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Blue Hawaii FTD Due Next Week

February 15, 2009 | Music

The Follow That Dream re-issue of the "Blue Hawaii" soundtrack album in their Classic Album Series will ship to the dealers next week. 


Disc 1

The Original Album, side 1

01) Blue Hawaii 2:37
(Leo Robin/Ralph Rainger)
02) Almost Always True 2:24
(Fred Wise/Ben Weisman)
03) Aloha Oe 1:55
(Arranged and adapted by Elvis Presley)
04) No More 2:24
(Don Robertson/Hal Blair)
05) Can't Help Falling In Love 3:04
(Hugo Peretti/Luigi Creatore/George Weiss)
06) Rock-A-Hula Baby 2:01
(Fred Wise/Ben Weisman/Dolores Fuller)
07) Moon¬light Swim 2:22
(Sylvia Dee/Ben Weisman)

Side 2

08) Ku-U-I-Po 2:23
(Hugo Peretti/Luigi Creatore/George Weiss)
09) Ito Eats 1:25
(Sid Tepper/Roy C. Bennett)
10) Slicin' Sand 1:37
(Sid Tepper/Roy C. Bennett)
11) Hawaiian Sunset 2:35
(Sid Tepper/Roy C. Bennett)
12) Beach Boy Blues 2:05
(Sid Tepper/Roy C. Bennett)
13) Island Of Love 2:41
(Sid Tepper/Roy C. Bennett)
14) Hawaiian Wedding Song 2:53
(Charles King/Al Hoffman/Dick Manning)

New Bonus Tracks

15) Steppin' Out Of Line (movie version) 1:56
(Fred Wise/Ben Weisman/Dolores Fuller)
16) Beach Boy Blues (movie version) 1:59
17) Can’t Help Falling In Love (movie version) 1:54
18) Moonlight Swim (undubbed master) 2:25
19) Steppin’ Out Of Line (record version) 1:57

First Takes

20) Blue Hawaii – takes 1,2,3 3:54
21) Almost Always True – take 3 2:33
22) Aloha Oe (section 2) – take 1 1:20
23) No More – take 7 2:36
24) Can’t Help Falling In Love – take 13 2:38
25) Rock-A-Hula Baby – takes 1, 2, 3 3:41
26) Moonlight Swim – take 2 2:38
27) Ku-U-I-Po – take 1 2:34
28) Ito Eats – takes 1, 2 2:36
29) Slicin’ Sand – takes 1, 2, 3 2:59
30) Hawaiian Sunset – take 1 2:42
31) Island Of Love – take 8 3:02
32) Hawaiian Wedding Song – take 1 3:00

Disc 2

1) Hawaiian Sunset – take 2 2:46
2) Hawaiian Sunset – takes 6, 3 3:18
3) Aloha Oe (section 2) – take 6 1:19
4) Aloha Oe (section 2) - takes 7/5 0:55
5) Ku-U-I-Po – takes 2, 4, 5 3:55
6) Ku-U-I-Po – takes 6, 7 2:51
7) No More – takes 1, 2, 4, 8 6:15
8) No More – takes 11, 15 (insert ending) 3:16
9) Slicin’ Sand – take 4 1:43
10) Slicin’ Sand – takes 5, 6, 7 3:32
11) Slicin Sand – takes 8, 13, 15, 16, 14 4:06
12) Blue Hawaii – takes 4, 5, 6 4:39
13) Ito Eats – takes 4, 6, 5 2:21
14) Island Of Love – takes 1, 2, 4, 6 4:31
15) Island Of Love – takes 7, 9 3:16
16) Steppin’ Out Of Line (movie version) – takes 4, 5, 7/8 3:22
17) Steppin’ Out Of Line (record version) – takes 10, 11, 16, 15 4:08
18) Steppin’ Out Of Line (tag for movie) – takes 18/19 1:15
19) Always Almost True – takes 2, 4, 5 5:11
20) Almost Always True – takes 7, 6 2:52
21) Moonlight Swim – takes 1, 4 3:54
22) Can’t Help Falling In Love – takes 14, 15, 16 3:08
23) Can’t Help Falling In Love – takes 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24 4:27
24) Can’t Help Falling In Love – takes 25, 26 2:15

