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New Camden Re-issues

October 22, 2008 | Music
Due for release from Sony Special Products on November 17, 2008 are re-issues of the original Camden / RCA budget albums "I Got Lucky" (1971) and "Elvis Presley Sings Hits From His Movies" (1972).

Original tracklisting "I Got Lucky":

I Got Lucky
What A Wonderful Life
I Need Somebody To Lean On
Yoga As Yoga Does
Riding The Rainbow
Fools Fall In Love
The Love Machine
Home Is Where The Heart Is
You Gotta Stop
If You Think I Don't Need You

Original tracklisting "Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies":

Down By The Riverside And When The Saints Go Marching In
They Remind Me Too Much Of You
Frankie And Johnny
Guitar Man
Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)
You Don't Know Me
How Would You Like To Be
Big Boss Man
Old MacDonald

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theoldscudder wrote on October 22, 2008
These will make me move to Canada.
JLpResLey wrote on October 22, 2008
Well, what is there to say. I have the "I got lucky" LP and I don´t like it that much. Especially "Yoga is a yoga does" is awful. The other album seems to be better, but not great. Both "Confidence" and "Old McDonald" on the same album. That´s not promising. Why is it released then? Good question, not even the die hard fans will get it.
schemies wrote on October 22, 2008
Well, I got lucky: I have the German "Club Edition" from about 20 years ago. Before I just owned a tape, but when I was little I liked this album very much (and still find the cover a HIT today). Just a opinion ...
Greg Nolan wrote on October 22, 2008
A lot of us have welcomed the recent Camden reissues - wart and all- there's a lot of fondness for the titles that we originally purchased. After all, being budget items, they were in many cases among our first Elvis purchases. I have a fondness for the "I Got Lucky" album (give or take or song or two) and "Elvis Sings Hits From The Movies" is even weaker but I'll be getting these anyway. The covers were quite striking, too, even if they were clearly bad for his career. At this late date, I'm glad Sony is releasing these titles before the CD era totally closes.
elvistruth wrote on October 22, 2008
Great new!!! The sound on this collection is great!!!
Steve V wrote on October 22, 2008
For nostalgia purposes you have your vinyl LPs. Why flood the CD market with releases that did nothing except lower the King's credibilty as an artist when they were released in the 70's. CDs should be essential releases that make sense for the artist's catalog. The people that buy these (especially hits from his movies) must have money to burn. Do you know the story on that LP? Supposedly Elvis was handed a copy to sign once. He looked at it and told the fan 'what is this'? Nice huh? What other recording artist had no control over their album releases. RCA & The Colonel really milked it the profits and killed the artistry.
Coronel Parker wrote on October 22, 2008
Great news!
sitdown68 wrote on October 22, 2008
Steve_V hits the nail. And in relation to the lack of control, here's the 21th October entry from day to day, where it says this: October 21, 1975. "Elvis had contractual commitments to RCA and the Colonel had come up with several ideas to fulfill these. A collection of movie title tracks, an album especially for children and so forth. RCA had not yet responded to any of his suggestions, so now the Colonel went to RCA with a telegram from Elvis: " I would like to work on an album for early '76 release, where I would do a combination, part conventional and part live from Las Vegas, during my Dec. 2-15 engagement. This would give a much better flavor with all the new material. Best regards, Elvis" . Nothing came from this suggestion." Elvis should have changed the record company by 1970. What about Columbia. They managed and published Cash, Dylan, and later on Springsteen. RCA just didn't support enough such a tremendously talented artist as Presley was. Not to respond on creative ideas of an artist is a most unsensitive behaviour. And creative work is what keeps an artist alive. So he better had sorrounded himself with folks like Moham, Binder, John Landau, and kicked Parker out of the basket. I know, there are reports about times he was at the edge to do so...Too bad he didn't.
japio wrote on October 22, 2008
I like these albums. Ok it's for real collector who's want have every cd that's come out. But see it positive .The original pressings have (if you find them) very high prices. Ok the tracklists are not great. But i think everybody had these lp's in his collection
Ronaldv wrote on October 22, 2008
Good news from Sony!!! Until now I never was lucky enough to get these 2 albums on cd, they are so unbelievable hard to find and expensive, that I will buy these for sure. In the late 70's I bought these albums, these are part of my youth!
