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Obama: If I Can Dream

January 07, 2009 | People
Sillerman said that President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural committee has contacted CKX to ask about using the Elvis song "If I Can Dream" as part of an inaugural event. "I am a big supporter of President Obama. If they want to use it, we absolutely will make it available to them. Forty years after Elvis' '68 special, we see that he's being thought of as part of a new beginning."
Source:Commercial Appeal
italianfan wrote on January 07, 2009
Out off all the many songs that exist which sing of new beginnings and hope, its nice that an Elvis song has been chosen.
elvislives72 wrote on January 07, 2009
Just another reason why I admire President Barack Obama. :)
Dave Wyatt wrote on January 07, 2009
This is great to hear but didn't CKX buy Elvis image & likeness? His music is still owned by Sony BMG.
elvislives72 wrote on January 07, 2009
Dave anytime someone wants to use Elvis' music for a project they have to go through EPE/CKX first. True SONY owns the rights but CKX has a say in it too. But more than likely I'm thinking that Obama's camp wants to use footage with the audio which CKX owns.
dannyboy1 wrote on January 07, 2009
Elvis himself wouldn't make public comments on political issues and kept his voting preferences to himself. I always wince when I see one side or the other manipulating Elvis' image or legacy to make him support their political position.
SnOwMan wrote on January 08, 2009
Good news. I really like Obama.
Kenneth wrote on January 08, 2009
In two years you won't and will it really be sung by Elvis.
Viva Las Chris! wrote on January 08, 2009
If I Can Dream was re-released to inspire hope and reconcilliation after the September 11th vile atrocities in 2001....as well as draw in funds for the Red Cross for their extraordinary work. What a fitting song to renew that inspiration on the appointment of President Obama. It is so important that the actual Elvis recording is used as it engenders such passion and emotion, so fitting for the occasion.
Steve Morse wrote on January 08, 2009
This is "too good to be true", and I'll only believe it when it has happened. It it does happen, so that we see, hear or read about it through the media, then . . . fantastic !
PRESYER wrote on January 08, 2009
It would be a real nice thing to do so in honor of Elvis Aaron Presley. He would really be proud of that ! Today is Elvis' 74th anniversary so a real Happy Birthday to you EAP !
My boy, my boy wrote on January 08, 2009
As long as they pick Elvis's original recording and not the virtual duet they made lately with the annoying and ugly Celine....THX...Happy birthday Elvis !
RonBaker wrote on January 08, 2009
They should re-release the track as a single...again...with a commemorative cover. THAT would be a guaranteed hit! Again!
Pedro Nuno wrote on January 08, 2009
Glad we don't have the Col. Parker anymore. When Nixon asked Elvis to play in his inaugural event, Parker asked a fee for that participation. The White House replied that they never pay to an artist to be in the inaugural event. It is said that Parker answered that Presley never acts for free! And so Elvis in the 70’s, and because of Parker, lost again, another milestone opportunity! 35 Years later, in a sense, history repeats itself…
elvislives72 wrote on January 08, 2009
Kenneth get a life. The man is our president no matter how much some hate to accpet that. Plus no matter how bad Obama could do it wouldn't be as bad as Bush has done. As for them using the song, it's definitely going to be Elvis singing. They wouldn't have to ask EPE for permission to use it if it was being sung by someone else and not Elvis. I also saw on another forum that it's being pre-recorded with a live choir or something with Elvis performing it on video. Don't know how true this is but it sounds nice if it does happen that way.
elvislives72 wrote on January 08, 2009
RonBaker, I agree! IICD should have been a #1 hit or at least bigger than it was back in 68 for the messgae it presented at that time. It would do it justice to get re-released as a benifit single somehow and have a chance at reaching #1 41 years later!
NONE000000 wrote on January 08, 2009
I hope this happens. It would be a really nice connection and association for this song, which was clearly inspired by Martin Luther King in the 1st place. Plus there is still the incredibly stupid STUPID misconception floating around out there that Elvis was somehow prejudiced. Anything that might help to clear that up is a positive thing. And although Elvis kept his politics to himself, it is a fact that Elvis Presley was a lifelong Democrat. He never endorsed or campaigned for anyone though. Those pictures with Nixon give a wrong impression to people. He is pictured with Jimmy Carter as well... Anyway, I think it is an excellent song and fitting. I hope Obama is going to be a good president. He certainly can't help but be an improvement.
genedin wrote on January 08, 2009
king kreole i use your last sentance all the time. whoever got elected would be there when our country goes up because we cant go further down.
benny scott wrote on January 08, 2009
Great, really great ! I agree with PRESYER and others : Elvis would really be proud ! Kenneth : i'm a European but i like Obama. You don't like him, that's plain to see, but if you don't like him for his personality that's ok. with me. If you shouldn't like him for the colour of his skin ,then i ask myself : when will they ever learn, will it ever stop?! Always El.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on January 08, 2009
This song is what America is all about.
