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Amazon.Uk Mistake?

November 13, 2008 | Music

At Amazon.uk the upcoming In Person is priced for only £6.98, which makes about $13 (including the postage).  Even if it is a mistake, Amazon normally delivers for the price at the moment of ordering...


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pallep3 wrote on November 13, 2008
Boy, Christmas came early :)
Elvis Rimes wrote on November 13, 2008
A promotion? Ordered mine :u)
jean michel wrote on November 13, 2008
and the set is currently # 1 in their "classic american rock" charts !
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 14, 2008
They have to,its the law,cd universe once made the same mistake with the Ftd book live in la,i picked up a few copys for about 25 bucks!
Matt W wrote on November 14, 2008
Yes - this was posted (first) on FECC (the actual source of info). Probably not wise to draw too much attention to it.
Dan wrote on November 14, 2008
I just ordered mine. It comes up in the basket at L5.95 WOW!!!!
Greg Nolan wrote on November 14, 2008
Yes, I've indulged too. Long suffering US Elvis fans have nothing to explain for jumping on a rare bargain. I also picked up other recent FTDs I needed, also at a cheap price. I'm now back to owning all of them. Matt: you're right. It's too bad to attact a lot of attention to it but I guess the word is out.
Suzi wrote on November 14, 2008
Mature Elvis Fan75, you are completely wrong. I'm a solicitor and although I don't' work in Cosumer Legislation, there is no such law. Amazon DOES NOT have to sell at the lower price. Retailers have the right to decide whether they want to sell to an indiviudal anything at whatever price, both under contract and criminal law. Under contract law goods displayed for sale are considered an 'invitation to treat' and not an offer to sell. Under criminal law, a retailer can not display misleading prices but there is nothing which staes they have to sell at a given price, or at all - even if here is a breach of pricing regulation, there is still no requirement for the retailer to sell it to you. Pricing Legislation is enforced by Trading Standards and there 'test' , as in contract law, is one of 'reasonableness' ie a retailer like Amazon who sells millions of products per week and gets one price wrong would not be considered in breach of pricing legislation, as there is no intent to mislead. In short, no, Amazon does not have to sell at the lower price - although they also offered Elvis Country at the same price for a while, and honoured my purchase.
Brian Quinn wrote on November 14, 2008
Just ordered mine from Amazon. Cost £5.94 + £1.04 VAT. Great value. The price is genuine.
JimmyCool wrote on November 14, 2008
Are you sure it's the FTD expanded version?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 14, 2008
Yes its the the Ftd version,by the way how is advertising something at one price and then not honoring that price not false advertisement? i know one thing if they backed out,they would oose alot of buyers,i betcha one thing if i goofed on a ebay listing i bet id be expected to seell at the price i lsited the item,after paqying high Ftd prices,i deserve a bargain!
Suzi wrote on November 14, 2008
Matureelvisfan75 - it's simple there is no such thing in English criminal law as false advertising. There is i US Law but not in English Law.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 14, 2008
Well at the price listed i will buy,if the price isnt as listed then im not interested,its about time we got a good deal on a Ftd release!
Matt W wrote on November 15, 2008
We've been getting a good deal with FTD since 1999 - long may they continue!
B_H wrote on November 15, 2008
FTD's "Elvis Country" is also down to 6.98 from time to time this last week...aslo right now, if anybody is interessted;) In my eyes this can't be a mistake, since they trun the price up and down all the time... It would make more sence that this is an atempt to drive small fanclub shops out of business, and when they are history amazon stops giving these offers all together...Rather common tecnique by large companies to get monopoly on a marked.
B_H wrote on November 15, 2008
NB! (regarding my last post) Don't mistake the FTD version with the regular version...they have turned up the price on the FTD (country) to the regular 17.99, and they are now charging exactly 6.98 for the regular version...trying to confuse people i guess.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 15, 2008
Releases like Live In La were not good deals,as for the amazon listing,i dont know if its a mistake or they are trying to dram more people to the site,i really wonder what the product cost is when they make these cd's and what amazon pays for the cd's!
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 16, 2008
To those of you who have ordered 'In Person' from Amazon at the cheap price: they will not be able to deliver it to you. This is because they won't be getting stocks of it as FTD have canned the dealer who was supplying them. FTD have never - and will never - deal with Amazon or any of those kind of sites. The whole idea of FTD is to supply genuine Elvis dealers, not multi-national corporate outfits like Amazon.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 16, 2008
Really how about cd universe and other sites like tower records etc etc,by the way some fan clubs ask crazy prices!
RonBaker wrote on November 16, 2008
So Elvis fans who don't know of any shopping alternative to Amazon (where I buy most everything for my collection OTHER than FTD relases) will never be able to get FTD releases. Talk about narrow vision! No wonder Elvis albums don't chart...no promotion, infighting, and short-sightedness. What a shame!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 16, 2008
I agree Ron,Were did this info come from?The folks i use to buy from that was called Elvis today in paducah kentucky stopped selling about year or so ago,said they changed the prices,for a collectors label they sure like to keep it a secret!
Jyroflux wrote on December 17, 2008
Anyone receive theirs yet? Amazon UK says it's on back-order.