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Weekend Chart Updates - Platinum

January 11, 2009 | Music

The following are the Elvis entries on the Billboard Charts for this week:

Top Country Albums - Collectors Edition: Elvis Inspirational Memories - 75
Top Country Albums - Elvis Christmas Duets - 29
Top Country Catalog Albums - Elvis: 30 No.1 Hits'- 3
Top Country Catalog Albums - The Essential Elvis Presley - 19
Top Holiday Albums - Elvis Christmas Duets - 26
Top Pop Catalog Albums - Elvis: 30 No.1 Hits - 47
Top Christian and Gospel Albums - Collectors Edition: Elvis Inspirational Memories - 63
Top Internet Albums - Elvis Christmas Duets - 13

In Sweden "White Christmas" drops from  1 to 4 in the  budget Top 10.

In Australia the "Christmas Duets" compilation" fell from #3 to #7 on the Country Album Top 20 and dropped off the Album Top 40. On the Top 40 Music DVD chart, Elvis: The King of Rock 'n' Roll jumps 13 places to #8. It is now certified Platinum and has been on the chart for 40 weeks.

In The Netherlands the "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" compilation dropped out of the Backcatalogue Top 50 aftert a re-entry two weeks ago.

On the German Album Album Top 100 Spankox' remix album entered the chart at #52 this week.


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Vegas King wrote on January 10, 2009
Wow.this is very good.I hope It doesn't goes any lover then this
Brian Quinn wrote on January 11, 2009
Glad to see the Spankox Remix Album having some chart success. It deserved better in the UK and throughout the world.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on January 13, 2009
For those who were like me initially thrown by the title Collector's Edition "Inspirational Memories", this is another tin box from Sony BMG/Madacy, with CD contents as "You'll Never Walk Alone" & A DVD with "Mountain" from Aloha & "Where could I go/Up above/Saved" from the NBC, plus a few other items including a Gibson J2000 guitar candle!