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Details December FTDs

November 06, 2008 | Music

Here are the coverart and tracks of the upcoming December releases by FTD.

I'll Remember You

Soundboard recording from February 3, 1973 in Las Vegas, NV.

  1. Also Sprach Zarathustra
  2. See See Rider
  3. I Got A Woman / Amen
  4. Until It's Time For You To Go
  5. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
  6. Steamroller Blues
  7. You Gave Me A Mountain
  8. Fever
  9. Love Me
  10. Blue Suede Shoes
  11. Love Me Tender
  12. Johnny B. Goode
  13. Hound Dog
  14. What Now My Love
  15. Suspicious Minds
  16. Introductions By Elvis
  17. I'll Remember You
  18. I Can't Stop Loving You
  19. American Trilogy
  20. Can't Help Falling In Love

Bonus Song :
Sweet Caroline

Elvis In Person

Elvis In Person

Double CD edition of the album Elvis In Person, including bonus songs recorded live in Las Vegas in August 1969 and the complete dinner show from August 22, 1969.

CD 1

Original album

  • Blue Suede Shoes
  • Johnny B. Goode
  • All Shook Up
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  • Hound Dog
  • I Can't Stop Loving You
  • My Babe
  • Mystery Train / Tiger Man
  • Words
  • In The Ghetto
  • Suspicious Minds
  • Can't Help Falling In Love

Bonus songs - originally released on On Stage - February 1970

  • Runaway
  • Yesterday

Rare performances

  • This Is The Story
  • Inherit The Wind
  • Rubberneckin'
  • Reconsider Baby
  • Funny How Time Slips Away

CD 2

The complete August 22, 1969 Dinner show

  • Blue Suede Shoes
  • I Got A Wo¬man
  • All Shook Up
  • Love Me Tender
  • Jailhouse Rock / Don't Be Cruel
  • Heartbreak Hotel
  • Hound Dog
  • Memories
  • Mystery Train / Tiger Man
  • Monologue
  • Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  • Runaway
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  • Yesterday / Hey Jude
  • Introductions
  • In The Ghetto
  • Suspicious Minds
  • What'd I Say
  • Can't Help Falling In Love