JerryNodak wrote on October 22, 2008
Yes, as Greg points out many of us have a fondness for these for a variety of reasons. Yes, I have these on vinyl, but I decided long ago that I would update my entire Elvis vinyl collection with its cd equivelent where possible. My mission continues. Can't wait to pop these into my cd player. Now where's C'mon Everybody?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 22, 2008
I have to agree with you steve,while i agree they are great covers,and i admit i have a few of the other releases from camden,i dont understand why they were ever releasesd,i understand at the same time that since they were released,there is some sentimental value placed on there releases,but take a look at Elvis cd's next to other artists,all you see are great hits packages from Elvis,and the fact that great Elvis classic are hidden in the collectors label is quite a shame,the most misguided artist in hostory award goes to Elvis and his record company!
Steve V wrote on October 22, 2008
Mature - they have totally lost their direction. You hear that no worthy cds come out anymore becuase the CD market is drying up with poor sales, yet they release these instead of Elvis Country, etc? Makes no sense other than the quick buck and they know there are fans that as Greg pointed out, have a fondess for these for a variety of reasons. I could never be fond of a cd that has Yoga Is on it , or heaven forbid, Old MacDonald & Confidence on the same CD. My CD player would puke. These Camdens were the Colonels & RCA's idea to make a quick buck with no thought whatsoever on the content and belittled Elvis in my opinion. When I want to hear the movie songs, I just play the boxset with the cream of the lot. Now ,that was a good release when the label had some direction. Never thought I'd be fond of the 90's.
sitdown68 wrote on October 22, 2008
most misguided artist in history, that's the sad truth indeed. Had he teamed up with someone like Grossmann and changed to Columbia...boy, he would have been with people who appreciated his artistical ambitions. his company just couldn't handle the new music era anymore, nor his manager...
Cruiser621 wrote on October 22, 2008
Both Colonel Parker and Elvis are gone and it's like the Colonel has come back from the grave to rip off the rest of the suckers who will buy anything either for nostalgia or completeness reasons. Show me the money and dismiss Elvis as the originator of rock 'n roll. Elvis ceased to be, music wise, at the start of 1960 in my opinion.
EspenK wrote on October 23, 2008
Awww *sigh*... "I got lucky"! This is a very special album to me. I got it on tape for christmas back when I was a kid (a gift from my brother), and this album is THE Elvis christmas album to me. I've later obtained all three versions of the vinyl record (different covers) and this complete collection is stored in my collection as are my most valued Elvis records of the entire collection. It's silly, isnt it? :) Why am I telling you this? To prove a point: One mans trash is another mans gold. This release, for me, is worth a lot more than many of the FTD releases (not to mention the audience recording boots...). I will *so* definately get I Got Lucky on CD - wrapped in and give myself as a xmas gift. :)
Taprik wrote on October 23, 2008
I could just sign what Espen wrote... Christmas 1977, I Got Lucky - and I could stare at the sleeve for hours, and I still know every beat of all the tracks.
Kenneth wrote on October 23, 2008
Stevev, I always thought Parker owned Camden alone, not with any partners, am I wrong?.
ElvisDayByDay wrote on October 23, 2008
Why do you all blame The Colonel or RCA for releases like this and the consequences for Elvis'career? Elvis should have stepped-up and taken care of business himself! He let his career and life slip down the drain himself.
EspenK wrote on October 23, 2008
Kees, you don't accuse Elvis for anything negative around here, don't you know? ;) But you're absolutely right of course.
ElvisDayByDay wrote on October 23, 2008
Sorry, I forgot, won't happen again ... now where did I leave my pink glasses?
sitdown68 wrote on October 23, 2008
Lefty wrote on October 23, 2008
I was buying LP's when the Camden stuff came out. And even though I was just a kid scraping together a few bucks from mowing lawns, I never took the low road and bought the cheap Camden "bargain buys." They were junk, and everyone knew it. Artists like Elton John were doing incredible things with their LP's. The artwork alone back then was astounding. The Elvis albums of the day were done without any creative thought. I've always believed that the suits operated on the premise that "no effort is required when Elvis is the product." In a sense they're right. Thirty years later, and absolute trash with the name "Elvis" stamped on it still sells.
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 23, 2008
Kenneth, the Colonel didn't own Camden, it was an RCA subsidary for budget priced product. Parker owned the Boxcar label which first gave us the dreadful 'Having Fun On Stage...' LP before Parker sold it to RCA in order to make up Elvis' quota of releases for that year. Another scam. I too bought both of these Camden LPs when I was a kid, but I have no desire to buy the CD versions. They were awful compilations then and remain so today.
