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FTD Release-date Updates

March 16, 2009 | Music

The new "Standing Room Only" CD release on the Follow That Dream collector's label should be out next week while the limited edition vinyl re-issue of this album is scheduled for May 2009. The limited edition vinyl re-issue of the "Blue Hawaii" soundtrack is scheduled for early April.

Source:Elvis Unlimited

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Greg Nolan wrote on March 17, 2009
This is an interesting "What if" release but I still can't help feeling I'm looking at the cover of MSG ---and trying to figure out the merits of this release in the big picture. Oh, I'm sure to get it eventually (no doubt it's the best sound yet, one hopes) but still. I gather I'm not alone with this sentiment but overall this is a pretty good "problem" to have...
Ton Bruins wrote on March 17, 2009
CD 1 nothing new.. In fact CD 2 offers the following duplication: Trak 1 - Platinum, Track 5 - 6363 Sunset, Track 6 - Today tomorrow and forever, Track 7 - 6363 Sunset, Track 8 - 6363 Sunset, Track 10 - Unnumbered alt take on 6363 Sunset, Track 11 - Platinum and 6363 SUnset, Track 13 - Unnumbered alt take on Platinum, Track 14 - Tk 25 on Platinum
Bill (BW) wrote on March 17, 2009
The classic series is supposed to duplicate previously released tracks. It would not be a classic release if it didn't. I like the fact that this series gathers previously released outtakes a puts them in one place. Getting a few previously unreleased outtakes is a pleasant bonus.
whetherman wrote on March 17, 2009
Ah William. At last, someone who understands the concept!
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 17, 2009
Anyone know, if that is, the official Album Cover design, being used? I don't think they should use the Madison Square Garden album cover.
Smile:-) wrote on March 17, 2009
This is the original album art intended for the planned release back then. You can find it in some Tunzi books (don't remember which) where he made an overview of albums covers planned but never released. Since the album never saw the light of day, the cover picture was used for MSG instead.
Jerome-the-third wrote on March 17, 2009
summarizing some comments on the cover: 'well its a MSG-picture..'why on earth would they use it''? 'is it the original design?' 'the release offers nothing new..', oh, the MSG cover bothers me so much I have problems to go to sleep", 'oh I already have that take, and that take as well',. sh*t up you bunch of whiners, get a grip. Don't whine about a cover you... (can't find the words)
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 18, 2009
Could we keep this on a more mature level? These things are not free,so whos whining?
Jeoliverm wrote on March 18, 2009
Good point, Greg: "I'm looking at the cover of MSG and trying to figure out the merits of this release in the big picture". I don't complain, anyhow, but because of this sentence I'm giving a second thought to buy the vinyl edition. At first I was eager to buy the vinyl, but I have the MSG since 1982 and since my only reason to buy Elvis' vinyls is the covers, now I have doubts about this one. Anyway, I think I'll buy it because my vinyl of the MSG is quite old and is a bit damaged.
BriaNicholas07 wrote on March 18, 2009
I wonder what photo FTD will use when they get around to re-releasing Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden. After all, it's the same photo used here. My guess is that it will be a double-cd set, including An Afternoon At The Garden, possibly using that cover photo and the original shown on the inside. Now that's one release I can't wait for!
John4126 wrote on March 18, 2009
William - given your point, why then is this 'classic' series not available as a mainstream release and not hidden away on a 'collectors' label?!
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 18, 2009
The content of releases like this isn't mainstream enough for the public. Why would they want so many outtakes of things like 'Separate Ways' or 'For The Good Times' (or any Elvis song for that matter)? And why do people keep going on about an FTD release of Madison Square Garden? He rushed through his repertoire on that album (and the afternoon show) - do you think an FTD release can improve such a performance? MSG is way overrated in my opinion.
