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Making Of Blue Christmas Video

November 21, 2008 | Other

Martina McBride posted a video on her YouTube channel with a look behind the scenes showing how the "Blue Christmas" video was created using state of the art technology. 

The new video for the Elvis and Martina McBride duet of "Blue Christmas" takes you back some 40 years ago to when Elvis first recorded this song, only this time, with Martina joining him. 

The making of:

The result:

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JerryNodak wrote on November 21, 2008
Fantastic! I love it! It's amazing what they can do with technology these days.
Raleighroadace wrote on November 21, 2008
I love it.
Rob Wanders wrote on November 21, 2008
it is really amazing what they can do. I like it, but I also have some doubts, no I just like it, no I have some doubts, no I really like it, but I still...
Jerome-the-third wrote on November 21, 2008
at 1:12 - 1:13, is that Barbara Streisand?..
sitdown68 wrote on November 21, 2008
stunning details...the mike's the same model presley used in vegas during ttwii, the way she did her hair, to clothes, she really fits in there. I really would love to have more footage of it. yes, jerry nodak, modern technology...and yes, elvis has left the building!
Steve V wrote on November 21, 2008
She is stunning! Beautiful lady.
japio wrote on November 30, 2008
i like this in the first place because the songs sounds fresh without any electronic computer sound. But the this song is really great.And i like Martina Mcbride ( listen to her album timeless) a great voice and you hear and see the joy and love for making this. And last but not least she is a very beautiful lady. i met a lot big names in the music (also in de countrymusic.) But i like to met her