Josh&Jody wrote on October 23, 2008
EspenK's comments like "one man's trash is another man's gold" puts us off. How can some fans dig those cheap & poor Camden releases from the past (though must agree the album covers were great). Do NOT agree with Cruisers who offended ALL Elvis fans saying that Elvis ceased to be in 1960...why do they publish this sort of negativism ? His voice is one of the very best in music history and many more people liked Elvis's voice & song renderings during the sixties than earlier or later (50s and 70s). Steve and Mature Pals, we fear, might be right in saying that they've lost perhaps total control. But then again, look at the positive side: several years ago someone asked if BMG plans to release a follow up Double CD of EatMovies Vol Two...which we thought and still believe would be a fantastic, well-selling release for general audiences worldwide. Also the Dutch were/are more creative than others, asking approval to release for their fans a Double CD with Memories of Elvis on it. Let's broaden the concept and BMG should have taken the idea and run with it, releasing one digipack of BOTH albums on FTD label (good marketing decision) The same would have been/is still possible to put ALL 3 CAMDEN albums on one FTD (as many fans would buy it with their hard-earned money during these years of crisis for all). It obviously goes to show what a bunch of in-experienced decision-makers there are. We sure don't understand how fans can get aroused by songs like Yoga, OdMac a.o.In marketing terms such Camden released should ONLY be on FTD and not for the general public to enjoy (for quite sentimental reasosns only though). In marketing though you should always be creative&different (ensuring that there is a bonus ADD-ON to the original releases. Some folks should go back to basic marktg courses--forget their 7 MBA diplomas.Greg, Steve & JLP
JerryNodak wrote on October 23, 2008
Elvis and the "Colonel" are dead. Long live Elvis and the "Colonel." The wiley "Colonel" still up to his old tricks.
Steve V wrote on October 23, 2008
Let me put this in prospective. Have you seen the latest Bob Dylan release? The Essential bootleg series vol 8 I believe. See how a different label works? No FTD BS, just a release his fans want on the normal label right there on your store's CD shelf. Now this is respectful of the artist and his fans. It seems the label was doing this with the Essentail Elvis series but have lost their way. So now every release is relegated to the FTD label except hit compilations, duets, and these awful Camdens.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 23, 2008
Steve i agree yet again,but when you mention that Ftd has become a rip off,fans throw up the you dont remember the 80's quote,i just think many Elvis fans are easy to manipulate,some fans even scream ernst will get mad and close up the Ftd label,i find that comment funny and pathetic at the same time,the fact that title like Elvis country is not in the stores and cd's like these camden releases and countless compilations that have the same songs are,is the most stupidist thing i have ever seen with a artist or band,as you mentioned,many artists are handled in a way that shows there best work and also is good for the fans,i myself have not ordered the latest Ftd's.the thrill is gone for me.sick of buying what i have,an this argument that the end of the cd age is the reason nothing else is in stores besides compilations is bogus!
Mike Landsdown wrote on October 24, 2008
Elvis' Camden releases have always been a topic of debate amongst the fans: Some view them as a sweet reminder of their childhood and a first exposure to Elvis and his music, whereas others regard them as the lowest point in the great Elvis' discography. Personally, I have always viewed them as a "guilty pleasure" - where some great and under-rated tracks were placed alongside some of the poorest tracks Elvis recorded. Also, it should be remembered that when the original albums were released, a great many of the songs had either never been released before, or had only been available on long-deleted EPs and singles. For this reason alone, they hold an important place amongst Elvis' releases. Times change however, and in this day and age it can be difficult justifying releasing a CD with a playing time of around 20 minutes, especially when many fans now have these songs on other albums. But, as Josh&Jody suggested, a 3CD set may be worthwhile. I recently did just that and put together a 75 track, 3CD set of the best of the Camden material - excluding the Christmas tracks - a sort of updated "Double Dynamite" / "The Elvis Explosion", under the title "Elvis - The Camden Collection" (very original, I know). The track listing is as follows: CD1 Burning Love, Wonderful World, Let's Be Friends, Follow That Dream, I Believe, The Love Machine, Flaming Star, You Don't Know Me, C'Mon Everybody, If I'm A Fool (For Loving You), Riding The Rainbow, Clean Up Your Own Backyard, Old Shep, Sing You Children, Charro!, Am I Ready, I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell, They Remind Me Too Much Of You, Rubberneckin', Home Is Where The Heart Is, Night Life, It Is No Secret (What God Can Do), Stay Away Joe, Angel, What Now, What Next, Where To CD2 A Little Less Conversation, Tender Feeling, I'll Take Love, In My Way, My Little Friend, (There'll Be) Peace in The Valley (For Me), I'm Not The Marrying Kind, All I Needed Was The Rain, Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On), Always On My Mind, This Is Living, Almost, Do The Vega, You'll Never Walk Alone, You Gotta Stop, Is It So Strange, Change Of Habit, I Need Somebody To Lean On, U.S. Male, No More, Who Am I?, I Got Lucky, I Met Her Today, Big Boss Man, Have A Happy CD 3 Guitar Man, Sentimental Me, She's A Machine, It's A Matter Of Time, Take My Hand, Precious Lord, Stay Away, A Whistling Tune, Frankie And Johnny, Almost In Love, Fools Fall In Love, Today, Tomorrow And Forever, Too Much Monkey Business, I'll Be There, Easy Come, Easy Go, We Call On Him, King Of The Whole Wide World, Let's Forget About The Stars, Edge Of Reality, What A Wonderful Life, Separate Ways, Let Us Pray, Forget Me Never, We'll Be Together, Mama Liked The Roses, If You Think I Don't Need You The sequencing was done in a way that tracks from particular years / movies, etc. were spaced throughout the collection, with songs that I was never especially fond of (Confidence, Yoga Is As Yoga Does, etc.) being eliminated. Also, Tiger Man was not included, as I always thought it a little unusual having a live song on a Camden release (although it made perfect sense when originally released in Singer stores to promote the 'Elvis' TV special). So, I now have on 3 CDs (and my iPod - including cover art taken from Elvis' Feb 1971 souvenir menu) some of my favourite Elvis tracks that in many cases would be out of place on other compilations. I'd love to know if other fans have done something similar?
