You may not cry but I'd bet you would find something to complain about - it's FTD after all.
benny scott wrote on March 26, 2009
Right you are Matt W ! If FTD should shut down : what would be left ? As bootleggers start to quit slowly but surely and suppose FTD should shut down, who's gonna release interesting stuff in the future ? Always El.
Sirbalkan wrote on March 26, 2009
Guys... Take it easy.. the problem here is not only bootlegs.. The problsem is "You want too much cd releases from FTD.You behave selfish,if they continue to release 6 releases per year, there won't be enough for future generations, even for us to hear a RARE thing; I mean after 10 years.So please be fair!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 26, 2009
Selfish? are they free? Yes id complain that the label became a milking label that milked the fans till they had enough!
Matt W wrote on March 26, 2009
EPsMasterVoice wrote: "When I read the news that Madison --under strong pressure from Sony/FTD had to quit..." Strong pressure from FTD? Please. Where exactly did you read this? From a credible source? Doubtgul. Strong pressure from FTD my arse. mature_elvis_fan75 wrote: "Yes id complain that the label became a milking label that milked the fans till they had enough!" Luckily for you FTD has never been a "milking label" so your FTD life should be all sunshine and moonbeams.
djm wrote on March 26, 2009
whether or not its true sony pressured madison the material belongs to them so they have every right to stop these labels. what exactly did you prove by buying 10 bootlegs? and what is this `fans are jumping off the FTD bandwagon` bit? after 10 good years they seem to be selling quite well. heres to another 10 years. for someone who claims not to care about FTD you sure spend alot of time on here moaning about it mature. time to find something else to do with yourself i think.
benny scott wrote on March 26, 2009
Have to agree with Matt W and djm. Madison and other "import-labels" gave us really good releases , but so did FTD in the past. Sometimes "very good", sometimes " could have been better" , but that goes for Madison, FTD and every recordlabel, be it bootleg or official. We should be thankful for what we got and hopeful for what is yet to come. I'm fed up with all the ( always the same ) complainers and moaners. Artwork is not good enough, compilation should have been this and that instead of..., why not this, why not that, prices are too expensive... there's no booklet , digipacks are not ok , jewel case would have been better .. etc... etc... Jesus !!!! Always El.
Ronaldv wrote on March 26, 2009
What's that crap all the time about re-releasing the hampton concert?? I've read so much about this on several elvis sites, why? Do we need this after the suberb Hampton roads cocert release from triangle from 2004. Answer may be loud and clear: HELL NO!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 27, 2009
I get sick of reading that Ftd can do no wrong and that i should be thankful,one thing you dont see me do is personally attacking anyones views,and yes many are not buying Ftd anymore,the label should be about 100 complete unreleased material,they should come with a nice booklet with some thought on artwork and notes on the contents,but instead its become a reissue label,and ronald the hampton roads shows has not been released fully.the import hampton roads concert has a few songs missing,maybe one day Ftd will see fit to release it!
Ronaldv wrote on March 27, 2009
I know that Mature, that the concert isn't complete, but the sound is already PERFECT. I have a great solution for Ernst & co: Release the AFTERNOON show from april 9th 1972 plus as bonus: the unreleased songs from the evening show. I'll bet that many fans just didn't know till now that there was an afternoonshow that particular day. Are you listening FTD??
John4126 wrote on March 27, 2009
Madison will be replaced - give it time. Labels come and go - Fort Baxter, Bilko, DAE etc. Quality boots that more often that not provide this collector with what he wants with little duplication unlike FTD and at usually a cheaper price too!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 27, 2009
I think they only have 4 shows from On Tour,but who knows! John yor right!
Matt W wrote on March 27, 2009
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote: "I get sick of reading that Ftd can do no wrong" I get sick of reading that FTD can do no right! Tell me, have you EVER once praised FTD for any of their releases? Cut the bull - you're not fooling anyone. FTD are selling as good as ever and I'll have you note that your precious bootleg labels have been re-issuing previously released material for a long time now.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 28, 2009
Sure there are some fine releases that i mention everytime,but you dont pay attention to that,the prices are too high,for them to get a free pass on everything,that being sound errors or duplications,yes imports rerelease but most time its a upgrade in whole and doesnt offer a few tracks to try and intise the buyers,what makes people so angry over someones not so perfect view of Ftd? heres some examples of some fine Ftd release, One night in vegas, Polk salad annie,jungle room sessions,my issues with Ftd? cheap digi packs,and i dont care for the classic series,i dont like the oversized covers,the label as id like to see it? All release issues in standard jewel cases with nice artwork and booklet of info,and all cd's to be mastered by the same person who knows what there doing,i do know that this will not happen,so i now choose my Ftd's,releases that im interested in? they would be shows from aug 1970,material from feb 1970,the on tour shows,july 1975 shows!
John4126 wrote on March 29, 2009
FTD sales? The label keeps that well and truly close to their chest. I've spoken to dealers who report a noticable decline in the number of sales over recent months. Due not only to the credit crunch but the increase in the price and duplication included in a lot of the releases. In my opinion the label was getting it spot for the first few years virtully 100 per cent unreleased material on every cd. That, disappointingly for me is not the case now.
JerryNodak wrote on April 03, 2009
An illegal bootleg label has ceased operations. How WILL the Elvis world survive? You'll have to pardon me. I've got more important things to ponder.
Steve V wrote on April 05, 2009
Tellmewhy - The main label did care about releasing live shows & outtakes. Did you not see all the boxsets and releases in the 90's and early 2000's? Live In Las Vegas, Platinum, Today Tomorrow & Forever, etc. I could not even list them all. The main label ceased doing this for one simple reason. They didnt sell very well. So dont blame them, the general public just doesnt care about outtakes, so what FTD is doing today is basically taking over for these kinds of releases and adding more to them which should satisfy the fans that want this stuff. As I have stated before every bootleg of studio material I have ever bought has eventually wound up getting released. Give FTD time. We dont need bootleggers.
patchitup wrote on April 22, 2009
Very sad that they're no longer going to give us some quality cds :( You were the best.