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April 2008 FTDs

February 25, 2008 | Music

The Follow That Dream re-issue of the "The Way It Was" CD will be a five inch digipack with the same audio content as the first release of this CD with the "The Way It Was" book. The "That's The Way It Is" re-issue will be a deluxe is a seven inch double CD set with a twenty page full color booklet.

Tracklisting "That's The Way It Is":

Disc 1

The album

1) I Just Can’t Help Believin’ (live)
2) Twenty Days And Twenty Nights
3) How The Web Was Woven
4) Patch It Up (live)
5) Mary In The Morning
6) You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
7) You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling (live)
8) I’ve Lost You (live)
9) Just Pretend
10) Stranger In The Crowd
11) The Next Step Is Love
12) Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bonus tracks

13) Patch It Up (studio version)
14) I’ve Lost You (studio version)
15) Twenty Days And Twenty Nights – take 8
16) Bridge Over Troubled Water (live)
17) Little Sister/Get Back (live)
18) Something (live)
19) The Next Step Is Love - undubbed master
20) Patch It Up – take 1
21) Bridge Over Troubled Water –alternate mix

Disc 2

The sessions

1) Tiger Man (jam)
2) Twenty Days And Twenty Nights – rehearsal, takes 1,2,3
3) I’ve Lost You – rehearsal, take 1
4) Bridge Over Troubled Water – take 1
5) You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me – rehearsal composite
6) The Next Step Is Love – rehearsal, takes 2,3,6
7) How The Web Was Woven – rehearsal, take 1
8) Stranger In The Crowd – rehearsal, takes 1,3,4,5
9) Stranger In The Crowd – master take 9 – rough mix
10) Mary In The Morning – takes 1,2,3,4
11) Patch It Up – takes 2-7
12) Patch It Up – take 9 – alternate master
13) You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me – takes 1,2
14) Just Pretend – takes 1,2
15) The Next Step Is Love – takes 7,8,9,10
16) Bridge Over Troubled Water – rehearsal, takes 2,5
17) I’ve Lost You – takes 4,5,6
18) Twenty Days And Twenty Nights – takes 5,6
19) Twenty Days And Twenty Nights – take 9 master – rough mix

Details: Compilation by Ernst Jørgensen & Roger Semon - Mastered by Jean-Marc Juilland and Vic Anesini - Original A&R / Producer: Felton Jarvis - Original engineer: Al Pachucki. Recorded at RCA’s studio B in Nashville June 4-8, 1970, and live at The International Hotel, Las Vegas, August 11-13, 1970. Nashville musicians: Guitar: James Burton, Chip Young, Elvis Presley; Bass: Norbert Putnam; Drums: Jerry Carrigan; Piano: David Briggs; Organ & Harmonica: Charlie McCoy. Overdubs: Guitar: James Burton; Organ: David Briggs; Percussion: Jerry Carrigan; Percussion and Vibes: Farrell Morris; Steel Guitar: Weldon Myrick; Vocals: Mary Holladay, Mary (Jeannie) Green, Dolores Edgin, Ginger Holladay, Millie Kirkham, June Page, Joe Babcock, The Jordanaires, The Imperials. Las Vegas musicians: Guitar: James Burton, John Wilkinson, Elvis Presley; Bass: Jerry Scheff; Drums: Ronnie Tutt; Piano: Glen D. Hardin; Vocals: Millie Kirkham, The Sweet Inspirations, The Imperials. Joe Guercio and his Orchestra.