BriaNicholas07 wrote on March 18, 2009
Harvey, have you heard An Afternoon At The Garden? The sound quality is far superior and I'm sure when FTD gets around to releasing As Recorded At Madison Square Garden, it will sound much better. When I first heard An Afternoon At The Garden I discarded it because, initially, I felt the same way. Then one day I put it on and came away pleasantly surprised. I came away enjoying the experience so much that I wrote the following review: ELVIS – AN AFTERNOON IN THE GARDEN Brian Cooper (February, 2004) It seems 1972 was a very good year to be an Elvis Presley fan. I recently dusted off my cd "An Afternoon In The Garden" and was pleasantly surprised. Intending to listen to just a couple of songs, I found myself listening to the entire concert and realizing how great a show it was. This performance, no doubt, is the best representation of Elvis' live performances in the 1970s. It was the culmination of his and his bands' efforts and their professionalism shone through brightly. What a fantastic, eclectic array of music! Elvis' 1950s hits were well-represented with very good renditions, his modern hits and cover-versions were delivered flawlessly and each genre he mastered was there; rockabilly, rock, country, rhythm & blues and gospel. No artist before or since has mastered such a variety of vocal artistry. Two more adjectives come to mind when viewing the cd booklet; dazzling and magical. Elvis looked every bit the rock-music icon he had become, wearing his amazing bejeweled jumpsuit with cape and his showmanship is legendary. It's quite apparent Elvis was having fun, as he had good interaction with his audience and they were obviously enjoying the show. This was the peak, the summit; the fun was contagious and so was the energy and enthusiasm. What a wondrous spectacle this concert must've been to attend! No, it wasn't just a good year, 1972 was a great year to be an Elvis fan!
JerryNodak wrote on March 18, 2009
I find myself in agreement with Greg Nolan, William and whetherman.
dukebrando76 wrote on March 18, 2009
The pic for the whiners is in fact not taken at msg. It was taken Apr. 17 1972 in Jacksonville Florida. The SRO album was initially supposed to tie in With the film On Tour from 72. It was shelved in favor of the MSG show which went gold in eight days
John4126 wrote on March 18, 2009
Harvey - there was a subtle irony in my post in respect of Williams comments . I'm a collector but not of the same old material time and time again. There is a place for those who get excited about a different cover, or a 8 page booklet with the familiar pics we all know and love but i'm only interested in the music. I only want to buy what i havent already got. The FTD policy of re-issuing tracks time and time again means that i no longer support the label by buying it's overly priced releases but i acquire what i need from these releases by other means. No doubt this will incense many on here who have a bizzare loyalty to the record label and will seize the moral high ground and throw stones at me. 'If you don't support the label, we'll lose it' and never get to hear take 16 of Queenie Wahinne' in superduper stereo surround sound remixed re-mastered by using Marsian 36 bit audio technology for optimum listening pleasure' So be it. The likes of Madison existed before FTD and will be there after FDT waves farewell. That'll satisfy me.
John4126 wrote on March 18, 2009
Money saving tip - print off the above pic - blow it up and stick it on the cover of the 1999 release Burning Love - you very own Standing room only!
Steve V wrote on March 19, 2009
I agree with you BriaNicholas07 except for one statement. Elvis never gave his early hits a well-represented treatment. He rushed through them at every show. How can you call an under 2 minute double speed version a good song? I was at those Garden shows and took 10 people with me. They expected Elvis to rock out on his old songs like the '68 TV special (I knew he wouldnt) and they came away disappointed , some even regretted going at the time. They also felt he had no personal connection with the audience and that the whole show was rushed and he wanted to get out of there in an hour or so. This was 1972 when people played the Garden for 2 plus hours with several encores. I knew Elvis' show but they didnt and were pretty upset about the whole affair.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 19, 2009
John, i agree,the collectors label should have been about outtake cd's and intersting shows,and always should have the best sound,instead its a mixed bag and ever since the classis series took over its not been the same,and people gving there view isnt whining,its called being an adult,personally i dont like my cd's in a big oversized cardboard holder,would have preffered all Ftd releases in regular jewel cases with no dupliction,as for Elvis live shows,he did give very short shows,and he did rush his classic not too mention ignore so many of his own classics,although he is the only artist to do so many shows,nowe i know how he could, the shows were the same,not much effort was needed!