Source:Elvis Unlimited

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Ton Bruins wrote on November 06, 2008
I guess that we all ready have the "Bonus" songs and the "Rare Performances" from In Person. Just a guess...That means that only CD 2 will be unreleased..Without a doubt that will be a great show because Elvis was great in 1969 in Vegas, but the same tracklist all the way...In February 1973 Elvis had some difficulties with his voice and after Aloha '73 he was not very motivated to go to Vegas yet again..
Herman wrote on November 06, 2008
You are right Ton, 1969 was great. To bad.. no july 31 show, but still a great release ! I hope they will release the complete Rapid City show on the ftd of Elvis in Concert (with a bonus dvd ?).
Pedro Nuno wrote on November 06, 2008
To be very honest, booth releases don't appeal to me. I expected more of the “In Person” and find the track list of the Vegas nothing special. For now I’ll pass both of them. Maybe later. But Thank You very much anyway mr. Ernest! TCB
B_H wrote on November 06, 2008
Is "I'll remember yoo" the same show as "Vegas Rythm" and "It's a matter of time"? Sure is recorded the same day, and has the exact same set list.
burninglove92 wrote on November 06, 2008
It's A Matter of Time & Vegas Rhythm are both recorded on Feburary 5th 1973. Iam looking forward to both releases, to me the 1973 set list is fab and another complete show that i was praying for,, for 1969. not interested in the loose rare performances,, i really would prefer them to be in there correct concert. Can't wait for these. hope 1973 is in good sound
burninglove92 wrote on November 06, 2008
Would anyone really love an on stage ftd ? The oringal album then 2 complete early 1970's concerts. a dream come true for me if that happens. anyone a bit annoyed that they have stuck 2 songs form on stage on this in person album, i think they could of used something else
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 06, 2008
I will wait and see how the sound is,you never know with Ftd,maybe the bonus songs will have upgraded sound i like the performances of reconsider baby,inherit the wind and this is the story,Elvis doing recent studio work,ohh if he had only kept to that! and good that they kept monaloge in there.you can always hit the skip button,the only thing that would stop me from buying this one would be a bad sound job,anyone know who didn the mastering,why do i have to ask this everytime?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 06, 2008
I forgot about Ill remember you,oh my what a title,bet they work on that for at least 30 seconds,isnt that pic the one used on its matter of time,are we sure that this show isnt the one from its matter of time, fort baxter are known to get there dates wrong,i will skip ill remember you but will get in person unless i hear that the sound is screwed up!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 06, 2008
By the way do they have the show that was put out by fort baxter on one of the profle sets,it was not a soundboard but have great sound to me,and was a great show,i would have bought that one for sure,hope someone reissues that one with a nice booklet the fort baxters sets as with all there originals are bland wihen it comes to booklets,need to get those 70 rehearsals out again in a better looking package,as for on stage,i love that cd,one of my favs also!
Ronaldv wrote on November 06, 2008
I'll remember you will be the same as the baxter's it's a matter of time. They mixed up the date back then, baxter is also the feb 3rd Dinnershow. Such a shame! No 31st july 69 show too! This is a disappointment. They should release an on tour show from april or june /july 73. Only cd 2 from EIP is interesting for me. With this release strategy FTD is almost forcing many fans to buy a cdr of this aug 22nd 69 dinner concert. By the way I assume there must be an unreleased vegas soundboard from jan 73, why not release that one, then release the same show for the third time?Is FTD also into the re-release strategy, just like the bootleggersdid the last couple of years?
FJE wrote on November 06, 2008
So far I have bought every FTD release since its conception, except for The Way It Was which I had anyway when the book was released, but after the dissapointment of "America" I vowed I will not buy another soundboard and/or audience recording. Eventually I still went along and bought Nevada Nights but now I think I've had enough of these awful sounding releases thus I will not be buying this new scheduled release. Even the set list, except for a couple of tunes, looks like"Aloha from Hawaii" revisited! I very much prefer the classic series; at least the sound and packagong on these is on the most part exceptional. So, on the other hand, I will definitely be getting "In Person".
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 06, 2008
Ronald are you sure its the same show? maybe Ftd was confused by the wrong date given on the import title? anyone else know anything about this?
genedin wrote on November 06, 2008
why not just include "its a matter of time "on it also just for completeness? even though its sound is different its a one time performance isnt it? i am glad we are getting a completly unreleased however repitious 69 show just for the people who get everything like me,lol.
Orion wrote on November 06, 2008
Just a thought, but perhaps this is the Midnight show on Feb. 3rd ? Perhaps he did the exact same set list at each show. Then again FTD just released the Aug '74 opening show that had been out before on an "import." So, who knows ? Hopefull someone will get an answer from Ernst as to whether it's the early or late show. As fat as "In Person" goes, it looks like a great release. The August 22nd show is one of the earliest nights that was recorded in its entirety by Felton. This should make for an inspired performance even if the set list is similar. I mean think how many nights he told that same life story monologue back in '69. Hopefully, he was still kickin' on all cylindars this early into the booking.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on November 06, 2008