John4126 wrote on October 24, 2008
Words fail - see sketch!
GEORGE (GK) wrote on October 25, 2008
In my opinion Of all the Camden album releases only "Elvis-Lets Be Friends" seemed "original" to me. Back in the day it featured songs, that made its debut, for the first time like "Lets Be Friends", "Lets Forget about the Stars", "I'll be there", "Have a happy", "Change of Habit", "Almost" and "Mama & "Almost". The album flowed nicely with, the exception, being "Stay Away Joe". The second and third best camden album releases, are again in my opinion are "Elvis-Almost in Love" featuring the original versions of "Rubberneckin" and "A Little Less Conversation", and "Elvis-You'll never Walk alone-album" featuring, back then, the rare title Track along with other "strong gospel songs". The other Camden collections, were much weaker in material, but all in all fun editions to my Elvis collection. I am sure most of us, will buy the CAMDEN Re-releases on CD. (as will I) for great Nostalgia reasons and because its Elvis !!!
JerryNodak wrote on October 25, 2008
GK: I'd have to add Flaming Star to your list of Camden albums that felt "original." Title title track had been previously released years earlier, but not on LP in the U.S. "Wonderful World" from Live A Little, Love A Little was unreleased on LP. Ditto for "Night Life;" "All I Needed Was The Rain;" "Too Much Monkey Business;" "Yellow Rose/Eyes Of Texas medley;" She's A Machine;" "Do The Vega;" and "Tiger Man." Pretty good value for around $3.00 USD back in the day
Steve V wrote on October 25, 2008
The first few Camdens were indeed good value and a welcome as they introduced new songs. I loved the Almost In Love LP personally. They were good until the movies songs LPs & the Burning Love catastrophe and then they became an embarassment. But in this day & age even the good ones have no use on CD. These songs have been on CD for years now. Buying these even for nostalgic purposes is silly and money wasted.
king35 wrote on October 25, 2008
What Elvis fan has not ever had these releases in their collections at some point and time? I know I have, and will continue to do so. I've had these on just about every format that's ever been with the exception of reel to reel. True, these releases were never meant to be best sellers or classic, but to some Elvis fans, they are but guilty pleasures..also having been released in Elvis's life. Anymore, I'm just happy to see something new that I can get my hands on. The FTD label hasn't been nothing but a big joke since day one. Who can afford the money that they ask for each one of those releases? I know I can't, I haven't bought a one, even before the economy took a turn for the worse. Yet, there's people on here that complain about these releases, but turn right around and fork out big bucks for the FTD stuff..I just don't get it.
theoldscudder wrote on October 25, 2008
As per usual Steve V is right on.
JerryNodak wrote on October 26, 2008
Here's what I do when an older FTD or main label release becomes obsolete, I simply give it to my local library. They're building a nice Elvis collection and I've got the upgraded main label and FTD 'classic' album releases. Everybody wins. No, I'm not made of money, but I really enjoy the 'classic' series. I intent to buy them all if I live long enpough.
JerryNodak wrote on October 26, 2008
Oops! I meant to put this response on the "FTDs arrive" thread. Mr. Moderator(s) you may move it there if you can/wish.
benny scott wrote on October 26, 2008
I do not always agree with what EspenK writes, but this time I do . I think he's absolutely right stating " One man's trash is another man's gold". If one has some special memories concerning these ( vinyl ) records there is nothing wrong wanting them on CD, and Steve V, I think it's not silly at all purchasing them. Memories can be very important ans precious to somebody, and no one should critisize this. My devise : Live And Let Live. Always El.