Source:Ernst Jørgensen

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artfromtex wrote on February 15, 2009
man, i've always wanted an outtake of "Ito Eats". dreams do come true!
JerryNodak wrote on February 15, 2009
I'm really looking forward to this FTD release. It will spend many hours in my player.
dgirl wrote on February 15, 2009
Elvis in great voice with a bunch of lackluster boring songs. The most overrated album in pop music history, strictly because it sold a lot. The well has run dry for FTD for me unless they can produce the Sun box , a 1969 Memphis box, or the 1961 live show.
sitdown68 wrote on February 15, 2009
the 1961 show in slightly better quality would be very welcomed, any audience recordings of the memphis shows? too bad he didn't do the 26 city tour in '62 as steve v once mentioned. as there were plans to record elvis live in his prime.
John4126 wrote on February 15, 2009
Just a quick scan reveals about 2/3 of this FTD appears on other BMG releases including FTD. Silver box set, Close Up, Today Tomorrow and forever, 1997 Blue HAwaii expanded, Silver Screen Stereo. I lost interest after that. In view of price increase - not value for money...other means of obtaining the 'new' tracks to be revisited methinks!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 15, 2009
John that simply isnt gonna happen,in my view the label should be about releasing 100% unreleased material and the cd's would come in a jewel case with a booklet of pics and info,while the classic albums series(are all these really classics)come with booklets,i still have to ask why are great releases like one night in vegas put in a digi pack with no booklet nothing nodda,i understand that people are glad to have the label,but everyone isnt on board with the way things are done,and more and more are not buying every Ftd like they use to!
genedin wrote on February 15, 2009
did everyone forget that these releases are not for the casual fan but for die hards like myself. i do not need a booklet or a jewel case to enjoy what matters most,the music. as for what is on this or other releases it should be up to each person if they want it but do not talk for all of us. i will tell you this,even if there was not one unreleased track i would still buy it for the sake of having it all in one package.that it was makes us collectors. to have everything in one place. i will support this label till the end which i hope is not soon and enjoy it more than say elvis coffee,lol who agrees with me? lol
lray wrote on February 15, 2009
It is not true that most of this has been released before by RCA (I did my own research). Most of CD2 has not and some of CD1 has not as well. It is not over rated. It is what it is and lots of fans love it.
Natha wrote on February 15, 2009
You are so right, Genedin, about the music. I don't care how they package it. It is a nice extra. But that's about it. When I take my music along I hve no time to read in the car. Just listen!
John4126 wrote on February 15, 2009
Iray - check out the releases i have named - you'll see for yourself.
John4126 wrote on February 15, 2009
Mature Elvis fan 75 - My last line was a little cryptic. There are other ways of obtaining these tracks without 'supporting' the label!
dannyboy1 wrote on February 15, 2009
It's a sad day isn't it when you stop buying every FTD CD. I guess the time will come for everyone sooner or later. Because all of this material has already been familiar for so many years, I have long ago lost interest in it. I'll probably buy this eventually but there is definately no hurry.
JerryNodak wrote on February 15, 2009
I've never bought every FTD. They've had a number of releases I had no interest in. I support FTD, but I've never been a slave to it.
lray wrote on February 16, 2009
I did that John, and I may have missed something, but on CD1 alone I could not find, Moonlight Swim undubbed, Blue Hawaii 1 and 2. Can't Help 13, Rock a Hula 2 and 3, Ku U I Po 1, Ito Eats 1 and 2, Slicin' Sand 1,2 and 3. On CD2 the list is much longer. Everyone seems to forget that the sound quality will be the best ever and that is just as important, or more so than the new tracks. I also appreciate the way the tracks are organized. Elvis and Hawaii. What a great combination.
Mofoca22 wrote on February 16, 2009
