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Status Of Elvis On Tour DVD Release

November 24, 2007 | Video
Recently, Elvis Australia asked Todd Morgan of EPE for comment regarding rumors about Warner Brothers' having cancelled plans to release Elvis on Tour on DVD. They also put forth for his reaction a suggestion regarding the future of the bank of footage shot for the films Elvis On Tour and Elvis, That's the Way It Is.

They also asked Todd Morgan if the story that Warner Brothers' 2001 DVD release Elvis: That's The Way It Is, Special Edition did not sell very well was true. And if so was this causing Warner to drop plans for the anticipated Elvis On Tour DVD release.

Todd's reply was "Elvis: That's the Way It Is, Special Edition was very successful. There's no truth to any rumor to the contrary. There's also no truth to the rumor that Warner Brothers has cancelled their plans for the release of Elvis on Tour on DVD. We should see that come along from them in a couple of years or so. Until Warner Brothers is ready to share more details publicly, we aren't at liberty to say anything more regarding what they have let EPE know about their plans so far."

When suggested that since it seems unlikely to many Elvis fans that Warner Brothers would financially commit to releasing DVD box sets of the material shot for these two Elvis concert films, could it be possible for EPE, possibly with Sony BMG, to approach Warner for access to their vaults, offering to finance, produce and distribute special additional DVD releases of the footage with a royalty paid to Warner. And that it has been proven with EPE and Sony BMG's partnership on the Aloha from Hawaii and the '68 Comeback Special box sets that a financial success can be made with such comprehensive releases.

