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New Elvis Remix Of Night Rider Premiere

November 19, 2008 | Other

EPE posted an update on their site to be sure to watch the new series Knight Rider on NBC on Wednesday night, November 19 at 8/7c to be among the first to hear a new Elvis remix of the song "Night Rider." 

Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
Ruthie wrote on November 19, 2008
If EPE posted an announcement, I didn't see it. I have been on their site all day & there is no mention of this show tonight.
Lex wrote on November 19, 2008
Great day... another 1977 audience recording and another remix. Thank God I got the new Tom Jones CD today :-).
sitdown68 wrote on November 19, 2008
And then you listen to Queenie Wahine's Papaya and it's a perfect day...;-)))
elvislives72 wrote on November 20, 2008
Ruthie it's on their NEWS section.
JimmyCool wrote on November 20, 2008
I've always loved "Night Rider" (the song). Maybe this remix will put Elvis on the dance floor once again. You should be happy things like this will attract a lot of new young fans. It's not like you're forced to listen to the remixes. they won't overwrite the original version! You have NO idea how happy it made me when I heard "A Little Less Conversation" and "Rubberneckin'" in the clubs and everybody dancing! Non-Elvis fans loved those remixes, specially ALLC. It was awesome! So stop complaining.
woody1 wrote on November 20, 2008
Dead right Jimmy, I believe is Elvis was here today then his voice would be the same as it ever was, but the music behind him would be more modern as the remixes you mention ie up to date. Can't see a problem.
RonBaker wrote on November 20, 2008
Having just heard the remix of "Night Rider", I can now tell you it's worse than you can imagine. If you think what was done to the 50s recordings was a travesty, just wait till you hear this! Incredibly, horribly awful! No exaggeration.
elvislives72 wrote on November 20, 2008
I'm not a big fan of remixes but I actually liked this one. It wasn't as uptempo or fast paced as the original bu slowed down a notch and less techno than ALLC. I've heard some really bad remixes that take away from the original but this one was actually done nicely and gives this hidden gem a new arrangement. I wished SONY would quit fooling around and put out an album of new backings on lesser known songs from the 70's like the duets but only Elvis singing, no others. I wonder when this new Night Rider remix will be on a new album? I wanna hear the whole thing. They only played a snippet.
circleG wrote on November 20, 2008
its ... different, but it probably works better in its proper context ;to images from the series.
Ruthie wrote on November 20, 2008
elvislives72: It wasn't on there when I checked. I ended up finding it on our club's site. Guess it doesn't matter. I have very little time for tv.
epexpress wrote on November 20, 2008
I heard it. But it was so far in the background that it was hard to understand.
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 20, 2008
If I hear the term "It'll introduce Elvis to a younger generation" one more time I'll puke. If they want Elvis play them 'Mystery Train' or 'Don't Be Cruel'. If they want dance garbage then play them dance garbage. What's diificult about that?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 21, 2008
Bravo,yes water it down,then when they findo ut every Elvis track is not tecno they say no thanks,are people really this narrow minded,if they are then why bother?
elvislives72 wrote on November 21, 2008
These remixes aren't aimed at us the die hard fans so why worry about what they sound like? It's what's hot today and that's all that matters to them. If they can't sell the originals to a younger audience then what's the use of keeping his catalog and spending money putting out the same ole things over and over? Some of you are just so out of touch with today. You got the originals from your era, stick with them if you want and let the kids hear a new sounding Elvis that fits their time.
RonBaker wrote on November 21, 2008
I'm not 'out of touch with today' , but I'm not so easily pleased. If music is crap (whether it's by Justin Timberlake or by someone remixing Elvis), then it's crap. Just because it's "hip-hop, up to date" doesn't make it a good recording.
elvislives72 wrote on November 21, 2008
Some of you say your not out of touch but yet you call everything remixed hip hop or rap. I don't think half of you even know what exactly either music format really is. For one thing none of the Elvis remixes have featured a rapper to my knowledge so it's not rap music they are doing with Elvis. The remix on NR was not rap or hip hop but modern day pop radio club music. Ever since ALLC has come out the whole music scene has changed to a mixture of urban beats and techno grooves and that's what NR remix was. Look at Timberlake's Sexyback-Techno music with a pop sound. Like I said before, I'm not a fan of all remixes because not every song can be improved but it does work for some. Songs like Let Yourself Go from 68 Comeback or If You DOn't Come Back could be a new hit if given the right remix treatment. But Baby let's Play House should have been left alone. It's a classic and you cannot improve a classic or fool the public by remixing one. Don't forget that Elvis himself even tampered and sampled and remixed/improved his own originals to sound more modern. So don't say you know what Elvis would or wouldn't have liked.
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 21, 2008
Urban beats or techno groove my tusch! It ain't music, it's some geek making sounds on a computer. Thump-thump-thump same old thump. Every one sounds the same. Tell me it doesn't and I'll know you've been taking some illegal substances.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 21, 2008