I Love the Cover-Artwork, for the "I'll Remember you" CD. Seems like, the usual set of songs, but it might be a fun listen. I am kind of disappointed, with the "Elvis in Person" main CD. They should have "expanded it, with more "High energy" performances like "Long Tall Sally", "Jailhouse Rock" and others, since the album-CD, is already, such a "Rockin" set!! oh well, I guess we can't win, em all.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 06, 2008
Maybe just maybe if track listing was given in a better way,instead of through an email to some fan club,you know act like a big record company,but i think someone likes the game,if it is the same show is it such a bad thing,some cant get imports,im not interested either way but some fans will be glad to get something they thought they could never have!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 06, 2008
Orion i agree,i am getting this one,one of my faves and first Elvis cd i ever bought!
You Dont Know Me wrote on November 06, 2008
Terrible 'news' up until now i had been a loyal fan of FTD, but to be shafted by being offered this REPEAT of 3.2.73 AND sweet Caroline from 29.1.73 is simply TO MUCH and so for the VERY FIRST TIME I will be completely refusing to waste money on buying a FTD product that i already have and in the case of the 3.2.73 show TWICE! what a 100% insult to loyal FTD fans and a disc that for me offers 0% 'new'. NO WAY am i wasting money on this one.Thankfully the 'in person one' should be the one to get.
Steve V wrote on November 06, 2008
Im somewhat disappointed in the Elvis In Person release. I was expecting an expanded version of that classic album to give the feel of a more complete show. Well I guess they wanted to keep it as it was released. Oh well. Have to think about this now. Dont need another 1969 show that's for sure with that awful monologue. They are really all the same.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 06, 2008
Ok im not interested in I'll Remember You but what about the fans that felt it was unfair to have imports they had no way of getting,i am not at all dissapointed in them releasing the same show,its not like theres not enough Elvis material to play,as for in person,i have to agree the unreleased show offers pretty much the same,but once Elvis had a new song set he stuck to it for a while!
SnOwMan wrote on November 06, 2008
JerryNodak wrote on November 07, 2008
I love the artwork/cover of I'll Remember You. Tracklist not bad either. As a rule I don't care for soundboards, but I might buy this one if I read good reports on the sound quality. How was the sound quality on the "import?" Nothing earth-shaking on In Person, but I wasn't expecting anything like that. Glad to have the rare performances from Collectors Gold added here. Doesn't bother me that they added two tracks from On Stage. They were recorded in '69 and belong here. The complete "live" concert? More of the same. If you've heard one '69 concert you've heard them all. Yawn! Nevertheless, I will buy this release for disc 1.
ttwiise wrote on November 07, 2008
I can't bring myself to comment on I'll remember you. After the recent Madison live stuff from 70, 71 and 72 this release shows just how much ftd care. As for Memphis to vegas - I love the 69 stuff and prefer to hear a complete show so disc 2 is welcome, and i hope it's all in great sound quality. However, surely they could give us a complete show with My babe in it (there are 2). Disc 1 sadly we have before so why not 2 complete shows instead, or am I being silly!
Lefty wrote on November 07, 2008
JerryNodak, the sound quality on the Fort Baxter release is excellent. A few minor glitches, otherwise one the best soundboards out there. The Feb 73 show itself is very close in style and delivery to the Aloha show, which makes sense, being that they were a couple of weeks apart. Elvis had some problems with his voice, and he was kind of in a let down mood after being on top of the world in Hawaii. Nevertheless, it's a good show. I think FTD has done a decent job with the cover. If you consider yourself a collector, you won't be disappointed with this one. As for the In-Person remake, Disc 2 is exactly the same song line up, verbatim, as the August 21st show from Disc 2 on the Wal-Mart exclusive "Viva Las Vegas." The 69 shows are so close in every way that I wouldn't be interested in buying another one, so I think I'll pass this one by.
Linda Kovalcik wrote on November 07, 2008
Are you c..zy,Ernst? We have already bought this feb. 73 concert 2 times!!! This is an insult to the loyal fans!!! Oh my God,i'm very disappointed. You are not the right person to lead the FTD label. Too many mistakes,wrongly dated concerts,wrong take numbers,edited concerts,faked alternate takes,blurry pictures,ugly covers,mispellings,incorrect speed,mastering errors etc. etc. etc. You are old and tired. Go to sleep and let Ger Rijff to lead the label. Good bye.
You Dont Know Me wrote on November 07, 2008
VERY WELL STATED Linda! its the END for me if these terrible releases continue!
Smile:-) wrote on November 07, 2008
I fully agree to FTD's strategy to release known bootlegs. The bootleggers are doing it themselves! In this way the shows will be available to all the newcomers and those who missed these releases. For the aftertime these releases will be remembered as official releases. This is a very important point! (not for those who already have everything, but as a general priciple/policy). FTD should however be careful in which shows they pick for "re-release". When it comes to important, very special or very good concerts (like the 19.08.1974, Febr. 1970 or Dec. 1976 etc.), FTD should not hesitate to make legendary bootlegs official. But when it comes to anonymous shows, FTD should make an effort to come up with an alternative to what is already released. And who knows, maybe the Febr. 3 show is different to the one already released from the same date? As far as I know it is not confirmed yet.
Linda Kovalcik wrote on November 07, 2008
Smile: This concert was already made avaiable to the new fans in last year! It was reissued under the title "Vegas Rhythm" by the Gravel Road Music label. Both the sound quality and the design was very well improved compared to the original Fort Baxter CD! How many times they expect us to buy the same concert??? This is not even an interesting concert. This is just a boring,average show. There's no need to reissue it again. It will be one of the least popular FTD's. Unpopular FTD's=low sales=small profit=end of the label! Shame on you,Ernst!