Josh&Jody wrote on October 27, 2008
Great comments Mike. Did thoroughly enjoy them (although not always agree) You see that is where most commentators on this forum are wrong: they complain but never send in their ideas or suggestions...Repeat: it is another major mktg/mgmt error they made by releasing those cheap and poor song quality Camden albums on CD...and for the general public...you gotta be kiddin... not doing any good for EP's image let us tell you. They should have put a Double CD out on FTD with three of those old albums (if fans insist for sentimental reasons only...now that is blowing their money away, we feel). And they should have only been distributed thru EPFCs or a very selected number of music stores (the very best ones to sell EP product...like one per city! where fans could pick it up) NOT for the general public. It damages. As for those who listen to those 29 false and altern. verisons one after the other...suggest they produce their own CD or cassette (or put a selection on their iPod like we do) by inserting some of those altern. versions amongst the old released ones... Now then they are smart. Now those new Camden CDs should be released in a tin can lunch box ! But you see, Lefty & many more fans: we outta "demand" more from BMG and FTD. For a long time we have invited you all to be positive and pro-active and share with us your ideas, recomms and suggestions for Ernst & Roger to read and draw their conclusions of. You see, BMG nor FTD do any market research while planning new releases, it seems. We should ALL voice our priority list of future FTD releases (our Santa list if you will) and then they'll know what we want.
Steve V wrote on October 27, 2008
Benny scott - i see your logic but if released for nostalgic purposes iwhy not start releasing the Pickwicks on CD also? You see? Where does it end? Im sure many of those LPs hold the same sort of memory for folks you mention as the Camdens. I think they all had their day and should be forgotten especially when there are good LPs not in the mainstream.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on October 28, 2008
Somehow, I forgot, about, the "great" "Flaming Star" -RCA -Camden release. I stand "corrected" and "Rightly so".. (Thanks Jerry). The "Flaming Star" Album, was the first, in the series, and "one of the best" along with "Lets Be Friends", "Almost in Love", and "You'll Never walk alone".
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 28, 2008
Dont they want to sell cd's? So why not have Elvis is back & Elvis country on store shelves,these type of cd's are not really going to wow people,im sorry i cant find the logic in this,if you like the cd's fine buy them all,but why the hect are his regular albums stuck on a freakin collectors label that many have no idea excist,expecially new fans,put the camdens on the collectors label,do something besides having the best material he did hidden,and not everyone is gonna want outtakes such as the elvis is back Ftd,sure great sound but its 35 bucks people!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 28, 2008
Josh & Jody ,im sorry im not asking ernst for anything the fact that im asked to pay 35 bucks for a cheap looking digi pack shows me no one is listening,i want quality,yes quality over quanity,im not just happy to have the Ftd label,i actually want thought put into each and every release because last time i checked they cost the same pirce,put the cd's in a case and have liner notes,always use the same people you know can mix a cd,stop telling me you only do this in your spare time,give 100% quality,as for a santa list,why send him one,we all know he aint santa,santa lives in the north pole,surprised you didnt know that!
Greg Nolan wrote on October 30, 2008
Steve V.: with all due respect, you again join the ever-bombastic (and mostly tone-deaf) Scudder in putting your fist down on the side of how *you* wish the world would work - and that of the late Elvis Presley career - now 30-plus years into being post-humous and secure for time immemorial as a true legend. A modest roll-out of some CDs on Sony's budget line is hardly going to sink a thing at this late date and god love the free market for fans to pick through, as the wreckage is a done deal anyway as far as all this "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" goes. There are a lot of straw arguments being made here. There's hardly a soul who doesn't lament that most of the Camden's were a blown opportunity (I agree with the on-target comments about the charms of "Almost in Love," " Let's Be Friends" and "Sings Flaming Star..") but at this late stage in the game, these are totally harmless releases, and might actually spur a latter day fan or two. Why? Well, in case Mature thinks I'm making stuff up, have you seen a real stand-alone, brick and mortar record store lately? I'd say the independents have almost entirely disappeared, outside of some collector vinyl/ CD emporiums in U.S. cities like New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington, D.C. and even then they are fading away. Tower Records ? Gone. Check out the descendent of the former "Record World," today known as "FYE" in malls across the country. You'll find a bunch of hispanic immigrants looking at their bulging CD racks (the MP-3 thing has not yet fully invaded all demographics) but by and large, they are hardly the hub of activity as in even five or especially ten years ago. It's over, folks. CD's soldier on in spots where downloads haven't taken over and a lot of that is associated with age and