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Elvis For Dummies

December 05, 2008 | Book

Due for release July 24, 2009 from John Wiley & Sons is the 384 pages book "Elvis For Dummies" by Susan Doll (ISBN: 0470472022).

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
andrew1 wrote on December 06, 2008
Is this like "Elvis For Idiots" that came out in 1997?
Lex wrote on December 06, 2008
No, that was only for impersonators, this one is for remix and duet lovers too.
Brian Quinn wrote on December 06, 2008
I think I will buy this one. Other books in the series are usually very good.
Steve V wrote on December 06, 2008
Anyone on this site who buys this surely is a dummie! Will they never end to think of new ways to market this man?
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on December 07, 2008
Susan Doll's previous books on Elvis have always been at the better end of the spectrum. Incidentally, writing abusive remarks about other fan's valid opinions might also be considered by some to be the actions of a dummie... (See Input Guidelines 4)
benny scott wrote on December 07, 2008
Have to agree with I am Buffalo-Horn ! C'mon Steve V, take it easy, you don't have the right to call somebody a dummie.You didn't attack Brian Quinn directly, but you and I know very well that you were pointing at him, after having read that Brian is planning to buy the book.Always El.
Steve V wrote on December 08, 2008
Nah, I wasnt attacking anyone at all - but you know the people on this site know as much about Elvis as anyone in the world, so why would a book like this be of interest? What worth could it have? Even the title is embarassing. Id rather see folks support the Duets CD and move it up in the charts and you know for sure some folks will buy this book and completely ignore the Duets CD because the original songs were tampered with. The Elvis world is silly at times.
crapzapper wrote on December 08, 2008
In fairness Steve V is a really positive contributor and has never attacked anyone. We must respect ex perts.
benny scott wrote on December 08, 2008
I beg your pardon ? "We must respect experts" ??? 1) first of all we must respect everybody, not only "experts". 2) When is somebody an expert , and an expert in what ? ( i guess you mean an expert concerning Elvis, but there are MANY members of this site who know tons of things about our man ) and 3) let's accept the fact that Steve didn't mean to offend somebody,but reading that somebody writes : " I think I will buy this book" and the following reaction reads " anyone on this site who buys this surely is a dummie !" made me have a (imho) normal reaction. Always El.
Steve V wrote on December 08, 2008
Hey Im no expert, I'm sure there are many on this site that know so many trivial details about Elvis that Im not even interested in. But in fairness, the aim of these books 'subject matter for dummies' is for people that dont know squat about the subject matter , not a put down for the person buying it. The point I was trying to make is that anyone who buys this book is considered an Elvis 'dummie' (not knowing about Elvis) as the book title would imply but not a dummy in the real sense of the word. I dont think any of us are really Elvis 'dummies' on this site. So why buy the book you know? Clear as mud? Now lets chill out & enjoy December!