GeertFromNl wrote on November 07, 2008
I won't buy this concert again,as i already have "It's A Matter Of Time" and "Vegas Rhythm",too. A very stupid move from the FTD label. Many fans already have this concert in some form. Give us an unreleased concert instead. There are too many reissues by FTD recently. This is not good.
Monster wrote on November 07, 2008
FTD is for the more serious Elvis fans out there and those are precisely the fans who make the effort to track down imports like Vegas Rythym - they've even used the same photo on the cover!! Even if the sound was dramatically improved I'm not sure how interesting this is going to be for anybody other than completists and those few fans who weren't able to find the bootleg somewhere. I sense the well may be drying up.... :(
Zoltan84 wrote on November 07, 2008
Why? Why? Why? Why the same concert again??? Ernest Jergenson,why do you do what you do? Don't you like us? Don't you like money? Don't you like the FTD label? Then WHY? WHY?
burninglove92 wrote on November 07, 2008
the thing is i dont have the vegas rythm or matter of time, and i've never heard it.. so it will definately benifit me.it is a shame for the other people who already have the release, and for the in person release in my oppinion, i know the 69 shows sound all the show, with minor changes, but to me the more the better. i think ftd need to make a huge comeback and release an on stage ftd with 2 complete concerts, possibly a better sound of 1971 show and a deluxe edition of elvis in concert, with the 2 complete shows from ther, but many of us want to see the elvis in concerts dvd with the 2 complete shows from there, is it just me, but i dont think ever in the history of elvis will that ever be remastered professionally and then released. it would be dream to me if it was, but i dont think. FTD come one make your comeback
sitdown68 wrote on November 07, 2008
well, what is the problem? nobody is forced o buy it. i can understand the diff'rent preferencies. but according to the argument of another "re-release" one must not forget the fact, that this is the first official relase, or isn't it? So what?
SnOwMan wrote on November 07, 2008
I'm very disappointed:( I'LL REMEMBER YOU is the worst FTD ever. There's NOTHING NEW on it! Worse than 'Too Much Monkey Business' and 'Spring Tours 77'. Who will buy this? Maybe a couple of hundred fans who haven't managed to buy 'It's A Matter Of Time' since 1993. Yes,1993! This soundboard was first released 15 years ago in crystal clear sound quality.
bastiaanvinke wrote on November 07, 2008
Shame on you.. People that buy bootlegs. Robbing Elvis out of money. Laugh.. On the other hand. You guys and gals don't really expect the official record company of Elvis to stop putting out concerts? Just because some bootleggers already put it out before?
Erika Freiburger wrote on November 07, 2008
These are very disappointing news. I won't pay 25 euros for a concert i already have twice. Who is the clumsy person behind this label? Somebody from RCA? He needs to go on a long vacation. There are beautiful forests in Siberia.
Lex wrote on November 07, 2008
Dumb, dumber, dumbst is all I can think reading all these comments... and no, that is not addressing Ernst. So there is finally one you can skip, so what? Just do it! And Snowman, almost nothing can be as bad as Spring Tours '77 :-)
SnOwMan wrote on November 07, 2008
To Hans- We buy bootlegs ONLY because bootleggers give us what we want. Believe me,RCA/BMG have these soundboards since the early 80's,they have bought them from the Colonel. Still,we've got almost nothing until 2000! We are getting older and older,nobody lives forever. We'd like to get as much unreleased concerts as possible and as soon as possible. We have waited enough! To Lex- At least 'Spring Tours 77' contained (mostly) unreleased stuff.
Sirbalkan wrote on November 07, 2008
ALL BOOTLEG BUYERS... Please stop giving such silly / foolish comments... - First... By having bootlegs, you are doing an illegal thing in such a way. - Second... Lots of people don't know how to buy or where to buy these records. - Third reason... Nobody forces you to buy these FTD recordings. - Fourth reason... ALL FTDs are just for one reason: FOR COLLECTORS TO COLLECT RARE MUSIC RELATED WITH ELV1S... Not to give people a hundred percent satisfaction. If you don't love it THEN don't buy it. Hundreds of 1970s concert has been released but you all say I want this I want that from 1970. Then let's erase all 1970 concerts because he sings the same songs. So WHAT'S THE POINT to collect FTDS? Keep looking at bootlegs then... they can do good job to keep Elvis' legacy but FTDs in general is perfect no matter what!!!
Theo wrote on November 07, 2008
Wow, two concerts that were never released before officially! I will be picking up both of them. Most people here leave such negative remarks about I'll Remember You, but we don't even KNOW if it's the same as the dinner show which was released as a bootleg before. Let's wait and see/hear, before we judge. As for the '69 Vegas concerts being repetitive, there's only one person who we can blame for that and he's been dead for over 30 years. Disc 2 of In Person is another new concert and I regard disc 1 as a free bonus disc. I welcome both of these releases!
circleG wrote on November 07, 2008
I'm glad ernst is issuing concerts that have been released by bootleggers because you see I rarely buy bootlegs. Not for any reason other than they're hard to find now. I do wish Ftd would release stuf from the more popular years though, especially the 'on tour' stuff and in better sound (sorry Ftd but Madison seems to get it right). I'm not too disappointed with 'in Person' unless the mixing on the original album has been tampered with and an unreleased show (with monologue) is always welcome.
Pedro Nuno wrote on November 07, 2008
