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The Making Of Christmas Duets

October 01, 2008 | Music

Go behind-the-scenes with some of today's biggest country music artists Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, LeAnn Rimes, Sara Evans, Gretchen Wilson, Anne Murray, Amy Grant, Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman, and Wynonna Judd create history with the first Elvis Presley duet recordings album and the first Christmas compilation of its kind ever produced. For the first time, you can hear samples from this CD while looking at this 6min30 documentary. The CD will be released in a limited edition, with a special cover and a regular edition.

Pedro Nuno wrote on October 01, 2008
This is FANTASTIC! I never thought that Sony/BMG kept the original rhythm tracks so so well. This is Amazing! Amazing! Elvis Presley must be very very happy. To Good to Be True. It should be a # 1 Pop and Country Hit!
busboy wrote on October 01, 2008
i'm not sure anybody over here in England will have heard of any of these artists with the exception of Leann Rimes, and i think that will stop a lot of people from buying it. Why all country artists anyway, Elvis wasn't a country artist. Sorry but i'll just listen to Elvis singing these songs.
Brian Quinn wrote on October 01, 2008
Great. For once I can honestly say that EPE have come up with the goods. The 'Christmas Duets' was Priscilla's brainchild and she put a lot of effort into getting the artists on board. Perhaps Priscilla should take over the promotion of Elvis' Catalogue - she can't do any worse than Sony BMG.
Shakingruud wrote on October 01, 2008
It sounds really great!! This is going to be a mega seller, for sure!!
DeLorean wrote on October 01, 2008
I wouldn't buy this sham if it came with a free gold bar.
Mofoca22 wrote on October 02, 2008
this is deffinitely gonna be a smash hit. im excited just hearing little snippets of it and im sure our man is smiling down on this from up in heaven. great job everyone involved with this :) i hope there are more duet projects on the horizon. and amy grant you are wrong elvis wouldve loved you.
Steve V wrote on October 02, 2008
busboy - what? England doesnt know who Anne Murray is? She's been around since 1970 & sang Snowbird before Elvis cut it. (was a huge hit too). Elvis WAS considered more a country artist from 1974 onwards, since more of his chart success was on the country charts, not the pop charts.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 02, 2008
Anne Murray=Class as well as some others listed on the other hand,Gretchen Wilson Makes me sick,and i dont consider her a star,overall it looks pretty nice,but weed out the junk a bit more!
asd123 wrote on October 02, 2008
To be honest I was kinda sick of all the recent FTDs and stuff but this release is cool. Brings a bit of fresh air into the somehow dusty elvis world ;) Particularly Wynonna Judd sounds great and really kicks a** on this recording. Pre-ordered!!
busboy wrote on October 02, 2008
Steve - no sorry, never heard of her, don't think many people here will have either. As you know country music is huge in the states, here it's not big at all so these artists don't get much exposure. Agree with you that unfortunately Elvis was lumped in the country music field later in his career and that i think is why these people have been chosen, it's aimed purely at the american market where these stars are huge, over here i don't think it will do so well. The problem with this release is all of you from the states are going great elvis is singing with so and so and the rest of or saying who. If it had to be done then surely they could have used artists who are known all over the world which would then attract interest from people from every country.
burton wrote on October 02, 2008
What ever next, Elvis singing with Michael Jackson,Robbie Williams,Boyzone,New Kids On The Block,Queen,Take That, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi P Diddy, Snoop Doggy Dog, Busta Rhymes,Shaggy (No not that Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Though that would be COOL!) . My all time dream is to hear Elvis & Ozzie Osbourne on Crying In The Chapel,....................... NOT!
Brian Quinn wrote on October 02, 2008
Burton - you better believe it. The next 'Duets' album is going to be along the lines you suggest, although not necessarily with the artists you mention. And not before time in my opinion. It will be a blockbuster believe me.
jean michel wrote on October 02, 2008
Hello ! Some of my dream duets would be : Burning Love with Cher / Proud Mary with T. Turner / Cant help falling in love with Shakira / If I can Dream with C. Dion / Whole Lotta Shakin' with W Judd ... + why not a 2nd cd featuring all the original duets (w/ Frank Sinatra...); Your wise opinion is welcome Brian.
Jerome returns wrote on October 02, 2008
I have a wish for Priscilla singing a duet with Alphaville, "Forever young, I want to be forever young..'
jean michel wrote on October 02, 2008
Funny one Jerome but who remembers Alphaville ? As for the Xmas duets , it has indeed the potential to reach the number 1 spot in the US country chart ( i dont want to dream about the # 1 comprehensive album chart ) BUT it can only do so with a little help from BMG . Help = promotion so that Jo public becomes aware of this great project . I am from France , have you seen any kind of promotion in the States ? The Cd is released in less than 2 weeks now . Without promotion , BMG will only have to blame themselves if the CD does sell.
jean michel wrote on October 02, 2008
I meant "...if the cd does NOT sell" , of course.
John4126 wrote on October 02, 2008