demographics. But the real evidence that the CD era (outside of scores of articles on the subject that can easily be "googled") is if my fellow Americans check out a K-Mart or Wal-Mart: even their sections have been stripped down a few aisles and know longer have true "racks" of each artists in many cases but a random (1 to 3 CD thick) wall of artists from A-Z, occasionally in genre sections but depressingly bare-bones. Even truck stops up and down the east coast show that truckers and other road hogs in the US today have satellite radios and yes, MP-3 players. But for the time being, truck-stops and yes, places like K-Mart have a bin of budget CDs and this is where, some 30 years later, that you will find these "controversial" ("oooooh!") Elvis Camden releases (later on Pickwick but same album and song choices so it's a straw point, Steve). To me, they don't have great or wide release. No real Elvis mainline CD does anyway, outside of a few and even then, like I've written, get the exposure they once did. "Christmas Duets" is getting a roll-out a time when the phyical (if not digital) CD market has shriveled up like...well, a stack of dimes, sad to say. But if "Joe the Trucker" happens to cotton to pick up "Let's Be Friends" and play it for 23 minutes in his rig, I bet he might say, "light but fun sh*t- I remember that guy. Cool album." Hell, a lot of us did way back when. What's the harm? These inarguably flawed releases wooed many of us into becoming fans back when we didn't have much money - and good for you, Lefty for having the cash to be a purist back then. (LOL). We hang our collective heads for taking what you call the "low road" and bowing to buy titles like "Almost In Love" etc.-- in many cases the first and only place to buy these titles. So the notion that in 2008, Elvis' legacy is *damaged* by some budget Camden titles having trickled out again in the latest (and sadly, last physical medium) and is some sort of cultural crime is absurd. I embrace even the absurdist aspect of his career. Annoy the critics - they don't get the real Elvis legacy anyway in too many cases. Steve, the last time anyone cared about CD releases was indeed the late '80s and '90s - and that's when Ernst and Roger rightfully got such praise for the '87 "Sun Sessions," "The Memphis Record," the "Essential" series and the great decade boxes, all of which helped re-position Elvis critically at a time when the music press was still paying attention to "catalog" (oldie) artists and their CD incarnations. The FTD project (who was that guy cluelessly crowing that he's never bought a FTD?) have well-deserved respect from fans (okay, not Mature most famously and the ever-grouchy Steve V) and have continued these great resurection of the Elvis record legacy. The Camdens are just a nice side show for those of us who enjoy re-living a small facet of our childhoods. Not a big deal...! Today, you'll not find a snicker or review by any rag of these titles as the band has moved on. I had to buy the first batch on Amazon.com before they finally turned up in some stores like K-Mart in big bins for a couple of sheckels. It's frankly disappointing that the same old people (the "professional complainers") continue to come on here (and elsewhere) and moan over each release. As "Rob" at FECC once noted, it's like showing up to a stamp collectors convention and moaning over the silliness of collecting stamps and acting annoyed that new ones keep getting released..! ) No one here is drooling over these titles but are simply glad it's out there for a limited time. And finally to the equally-prickly Sitdown, who seems to bash a whole lot of Elvis' career ("most misguided artist in history, that's the sad truth indeed"), I disagree. If you're saying (as with 99 percent of Elvis fans, that he should have dumped the old Dutch illegal immigrant he had a manager, then I agree, and certainly too much material was slapped together and yes, sold because of our silly impulse to buy anything with that cool guy on the cover, then yeah, I agree. But I don't agree that his career was some kind of failure, which you come rather close to implying, certainly to any outsider reading your comments.. I think the great sum of his work in each of his active musical decades was remarkably diverse and still-under-rated for its power and range of eclectic material and this is born out with such famous collections like "The King of Rock and Roll," "From Nashville to Memphis" and "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" or any number of his best albums. (The most legititmate critique of the Camdens is that they gave new life to dreck-like material or revived already released movie tracks or mixed the good and the bad and significantly, often detracted from legitimate album titles like "Elvis Country" and what only in 1999 became the alternate ("shoulda-been") "Burning Love" album. But there are those who don't get the '70s Elvis at all, who also want to pile on the Camden titles. Give me (us) a break! Thanks to Sony (isn't BMG out of the equation any day now?) for throwing a bone for Camden-heads -and yes, giving us something to talk about! Mike Landsdown: yes, I've done similar collections on both tape and CD! Thanks for the upbeat post. Life is too short to encounter all this constant carping and I say that as someone with at least a few brain cells functioning and, no "rose colored glasses" - as all of this hobby (even for the self-styled "realists" here) is inherently irrational and very much an indulgence -but a good and mostly harmless one at that!