Todd Mogan's response to this was "We have suggested to Warner Brothers on several occasions the possibility of their someday licensing to EPE the Elvis, That's the Way It Is and Elvis on Tour footage for us to produce special additional DVD releases or partnering with us on such special releases as Andrew Solt did with us on last year's Elvis/Sullivan DVD set. Nothing like that is actually in the works with Warner and EPE at this time, but it remains open for consideration in our ongoing and very good relationship with Warner Brothers. In whatever scenario it might happen, we just hope there will be special additional DVD releases of material from the two Elvis MGM concert films."
Source:Elvis Australia
My boy, my boy wrote on November 24, 2007
Actions speak louder than words !....Needless do I have to say that we can hardly wait !
Tony C wrote on November 24, 2007
At least we now know who is holding back on this release and we can lay off EPE. It does seem like they are more keen to see this material released than the owners of the footage.
wayup wrote on November 24, 2007
Too many words and bullshit.... in short, there will be NO "ON TOUR" DVD in next years. And nobody wil care in 10 years from now.
Elvisnites wrote on November 24, 2007
Bad news. Are we surprised-NO.
RonBaker wrote on November 24, 2007
Guess we'll be waiting and waiting and waiting for "Elvis on Tour"... What about "Loving You"??? They seem to have forgotten this film as well. They should restore it and present stereo audio where it exists (some of the music tracks are in binaural). It should have been teamed up with FTDs release.
benny scott wrote on November 24, 2007
I don't know if, with modern techniques, the picture-quality of a VHS-tape can be improved and then burned onto DVD. If so, i wouldn't be surprised that, if we all have to wait for a couple of more years,some smart guys will come up with a not-legal DVD in the near future.On the other side,i'm surprised it didn't happen already. C'mon Warner, what are you waiting for ? Worldwide thousands of loyal fans are waiting impatiently. Always El
Greg Nolan wrote on November 24, 2007
Benny -yes, indeed, there already exist booteg DVD versions of "Elvis on Tour" (perhaps I should say "DVD-R"), as the best one is taken from the existing laser disc version, and also especially well done is Star's 2-DVD "EOT" set known as "Through My Eyes." That said, we know an official version would take the cake, so when that comes, even owners of these fine boots will want the upgraded official one. I don't take EPE's comments that negatively as they don't say it won't happen eventually. Don't hold your breath but also don't say it won't ever happen. In any event, why cheat yourself in the meantime: get the excellent bootleg versions that exist. You'll be satiated, trust me.
loftmanuk wrote on November 24, 2007
Am I reading this right. It seems that Warner bros have told EPE their plans for this dvd but EPE arn't at liberty to tell anyone yet. Have to wait for Warners Bros ok first. Why is it such a big secret?
benny scott wrote on November 24, 2007
Hi Greg and colnago, thanks guys for your info.I'll start my search for such a DVD, hoping the real thing will be released before i leave this planet ( i'm not that young anymore) for good ! Always El
Greg Nolan wrote on November 25, 2007
Glad to help, Benny. I am happy to report that the bootlegs take a lot of the sting out of the unreleased status and definitely satisfy -without destroying your interest in buying an official master version. Colnago, while you may have enjoyed doing a VHS-to-DVD-R transfer, it's not worthwhile when you can, for modest funds, easily locate one dubbed from the laser disc digital version as well as a letter-box version broadcast on television.
circleG wrote on November 25, 2007
i've got a great bootleg of EOT which i assume is from laserdisc. does me fine till Warner are ready. i just hope Warner realise its us fans that are bringing Elvis to the wider market, i honestly believe that because i remember when Elvis was 'uncool' a while back. The fact that we won't let him go away is what made him cool again, but soon as benny scott says, there won't be many of us left.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 25, 2007
Since we all know that On Tour on Dvd isnt happening anytime soon,why not finally decide to put out a box set with nice liner notes, ive never understood the idea of releasing everything at once,its not like if they release the On Tour cd set now that if the Dvd ever does come that we wont be interested,instead of asking these guys when the dvd is coming out, why dont they get asked why they are stalling on the cd set,.its like there making the fans who are already dissapointed with the lack of quality for ttwii,or should i say lack of footage for a special edition, and also the fact that on tour hasnt even found its way to dvd special edtion or not,there making those fans dissapointed again with the fact they want step up and give a cd set,as i said its like everything has to be done at the same time,why wait for dvd? we will still want it if it ever happens,in the meantimeput out the cd set,its long overdue!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 25, 2007
By the way not everyone has access to Through My Eyes, and alot of fans have no idea it excists,its time for legit releases!
Steve V wrote on November 25, 2007
Great, something to look forward to when I turn 60.
Jerome wrote on November 25, 2007
problem with all so much requested releases as press conferences, on tour and in concert.. 'oh, elvis didn't look well, better not release it, might cost us fans/dollars, blablabla..
Viva wrote on December 06, 2007
The usual from EPE then; They speak lots of words without saying a damn thing. I wish they'd just be honest about the whole thing and tell us all to forget it. Long live the bootleggers, if ever there was an instance which justifies their existance, then the footage from "On Tour" and "TTWII" is it.
OtisBlue22 wrote on December 08, 2007
I don't understand why EPE and BMG don't just release an Elvis On Tour or Elvis: That's The Way It Is DVD boxsets, at least on a limited release like the FTD label CD's. Surely it would be a win-win situation. Us fans would all buy a remastered DVD release of Elvis On Tour with (hopefully) all shows filmed, like the Rolling Stones' DVD idea where they filmed several shows and released them ALL, together. EPE/BMG would profit not only from the limited release quickly selling out but also by undercutting the sale of bootlegs. Incidentally, Elvis: That's The Way It Is - Special Edition was not 'the ultimate Elvis concert' it was built up to be, not with the inclusion of Don't Be Cruel or Hound Dog at the expense of Bridge Over Troubled Water, I Just Can't Help Believin' or the segment where Elvis plays electric guitar live, plugging his way through a heartfelt rendition of Are You Lonesome Tonight and a rocking Little Sister. It could have been so much more. If I had access to the vaults, I could have made a better selection with my eyes closed. That said, it's all up to the legalities and the politics in the end, continuing to prevent the full releases from seeing daylight and spoiling all the fun.
Viva wrote on December 08, 2007
Absolutely, OtisBlue22.
ElvisOnTour1972 wrote on November 24, 2009
Hi all Elvis Fans I am a new member here. I have been a Elvis Presley fan since 1973. Regarding Elvis on Tour DVD. The studio should release the entire tour from 1972 concert movie, even the concerts that we're not even used for the film. I just hope Warner Brothers will see that there are millions of fans for this movie and that there is a demand for this film. There mabe up to 50 hours of concert footage. Let's all hope the release of Elvis on Tour is not a complete disapointment but rather a complete mulit DVD set.