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Christmas Duets Deluxe Edition

September 05, 2008 | Music
Sony BMG will release two versions of the 'Elvis Presley Christmas Duets' CD on October 14, a very limited deluxe version in a cardboard sleeve where the face of Elvis opens up off the package and standard Jewel case version.
This release is the first Elvis Presley duet recordings album and the first Christmas compilation of its kind ever produced. The Australian release will include Olivia Newton-John. Full track listing soon. The CD will feature many of today’s biggest country artists, including Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Gretchen Wilson, Sarah Evans and LeAnn Rimes singing classic Elvis holiday songs with Elvis Presley. 'There has been tremendous excitement from the many artists contributing their voices to these Elvis Christmas classics. We believe Elvis fans will truly enjoy these unique collaborations while introducing Elvis' holiday classics to the many fans of his duet partners', says Joe Galante, Chairman, SONY BMG Nashville. In order to create these classic 'duets' Sony BMG used the most advanced and sophisticated audio technology available. For songs that were recorded on one track, mono, musical beds were created to perfectly match the instrumentation and arrangements contained on the originals. In the case of songs that have been recorded in multi-track where Elvis' vocal is isolated on a single track, the vocal was simply dropped for a given verse or chorus, making room for the duet artist. To be as faithful as possible to the original recordings, the fabled RCA Studio B in Nashville - the same studio that Elvis recorded the 1971 original Christmas session in, was used. 'This is an excellent example of the innovative ways in which we keep Elvis’ catalog fresh and continue the history of creating, preserving and celebrating great music', says John Ingrassia, President of the SONY BMG Commercial Music Group. 'We are so pleased that these accomplished artists are collaborating with Elvis in this unique way to make exciting new versions of his Christmas songs. I am sure Elvis would be proud to have worked with them', says Priscilla Presley. Elvis is one of the biggest-selling artists every holiday season, although he only recorded 20 Christmas songs, his various holiday albums have sold over 25 million copies in the US alone. His existing Christmas releases are seen on the holiday charts year after year. Partial track listing (not in sequence): 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' with Carrie Underwood 'Blue Christmas' with Martina McBride 'Here Comes Santa Claus' with LeAnn Rimes 'Silent Night'with Sara Evans 'Merry Christmas Baby' with Gretchen Wilson 'Silver Bells' with Anne Murray 'White Christmas' with Amy Grant 'O Little Town' with Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town 'Santa Claus Is Back In Town' with Wynonna Judd + The Australian release will include Olivia Newton-John.
Source:Elvis Australia
Cher wrote on September 06, 2008
Why all and only women? Tim McGraw's voice or Randy Travis couldn't hold a tune with Elvis? I'm not up on the latest male country leads (maybe obvious already) but Keith Urban couldn't do "I'll be home" with Elvis? Nevermind. I already know the answer. Only women would have the chutzpah to match their voices to Elvis. :-D
Cher wrote on September 06, 2008
Article does not stay how exactly you get a limited edition. I've just pre-ordered the cd at shopelvis but couldn't find the limited edition mentioned anywhere. Even at Sony BMG. Anybody know?
Bill Rauhuff wrote on September 06, 2008
I am definitely NOT into this kind of release but I hope it sells well for Elvis but Billboard or RIAA won"t acknowledge it because it is a duet and not entirely the King
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 06, 2008
'We are so pleased that these accomplished artists are collaborating with Elvis in this unique way to make exciting new versions of his Christmas songs. I am sure Elvis would be proud to have worked with them', says Priscilla Presley. Privately, Priscilla admitted to us that she had never actually heard of any of the artists duetting with the man she divorced back in the early 1970s. 'I'm doing this for the money', she said. EPE tell me what to say and I say it. I need the money for my Botox injections. I'm trying to look younger than my daughter.' If the album of Christmas duets fails to sell, it's thought that Priscilla's face will implode.
Brian Quinn wrote on September 07, 2008
I predict a Top 10 Billboard Album Chart entry. Apparently, Priscilla has been taking a very keen interest in this album which is unusual for her. Sony are expecting great things for this album. I love this type of release and much prefer them to Elvis' Greatest Hits compilations which are now old hat for most fans. New technology i.e. remixes are the way forward in my opinion and makes for refreshing listening pleasure.
Steve V wrote on September 07, 2008
Like I mentioned before this seems soley aimed at the country market and Elvis Christmas releases sell well every year ayway. But if they were going to do this, at least make Elvis seem cooler than this. Leave one or two of these artists on here, but then have Springsteen, McCartney, Clapton, BB King, and some others round it out. I bet all would be willing. At least you would have an eclectic mix of all music styles and some of these artists would bring in some credibilty for this release and for Elvis.
sitdown68 wrote on September 07, 2008
this is going to be an intresting release. wheter for the money or not.
DeLorean wrote on September 14, 2008
I loathe this kind of release. Elvis is the greatest entertainer of all time, he doesn't need tacky gimmicks like this (although there have been plenty others in the past). And as for remixes of classic tracks, that is not even scraping the bottom of the barrel. Its scraping the ground where the barrel used to be.