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You Dont Know Me wrote on February 25, 2008
Excellent 'news' this may well be the BEST FTD release in 2008- after all this is Elvis at his BEST and i don't mind getting MORE of that!!!
dannyboy1 wrote on February 26, 2008
A good argument for never buying the FTD book/CD sets again!
dannyboy1 wrote on February 26, 2008
My comment was a reference to The Way It Was. On the other hand, the TTWII deluxe set looks great!
livingstonsn wrote on February 26, 2008
I'm disappointed that "I Didn't Make It on Playing Guitar" wasn't included, if only for completeness.
JerryNodak wrote on February 26, 2008
"That's The Way It Is" FTD Deluxe edition. Yahoo!! Can't wait!! Suddenly April seems so far away. "That's The Way It Was." Don't care.
GeertFromNl wrote on February 26, 2008
I'm a little bit disappointed because i wanted more unreleased studio outtakes. I've already bought this album 4 times so i wanted more surprises,especially on Disc 1,which contains only 2 unreleased outtakes:( 'The Way It Was' is a hurriedly compiled selection,which was compiled by Ernst Jorgensen by haphazard. Some of the tracks weren't even unreleased when it was originally issued in 2001. I didn't buy it with that weak and expensive book and i will pass it again. These live and rehearsal tracks will ALL appear later in more complete form and in better sound quality. The same old stuff again and again... It's not surprising that some of the fans think that FTD became a reissue label. Sad,but true.
James69 wrote on February 26, 2008
The Way It Was cover is really nice, but what incentive do fans who bought the book have in buying this?? None...It would have been nice if there was some bonus tracks...C'mon Ernst....I am loooking forward to the other release 2 cd set of Thats The Way It Is.
Marten wrote on February 26, 2008
"I Didn't Make It On Playing Guitar" will probably be on an upcoming "Elvis Country" FTD. This looks pretty good to me!
Jerome wrote on February 26, 2008
happy to know that many of these session takes are included on Nashville Marathon and Essential Elvis, volume 4.. Isn't there any more material left of these album songs that is unreleased?..
GeertFromNl wrote on February 26, 2008
Here are the unreleased studio outtakes on this new TTWII edition: Twenty Days & Twenty Nights: takes 1,2,5 (f.s. only),5 (complete),8 (complete). Patch It Up: take 1 (complete),2,3,4,5,6 (f.s. only),7 (complete). I've Lost You: takes 4,5 (f.s. only). Bridge Over Troubled Water: take 2 (f.s. only). You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me: take 1 (f.s. only). The Next Step Is Love: takes 2,3,7,8,9 (f.s. only). Stranger In The Crowd: takes 3,4 (f.s. only),5 (complete). Mary In The Morning: takes 1,2 (f.s. only). Just Pretend: take 1 (f.s. only). AND THAT'S ALL!!! So what's new here? Only 5 complete takes + countless false starts! NOT THAT MUCH FOR OUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!! I advisedly didn't count the undubbed/unedited masters,because these are the same,well-known takes,though in slightly different (and sometimes longer) version. I will buy this album again for the false starts and the 5 unreleased takes,but i have to say that I'M VERY,VERY DISAPPOINTED! Ooops,Ernst did it again:(
Lex wrote on February 26, 2008
Jesus, what a pile of crap. If there isn't more, there isn't, simple as that! I am very glad that finally we get it as complete as possible. And I am glad they stuck to the songs on the original album, that's what this release is about. And of course it doesn't make sense to buy "The Way It Was" if you have the book... Nobody expects you too - unless you want it only for the cover ;-).
JerryNodak wrote on February 26, 2008
Heck, I'd pay FTD prices just for disc 1 alone! Too finally get the original album in great sound(something it wasn't on the earlier 3 disc release) along with the bonus tracks, booklet and pics would be enough for me. Of course, it's great to get disc 2 as well. Lex, I'm in full agreement with your comments.
GeertFromNl wrote on February 26, 2008
Jerome,there are still unreleased outtakes from this album,of course. Not that many,but there are several. But it's always much easier to re-release and re-package the same old stuff. The spirit of the Colonel is still here... I've already bought this album on LP,i have 3 different CD versions,too. These costed me over $120!!! And now i will buy it again for $35 and what will i get in exchange? 5 unreleased outtakes + false starts:)
Jerome wrote on February 26, 2008
that's what I mean, I'm happy with any unreleased outtakes/alternate takes, but I feel that the FTD classic albums aren't complete without having all the alternate takes on them. perhaps it's not smart marketingwise but having alternate takes that are mostly available on another releases and adding little new, is dissapointing. False starts are a nice treat and contribute to the completeness but you won't play them too often. I think FTD does a good job but I just hope they don't milk the cow too much or are afraid that too much alternate takes of a single song will scare away the buyers.. (I don't mind 20 alternate takes of songs as She thinks I still care)..
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 26, 2008
