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TTWII - The Complete Works

September 29, 2008 | Music

Due for release from the new International label is Elvis That's The Way It Is – The Complete Works.

The stunning lavish box set will come with 6 CDs containing complete recordings of all the 6 shows (each 70+ minutes)  that were recorded for the original movie Elvis That's The Way It Is. It includes many unreleased tracks (both officially and unofficially) from the shows with all the dialogue in its correct places, much of which is also previously unreleased.

The set will also contain 3 dual layer DVDs with complete shows never before seen and heard with multi angle viewing and, will include a stunning hardback book. The set has been produced in very limited numbers. A promo trailer and more details will follow soon.

BOth Sides Of The ShowAlso announced, by the Star Entertainment label, is a 4 disc box-set including three DVDs and one CD. This set is called Both Sides Of The Show and is also focusing on That's The Way It Is.

The first DVD will include most of the footage from the July 1970 rehearsals from the MGM studios. The second DVD will feature the opening show from August 10, 1970 in Las Vegas. The third DVD will feature the That's The Way It Is soundtrack and as a special bonus the box-set will also include an alternate version of the original soundtrack album.

FJE wrote on September 29, 2008
So why isn't this on the FTD label?!
Santa Claus wrote on September 29, 2008
EJF: Can't be released on FTD. Too much unreleased stuff on this box. On FTD they only release outtakes that are already available elsewhere. lol
emjel wrote on September 29, 2008
Because if it was released officially, FTD would have to spend a fortune in getting copyright/royalty clearance.
marco31768 wrote on September 29, 2008
A must !
Natha wrote on September 29, 2008
Hope I can lay my hands on a copy! I won't let go anymore.
Lex wrote on September 29, 2008
The first looks very promising. The second, well... to me it looks like a hobby project. Nothing wrong with that, but not really special.
RonBaker wrote on September 29, 2008
If only this was an official release so we could buy it. Instead we get a boxed set of 30 cds that few people can afford.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 29, 2008
Amazing how there is always a road block when you mention such sets as this coming out,originals i mean not imports,as for that 30 cd set,just sell your house,geesh are you a real fan or what!
schemies wrote on September 29, 2008
What does Ernst Jorgensen say about this (except that is is illegal) ?
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on September 29, 2008
LEX the second one isn't a hobby, don't judge a book by it's cover will you? i have the second one, and it's just awesome. i will also get the first one
Lex wrote on September 29, 2008
Jesse, no hard feelings but to me it looks VERY amateurish. If I'd buy something I already have for 99% it must at least have a great cover.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on September 29, 2008
Not on FTD? thats an easy answer, it would cost them MONEY all FTD wants is your money but wont lay out money to make money.
dannyboy1 wrote on September 30, 2008
Are we to assume that all 6 shows are in the same excellent quality as the three already officially released on CD? They haven't been reassembled from bits and pieces have they? Regarding the Star release, well Star are very amateurish. They use previously available material and put it together in different (and occasionally interesting) ways. They also have a tendency to frequently stretch the aspect ratio of the film. Aspect ratio is one of my pet peeves, so I never buy Star. But if the first title - the International one - is what it sounds to be, I could be great!
commoneverybody wrote on September 30, 2008
Lex, the STAR release looks awesome. What you see here is just a small ad with both the front and backcover, discs and original replica of a 1970s promo postcard. That one is really stunning! I received the set today and i´m very pleased with it. And ´STAR´ amateurisch dannyboy1? Well, try it yourself buddy, and see how far you get. The original TTWII soundtrack album on DVD, that also includes this set is a killer!! Yeah, i´m a sucker for ´STAR´ release, one of the few labels that put love for Elvis in their releases :-)
Juliepresleyfan wrote on September 30, 2008
please where oh where do you buy this treasure trove that has captured my heart looks fantastic bet its out of my price range oh well we can dream cant we wheres it sold please tell
dannyboy1 wrote on September 30, 2008
Since I've been addressed personally, I'll respond. I HAVE tried it myself and can do everything on a home PC that the Star releases do. And I can get the aspect ratio right, too!! I've been especially happy with my own matchups of the TTWII outtakes with the CD quality sound. All of those, plus the "Burning Love" and "Viva Las Vegas" remixes have turned out really well. But you have never seen these, common everybody, because I have no interest in bootlegging. Honestly, some of these people are such rabid supporters of Star, I have to wonder if they're not "on the take", if you know what I mean. At least your username made me laugh. A "common everybody" is better than a "common nobody".
Ciscoking wrote on September 30, 2008
Having all 6 shows in complete SB quality,...and 3 DVD with rehearsals and a book ..is a dream come true for any Elvis fan...a present for Xmas...
commoneverybody wrote on September 30, 2008
OOPS! a bit pissed dannyboy1 ????
genedin wrote on September 30, 2008
commoneverybody is it better sounding than what we have already? give us a review will ya, lol. so 3 of the 6 shows we already have am i made to understand that right?
schemies wrote on September 30, 2008
Well, I will wait until FTD will release the remaining 3 shows. But I cannot understand why THEY wait so long. With items like this, FTD will loose customers for future releases. So they sleep a little instead of hurry up.
Master Fatman wrote on October 01, 2008
It looks good to me, and I hope the sound sounds good too! ;-)
djm wrote on October 01, 2008
be hard to find the time to play and watch it all...
dr carpenter wrote on October 02, 2008
That's The Way It Is – The Complete Works that a dream for me i love TTWII, Elvis at his best his voice is excellent,he looks excellent, i can not wait for that bring it on.
burninglove92 wrote on October 03, 2008
How Fantastice is this!! but one thing that is bugging me!! Star productions claim that they are relasing the full complete footage of Elvis' opening night performance on August 10th... why is know here bothered by this?? first it sounds soooooooo excting and more better than 6 shows on cd. however.. do they really have the full footage of opening night? Elvis australia claim the whole show is being released... check it out
Josh&Jody wrote on October 14, 2008
Where can we buy this fabulous set ??? We'll buy the FTD digi double CD releases of B HAWAII, GI BLUES, KING CREOLE, ROUST & of course KISSIN COUSINS !!! invite you all to think "creatively" ... why not release an FTD (not for general public) CD with all those bloopers, funny false starts, etc (Datin', Ito Eats, Beach shack, GI stuff also from F&J, HScar, etc andcall it "THE SILLY HOUR" by Elvis (as he said it himself). They'd sell two hundred thousand copies of this one, for sure. CAn anyone share some more info re. those missing FTD releases (incl. AMERICAN STUDIOS), also on track listing of IN PERSON? ?if they plan to release B HAW in Feb 2009, then when will we get GI B and KingCreole ???They should do the same of those bloopers as this Complete TTWII Set....release on 6 DVDs all those bloopers before the cameras for Tickle Me, SAJoe, LaLLaL, Speedw, Clamb, KCous, Roust, PHawStyle, Spinout, F&J etc etc GREAT MATERIAL THAT COULD BE MADE INTO A SALES SUCCES