So why not update the beatles so the kiddies will like,its amazing what sells these days,im not out of touch,im 33 and there are some recent artists i like but i got into Elvis when i was young and there wasnt a remix around,no i like what i heard,i think its peoples narrow mindness that makes them think they have to have a modern beat with some sound machine to be interested,besides i know young people who are into Elvis and its not because of remixes!
benny scott wrote on November 21, 2008
Harvey Alexander : I really like your style of writing, there're almost always some remarks or expressions that make me laugh, not at you, but with you! As for he remixes, I don't like 'em, but if the youngsters do, well, let them enjoy, I have no problem with that.Each generation his it's own preferences. My devise is :to each his own. Always El.
Steve V wrote on November 21, 2008
Interesting point Mature about the The Beatles not being remixed but that Love album sort of was like a remix in a way. I would like to see an Elvis album like that. With Elvis, I believe there are songs that can be hits that werent before like Let Yourself Go, etc. Im not sure I like the techno-pop hip hop remixes but I did like ALLC. It had punch. So if a good job like that can be done with some hidden gems, go for it. I still play the original ALLC more the the new one, so to me it doesnt matter. Get Elvis played again I say.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 22, 2008
I will admit i like the little less conversation remix,but the notion that Elvis has to be updated to sale is just not true,theres a fine line between trying to get Elvis on the charts,more air play etc,and trying to rewrite history,i agree that a cd like beatles love would be nice,but as we have touched on before, marketing seems only interested in hit compilations with no real theme,i also think let yourself go could be a hit, i love the song myself,one of the underated ones!
BBManTwo wrote on November 22, 2008
Perhaps a good concept, but nevertheless sadly mismanaged. If they want to go that route and remix Night Rider, Good R Tonite a.o. then I'd like to see FTD come out (or even the main BMG label) with a truly country sound on the songs performed. Just think: wouldn't it be great for fans who like Elvis singing country, to hear ADDED "steel guitar" to songs like Green grass, Fairytale, Just pretend, Honk T Angel, You asked, If I were you, If I'm fool, From Jack to K, Gentle o Mind and so many more. Now that would be better and more Elvis-like than putting on all those electronical horrible disco/techno sounds like Little L Conversation, Rubbern etc So we would have both versions: it doesn't have to be strictly country and then let Pete Drake add some more of that fab steel guitar of his to those wonderful tunes
RonBaker wrote on November 22, 2008
I thought the "Guitar Man" overdubs worked well, but I think I'm in the minority. I never really cared for "Just Call Me Lonesome" before this...I also thing "Lovin' Arms" was improved. But like I said, I'm in the minority here.
elvislives72 wrote on November 22, 2008
BBMan, Just Pretend isn't Country. It's a pop song with a soulful approach.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 22, 2008
I also like some of the songs your speaking of that came out on the toom uch monkey business Ftd,some songs worked better than others,so your not the only one!
elvislives72 wrote on November 22, 2008
Don't go to tcb-world.com. The mods are a bunch of biased manipulated dictators who allow some to stalk and insult and others to get banned for complaining about it. And they are bigots who hate interracial couples and remixes or anything to do with Sillerman. So if this fits your profile then you would be perfect for their group. If not then STAY AWAY!!!
BBManTwo wrote on November 25, 2008
Can't wait to hear the result of this dubbed & overdubbed Night Rider verison. I almost fully agree with you Elvislives72...It goes to show that amateurs sometimes go a long way. This forum should be for fans' comments to be voiced (good and bad) as long as there are no insults or bad language, but not like they run it today. It serves no purpose and if FTD and EPE decision makers don't read the comments, often suggestions and recommendations re. missing material that most fans want to buy as saaonn as it is released, then they should no longer carry this opinion-forum...just stick to the news items (and that is good in itself).
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 26, 2008
elvislives,you will find the same issues with lots of sites,and yes you should give your views without hearing the your this or that comments,but you know how people are,just do like i do ignore the nonsence and communicate with people with sence! as ofr the remix,not one of fav songs,but am ok with other remixes,just make sure we dont try to redo everything Elvis!
GEORGE (GK) wrote on November 27, 2008
Does anyone know, if there is, a website, that is playing the "remix" of "Night Rider"? I missed the "NBC-TV-Premiere". I'd like to hear the remix..
GEORGE (GK) wrote on November 27, 2008
I thought the 2 "Official" RCA Remixes "A little Less conversation" and "Rubberneckin" were great. The "baby Lets play house-Remix" was good, but not in the same league. I wish RCA would do more "remixes" and "overdubs", but within reason, staying close to the originals. New music, behind that amazing voice would sound so fresh. And, as long as the original versions are still out there for us, to enjoy. Why not Remix, Remaster, and overdub the catalog. If done correctly like (ALLC) Elvis could top the charts many more times.
japio wrote on November 30, 2008
no not again.What's wrong with the original version. Do we shame ourselfs for this great rocker ?' or if im oldfashion??. We forgot that ALLC was as original (68 version) on a tarrantino movie. If he dind't this .there was no attention for this song and to use it as a remix. So let they use first the original and then. make a re....t of this song. But agian. mabye i'm oldfashion