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Elvis: Return to Tupelo

July 19, 2008 | Video
Soon availbale is a documentary about Elvis' years in Tupelo and his first years in Memphis entitled "Elvis: Return to Tupelo".

Understanding the Elvis phenomenon, and his impact on the world, requires going back to his origins in rural Tupelo, Mississippi where he grew up as one of the poorest boys in town. What happened here set the stage for him to become the star that still shines brightly today.

Our story traces the Elvis saga from his birth during the depths of the Depression, to his move to Memphis, to his formative high school years, through his early struggles to launch a music career and wraps up with his triumphant homecoming concert in 1956, on the same stage where he’d lost a talent contest eleven years earlier. It’s a little known story that while inextricably linked to an era and a place still resonates today.

Director and producer Michael Rose heads up his own boutique production company that specializes in programming for television. He has directed, written, and or produced over two hundred shows that have aired around the world. Rose’s work has won numerous awards over the years including an Emmy, two Cine Golden Eagles, several educational film awards and he’s had his films screened at international film festivals. He holds a master's degree in motion picture and film production from the UCLA Film School and a bachelor's degree in history, also from UCLA.

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Greg Nolan wrote on July 20, 2008
I assume this is the documentary I read about awhile ago on a few other sites and I'm quite excited to see -and buy- this documentary. What a nice cover shot or promo material. Well done, folks.
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 20, 2008
Is this the documentary that the Estate tried to stop from coming out a couple of years ago? If it is then more power to them for releasing it now. The guys behind this are genuine fans doing it for all the rigjht reasons. Where is it available from?