Steve V wrote on October 30, 2008
Greg - Im not grouchy, I just tell it like I see it. After collecting Elvis for 50+ years, there are many things I wish werent done in his career. When I see those things, I speak about them. Of course there have been many postive releases, as you've stated the 90's CDs & boxsets were fabulous. And yes, there are no more legit CD/record stores as we once knew them. But to see Elvis relagated to the supermarket checkout counter with Camdens and cheap hits compilations, and his classic albums only avaialble for 35.00 on a collectors label, well I guess Ive seen it come full circle and I dont think for the better. Just my opionion.
theoldscudder wrote on October 30, 2008
Greg Nolan read your long winded diatribe. Steve V. why justify your comments? Fact is the Camdens were cheezy. Tom Parker at his Carney huckster best. I say if you like the Camdens then buy them. My only question is why. Dosent everybody already have these songs? Maybe they will put out a tin can containing all the Camdens someday. Then the Greg Nolan's of the world will sleep soundly. Reading Greg's comments had that effect on me last night.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 02, 2008
Greg,its nice to know who your friends are,although i should not be surpised by your comments,after admitting that you keep bad company(not mentioning the name)the classic albums were pathetic then and still are,but as so goes in the Elvis world its more about quanity and not quality hence the old do you remember the 80's comment,with all the bs i have dealt with in last few months,no sorry i dont find everything Elvis essential,and i dont have money to burn,and saying put down everything is fTD Is untrue,but i will not agree just to be in the popular crowd,that crowd is easy to be in,just let someone else tell you what you think!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 02, 2008
Before the typo police stop by,i meant to say the camdens were pathetic when originally released and still are,also that to say i hate everything Ftd is untrue,thanks and goodnight!
Josh&Jody wrote on November 02, 2008
Sorry Greg, Scud and others. Those Camdens should have been released differently and only on FTD. They are NOT meant to further improve or maintain EP's good artist image amongst general worldwide audiences. Folks, if you all complain only about the bad pricing, may we suggest you kindly but firmly request/demand E&R to release those missing PRIOIRTY sessions (Gma, USMale, KCreole a.o.) and then the rest of the FTD movie digipacks like KCousins, Roust, Sppedw & his last 5 movies). We also believe that Ernst was right a long time ago by releasing those Classic Double Albums...except he should have ADDED bonus songs to those to make it more successful for the general public. He should also have coupled those albums differently (why not do it again, this time the right way Ernst) i.e.: Prom Land with RonRock + bonus songs on one CD; GTimes with Fool album on one CD+bonus, Love letters with Now plus bonus; EPBlvd with Moody Blue plus bonus songs. A rip of according to some fans...well if you want to keep E's image & sales up high in the eyes/interest of the general public worldwide you gotta compromise...we fear. And what about an enhanced/better quality FTD digi of E at American Studios with those fantastic outtakes (think: If I'm a fool, Ghetto, Stranger inhome town, etc etc bottleggers were again first Ernst) and also upgrade both of E at MSqG, NY...both shows (or more??) in one double digipack (but WITH colored photos from Keith, Bonja, Heist a.o.please...not cheap B/W ones). We will NOT buy those Camden CDs and are against them being released !
Josh&Jody wrote on November 02, 2008
We will not buy those Camdens (rip offs to get our money for sentimental reasons only)Where is the tracklisting of songs for IN PERSON scheduled for Dec release ? When will King Creole be available with outtakes in FTD digipack format ? What is the FTD release planning for 2009 ??
Greg Nolan wrote on November 03, 2008
Old Scudder, all you ever are capable of are mean-spirited or unfunny one-liners so I don't expect you to string together anything resembling a paragraph let alone read several of them. Mature, no offense meant but I simply make the case that many of you are making a mountain out of molehill. I think if regular CD sections still existed, I'd be a bit more mortified by these releases. In fact, I repeated wrote on FECC and this forum about the wretched state of the RCA/BMG catalog for years before throwing in the towel in the "post-CD" Sony era. I respect Steve V's take on it but remind folks that this is a little hobby for people, not Foreign Relations 101. The world's not at stake - and Elvis' legacy is just fine as no one even knows about these releases - it's extremely minor.
theoldscudder wrote on November 03, 2008
Gregster, I feel it a privilege & honor that such a brilliant & insightful person such as you would even acknowledge my humble comments. I would certaintly love for you to help me to improve on my reading & writing skills. It has occured just to me that your views are the only valid ones. So please enlighten me & write a long winded treatise on what I should like & what I should not like. Funny how much time you have to devote to this sight. Just a thought.
theoldscudder wrote on November 03, 2008
Gregster, I am very sorry I put just after occured instead of before it. See I really do need your help. If you could also grade my spelling I would be so grateful.