FTD is doing a FANTASTIC job! Mr. Ernest an his crew are the most wonderful thing that happened in Elvis world in the last 20 Years. And about bootlegs, as I said once, it's very easy to release what ever you want when, only with few exceptions, like the Czech releases, you don't pay a single penny of royalties or taxes. Nevertheless we have to recognize that bootleggers had, during years, a unique and brave role in keeping the Elvis musical legacy alive, and still have that role in those days. But don't compare FDT to them because you can't compare tow different things. I'm sure that if Mr. Ernest had a blank check he would gladly release all concerts that we (including him as a true Elvis fan) want. But FTD pays royalties and 95% of bootlegs don't.
GeertFromNl wrote on November 07, 2008
Hans wrote: ###Robbing Elvis out of money.### He's been dead for over 30 years so he doesn't need money anymore. And i don't want to support his silicon-faced ex-wife and the Scientology Church anymore. They already have more than enough money. So don't feel sorry for them.
Chop983 wrote on November 07, 2008
I've never bought bootlegs as once you start down that path you can go on forever. so this re-release doesn't bother me, In Person is going on my list of Classic albums, that I won't be getting. With the original album, the Collectors Gold CD and the already released '69 FTD concerts I've got enough material from this Vegas appearance. Question: does the 31st July '69 soundboard really exist or is this just a dream.
Steve V wrote on November 07, 2008
You people seem to forget the 2 main purposes when FTD started. 1) to give Elvis fans unreleased material, 2) to put the bootleggers out of business. By releasing this concert thay are achieving both. So whats the beef? When they released all those outtakes CDs in the beginning of the 90's, those songs were available on various bootleg CDs. They soon dried up. As for the concerts, there are so many out there, of course there will be repitition. So pick & choose.
Linda Kovalcik wrote on November 07, 2008
Ernest Yorgensen is the biggest faker in the Elvis-world. There are hundreds of examples to prove it. Nobody comes even near to him,not even the Colonel. How many times he gave us edited/ tampered/ spliced/ shortened/ censored/ manipulated alternate takes? Check out Keith's site and you'll find the answer.
SnOwMan wrote on November 07, 2008
I agree in that Ernst is not suitable for this job. Virtually it's almost impossible to find an FTD release without flaws. Wrong take numbers,bad sound quality etc. It's hard to believe that he's an Elvis-expert since about 30 years. Even an amateur could do a better job. It's time for him to leave the building,i guess.
JerryNodak wrote on November 07, 2008
Well of course if you are one of those fans who has bought everything ever issued on Elvis legal or otherwise eventually you're going to run into a release that contains material you already have once or twice. It's inevitable. But that's your problem not Ernst's. As for me I don't have the soundboard concert or the concert on "In Person" disc 2. Honestly, I'm more excited about the soundboard (a big leap for me) than about the disc 2 concert. Nevertheless, I'm glad that they're both being released. Thanks, Ernst!
sitdown68 wrote on November 07, 2008
Well, one cannot go on bashing Ernst Jorgensen as it just happened here. Do all those people really know what he stands for? He was the first to come out with an indepth research of Presley's recording catalogue some 25 years ago with a fascinating book called "Recording Sessions".
SnOwMan wrote on November 07, 2008
The only person who deserves our respect is Elvis. Without Elvis there wouldn't be FTD. Without Elvis Ernest would be a tractor-driver somewhere in Denmark.
Lex wrote on November 07, 2008
I guess those nasty comments are just out of jealousy. Ernst is one of those happy few that was able to make his hobby his job... Besides he is used to those silly comments by now, at least I hope for him ;-).
lray wrote on November 07, 2008
As a Elvis fan for the past 45 years I have to give Ernst an A+. I hope he stays in his position for many years to come.
Bill (BW) wrote on November 07, 2008
I don't think Ernst should give any consideration whatsoever to what the bootleggers have done in the past when it comes to a new FTD release. In fact, I applaud him for releasing the exact same shows when he can. Those who bought the illegal bootlegs should have waited for the official release, better quality and less money. Keep up the good work, Ernst.
sitdown68 wrote on November 07, 2008
got my vote william
Rooster wrote on November 07, 2008
NO ONE has done more to maintain Elvis' music legacy than Ernst. Give him the credit he deserves. Also, remember that not everyone has access to bootlegs. FTD may be a collector's label but their availability on Amazon put's them in front of fans who can't, or will not, buy bootlegs.
Ton Bruins wrote on November 07, 2008
I thought the "It's A Matter Of Time" CD from Fort Baxter was from february 5th, 1973. This release from FTD is from february 3th, 1973. Am I mistaken ? Please someone help me out here...
Ronaldv wrote on November 07, 2008
Ton, you can probably skip this FTD. The baxter's bootleg is wrongly dated as february 5th DS. It's actually February 3rd DS according some very accurate and reliable Elvis sites. For me this is not so bad at all, because soon TTWII the complete works is going to see the daylight. (+/- € 190!). Expensive times for being an Elvis fan!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 07, 2008
So those who cant get imports for whatever reason or maybe dont wont to buy them,they should be left out completely,i have many issues with Ftd,but releasing something that was put out by importers is not one of them,its the same old i have it i dont care about others attitude,i find rather rude myself,do you people listen to anything but Elvis? Im guessing if ftd put out some of those rehearsals from 70 you would find fault with that because you have them,but again not everyone has them!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 07, 2008
I will add that Ftd does have many problems,many that no one seems to care about,as mentioned bad mastering,answers to questions that dont ring 100% true,by the way i dont agree that Ftd offers better quality,how can you say that when they put releases in digi packs with no booklet,but i have no problem with releasing a show put out by imports,again you have alot of Elvis music to listen to,or heaven forbid try to spin another artist cd!
