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Cashbox Charts

November 05, 2008 | Music
On this week's US Cashbox charts "Elvis' Christmas Album" jumps from #16 to #4 while the "Christmas Duets" album drops from #2 to #13 on the Hot Christmas Albums chart. On the Top Country Albums chart the "Duets" album remains steady at #4 this week.
Source:Cashbox Magazine

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Cruiser621 wrote on November 06, 2008
Why tinker with a classic aka Elvis' original Christmas album recorded in 1957? Updated supposedly with new singing accompaniment? Don't think so folks! I'll continue to listen to the original Elvis product; not some quick buck scheme to strip money from us.
Brian Quinn wrote on November 06, 2008
The whole idea of this Christnmas Album was to try and present something new for Elvis fans. Not all of us are prepared to sit down and listen to the same compilations year after year. In fact the new 'Duets' album improves on the originals in some instances. I am all for remixes and duets providing they are done well. In this instance they are.
samcra wrote on November 06, 2008
I agree completely with Brian Quinn. Let's keep in mind that most people in thier 20's, 30's and even 40's don't necessarily listen to our man for Christmas music. Anything new and fresh can only bring in new fans. We die-hard fans don't need it ... but they do.
JerryNodak wrote on November 07, 2008
I'm looking forward to hearing these Christmas songs in a new way. I'm tired of listening to the same old thing.
EspenK wrote on November 10, 2008
Yeah we (you?) die-hard fans need something new as well - and this is a good production. Don't judge it before you've heard it.