im gonna pass on this. really i have passed on many because i just cant afford it at all. even on ebay its rediculous that people want 100 bucks or more on them. i am sad that i cant buy any at 30 bucks or more a pop. id love to have them all. i really want the jungle room sessions and i sing all kinds but you cnat even buy them on amazon anymore. i wanted the last one i mention more than all of them. and i cant even find elvis country even on shopelvis.com
Santa Claus wrote on February 16, 2009
We have the almost complete session on bootleg. We have a lot of this stuff on BMG/FTD. Why giving us another "patchwork" CD? Why not charge 5 Euros more, adding a 3rd CD and CONCLUDE this matter. There is never conclusion in FTD. As for the "Today" release. Put together all we have from the Today-Sessions what happens? 5 takes are still missing. Why? Take the 1972 On Tour rehearsal of FTD. Want it complete? Buy a Madison CD. We have countless FTD and nothing complete. I have to say it again: Ernst wanted to fight the Bootleggers with FTD. But after all these years he's still running behind! A COMPLETE release with the entire Blue Hawaii sessions in stereo would have been a reason for many to buy this release even if they don't like the content. Just from a collector's point of view. But adding another "sampler" to the other 10.000 samplers we have isn't a very strong argument to pay again.
benny scott wrote on February 16, 2009
I fully agree with Genedin and Natha ! Always El
Rob Wanders wrote on February 16, 2009
yes, I'm gonna skip this one. I think the movie is pretty bad and I have enough cd's with these songs.
circleG wrote on February 16, 2009
I think its a bit late to protest about artistic merit in 2009 when we really should have done that back in the 60's ..lol!! As it is I do like Elvis' movies, they always cheer me up. I don't have countless cd's of these outtakes biut I'll get this cos I just love Elvis. Incidentally it's funny how years ago we were drooling for outtakes such as this (yes even Ito eats) and now we tend to pooh-pooh them. have we been spoilt? Critisisms of Bootleg v FTD aside i can't wait to own the entire collection. bank account allowing of course...
derekd wrote on February 16, 2009
Back in 1961 this was a monster hit all over the world. Elvis Presley, the king of pop, hit wise he could do no wrong. He had been the star of the stage with his R'n R during the 50's recording various kinds of music, and giving us a taste of his talants in films of the old west, a look-a-like in Loving You & Jailhouse Rock & the drama of King Creole. Then, after 2 years in the army he returned with a new trend in songs, Now or Never, His Latest Flame, Are you lonesome Tonight and in the the movie world we had Elvis doing REAL musicals with GI Blues and to cap them all 'Blue Hawaii' This was Elvis at his peek until the Comeback special of 1968. Blue Hawaii has always been in my top tem Elvis albums. But the price needs to be looked at.
mholdr wrote on February 16, 2009
he looks bored/pissed off on the cover... I'll pass on this one as well....sorry FTD.
Birger F wrote on February 16, 2009
Thanks to Ernst Mikael Jorgensen for another Elvis-classic. Blue Hawaii is one of my top 5 albums. I saw the movie 7 or 8 times in the early sixties - it's a real classic.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 16, 2009
Are we getting these cd's for free? were spoiled? are you serios? i agree santa,nothing complete with Ftd,expect a 50's cd or 2,one of my favorite soundtracks is spinout,yet not much was new on it,the bootleg still holds the best and funnyest outtakes,and why not 2 cd's for all movie soundtracks,we pay the same price,and my biggest problem is cheap digipacks,im sorry,i know many hate commentsl ike this,but i just cant justify buying what i have anymore,i just feel ripped off,i will wait to see what the standing room only track list is,oh yea the Elvis today from Ftd was A joke, but what do you do when you put at least 50 percent of stuff you have already sold on the collectors label?
tornado wrote on February 17, 2009
Great release, it's about time, Blue Hawaii, a true classic for the movie goers. Typical of all the light comedies done during that period. Sadly it is the success of Blue Hawaii that kept Elvis from choosing serious movies later on, the money was too good. But on the other hand, Elvis's voice during the early 60's was probably the most natural, the most fresh and easy going with a touch a maturiy since his return from Army. Looking foward for the quality sound of FTD's production and a nice booklet to complete the jewel. Hope Ernst and Roger will keep the one release per month schedule this year, there are yet a lot of good album to be stamped by FTD.