GeertFromNl wrote on November 07, 2008
William wrote: ### Those who bought the illegal bootlegs should have waited for the official release, better quality and less money.### In fact bootlegs are cheaper than FTD's. From a better dealer you may buy a bootleg CD for $20-25,while the price of an FTD CD is at least $30. Probably you are on of those patient fans who happily wait 40-50 years for various official releases,including the ELVIS ON TOUR DVD. Good luck and i hope you are a young person in good health. Personally i hate to wait and rather buy the bootlegs,while i'm still alive.
GeertFromNl wrote on November 07, 2008
Better quality? Well,not always. There are many examples when FTD offered us worse sound quality than the bootleggers. The New Years Eve show sounded better on the bootleg LP in the late 1970's than on the FTD CD in 2003! 'You Can Have Her' also sounded better on 'At The Forum' than on 'Live In L.A.' FTD. 'You'll Never Walk Alone' on Unchained Melody FTD was a disaster,bootleggers were able to offer much better sound quality years before. And there are other examples,too. And let's not forget about the booklets. Most FTD's come in a cheap digipack while the better bootleg labels (Madison,Audionics,Southern Comfort,Straight Arrow etc) offer fantastic booklets for a lower price.
Ronaldv wrote on November 07, 2008
Wow! You'll never walk alone live in 1977! I didn't know that. Just kidding, you probably mean: where no one stands alone.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 07, 2008
Live in La was a disgrace it was ploy to make big bucks for not much,the concert will give u a major headache.there was just no reason for that release,and it cost 75 bucks? do you knoe that many online places sell the books for about 100 dollars! ouch!!
Sirbalkan wrote on November 07, 2008
GeertFromNl ... Wow then you must know where to buy those original new bootlegs at a normal price... Please give us some details, then all FTD lovers stop giving 30 dollars... ??? Can you give us that info.?
GeertFromNl wrote on November 07, 2008
Ronaldv: You're right,of course i meant 'You'll never walk alone'. Mature Elvis: Yes,'Live In L.A' was a terrible FTD release. Blurry and wrongly dated photos,no text,slow speed,bad sound quality. A legal robbery. An ugly blur in Ernest Jorgensen's past. Sirbalkan: you will find good dealers on various Elvis forums. $20-25 (+postage) for a new bootleg CD is a fair price imo.
Linda Kovalcik wrote on November 08, 2008
Ernst Jorgensens' FTD crimes: wrongly dated concerts,wrong take numbers,edited concerts,faked alternate takes,blurry pictures,ugly covers,mispellings,incorrect speed,mastering errors + almost zero communication with the fans. Which of these are not true? Please tell me... You may like him,but the facts remains facts. You may not deny it! He is not suitable to lead the FTD label because he's sloppy and floppy. It's about time to dump him,before he completely destroys the label. Though it's already too late: he already destroyed about 70 FTD's.
Rob Wanders wrote on November 08, 2008
i'm, along with a few others, a bit dissapointed about these 2 releases. I already have the 1973 concert (Its a matter of time!!) and the 69 cd2 is more of the same; but others really like to buy these cd's; so that's great. I probably skip these 2 and wait till the next FTD. Imagine no FTD-serie. It would have been empty in Elviscd-world. So I'm still very thankful to the FTD-people but these 2 are probably not for me. I save around €40 and buy the 2 Obama-books; makes me happy also.
Ton Bruins wrote on November 08, 2008
Well, with all this information I may skip those 2 releases with "It's A Matter Of Time" all ready in my cabinet and "In Person" will be only interesting for the second CD, with once again a 1969 Live show..with the same tracklist..and allthough it will be probably a great CD/Show I have enough 1969 concerts...At The International, Live In Vegas (first CD from the box) , All Shook UP, Here I Go Again (DAE), Live In Las Vegas. (third CD from the box "Collectors Gold"). Further on I would like to state here once again that it is great to have a label as FTD for an Elvis fan. That means not that we may not be critical. Just buy the CD's you want to have and skip the once you don't want to have. As simple as that. But sometimes I am puzzeled by Ernst his choices too..In the meanwhile I will listen to the Elvis CD's and music that I want to hear. We are spoiled folks, remember that !
Herman wrote on November 08, 2008
Well said Ton, we are indeed spoiled. Just skip the one you don't want. Until now I've got every FTD release. thank you Elvis for the great music and thank you Ernst for giving it to the fans!Keep on going !
Natha wrote on November 08, 2008
You are quite right Ton. In those days of vinyl in the sixties and seventies we were thrilled if and when we could lay a hand on alternate takes, live shows etc. Now-a-days we are flooded, thanks to the cd technology. So we can become choosy and picky. We can afford it. Let's choose what we like and not be negative about what we don't like. Anyway I don't know any artist of whom all these special cds are produced, do you? It is amazing and shows the greatness of the King!
Lefty wrote on November 08, 2008
I appreciate some of the comments leveled at FTD. I agree that they could do a better job with their product, but on the other hand, they could do worse. I used to be concerned about the legality of boots, and I tried to avoid them. But seriously, how illegal are they? If FTD and BMG wanted to shut them down, they would. And as long as they're giving fans outstanding product, who cares about royalities? Obviously, the official label doesn't. I'm a long time Elvis fan and a collector. I buy what I want, labels, packaging, repeats, etc. not withstanding. It has simplified my life. I pass a lot of FTD's by. FTD is not a charity, so I don't feel obligated to "support" them. When I've already got something, or their product is crap, they can sell it to someone else. Same goes for the boots! And btw, are boots really hard to find? Someone on eBay or GEMM lists the new boots for sale the day they're released all the time.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