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 19, 2009
I don't think, anyone was complaining about the artwork. It was just a suggestion, that FTD use a different album cover photo. Since the "Standing Room Only" album project and Album, became the MSG Album. Using the same photo, makes this new collection, look like a budget release. Anyone remember the RCA album "Double Dynamite"? RCA used the same MSG pic, for that budget album, back in the 70s. Why not use a different photo, so not to confuse the CDs, in one's collection.
tornado wrote on March 19, 2009
Even if that cover was intended for the original project of SRO, FTD should have chosen another one. Beautiful colored shots aren't missing for that period and rewriting history is not a sin sometimes. Innovation was still an option here. SRO never came out in the 70's anyway, we may consider that it was only a tentative cover too, a work in progress that finally aborted. Instead, MSG got that cover at the end. That's HISTORY! The rest is more or less speculation. And FTD had it's hands free to do their own thing, like they did with the 1963-64 RCA session elvsi Sings Memphis Tennessee. They also could have shown, within the booklet a picture of SRO with the picture as RCA had intended to do in the first place before they decided to go with MSG. I think FTD choose a very conservative solution.
livingstonsn wrote on March 19, 2009
My main issue with the cover and title is that SRO was originally conceived as a comp of the Spring '72 tour, not Vegas '72/March '72. FTD should have just called the thing Burning Love and used the cover from that 1999 comp.
BriaNicholas07 wrote on March 20, 2009
You're right, Steve V, Elvis stopped caring about his early hits and did rush through them. I was only 5 years old at the time of his Madison Square Garden concerts and wasn't interested in music at that age so I can't speak from experience of having been to these concerts. After 1970, much of Elvis' live performances leave much to be desired. By the time of the Hawaii special he sure looked burned out and disinterested. The best live stuff I've heard and seen is from 1969-1970, when he first returned to live performances. Elvis probably should've paced himself better to give longer concerts if that was the norm. Still, I consider An Afternoon At The Garden to be very good, if not great.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 20, 2009
The importers put out On Tour shows,what does Ftd do? they put out a cd with a few new outtakes,this should have been a release about On Tour not more vegas stuff,and the cover idea is not the best idea they have had,i dont like the pic and its already been used,enough 72 vegas,and may i ask why not add the songs from writing for the king? everyone isnt buying that book!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 20, 2009
longtallsally, i guess someone makes a copy and then so goes the passing around of the tapes, personally im glad it happens in some cases, because i know rca, sony Ftd, etc would never release such things as complete rehearsals!
JerryNodak wrote on March 21, 2009
Looking forward to this release. I don't deal with the illegal bootleggers.
eric c wrote on March 21, 2009
I agree that maybe they should have used a different cover since they may do a FTD for the live MSG album one day.I just wish they would have used different material...either the best of the live songs recorded for the "On Tour" film or 2 live shows recorded on that tour that haven't been released yet...like the Jacksonville show or the Buffalo show..just a thought.For the most part I like what they do.
BriaNicholas07 wrote on March 22, 2009
Now that I think of it, all of the original albums re-released by FTD have the original album-cover photos, so it really doesn't make sense that they used the same photo here. Maybe FTD doesn't plan on working on the Madison Square Garden project anytime soon. Although the original MSG concert album have use a photo from that concert, neither did Aloha From Hawaii. So yeah, for this particular release, a different photo should have been used. C'est la vie.
eric c wrote on March 22, 2009
this material should have been on the fool album FTD release.oh,well...still can't wait to get mine.I pre-ordered it yesterday.
Cruiser621 wrote on March 29, 2009
I agree 100% with the Kirkham Jr. opinion. I'm probably in his age group at 63 years old. He hit the nail on the head as they say as only we die-hard fans who grew up with Elvis will continue to purchase FTD outtakes and not these desparate cobbled-together "what if" CD's; which to be honest, are an outrage and a real slap in the face to we fans. If, in fact, there are any new unheard, unreleased outtakes out there, I would suggest you release them very soon FTD before we old folks are all gone and as Kirkham Jr. says in so many words, "Who will you sell them to then?"