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I Believe Postponed

February 27, 2009 | Music

The release date for the "I Believe - The Gospel Masters" 4 CD Box set has been changed to April 6 worldwide. This new collection features Elvis' entire non-secular studio masters with all songs being remastered from the original tapes using the latest DSD technology for optimum sound quality.

Source:Elvis Australia

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Jerome-the-third wrote on February 27, 2009
Sh*t, now I can't give it to my little brother's birthday, thanks guys!!..
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on February 27, 2009
So, are they now going to include "The Miracle of the Rosary"? (It'll be another miracle if they do!!)
andrew1 wrote on February 27, 2009
Closer to Easter, is that the sales angle?
Lou A wrote on February 28, 2009
I was really looking forward to this release until I found out that it will be released in the new "ecofriendly" packaging that the major labels are now pushing and switching over to. If you bought the recent Roy Orbison box set or the two new Buddy Holly anniversary releases you know that this packaging is cheap , flimsy , and doesn't protect the discs. Discs can come loose in the box, bounce around and get scratched , even before you ever open the box. CD's should at least have Digi Packs to protect them . Any one have any opinions on this? If you boght one of the aforementioned releases you know what I'm talking about. Sony should not only treat the music with respect, but should also release this music in packaging that will allow it to last a lifetime.
Mofoca22 wrote on February 28, 2009
that ticks me off. i pre-ordered it this past week expecting to get in march 10. i couldve spent that money on more important things. thanks a lot sont bmg. you know how to swindle the public.
JLpResLey wrote on February 28, 2009
Hey, isn´t there a lot of Elvis Presley products that are delayed or postponed or whatever. I think that it is common, maybe a bit too common. I believe it has happened more than once with FTD and their different projects. Not that I care that much about this, it´s not like this collection would have made my collection complete.
dgirl wrote on February 28, 2009
Why are people upset about a delay in songs they have had for over 30 years? 50 years in some cases. There is nothing new in this set.
Steve V wrote on February 28, 2009
Damn, I knew I should have gone to church last Sunday.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 28, 2009
dgirl i wondered the same thing but didnt ask,cause i dont think it would help me any in understanding,and steve you backslider( joking)i know your buying at least one of these right?
Mofoca22 wrote on March 01, 2009
dgirl im kind of upset about it because i been looking to replace my peace in the valley box set that i lost in a flood. nothing beats that pne really but i dont feel like spending the money on that when i can get the 4 disc set cheaper than peace in the valley.
tornado wrote on March 01, 2009
The postponing is not too long and coincides with Easter celebration for those who care about it. As collectors, we probably don't need it since we have already one of the previous BMG box-sets. And above all it's for the main market, not aimed at hardcore fans like us. Again, sales will prove or not if it had to be rereleased again in another format. By the way the long box format makes it more appealing and it's a way of marketing with class too. The kind of definitive gospel compilation.The other thing is that it's probably the best sound yet with the DSD technology. And it's good to have all the masters, newly remastered together in one set anyway. On the other hand FTD will come up one day with How Great Thou Art and He Touched Me, two major gospel albums, completing the series on the Elvis's gospels since His Hand In Mine is already done by FTD. There is always the "what to do with" the short list of four gospels from the 50's. Always the same problem with the small session. But they will end up on the FTD 1957 Xmas album down the line with all the binaural versions we got over the years. I'm gonna buy this one because it probably the best box-set up to now covering all the masters of the gospelsl. Why is it that Burning Love is not in there with it's related biblical lyrics like some other inspirational songs like IF I Can Dream. There was space enough to include more songs of that kind. But it's also a matter of opinion: what is a gospel really? And for example: is Crying In The Chapel really a gospel? Some might argue that it's as much a ballad. Still it's annoying not to get Miracle Of The Rosary, wich in my opinion fit perfectly there and i't's not because there aren't space enough on disc 3. I don't get it! So the advertising is misrepresentative:it's not " Elvis' entire non-secular studio masters..." and that's disapointing.
Steve V wrote on March 01, 2009
mature, the only way I'd buy this is if the sound is so spectacular that my ears would hear a 100% improvement over the Amazing Grace set. I love Elvis' gospel but its not something I play everyday so I will prob not buy it. And Mofoca, did you ever try Ebay or used CD shops to get your set replaced. If you look on ebay long enough you will find a lot of Elvis CDs very reasonable as people dump these sets and move to the Ipod world.
Mofoca22 wrote on March 02, 2009
steve i wont shop on ebay because ive had bad experiences there. better off just going for the newer set. plus the fact the peace in the valley set was good for music purposes but the freaken case was horrible in keeping the cds together. the case was very brittle
Steve V wrote on March 02, 2009
mofoca - I understand. I never liked the whole look of the Peace In The Valley set. Always looked cheap to me. I preferred the Amazing Grace set. Perhaps this new set will eclipse both prior sets in terms of packaging & sound.
tornado wrote on March 11, 2009
Sweet Down Sweet Chariot is an alternate, take 3 as stated in the booklet. First time I ever hear it. What's great about it is that it's an entirely different mix with orchestra and The Blossoms in the chorus. Very enjoyable. A friend of mine told me that he never heard it before too and he had Elvis Legendary Performer Vol. 4, wich had the usual version we knew. So it's a first release here.