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One Of The Boys; 57 To 60

January 13, 2009 | Video

Dallas-based Lamar Fike, member of Elvis Presley’s famed Memphis Mafia, who formally started up his own Drawbridge Productions in February, is now putting the finishing touches on the accompanying screenplay to his forthcoming book "Fike: An Uncommon Journey On Elvis Presley Boulevard", written with best-selling celebrity-author Mark Bego, titled “One Of The Boys; 57 To 60.”

From the press release:

The screenplay was written by Fike, Bego, and filmmaker D. Edward Stanley. Drawbridge Productions was formalized to bring under one umbrella Fike’s many productions as well as to contain all his ‘intellectual properties’ pertaining to his Presley-related projects in the works.

Says Fike, “There are several ongoing projects and I now to have them all under the Drawbridge umbrella, makes prefect sense.” Fike formed the company with his business partner Taylor G. Atha. Having now finished the screenplay, Fike says that his LA-based agent has already begun shopping it with immediate positive results coming in.

“We want the right type of deal for it … with someone who can effectively get the job done. I look at the finished product, now having been able to take a step or two back, as something that deserves to be on told on film. There’s never been an accurate rending of the Elvis-story, and truth be told, it’s long overdue. So, when we get to the point of putting the film in production, we want it done the right way.” Fike continues, “It’s funny … we wrote the book first, but the screenplay almost wrote itself. We realized during the creation, that again, it is a great story … and, it’s one that’s never been told before and deserves to be.”

Source:Elvis Information Network
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on January 13, 2009
The story has never been told before? Goldman's "Elvis", "All the King's Men", "Elvis & The Memphis Mafia" etc, etc. This might just get made as a straight-to-DVD cheapie, but frankly Fike, it's time to pull up the "drawbridge"...
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 13, 2009
If Fike is writing the screenplay then I'm sure it will be full of those oh so witty one-liners he always pulls out when giving interviews - "We got more a** than a toilet seat" etc. What a classy guy he is. NOT.
Ruthie wrote on February 01, 2009
I have to laugh. Intellectual & Fike just don't go together! Yep, he's finally going to tell the "real story". Just like he did before. And he is going to look sooooooooooo good & be such a martyr. Ho, hum.
burton wrote on February 25, 2009
Fike can write? WOW! Who's D. Edward Stanley? Surely it can't be David Stanley, Elvis' half brother? Another one who's still making bucks off of Elvis' name because actually working for a living is a foreign concept to these people.