circleG wrote on February 17, 2009
you make good points mature_ and i've made the same ones too. In this day of bootleg competition and recession FTD need to give us more for our buck. Btw what is this spinout cd you mention with funnier outtakes?
Lex wrote on February 17, 2009
circleG, there's a search engine at the top of each page here... you might be surprised what you find if you use it!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 17, 2009
Thanks circle,the title is spin spin out,and then theres the 2 cd set called the 100% complete spinout sessions,alot of what save the movie songs are the funny outtakes for me,and no offence but i dont consider blue hawaii a strong sountrack,in fact i prefer spinout to it!
dgirl wrote on February 17, 2009
Spinout is a much better soundtrack than Blue Hawaii. In fact its probably the best one after Viva Las Vegas. It actually rocks a bit.
James69 wrote on February 17, 2009
tornado, 1 release every month??? I guess ur made of money! Blue Hawaii is a nice addition, no problem, but releasing 1 every month, at the price FTD chares, no way. I rather one every couple of months, thank you.
Ton Bruins wrote on February 18, 2009
I'll skip this one..Blue Hawaii is rubbish for 95%.."Ito Eats", "Moonlight Swim", "Slicin' Sand", "Aloha Oe"....too bad for words ! But to each his own, enjoy this release everyone.
Preslich wrote on February 18, 2009
Love this album and can´t wait like Tornado says for the neßt one to come. Will it be GI Blues ...hope so....but in 3 or 4 CDs please Ernst...
Tony C wrote on February 19, 2009
I've always liked this album. I first owned it ten years after it was released and have bought the various new editions over the years. Obviously it's not to the same standard as "Elvis Is Back" or "Elvis In Memphis", but that does not lessen it's appeal. As for the film, the sequence where Elvis goes to meet his future employer is funny. I love the double take he does when leaving the room, it shows great comic timing.
KTemple wrote on February 19, 2009
This will be a nice addition to the collection. Blue Hawaii is one of the stronger movie soundtracks. If they released Clambake and Girl Happy on FTD I dont know why there are some people criticizing the produces for this one. As for FTD I love them. You dont have to get them all but I generally do because I love Elvis. I just hope they keep them coming because there are loads I'd like to see yet such as the Roustabout soundtrack.
Orion wrote on February 19, 2009
tornado, 1 release every month??? I guess ur made of money! James69 - how can you argue with this idea ? It's less than 10.00 a week US dollars which I know many folks who spend that much on coffee at work. I'd rather FTD release things in that manner than two or three CDs in a month's time. I'll take a Classic one month and a soundboard the next - FTD can alternate between each. Like we've all said - I'll buy the ones I like and skip the others. I like the idea of one a month. Whatcha' think, Ernst ?
KTemple wrote on February 19, 2009
1 every month would be a good idea. You dont have to get them all if you dont want to! It's worse releasing 2 at a time because a lot of people feel under pressure to get them as soon as they come out. It's more affordable to reelease 1 per month. FTDs are great and I dread the day they stop producing them
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on February 19, 2009
Tom, while 'Ito Eats' may well be "Too bad for words", to also include "Aloha Oe" in such a generalisation is not wise. Definitely best not to voice your opinion of this song in Hawaii! Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee) written by Hawaii's last queen, Liliuokalani, is quite possibly Hawaii's best loved song! This for once is no Hollywood fake Hawaiiana conconction, but the genuine article. Incidentally, a large number of Official Fan Club members know the name Liliuokalani from the the name of the short street which houses the Pacific Beach Hotel, where the Fan Club stays; located in Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 01, 2009
Theres no outtakes to put on a King creole Ftd,they are lost,so they need to skip that one unless they find them,the others will come,but i would like a aug 1970 show,there also needs to be an official Ftd site to order these cd's from,but i know that will not happen!