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Upcoming CD And DVD Releases

July 18, 2008 | Music
Due for release September 29, 2008 from Paramount Home Entertainment is the 6 DVD set "Elvis Collection"; a collection of six classic films including Blue Hawaii, Girls, Girls, Girls, G.I. Blues, Roustabout, King Creole and Easy Come Easy Go.

Due from Pegasus Entertainment on October 11, 2008 is the CD "Christmas With Elvis".

Available on iTunes is the release "Love Me Tender - 20 Golden Love Ballads". This is a release from V&H Holdings Pty Ltd.
Tomek wrote on July 18, 2008
Great, I didn't buy "Blue Hawaii" DVD this year yet - geeez
Steve V wrote on July 18, 2008
When is a good Anthology DVD set going to come out? Cant the estate get their collective selves together and do the man justice? The Beatles didnt even get along and managed to put out a definitive anthology set. Enough with the re-releases of movies and stupid new products.
JimmyCool wrote on July 18, 2008
I think they should release "Elvis At The Movies" DVD, featuring... well, movie hits.
Boduke wrote on July 18, 2008
As long as we buy these things there will never be an official release of ""Elvis on tour special edition", official outtakes "Elvis thats the way it is or CBS tv special whatever there is for the die hard fan
RonBaker wrote on July 18, 2008
Since the EU are adopting a copyright extension to 95 years instead of 50 years, the Christmas cd may not happen (unless, of course, it's licensed from BMG Sony).
Jerome returns wrote on July 18, 2008
what no Clambake?..
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 18, 2008
Steve,i agree 110%,no respect,we all know this,Elvis is a cash cow,how many differt covers of movie do we need? how many thrown together compilations do we need? as for on tour if it evern happens i dont think it will be done in anyway to be exciting,the beatles are respected and Elvis is not,hect we all pour over how bad he looks in some pics,image first and music second!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 18, 2008
Wanted to add,when it comes to dvd on Elvis,most are about his personal life dramas and not much about his music ,well that is past the 50's!
circleG wrote on July 19, 2008
couldn't help wandering as I lay in bed if I'd see a TTWII and EOT box set in my lifetime - and I'm only 39 !!
Jerry 79 wrote on July 21, 2008
again... and again... and again - new covers not mentioned...
Wiebe wrote on July 22, 2008
I think you are all spoiled. Have you forgotten about the 68 SE, Aloha SE not so long ago. Who could have dreamed they released ALL footage from the 68 Special. Stop complaining and enjoy what you have, which is a lot. Of course I´m also hoping for EOT SE and Elvis In Concert SE. They will be released someday (maybe not EIC). What if they released everything they have at once, there would be nothing to look forward to. Buy some good bootleg video, there´s plenty around of ETTWII and EOT. I would really like it if they would transfer some of the best 8mm stuff to DVD and add soundboard to it, that´s my biggest wish. To have some good quality ´74, ´75 and ´76 stuff, the missing years.