oldie56~2 wrote on January 09, 2009
Such a wonderful idea/request from the White House. If this were to become a 'happening' then it might be able to be offered as a Campaign Donation item via O'bama's e-mail list of contributor's instead of his "T-Shirt or Plate". Make this release a "Single CD" in colaboration with the O'Bama Campaign and/or his New Administration for a donation of $25.00 and he would surely get positive action from most all Elvis Fans. Let's call this: The first of our new White-House Administration's action--the 1st of many positive decisions of O'Bama's Administration. Elvis can and always will deliver. FS-Bloomfield
RonBaker wrote on January 09, 2009
Wrong. Make this a general cd release on sale to the public at $3 or so per disc. You get a million seller cd single that even non-Elvis fans will pick up.
samcra wrote on January 09, 2009
History is being made in America and Elvis may be a part of it. Fantastic !!!
NONE000000 wrote on January 09, 2009
oldie56~2 --- you realize Barack Obama is not Irish, right? ("O'Bama"? No offense meant; just thought your spelling was funny. )
Steve V wrote on January 10, 2009
KingCreole - 'Its a fact Elvis was a lifelong Democrat' Where did u ever read that? If you've read anything about Elvis & politics, you will know he was an Independent, and just voted for whom he liked regardless of party. This is well documented in books by Esposito, & Schilling.
becka87 wrote on January 11, 2009
Please go on utube and listen to Elvis sing "If I Can Dream". He sang this on his Comeback special in 1968, only two months after MLK, Jr. was killed. When I listened, tears came to my eyes...you can feel his passion as he sang this song. No doubt, he was a supporter of change and that's why this song is being used by Obama's inauguration committee. Peace...Hope...to America! Barbra Streisand has been pictured w/Bush...Michael Jackson w/Reagan. The president is the president...you don't have to agree politically. Most people respect his office and would not turn down an invitation. I believe the dream goes beyond politcal boundaries...it belongs to no one party...it belongs to everyone...it doesn't divide, it joins together. Peace and Hope! BTW, did you know Obama is a distant cousin to VP Cheney and Pres. Harry Truman (on his mother's side)? His mother was a strong political activist...with this knowledge, no wonder he's president. This a surprising fact so I just wanted to share. Lastly, I saw an advertisement on TV questioning whether Elvis is related to Oprah Winfrey...is there any truth to this? I know they both have relatives in Mississippi....
Lakeisha wrote on January 13, 2009
It would be so cool if Barack uses IICD for his inaugural theme. As an African American I am so proud of this moment about to happen for all of us as ONE. And to hear that Elvis will be a part of it in a very positive way brings tears to my eyes in happiness. I just hope and pray this is true. FX is doin his thing for Elvis and well!!!
Cher wrote on January 14, 2009
I just read recently, and I'm reading Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations from the Memphis Mafia so I'm assuming that's where I read it, that Elvis never voted at all let alone that he was a democrat or otherwise. I've read a slew of Elvis life' story books and have never once read that Elvis was a lifelong democrat. Not saying it isn't true but sure would like to know what the source on that statement is. Has anybody even listened to the words of IICD? It's not a happy song full of hope at all and it certainly doesn't lend itself to hope that the world is going to change anytime soon. If I can dream, why can't my dream come true? Because of course it will never come true.
becka87 wrote on January 15, 2009
CJKJ, Elvis recorded/performed this song two months after MLK, Jr. was assasinated...that is very relevant. The words in the song relate to MLK, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speach. MLK, Jr. and The King aspired for the same unity in our country. This is not about political parties. The dream goes beyond politcal boundaries...it belongs to no one party...it belongs to everyone...it doesn't divide, it joins together. Whether you're republican, democrat or other is not the songs message. If you aspire and have vision...it's a dream. Unfortunately/fortunately (depends on how you think), it takes time for a dream (aspiration/vision) to become reality...meanwhile, you have the hope that your dream will one day be true. That's the hope in his song...If Elvis can see it and desires it, then he can't understand why others are blind to this truth. He did his job through this song...he sang of equality from his heart. Desiring or aspiring equality simply makes you a believer in the our country's Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Thomas Jefferson and other founding father's hoped and devoted there lives to "The Dream." Lastly, equality is not just about race...it includes sexes, all "classes", all children (poor/rich) should have the same advantages (listen to his song, "In The Ghetto", all business owners (not just corporate giants). Fairness...a fighting chance. I dreamed of marrying, having children, becoming a nurse and traveling the world...and many more. My aspirations/visions are my hope. Some have come true and others have not...I still Dream! Thank God, Thomas Jefferson, our founding fathers, our War heroes, our fellow citizens, rights activistists, republicans, democrats, independents...thank them that you can dream, hope and blog. :)
Mofoca22 wrote on January 18, 2009
becka87 elvis was photographed with republicans and democrats alike. nixon, carter, wallace. you name them and he was photographed with them. he was in awe of them but they say they were more in awe of him.