Linda i cant argue most of your points,the only reason the label was started was for money,his commuication skills have always annoyed me,but i dont care anymore,for you see i dont expect much from the label so when a great release sneaks out its a nice surprise,and you will notise the news on this site about sony being on the outlook for those bad old bootlegs,how about spending that time & money on making a better product? as for being spoiled,last time i checked Ftd's cost money and are not cheap,i think they are spolied by haveing such die hard fans who buys material they already have and for most part stay quiet when there are errors all over there releases!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
Folks i might add i have no problem with them releasing things out on import,some shows need to have official releases,i dont understand the choice however,how about a set of july 70 rehearsals? i think this release and the fact that sony have said they are going after imports say alot!
Linda Kovalcik wrote on November 08, 2008
Mature Elvis,i agree that some historic Elvis concerts need to have official releases,but this boring Vegas concert isn't one of them. Ernst,it was a bad choice. Sales will be quite low,i guess. If it would be a 2CD-set and the 2nd CD would contain an unreleased show (just like on NEVADA NIGHTS) i wouldn't be that censorious. But it's not the case,unfortunately. The only thing i can say: you are c..zy!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
Surely you dont mean im crazy? i dont think this concert should be released period,but some more interesting shows,rehearsals that have been released as imports should be on the Ftd label,now i dont expect it to happen but just saying!
Linda Kovalcik wrote on November 08, 2008
I meant E.J. is c..zy. He releases a concert that only several hudred fans will buy. If you want us to buy these releases,then give us something new,Ernst. An unreleased concert will please both the hardcore fans and the newbies.
Zoltan84 wrote on November 08, 2008
2 rubbish CD's for Christmas. What a nice >gift<,Ernst! Thank you very much :(
djm wrote on November 08, 2008
if you think `in person` is rubbish then i suggest you find another site. i remember the days when we didnt have the `essential series` and today we have ftd. what would we have if was not for the efforts of ernst and roger? alot of you on here are a waste of space. i will be buying both of these.
benny scott wrote on November 08, 2008
Natha, Lex, Ton Bruins: wise words !!! Always El
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 08, 2008
Hey kiddies, let's all play nicely. It isn't the end of the world. If you don't want to buy the next new FTDs then don't buy them. There'll be more releases in January, and then some more after that, then some more etc. Who says you have to buy everything? Be selective and don't get so hot under the collar just because you don't agree with a certain release coming out. This time next year you'll have moved on to something else (though certain people will still be bitching about something - they always do). Life's too short, folks. Chill out.
benny scott wrote on November 08, 2008
Forgot to add djm in my prevoius opinion. And Harvey : amen to that! Always El.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
So why worry if others views are differt,and why the mean spirited replys? Some sound like parents trying to defend there child,some seem to not know what blogging is all about!
Elvis Rimes wrote on November 09, 2008
If you like it, buy it. If you can live without it, leave it on the shelf. To be honest there are so many FTD releases, I cannot keep up. I'm just grateful that the rare stuff keeps coming out and I buy what I really want and what I can afford. FTD is an awesome label, a fan's dream. Keep them coming!
schemies wrote on November 09, 2008
Well, a complete concert from 1969 is good news, but disc 1 is not the best it could be: I hope "Yesterday" has the "Hey Jude ending" (as on the CD re-release of On Stage), "My Babe" has not the stupid "well, well, well" intro from "I got a woman" edited in front, and we will get "I Can't Stop Loving You" as it was recorded (not with those fans shouting edited into the niddle). But since it is "... as originally released ...", it will have the same old sh!t. At the time, the CD re-release of On Stage was a real improvement to the original album, so it could happen here.
Steve V wrote on November 09, 2008
schemies - you are so right, You know the sad part? The much improved re-release of On Stage was a regular priced CD. Im afraid we'll get the SOS on the In Person release for the inflated FTD price! I am hoping I am wrong and they right the songs the way they should be but Im afraid it will be the way it was orig released.
discking wrote on November 09, 2008
I, for one, like the FTD releases. I don't always agree with them, I seldom play them, but I like them. I buy them when I can afford them. Every time there is a release on this label a queue of fans forms to slag them off. I can't understand why. No-one forces anybody to buy a product so why not leave them alone. If the label is doing such a bad job then sales will plummet and the label will be forced to consider it's position - either change or fold. No amount of complaining will force anyone to reconsider their strategy if the sales are there. Let's face it, this is a label aimed at the "collector" market. A series of "classic albums" has to be a no starter for such a market as the collectors will either already have the albums or know where to get them. Yet the continuation of such releases indicates that the market is there. I already have the Elvis In Person album from when it was first released. I duplicated it with the 50 CD set and I will now buy it a third time on the FTD label. No one is forcing me to. It's my choice. If I want such releases to stop I will keep my wallet closed - like I do for all those cheapo releases that contain the same 50's tracks.
schemies wrote on November 09, 2008