Josh&Jody wrote on November 04, 2008
Surprise surprise: we will NOT allow them to rip us of with those cheap Camden re-releases that are damaging our King's image. We are, though, glad to read that finally there will be another live Vegas show from Feb 73 released. Good for you all of us who like quality material and hopefully a good interesting show! But we also need the KCreole digipack with ALL outtakes on it:No, it's not silly Steve ! There seems to be another 6 outtakes of the title song, 3 outt of Young Dreams and 4 of Trouble and 8 of Dixieland rock available, hidden and full of dust in the barril way down deep into the Kansas saltmine...How about that buddy? So it's not what you think, is it? Better check with people that know their way in the vault Steve, before you talk. And Charlie an MaturePal, you might be right that the FTD's strategy is from now on to release at extremely high price those MISSING materials that we so long have been screeming for (EonTour 72, complete Am Studios sessions with ALL outtakes, Prom L, Now, GTimes, Fool album and EPBlvd (hopefully together with those 6 songs from MBlue); and of course, the 67 & 68 studio sessions with Jerry !! Plus all remaining MISSING movie sessions plus oputtakes...Will we have to pay an absorbitantly high price for all those in the future ($45 or Euros 40) ?? We wonder and are very worried that Elvis' record company would milk and rip off all those loyal life-long fans (their clientela for many many years mind you). By the way, who knows the tracklisting of IN PERSON for Dec release ?? And why doesn't Jorgensen give us the 2009 releases FTD planning ?? When missing movie sessions with their fab outtakes ? which ones? And Ernst should release for general public worldwide again the Double Albums on one CD BUT THIS TIME 1.with some of the best outtakes (a selection of them) and 2.this time a combination of GTimes with Fool, LLetters with Now, Prom Land with RonRock and of course the EPBlvd with MBlue PLUS OUTTAKES !! Guaranteed winner amonst worldwide public if done this way, not like before (was a marketing mistake, admit it E):
JerryNodak wrote on November 04, 2008
J & J: You have to get your head(s) around a simple fact. Generally the general public doesn't care. Sony would have to spend several hundred thousand dollars minimum just to get the general public somewhat interested in an Elvis back catalogue release. Money they probably wouldn't see returned because of poor sales.
Steve V wrote on November 04, 2008
4 outtakes of Trouble , 3 of Young dreams and 8 of Dixieland Rock? If thats true, than an FTD of King Creole should be of top priority, now! Where did you get these facts from?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 04, 2008
Last time i checked there are still cd's in stores and yes Elvis cd's,i dont get the cd age is over argument,people have been saying that for a while,and if its not such a big deal why insult and go into long detailwhy everyon who doesnt like such release is wrong or complaining,by the way steve has the view as me,i do take offence but am use to overblown drama!
Greg Nolan wrote on November 05, 2008
Mature, I guess it's been a while since you've been in a store, let alone a record store. Again, look into the issue and get back to me. I say that as a big fan of record stores and record sections but CDs are totally on the way out and I think it stinks. I miss them already but their going. Scudder: you're the one who started with your negativity toward any thought longer than one sentence. Your sarcasm is so tiresome, as sadly, so is so much of this website because of those who want to just sling negativity left and right. I give credit to those who like a decent debate but that's not you. Jerry Nodak knows that Camdens meant a lot to Elvis fans once upon a time, no matter their weaknesses. In 2008, BMG issues yet a few more. Will America notice? Not at all. A few of us collectors might pick it up. The world won't go off its axis.
Greg Nolan wrote on November 05, 2008
P.S. Mature, I meant to write "check out a record SECTION (of a store) let alone a record store - if you can find one." Regards...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 05, 2008
Have they cut back yet,are the shalves empty,far from it,downloads are the new thing,people got tired of paying big bucks for 2 good songs,i already knew a little about the issue,i still dont know why its ok to have crappy compilations and is out of line to ask for regular album cd's to be there instead,and its been that way for a longggg time,its not like they just started doing this,this is about the way the catalog runs things not about if or if not cd's are on there way out!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 05, 2008
Typo alert,should read, Have they cut back? yes,Are the shelves empty? no!
theoldscudder wrote on November 06, 2008
Greg Noland. I directed my comments as to what I think about the Camden's. I believe I have the right to do that. What concern of yours if the comments are negative? When I like something I praise it & when I don't I critizise it. If everyone on this sight loved every product it would be rather boring.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 06, 2008
Yep,people feel a need to tell others what there doing wrong,but you cant say what you think is wrong with the catalog,i mean give your opinion last time i checked meant give your opinion!