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December 18, 2008 | Music

On the Billboard 200 albums chart the "Christmas Duets" album remains steady at #17 this week. The album sold 77,000 copies this week.

Elvis Presley returns to the Adult Contemporary radio chart for the first time in 26 years, as his digitally created duet with Martina McBride, "White Christmas," debuts at #22 The King last reached the list with "The Elvis Medley" in late 1982. The new entry marks Presley's 53rd career AC hit.

In Canada the Duets album is down to #10 on the album chart from a high of #6 last week.

The following are this week's Billboard Chart Entries for Elvis.

Top 200 Albums - 'Elvis Christmas Duets' - Remains at #17
Top Country Albums - 'Elvis Christmas Duets' - Remains at #3
Top Holiday Albums - 'Elvis Christmas Duets' - Remains at #4
Top Pop Catalog Albums - 'Elvis Christmas' - Drops from #17 to #20
Top Pop Catalog Albums - 'It's Christmas Time' - Drops from #15 to #21
Top Country Catalog Albums - 'Elvis Christmas' - Remains at #2
Top Country Catalog Albums - 'Elvis: 30 No.1 Hits' - Remains at #9
Comprehensive Albums - 'Elvis Christmas Duets' - Remains at #18
Hot Holiday Songs - 'Blue Christmas' (Original) - Remains at #25

These are the Elvis singles in the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart:

#45 (down two places) - Blue Christmas - Elvis and Martina McBride
#56 (up two places) - I'll Be Home For Christmas - Elvis and Carrie Underwood


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ta2k wrote on December 17, 2008
It's hard to take a Country which has 1000 Charts seriously,i've no idea what this AC Chart is all about,but as the commentary says it's a 53rd Hit then it'll do for me ! TCB
EspenK wrote on December 18, 2008
This is only my guessing, but I assume that "contemporary radio album chart" shows the most played albums on the registered radio stations that classify themselves as "contemporary". And if so, then this is a pretty important chart I'd assume.
ta2k wrote on December 18, 2008
Is it not true that there are charts that judge positions by airplay and not actual sales,these are what seem sheer stupidity to me. Is this one of those or does it actually count copies sold ? TCB
EspenK wrote on December 18, 2008
In my opinion airplay is quite interesting, more so than CD sales, especially when it comes to singles. Who buys singles anymore, other than diehard fans...
Brian Quinn wrote on December 18, 2008
The Hot Country Songs chart is based on radio airplay on country radio stations. It's not a sales-driven chart.
ta2k wrote on December 18, 2008
Non-sales charts are the essence of stupidity. So No.1 is decided by personal taste of a dj rather than the buying public ? What's that all about ! TCB
EspenK wrote on December 18, 2008
Well, if it was just one DJ I'd agree with you. However you couldn't be further away from the truth. Sorry if I break any illusions about the radio, but 99.9% of all commercial radio stations are entirely s.k. "formatted", that means that the DJs has no influence on what's being played on that station at all - they are only employees doing their job on the air. The music being played is based on lists (I'm sure y'all have heard of "A-lists", "heavy rotation", etc) decided by other employees who are dedicated to do this work based on all kinds of sources, from sales charts to feedback from listeners and everything between. No personal taste or "ego trips", they got only one goal in mind, to create a play list for their target audience. And with todays CD sales I'd say this is a better indicator of what that given audience prefer to listen to than lists based purely on sales will give.
John4126 wrote on December 19, 2008
Can anyone explain why the Duets cd is not number 1 on the Top Holiday Album chart.? Especially as the 3 above him on that chart do not feature higher than him on the top 100 chart.
Brian Quinn wrote on December 19, 2008
Info. for John1426: On the Billboard Hot 200 Album Chart Elvis is No.17 this week, with Enya No.13 and Faith Hill No.14. Top Holiday Album Chart, Josh Groban is No.1, Enya No.2 and Faith Hill No.3. Elvis is No.4. Holiday albums are only eligible to appear on Billboard's current album charts, including The Billboard 200, during the first year of release. Josh Groban's Album does not appear on the Billboard Hot 200 Chart because it is over a year old - the Billboard Chart year runs from November to November because of lead in time. Josh Groban's Christmas Album is obviously selling more copies than those by Enya, Faith Hill or Elvis. Hope this explains the position somewhat.
JerryNodak wrote on December 19, 2008
The buying publc? What buying public? They're a disappearing breed these days unless you're talking about downloads. DJs personal taste determining No. 1? Are you kidding? I've been a working DJ my entire adult working life. 36 years and counting. Nowadays with computers I sit down and all the music for each hour of my shift has been pre-selected. The only option(s) I have is adding or subtracting songs for timing purposes.
Steve V wrote on December 20, 2008
I bought a couple of Christmas CDs this year, Duets being one of them because I love Christmas songs and like to hear different artists doing them. But as Jerry says, Im part of a dying breed. The CD aisles in stores that carry them, are getting smaller & smaller. Talking to people at work, no one buys CDs anymore. They all download. Their reason? Why should I carry a bunch of CDs around where I dont care for every song on it, when I can have 3000 songs I love on my Ipod? You cant argue that theory. I couldnt convince anyone that buying CDs was better, so there you go. There is no buying public anymore except buying downloads.
John4126 wrote on December 21, 2008
Thanks Brian Quinn - i'm obliged to you.
Loesje wrote on December 22, 2008
jack409: don't go on with cut and past the same message over and over again!