Thanks, Steve V, for agreeing with me. For the second look I do not know why the 1st disc is released at all. 7 of the 12 songs from the original album are from the August 25th midnight show, so they should have released this show in complete, that's it. And the "rare performances" have of course all been released on Collector's Gold, plus 3 out of 5 are included in earlier releases by FTD, within the complete shows, which just lets me hope the sound quality will be improved MUCH. Well, hope is the last to die ...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 10, 2008
Oh my,i never knew that the well well before my babe was from another song,i had never thought of it,why would you do that? after all its a live album.but always figured the shouting at the end of i cant stop loving you was put there form somewere else,why do they do that?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 10, 2008
I know this is crazy but how about just keeping cd's like in person in print and just release the concerts,steve are you really excited about the in person release at all? cause i gotta tell you im pretty happy with my cd of in person,unless of course they make it as is was recorded,boy id love if they did that and it was just on the regular label!
Steve V wrote on November 10, 2008
Mature - I was excited about it when it was announced, but upon seeing the details of it, now not so much. It kills me that they released a great expanded version of On Stage as a regular priced cd. I always thought this would be followed by a similar treatment to In Person to make another fine CD expanded. So now on FTD we get the same exact CD with a few bonus songs out of context, Im pretty upset. Couldnt care less about disc 2. I dont listen to all the 1969 shows I have now.
Sirbalkan wrote on November 10, 2008
Dear Staff, Since "Sony on Hunt" artickle was published here, many many messages regarding epe and RCA and bmg; negative messages have been written. So: You are a huge web site and we really as you do, take care and love Elvis BUT please help us to reach those messages and reproaches to epe and bmg. As a member said: no awards given to Elvis since 2004, nothing had been advertised on tv and nothing had been done for the music of Elvis out of ftd which calls upon a limited base. So Can we do such an online signing campaign to change the guy who is responsible for all these things regarding elvis? Or some other way for prisciila , lisa to see... I am really tired of seeing just an effort for elvis shoes, socks and such silly things by epe.... Please help us!!!! Make this message reach chair man etc.
Sirbalkan wrote on November 10, 2008
All ELV1S FANS HERE... PLEASE... Le'ts support elvisnews.com and make all our concerns reach the cahirman and manager of epe. We are really tired of not seeing anything for Elvis since 2004. No awards given, no advertising but ONLY MAKING HIM THE TOP EARNING DEAD CELEBRITY !!!IT IS ENOUGH!!! We want him to be remembered by his music and I want his all concerts, studio takes to be released to GENERAL public in a bootleg quality like Madison releases... FTD is ok but Elvis deserves new awards to be given and new audiences to be won. Let's create again "ELVIS THE CONCERT" with a younger band with a HUGE electric performance, again with ELVIS on Stage. Tcb band did their job great but new audience wants Elvis as Polk Salad Annie 72 dynamism... Faster songs huge and longer vocal abilities and etc. God Bless Elvis all original Band. We had experienced the magic of Elvis concert thanks to them but Elvis has to continue with a lot of energy; maybe with a younger generation again. No matter if it's original or not WE WANT ELV1S ON STAGE... !!! And it will sell out with A FEW ADVERTISEMENT; a thing which EPE wasn't aware of through all these years. LET'S DO IT !!!
sitdown68 wrote on November 10, 2008
To get "elvis" on the road with a younger band...please, come on. Who would take a "Frank Sinatra" on the road again, a "Jimmie Hendrix", "Patsy Cline", "Hank Williams"...Please stop it, now.This was a weird thing with the original band already. As Ronnie tutt once said: I hear him sing, I look up and he's not there. And that's the way it is. He's gone. Some 31 years ago. This is the most unsensitive idea I've ever read in a forum. Let them sell the socks and the coffee cup. But pleeease, don't get this show on the road again. It all ends definitely where his original musicans says: It's Over.
Sirbalkan wrote on November 10, 2008
Dear sitdown68... Have you ever been to Elvis the concert virtual tour? Let me tell yoiu something... Nearly all concerts were sold out. Ronnie Tutt told he was not there but did you know that every fan attending the concert was crying screaming and excited and they told it just felt like Elvis was there. After the concert did you know that only in UK epe earned 18 million pounds from 2001 tour? Everybody was amazed with those concerts and Elvis again could fill huge arenas and stadiums even while he was dead. It's obvious you haven't been there. Such a shame you won't see that again.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 10, 2008
Im with you steve,a reissue of in person would have been great,there were some great releases in the 90's but no more,its Ftd or nothing!
Chop983 wrote on November 11, 2008
So should I buy them or not? ;)
SnOwMan wrote on November 11, 2008
Buy "EIP" and ignore "I'll Remember You". Let's boycott this piece of crap.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 12, 2008
No interest in I'll remember you,the import bored me so um well there you go!
JerryNodak wrote on November 15, 2008
I'll be buying both of these releases. Yes, "Mister I don't like soundboards" is going to buy this one. I'm more excited about the soundboard than "In Person." Another '69 concert on disc 2. Yawn! Well, I know I'll enjoy disc 1.
BBManTwo wrote on November 21, 2008
Another missed opportunity Folks...too bad, really as the IN PERSON could have been a "super" release on FTD if it carried also next to the album songs: LmeT, HHotel, Trouble, Baby what.., JR/Cruel medley and why not, songs added should have been Oh happy days, More, I walk Line, Folsom Pr Blues, MemphisTN and others or snippets of them. The second CD of InPerson is OK Where is the rest of the missing studio and movie outtakes we want in 2009. Please MrJorgensen let us know. Send out a press release or interview to EPFCs and on this forum