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Elvis: Return To Tupelo


Elvis: Return To Tupelo
Released: 2008/08
Understanding the Elvis phenomenon, and his impact on the world, requires going back to his origins in rural Tupelo, Mississippi where he grew up as one of the poorest boys in town. What happened here set the stage for him to become the star that still shines brightly today.

ElvisNews review

This week we received a preview copy of the upcoming DVD documentary Return To Tupelo. The documentary is made by Michael Rose, who made over 200 shows that aired around the world.

I can’t say much on the artwork yet, since I have to do with a little image on the site for this product. The DVD opening and menu are very stylish, but the buttons appear strange. Hopefully that will be corrected in the final version. The pictures are often edited to create a kind of 3D feel, which is fun, but in my humble opinion it’s done just a little too often; but that is about the only minor I have found. A very big pro is that Rose managed to get hold of some pictures I have never seen before.

The documentary handles Elvis’ youth in Tupelo and Memphis, his rise to stardom until the 1956 Tupelo show, hence the name I guess. The story is narrated by Kris Kristofferson and a lot of known people are interviewed: DJ Fontana, Gordon Stoker, George Klein, but also childhood friends, historians, journalists and girlfriends like June Juanico and Dixie Locke. The filming of Elvis related spots has been done very professional and the editing is high class. Disregarding the fact the story doesn’t tell much new it is told in a way that makes you sit out the 90 minutes easily. It gives a perfect view on those days in the 30s, 40s and 50s and it really makes you understand where Elvis was coming from.

The extras are fun and some are a real good addition to the documentary itself (like “ ‘Washington Merry-Go-Round’ Elvis Controversy”), but some are out of place historically (like the army stuff and the marriage).

My only conclusion can be that this is one of the best documentaries on Elvis I have ever seen, if not the best. Go get it!

moviemaker wrote on September 08, 2008
Just bought this dvd. I have to say it's very good. One slight niggle though, a good 70% of the film is the same re telling of the Elvis story, it's only the last part that concentrates on Tupelo. The interviews are good and on the extra's, they have extended interviews from the film. All things considered, it's worth buying, the quality of the picture is good and overall, is a well made film.
Rating: 4 / 5
genedin wrote on September 19, 2008
im glad i saw it on tv for free cause it doesnt seliver. too much nonsense and not enough tupelo footage as it was seemed to be. about 2 mins if it and the very end and nothing regarding 57. same rehashing of the same stories,maybe one or 2 pics that were new but nothing to get excited about.
Rating: 1 / 5