Mofoca22 wrote on January 18, 2009
if i can dream of a better land where all my brotehrs walk hand in hand tell me why cant my dream come true? those words written by earl brown and sung by elvis were mournful but at the same time filled with hope that one day there dream , our dream and everyones dream of a world full of peace and love will come true. we are almost there but we still have a long way to go. love is conquering evil but we must keep doing our part. or guys like mlk and our founding fathers died for nothing and elvis sung this for nothing. i dont mean just america either because i know a lot of you live around the worl in all corners and all walks of life.
Cher wrote on January 18, 2009
becka, yes I know the history of the song and the spirit behind it. As I've said, I've read just about everything there is about Elvis now. Still, maybe it's my own cynicism that sees this song as being hopeless rather then hopeful. Everyday I worry that someone is going to take a successful shot at Obama. Why? Because there will always be people who don't hold that same dream and who believe their vision is the only right one. The happenings of the world today prove this to be true and 911 was a horrific example of this belief. You can sing about it all you want but until we find a way to actually change the minds of the bigots and the religious extremists, all my brothers walking hand and hand is NEVER going to happen. jmho always.
becka87 wrote on January 18, 2009
Yes, there are still those who fueld hatred in the world. Is this social conditioning? Like the song, "In the Ghetto" shows if one is born in certain conditions it brews destruction and hatred. Our dream is to give our children love and hope for a better future. "Together we stand, divided we fall." Think...who wins if we don't demand a fairer distribution of our country's wealth? Corporate America has been highly favored the last several years. Tax evaders who recently recieved a 350 billion dollar bail out. Wall Street and the bankers are now being investigated because they pocketed the money instead of using it to help with foreclosure, etc. Open your eyes, Corporate America has caused this division. They fear unity of the masses because they will be forced to pay their fair share. They are the culprits who need division. They even use conservatism and their faith to gain support...they are in the same party with christians but do they even tithe? If they did give much tithing, our churches would be the wealthiest in the world. They don't...they are greedy and deceive. They villianize hollywood as out of touch with us but most of hollywood has been like us. They want fair distribution...corporate billionaires have never been like us...we are simply their peasants. They work us at small wages all our lives, we are lucky to retire on a modest income; however, most must continue to work because of healthcare costs. Corporate America is like aristocrats, they feel they are entitled and we are ignorant. No, kings and queens of Corporate America...we seek a new revolution against you! Thank God, America's eyes are opening. Obama, lead us out of the wilderness! BTW, I'm white and a christian from Georgia. If a person growing up in such a conservative place can see this...others will/do see also. There is your hope. God bless! :)
samcra wrote on January 19, 2009
Has anyone heard anymore as to weather the Obama Inaugural Committee will indeed use "If I Can Dream" ? There has been no mention ref. this on TV, that I know of...keeping my fingers crossed tho.
Rev. Gerhard wrote on January 20, 2009
So it had to last 40 years that a (pretty black) politician came up and showed the world that this song has a message which is really worth to be heard and to be done. Halleluja !
dgirl wrote on January 20, 2009
I havent heard a thing about this in all the newscasts I am watching. We shall see.
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 20, 2009
I've just watched most of the ceremony on TV and there was no 'If I Can Dream', but there were a few folk who'd been photographed with Elvis (Jimmy Crater and his wife, George Bush Snr.) met him (Colin Powell) and one who wished he had (Bill Clinton).
becka87 wrote on January 21, 2009
This was a hoax --I guess.
becka87 wrote on January 21, 2009
Things are changing. In a few years, the reverse racism displayed during the inauguration will not be tolerated. Maybe then we can have true equality in our country. Did you notice the media ignored Obama's white heritage...the fact that he was raised by his mother's family and only met his father once. Obama is biracial not black...nor was he from African American slavery roots. Also, he's related to VP Dick Cheney and President Harry Truman. How can anyone say he's been represented correctly? The media needs to be more honest. I feel he will be a good president. Notice, he never really comments on his roots...sad that some people only see the color of skin. I pray, this will change the racist attitudes --both black and white.
elvislives72 wrote on January 22, 2009
Becka87, Obama's mom is white. It's his father who is black. his half sister is Asian. He was raised by his white grandparents who he has called his grandmother is inspiration. His whole family, Michelle's included is multi-racial. her sister-n-law is white with two kids. Although the media dubs it as the first African American first family, the truth is they're the first biracial-interracial first family. I'm waiting to see a white president who's wife is black and children biracial. Then we'll know just how far we've actually come.
Viva wrote on January 23, 2009
This If I can Dream thing didn't actually happen did it? So it's been suggested that they didn't choose Elvis because "He stole african american music"? Judging by that way of thinking, those who complain about racism and are now in power are, in fact, racists! Brilliant. Oh well, while we're talking about Mr Obama: Nice one Barack: Just heard that you're letting all the terrorists out and that they don't have to talk any more when being interrogated, nice one - bet Bin Laden can't believe his luck. Your fellow countrymen will thank you for that as they're scraping their relatives off the walls and floors. If you're a white American and living in a populated or tourist area right now, you must be crapping yourself.