While many agree that FTd has become a reissue label and has lost its focus and the fact that there projects are all or nothing,many will not speak up because many think Ftd will close up if were not good boys and girls and suck up everything they spit out at us,i dont like buying what i already have.its thats simple,you make other releases on the same label pointless,and to me thats not a collectors label,i dont like having to ask hmm what outtakes do i already have,and the book was pathetic,the sound was terrible,and again all digi packs should come with a booklet, ftd' average a price of 35 to 40 dollars and thats before shipping, but asl ong as fans have a buy and dont speak up policy it will stay the same way not that ernst or anyone cares,i use to like the label alot outside the fact that having no booklets made the releases kinda look cheap,but they have went off track and the classic series is there main thing,they have found a way yet again to sell you what you have,it amazes me people are so willing to lay down there money for things they already own 50% or more of! bring on the personal attacks(you know i dont care)
GeertFromNl wrote on February 26, 2008
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah/I think he did it again/He made us believe/We're more than just fans/Oh baby/It might seem like a ramp/But it doesn't mean/That i'm serious/Cause to lose all my money/That is just so typically me/Oh baby baby/You see my problem is this/I'm dreaming away/Wishing that more outtakes they truly exist/I cry watching the missing takes/Can't you see i'm a fool/In so many ways/But to lose all my money/That is just so typically me/Oh baby baby/Oops he did it again...
Steve V wrote on February 26, 2008
$35 plus for a few alternate takes and a few false starts. The Colonel lives!
Ton Bruins wrote on February 26, 2008
Great release ! Elvis at his best !
japio wrote on February 26, 2008
Is this all ? . A re-release and these few new outtakes. O.k. It is Elvis at his best. And i liked the album still. But why using the same outtakes? . I'm gonna buy it that's for sure. But this is too less for the price we have to pay. But what we get when they gonna release the other "classic" albums like good times ,The fool album, Elvis Now.It's time for changes at FTD and BMG.
marty wrote on February 27, 2008
Can't win them all is I think what best describes the situation here. For me the FTD label releases is what all fans of other singers/groups would wish for but will never get because there is not a market for it! I'm not always pleased with what I get from FTD. My main complaint is that there SHOULD be a booklet with information with all releases. It wouldn't cost them that much and it would make each release 'feel' more valuable. The music itself maybe you could find somehow (and we all know the songs by heart now) but the packaging (among other things) makes the cd more of a collectors item. Something to treasure... PS 'That's the way it is' One of favorite albums. I am buying it for sure. And rough mixes often are quite different from the originals.
Paul Reno wrote on February 27, 2008
Any release with 'more Elvis' than what we have is brilliant. FTD have been doing a splendid job with their remastering. I, for one, will be happy to listen to Elvis in the studio, going through classic recordings. His voice in 1970 was excellent. No doubt the artwork will be great - we get a 20 page colour booklet. If you don't like it, don't buy it! I will definitely be buying it.
Lefty wrote on February 27, 2008
I like the Classic Album Reissue concept. I don't buy all of them. It just depends on what interests me. I'm certainly a huge fan of TTWII, so I'll buy this one. I really didn't care for the mass-market 3 CD edition that came out a few years ago. The art work was terrible, and the out takes were of the "listen to them once only" category because the sound was so poor. However I have high hopes for this release since sound magician Vic Anesini is involved. Plus, FTD has to do something to differentiate themselves from the importers! How many soundboards can the market support at one time? So, keep the reissues coming. I hope "In Concert" makes this list!
Jerome wrote on February 27, 2008
nice lyrics Geert, you should be a songwriter yourself.. by the way, where's Twenty Days & Twenty Nights take 7. I've lost you takes 2 and 3? Do you happen to have them Geert Chesnut?..
GeertFromNl wrote on February 28, 2008
Probably Ernst liked the missing takes so much that he decided that he will keep them:) But don't worry,Jerome,if we are lucky we'll get them around 2020. That will be the 50th anniversary of this album. The only thing we will have to do is to buy another 2 CD set or a 3 CD set to get remaining outtakes.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 29, 2008
If you dont like it dont buyt it? what the hect does that mean? i like Elvis,but i dont like how there doing things,they have nothing to do with the other,it means i want a better product,it means i want the material but i dont i repeat do not wish to buy what i already have,so i guess i should just stop buying Elvis music because we cant dare ask or expect things to be run in a better way,.and yes he may be the only artist with a collectors label but thats due to the fans who buy the darn products,not ernst or anyone at Ftd,so i guess many fans are just so glad to have the label thats they dont care how its ran? this tells you alot about the reason Elvis music is handled in such a manic way,and again no booklet to me= no collectors label,i mean geesh the main label gave artwork with there cd's that included outtakes etc,ive lost much interest in this label,but that doesnt mean i want to walk away from Elvis buying ,i just want things done in a more fan friendly way.by the way why not throw thel ive version of polk salad from the silver set(why is that out of print)its better than putting listtle sister medely from a concert still in print!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 29, 2008