Not all UK people are unaware of who Anne Murray is. She had several hits in the UK in the 70's including 'You needed me' Along with the likes of Tammy Wynette, Billie Jo Spears, Glen Campbell and Charlie Rich she enjoyed a period of success at that time.
Rob Wanders wrote on October 02, 2008
sounds great. My God, how Priscilla looks nowadays. Awful. She looks like Michael Jackson.
Steve V wrote on October 02, 2008
Thanks Rob - I knew someone had to know who Anne Murray is. She was huge in the 70's & 80's on both the country & pop charts in the States. And she is not American by the way, she is Canadian. Elvis also touted her as one of his favorite artists. I think her greatest hits CD is great and most of the songs are pop as opposed to country. That being said, I agree that a duets cd of just country artists has a limited appeal abroad. I think a duets cd such as Jerry Lee Lewis did with Springsteen, Fogerty, Willie Nelson, etc has a much broader appeal and would get a lot of press. Imaging Willie & Elvis both doing Always On My Mind or Fogerty & Elvis doing some rockabilly. Very interesting.
busboy wrote on October 02, 2008
wasn't meaning to have a go at Anne Murray or any of the others, just wanted to make the point that this release will have limited appeal anywhere outside the states with the general buying public whereas if the people singing with Elvis were more household names it might generate more interest. Then again not sure if i'm interested in any duets album. I'm not one who thinks they have to keep Elvis in the charts, he will never be forgotten and the music he left is enough for me.
japio wrote on October 02, 2008
this is really great. It sound familiar but with a new sound. With some great voices from the country scene.It's done with respect.You can see and hear their fun and the love for Elvis christmas music. A great Job. Really
emjel wrote on October 02, 2008
I'm sure I read somewhere that the UK release was having some different stars including Olivia Newton John and Cliff Richard.
NONE000000 wrote on October 02, 2008
busboy--I am with you on your opinion on this one. Although Anne Murray and Olivia n-j are the only 2 artists I remotely like on this one. I just really don;t get the reason for the country music angle. I'd rather hear Elvis and Anne Murray duet on Snowbird and Elvis and Olivia duet on If You Love Me Let Me Know, since they were the original artists on those. Also in a counrty vein, Elvis and Willie Nelson on Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain or Funny How Time Slips Away. The duet idea is not a bad one, but this seems like such a waste of the idea. It's really amusing to me the people on here suggesting that this will be a "smash hit"! That's pretty ridiculous. When is the last time a Christmas album by ANYBODY was a smash hit or number one album? I do not doubt thus will be number one on billboard's "seasonal chart" and I guess it will register on the country charts....but fans of the King of Rock and Roll might be pretty disappointed with this totally non-rock Christmas album. Pointless note: One of my favorite "duets" was manufactured after both artists were dead. It's Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra doing "The Christmas Song". It's on one of the Sinatra compilations. I understand it would not be very "forward-thinking" but I would be so much more interested in hearing Elvis and Dean Martin doing "Blue Christmas", Elvis and Bing Crosby doing "White Christmas".... something with real class. It has been pointed out an here already, and I have to agree that it is my problem, but I cannot help it; I associate country music with low-class white trash Toby Keith truck commercials, trailer parks and hillbilly rednecks. Can't help it. I would like to see Elvis as far removed from that as possible and respected more as a true artist and amazing vocalist. I know that is just my opinion and many of you guys are country music fans.. achy breaky heart, friends in low places, etc. It just blows my mind how someone can appreciate Elvis, truly appreciate him and still like such inferior stuff. It's like loving to eat steak, but also enjoying the taste of random crap found on the ground....
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 02, 2008
It simple,they dont get Elvis,never did and never will,how about a wider range,you know,try thinking a bit,try real hard!
Steve V wrote on October 03, 2008
KingKreole - to answer your question: When is the last time a Christmas album by ANYBODY was a smash hit or number one album? Last year - Josh Groban's Christmas CD was a # 1 smash on the Billboard charts and sold millions I think it has surpassed Elvis' orig album in total sales. So it can be done.
NONE000000 wrote on October 03, 2008
Steve V - Thanks! Honestly, I did not realize that--I was at work when I posted and didn't research it. I, of course, do not think this CD is gonna do it, but I hope it does. Elvis belongs at the top of the charts. He is simply the best there ever was or ever could be. The artists he is "dueting" with on here, however.... I'll tell you what'd be an interesting duet: Elvis and Prince. Prince has been singing Jailhouse Rock and Teddy Bear live for years now. And Bruce Springsteen has done LOTS of Elvis songs live, but most interesting is his version of Follow That Dream--he slows it down and has new verses he wrote, while the chorus is basically the same. Elvis inspired so many brilliant artists who are routinely referred to as musical geniuses, it's just kind of a shame for him to be slumming it on this. (The First Noel sample, however, sounds FANTASTIC to me!)