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Spankox Remixes To Be Released In The UK

July 16, 2008 | Music
A press-release on the release of the "Re: Version" of "Bably Let's Play House" by Italian DJ Spankox and the remix album he compiled.
Recognised worldwide as one of the most influential figures in music and pop culture, Elvis Presley is today on the verge of another milestone. 30 years after his death, Presley's classic 'Baby Let's Play House' remixed by progressive DJ/Producer Spankox, will receive it's September 1 2008 debut as the first Vinyl Disc single to be released in the UK. The 'Baby Let's Play House' Spankox remix release on Vinyl Disc is a special compact disc (CD) playable on a normal CD player, and on a traditional 33rpm turntable too. This brand new media boasts one A side (vinyl) and one B side (CD), and in the tradition of the recent Elvis single releases, the packaging of this original Elvis Presley Vinyl Disc will also resemble that of a 12" vinyl. It will include a radio edit version, an extended version and the original Presley song, plus as a bonus, the Spankox Re:Version ringtone will also be included. Following hot on the heels of the September 1 single release of 'Baby Let's Play House' comes yet another milestone, the historic release of the first Elvis Presley remix album. Elvis vs Spankox 'Re:Versions' will debut in the UK on September 8 2008, released by SonyBMG Music Entertainment. The Elvis vs Spankox 'Re:Versions' album is much more than a remix album. All the songs have been carefully reworked and rearranged using the latest technology but keeping intact the original feel of Elvis' music. The result is an unprecedented approach to the music of The King of Rock 'n' Roll, it's Elvis as you've never heard him before. September 8 2008 sees the release of a special limited edition of the album, featuring 11 tracks, plus a bonus videoclip of the single 'Baby Let's Play House' (Spankox Re:Version) accompanied by a 24 page booklet and housed in a specially printed PVC case. Following on from the success of the chart topping Elvis remixes of JXL's 'A LIttle Less Conversion' and Paul Oakenfold's 'Rubberneckin', the Elvis Vs Spankox Re:Versions album will deliver Elvis to a new generation of music fans.
Source:Essential Elvis

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Emiel Maier wrote on July 16, 2008
Very good news for Spankox and Elvis. What a great achievement for this Italian Elvisfan. He believed in his CD and took the risk to invest money in this project. And it paid off! His single BLPH got charted in Italy, Spain and Sweden with very little promotion. It is not fair to say that such a remix is easy to make, because there is so much more to it. Do you know how difficult it is to get a licence from SONY/BMG to release Elvis's music? The same can be said about the approval that EPE gave. So Spankox deserves respect for the path that he walked. A release in England is the icing on the cake. We all know that the best Elvisfans live in England. (Period!) They are from a high level and are still the largest fanbase in the world. I have got the remix album and embrace it wholeheartedly. It needs a few spins to get used to, but it certainly deserves a place in your collection. Now it is up to the Brits to make this album and single a winner.
burton wrote on July 17, 2008
Very good news & about time to.
Palle wrote on July 17, 2008
Bahahahaha.... oh yes, an approval from Sony/BMG & EPE certainly makes it a quality stuff ....not! These remixes are pure garbage (and heck, I loved the A Little Less Conversation remix)
ta2k wrote on July 17, 2008
The Charts these days are full of rotting garbage,so it would be great if the King once again topped the Charts to show people what real music and talent actually is. Of course keeping the song 'pure' would be better but as long as the voice is not messed with then I'm all for it. TCB
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 17, 2008
Holy Mother of God.
Brian Quinn wrote on July 17, 2008
Great news. Should do well in the UK Charts but too many Elvis fans have already bought the single from various sources for it to get to No.1. Sony BMG(UK) should have acted sooner, especially considering it's success abroad.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on July 17, 2008
these tracks are not garbage..not in anyway.. they are just great.. i'm done with those negative point's of view..hardly read those anymore
BigVern wrote on July 17, 2008
The actual media it is being released on sounds interesting (new to me anyway) - Playable in a CD player & on a turntable. Well, maybe not interesting - maybe more novel.
Fred wrote on July 17, 2008
As long as Elvis is mentioned, never mind
japio wrote on July 18, 2008
Emiel. Do you say he invest money? Since everybody can release songs from 54 to 57 ( and next year '58) it cost almost nothing. Download a free tool to play Dj and mix your own MP3's, it's cheap. You can make it by yourself in a few minutes.And amost every foll buy's it. How stupid can you be?
Mark S. wrote on July 18, 2008
“japio”, you think production costs of a vinyl-CD single, a full album and a video clip partially shot in Miami, not to mention a global promotional campaign, are low? Really?! Get off your high horse man! Spankox invested a whole lot of money and EFFORT in this project and should be proud of the fact that his vision paid off. And don’t give me that crap that anybody can be a DJ. Get yourself a Pro-Tools set and try it. Do you know anything about generic sequencers, filters or compressors? Can you play any type of instrument? Most DJ’s –like Spankox– can. I’m not saying I’m a fan of this particular release, nor am I excited about other remixes, but saying anyone can do this is total sh*t.
Emiel Maier wrote on July 18, 2008
Mark S. I could not have said it any better! Good to notice that I am not that stupid :-)). Mark you may not be excited about remixes but you do have appreciated the effort that was made. Like you I challenge anybody who puts this down as "easy made" to come up with an elvis-remix and get it in the charts! If you do succeed, I will give you my humble apology... Good Luck!
Mr Scrapbook wrote on July 18, 2008
I agree with Brian, They have already missed the boat with this one in the UK. Having already purchased the CD album (like many others) from elsewhere in the world I have no need to purchase a UK release. As much as I really do enjoy the 'Baby Let's Play House' re-mix the rest of the album comes across as an audio afterthought to me..... not one single track comes close to 'Baby' in my opinion.