Marty you bring up another point,its hard to convince some people to buy Ftd when they have mostly boring artwork,and no booklet,i mean they look cheap ,so whats the selling point when they can get a copy from a buddy?
NOSTAB92 wrote on March 09, 2008
I always find the negativity surrounding the efforts of BMG and FTD quite astounding. Combined they must release 10+ albums worth of material each and every year, there is obviously a great deal of time and effort gone into the releases yet all we hear is bitch,moan, whinge. No artist (dead or alive) gets that kind of support from their record label. The Beatles have had one Anthology in the past twenty years, I bet you would all bitch if that were the case for EP. Once again FTD another first class release, well done.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 09, 2008
Again its quality and not quanity and again why do people want to buy what they already have? just be glad you have a collectors label i guess,as for the quality i dont called releases with no booklets actually anything near quality standards for a collectors label,and untill the Ftd is the greatest people want to pay for all the releases i buy ,i will continue to tell you what i think,they may dish out the releases but how much of it is what you already have? oh right i forgot we must just bow down and be glad we have a collectors label,i guess im just not the fan i thought i was,i actually like quality and also dont like my item made with bendable cardboard that arrvies damaged,but i guess im the only one who recieves them that way right? the label has ran off many fans with its rerelease policy that now runs the label,but enjoy,maybe one day Ftd will see fit to release a On Tour show,oh thats right imports beat them to that also!
Steve V wrote on March 10, 2008
NOSTAB92 - I would take that one Anthology on Elvis if it was made with the same care as The Beatles one. Yes I would give up all the non-essentail releases because as mature stated it is quality not quantity. I am still waiting for a DVD Anthology on Elvis that rivals the one The Beatles had. What did RCA release in response to The Beatles Anthology CD sets? Platinum! Nuff said? Also dont forget there was an Anthology book also release. Nothing that nice has ever been released on Elvis. I like many of the FTD releases but Id rather a bang up project like Anthology that I would want to play again & again. Perhaps the Sun box will be a good start!
John4126 wrote on March 10, 2008
I'm confused about this label's strategy. I thought they were appealing to the 'serious' fan. It saddens me, but ultimately does not surprise me that to get a few new unreleased tracks i have to pay full price for the album and then get the same ol' songs for the umpteenth time! I can understand the 're-release' of 'The Way it was' as the cost of the original book/cd may have been prohibitive for some collectors. I am indifferent to the lack of accompanying booklets/ recording info. We've all probably got the Tunzi/ Jorgensen recording sessions books and whereas i might look at the coverss once or twice its the shiny cd thats the important thing. Granted the lack of sleeve notes should be reflected in the price.
schemies wrote on March 26, 2008
I am not sure if it makes sense to start discussing with every new release who wants to buy it or not, but I can understand that people don't like to buy those "Classic Album" series, since most of it has been released before. But what is left from FTD ? Since July 2007 (!) there was no standard release (since "I sing all kinds"), just "Classic Album" or "Movie Soundtrack" reissues. So what is left for the collector who looks out for new outtakes and unreleased soundboard recordings ? I think FTD should start a poll to see what Elvis collectors want to buy most. Maybe this website would be a good point to start this poll by ourselves? I would prefer to get more soundboards, or maybe more August 1969/70 concerts in their complete form. Or, finally, another complete concert from the April 1972 tour ! For the "Classic Album" reissues I prefer "How Great Thou Art" and "He Touched Me" (especially since the standard albums had their re-release on the main label just recently), or "Promised Land" and " Good Times" much more than any "Movie Soundtrack" reissue, except for "Jailhouse Rock" with all binaural (out)takes. "Elvis Country" or even "Love Letters from Elvis" would be welcome to get everything from the June 1970 sessions. So "TTWII" is welcome, too, but I will be disapointed again with the stupid applause overdubs at the beginning and end of the album (Just Can't help believin' / Bridge over troubled water), which will be there again, since it was like this on the original album bla bla bla ... I am sure that "Believin'" starts without that strong applause, as we can see with the other releases of this song. So why not correct it, at least by giving the song twice on this release ?! And why more live songs added here, instead of giving us the complete concerts, since all 3 dinner shows of August 1970 are unreleased in their complete form ? There is something to improve at FTD, I guess ...