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Friday Chart Update

December 19, 2008 | Music

The compilation "Christmas with Elvis Presley" drops from #2 to #3 on the Finnish Mid-price chart but the "Christmas Duets" still does not appear on the Top 40 album chart.

In Belgium on Ultratop Mid-price list "Gold - Greatest Hits" is #18 as new on the chart.

This Week's US Cashbox charts:

Hot Christmas Albums - 'Elvis Presley Christmas Duets' - rises from #8 to #4
Top Country Albums - 'Elvis Presley Christmas Duets' - rises from #3 to #2
Hot Country Christmas Albums - 'Elvis Christmas' - drops from #17 to #18
Hot Country Christmas Albums - It's Christmas Time' - #14
Top Popular Albums - 'Elvis Presley Christmas Duets' - #9
Top Country Singles - 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' Ft. Carrie Underwood - rises from #40 to #37
Top Country Singles - 'Blue Christmas' (Original) - remains at #38.

Viva Las Chris! wrote on December 19, 2008
Such a wonderful idea for a Christmas album deserves more than the anonymous promotion that the record company gave it in the UK. Where was fan power too? Elvis will never reach new generations without you. Even RCA do not list him as an artist on their website anymore! How about that for loyalty.
loftmanuk wrote on December 19, 2008
Couldnt agree more with Viva Las Chris. If your going to go to all the bother of recording an album like this why on Earth wouldnt you want to give it a little bit of promotion. I dont understand it. Think the website you looked at was the british RCA site. If you go to the RCA/ BMG site Elvis is listed amongst their artits.
old shep wrote on December 19, 2008
It seems that BMG are not promoting the Christmas Duets album because the artists concerned are in the main unknown in the UK. This is a backward step, to gain prominence in the first place the music has to be heard!
Kenneth wrote on December 20, 2008
so nicely said jack409, but the new cashbox has done the same thing, their charts start at 1958 , I talked to their president bruce elrod about this, all I got was that he agreed and would look into it maybe you can get more being from the U.S., I wish you would try.