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November 18, 2007 | Other
Not less than 86% of our members thinks that FTD should take an example on the Southern Comfort "American Way" releases. The new question is about the "Baby Let's Play House" remix. Is it good for Elvis?
Steve V wrote on November 18, 2007
It is good for Elvis if it sells, puts him on the charts, makes him relevant to todays market. If not, then they ruined an Elvis classic for no reason.
Elvisnites wrote on November 18, 2007
If you listen to just the music, without the video, I think it will make it.
Lonesome_Cowboy wrote on November 18, 2007
Not for me. Video is OK but not great and all in all not up to the standard of ALLC.
Sean Ryan wrote on November 18, 2007
Is this an Official remix and is it getting released as a single? IMO, its good for the clubs and the dance scene and i guess its bringing Elvis into the 21st century but as a fan, do we really need it? I dont want to go to an Elvis night in years to come and half the songs are remixes.
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 18, 2007
It is unmitigated poo-poo. Why are you people so obsessed with getting Elvis into the charts? It means absolutely nothing any more - take a telling, plebs. He ruled the charts in his prime - that was then, a time when charts were compiled from genuine sales (mass sales at that). Now there's hype, fixing, downloading...it means jack shit. Why do you think his name has to be out there all the time? Do you think people will forget him? Don't be so sad. His memory will be around forever - long after all the shit that's in today's charts is forgotten about. The fact that some of you are quite happy to see a classic Elvis Presley recording butchered by some arsehole DJ just on the off chance that it will get into the charts makes me puke. Go and buy a Kylie Minogue or Amy Shitehouse record, you'd be much better off, because you know doodley squat about what Elvis is all about. Absolutely nothing.
Jyroflux wrote on November 18, 2007
I can't say. I've never heard it. I don't see how you can 'remix' a mono recording. You can only layer tracks over it. Can't be good.
marty wrote on November 18, 2007
I don't not like remixes, never will. I do not like today's music and a remix is aimed at those who like it! Even if I did like it I still wouldn't want it because it could never be Elvis's music anymore. Elvis has no part in it all. Someone takes his old masterpieces and alters them, to make them appealing to the new generation. If I want the hits of the day there are plenty to choose from. If I want Elvis's music, I want it as it was recorded, PLEASE don't try to modernise it. I want the true Elvis...
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 18, 2007
Well said, Marty. You hit the nail right on it's head.
RonBaker wrote on November 19, 2007
I think the mix works quite well...better than the Stray Cats' overdubbed Elvis recordings. This one really uses the original recording effectively and makes it sound up-to-date without taking Elvis out of the mix. I liked "A Little Less Conversation", but "Rubberneckin'" wasn't very good. This isn't the first time Elvis' music has been overdubbed...there was the 'I Was the One' album and the Felton Jarvis overdubbed 'Guitar Man' album. Speaking of that album..."Just Call Me Lonesome" became a favorite of mine after hearing the 'Guitar Man' version. If this mix causes people to tune into Elvis' music, then it's a good thing. We have the original version (several times over).
PaulFromFrance wrote on November 19, 2007
The idea that these remixes could bring some new audience to Elvis music is totally irrelevant. Simply because it's not Elvis music. If you like those remixes, you don't like Elvis Music. I hate remixes like I hate colorized movies. They all are insults to the artist's work.
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 19, 2007
Here! Here! Well said, Paul from France.
Brian Quinn wrote on November 19, 2007
Definately. Remixes are the future for the Elvis Legacy in my opinion. We must look to the future and keep pace with technology. If we had stuck to the past we would have had no 'Elvis The Concert'. Just imagine how Elvis would sound if given the same type of backing sound as The Eagles for example. Awesome in my opinion. Elvis' voice cannot be bettered but the backing tracks on many of his recordings are now seriously dated soundwise. For the purists there will always be the originals.
Elvisnites wrote on November 19, 2007
In total agreement Brian.
Lex wrote on November 19, 2007
Elvis The Concert is still Elvis, at least very close to his original arrangements. Those remixes are only screwing Elvis' originals. Elvis' legacy is secured by the superb work he did himself... those screw up things add nothing, in opposite the degrade the originals.
Robban wrote on November 19, 2007
Where can I find the new remix, so I can give my opinion?
VinnyBocciagalupe wrote on November 19, 2007
does it matter at this point? Sillerman has already bastardized Elvis' legacy by facilitating a Celine Dion duet with Elvis on American Idol. And perhaps, since Sillerman moved into town, Elvis has become overexposed. Fine. With that are the remixes, terrible miniseries, etc aimed at untapped markets (tweens, teens, new fans). And ultimately, this may be critical to maintain Elvis' legacy (although, I think Elvis' legacy will live on, the same way it has since 1977 - parents sharing their love for Elvis with their kids, the kids becoming hooked, etc) They can remix any songs they want, sample his music in Hip Hop, whatever. What would be a shame is if we don't get all of the unreleased EOT footage!!! My point is, there needs to be a balance between marketing towards new potential fans and providing for the existing fan-base that has invested tons of money into Elvis. Sillerman has unlimited resources, some of which should be allocated to putting together projects that the existing fan base want - Elvis on Tour Revisited, and all of the audio and video in private collectors' hands. This is the good stuff.
Jerome wrote on November 19, 2007
how can you say 'many of his recordings are now seriously dated soundwise'? regarding arrangments and sound quality they're timless. I believe that remixing a song should be done in a effort to make it timeless as well. Or else we have this kind of remixes hardly anyone will be listening to in the future.
efan4ever wrote on November 19, 2007
I prefer the originals songs. Remixes are not the future. Because not everyone likes them.
Steve V wrote on November 19, 2007
You know there is a wonderful Fats Domino tribute CD out with comtemporary & older artists doing Fats' songs. I think this works better than a remix to get Elvis some new fans. Seeing top artists paying tribute the best way they know, by singing his songs. May not be everyones cup of tea but it would show how these artists appreciate what Elvis has left us. Its better than a remix in my opinion, which comes off as a cheap tactic by some DJ.
lvisfan wrote on November 20, 2007
If they must remix, they can do so with the original tracks. Or at least the recordings that were done on multitrack recorders. And if they must re-record the tracks, get the TCB band in on it to recreate the music with the much improved technology. I personally loved what was done on the "Memphis Record" album from the 80's. They pulled out the multi tracks and remixed them, making them sound much cleaner and better than the originals. Maybe that would be the best avenue to take that may please both sides of this issue. That's better than making Elvis sound like a "dance mix" artist.
japio wrote on November 20, 2007
i don´t like remixes.How many people knows the original version of a Little less conversation? If you told somebody that it comes from a movie and it´s suddenly a bad song. But its good for Elvis? NO. Only for the moneymakers like BMG /Sony. I think it people see it as a gimmick like the Impersonators. But Let BMG promote elvis in the way it should be. Take one of his best albums (from Elvis in memohis, Elvis country,Thats the way it is) Make a damn good tv special and commercials. And let everbody know that Elvis has recorded so much good albums. Some better than the Beatles ever could make.The problem with BMG is that want spent nothing but only take the big bucks. What are we get this year. almost nothing. here in Holland we get the Dutch collection. And what they promised 500 lucky people would be mentiond in the booklet. No only if you working for BMG, or have a fanclub to get free promotion Than you´ll find yourself in the booklet. And they said also only the greatest hits would be on this release.There affraid that it don´t sell with unkown song. So i think if you promote Elvis. Do it in the right way. Let everybody hear the great songs (too much to mention here) Not a remix but the way it is recorded. That are masterpieces
gerrard wrote on November 20, 2007
I love elvis Original recordings and they are still there for all fans.But any thing that gets elvis air play is good for increasing elvis fanbase as we go forward.So if it takes more remixes so be it.
John4126 wrote on November 20, 2007
I have no poblem with the re-mixes. I happen to have liked those that have been done in recent years. I think there is a place for both. ALLC did the trick as far as pushing Elvis into the limelight and was a monster seller around the world. I think it kickstarted re-new public interest in him. Not sure you can keep doing it though. It's about the moment in a lot of respects. I'm personally doubt that re-issues of great albums previously mentioned are going to catch the public's imagination. 'Let it be' didnt for the beatles a couple of years ago.
CEP wrote on November 20, 2007
You can download the remix from iTunes in the UK.There is no doubt that remixes bring new generations of fans to Elvis and create a new appreciation of his music.ALLC kick started a whole new perspective on Elvis.Likewise i work with someone who got into Elvis via the 2003 King Junior album,(also on itunes) - A tribute to the King - 21 dance and hip hop remixes -he would n't have touched Elvis with a barge pole before then - mainly because and take note please ,'Elvis's music is not modern and stuff from the 50s and 60s sounds so dated' - you gotta 'move on baby move on!'
Robban wrote on November 21, 2007
I found it on Youtube, search for ELVIS PRESLEY - Baby Let's Play House (Spankox Re:Version)
Rejane wrote on November 30, 2007
I like the sound of this remix-but have to qualify that by saying I do not like the video and feel that it would turn some people off.