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New FTD Release: Wild In The Country

November 20, 2007 | Music
The Follow That Dream label will release the “Wild In The Country” soundtrack in the classic albums series in early January 2008. As usual it will be in the 7” digipack format, with a booklet. Due to the number of songs recorded for the movie, this will be a single disc release. All tracks have been remixed and remastered for this release and sound truly beautiful according to the FTD newsletter.

Original Soundtrack

1. Wild in the Country
2. Lonely Man
3. I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell
4. In My Way
5. Forget Me Never
6. Lonely Man (solo)
7. I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell (low key)


8. Lonely Man (take 1)
9. Wild in the Country (takes 1,2)
10. Wild in the Country (takes 10,11)
11. I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell (takes 1,2,3)
12. Lonely Man (solo, take 1)
13. In My Way (take 1)
14. Forget Me Never (takes 2,1)
15. Lonely Man (take 4)
16. Lonely Man (solo, takes 2,3)
17. In My Way (take 2)
18. In My Way (takes 4,5,6/8)
19. Wild in the Country (takes 12,13)
20. Wild in the Country (take 14)
21. I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell (takes 7,8,9)
22. I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell (take 11)
23. Lonely Man (takes 6,7,8)
24. Lonely Man (takes 11,12)
25. I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell (takes 14,15,16)
26. Wild in the Country (take 16)

You can pre-order this CD from ElvisMatters.
Source:Follow That Dream

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bray1977 wrote on November 20, 2007
Excellent, this will be a welcome addition to the collection. Its a short one but very sweet indeed.
PaulFromFrance wrote on November 20, 2007
These are underrated tracks, because they come from a not-so-good movie. For me, some of these songs are pure jewels, and among the finest balads Elvis ever recorded.
adiels wrote on November 20, 2007
I totally agree. There are some great songs here, that unfortunately were buried in low budget Camden releases like Separate Ways. They should have been treated better at the time of release. Will buy this CD.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 20, 2007
So is this the only release for jan? how about a On tour set? second why on earth would anyone preorder Ftd's? you never know when they are going to actually be released,and also all takes that they can fit on 2 cd's should be on the wild in the country cd,just me oppion!
You Dont Know Me wrote on November 20, 2007
Excellent 'news' great soundtrack and i will thoroughly enjoy this one-especially as i continully explore Australia's 'wild country!'
Steve Morse wrote on November 20, 2007
This is great news. I love these recordings. Four of the songs receive a very intimate treatment and I would love to know which of them feature Elvis on guitar. They are really quite unlike any other Elvis recordings. A "not-so-good movie" ? I totally disagree. It is of the highest class and the love scene in the cabin projects far more than any modern jump-into-bed approach. How many people realise that Elvis, as Glenn, quotes two pop songs in a single sentence ? - "It doesn't matter any more. It's all over now" ?
marco31768 wrote on November 20, 2007
"Husky dusty day", where are you???
Elvisnites wrote on November 21, 2007
I haven't received the last two I pre-ordered yet. I'll wait until its released, then I'll order it. Looks good though. I did like the movie. It had some meat to it and Elvis did a great acting job in it.
Bill Rauhuff wrote on November 21, 2007
This was never a movie soundtrack when the movie was released in 1961. In the USA the song Wild in the Country was a single b/w I Feel So Bad. The few other songs were on Something for Everybody and were filtered out on other albums through the years. The same can be said for Flaming Star, and a few later movies. If this is the cover the picture is fine but the writing looks identical to Blue Hawaii which was his next movie. I guess there is a market for this but at 29.95 in America that is kinda milking the fans for all they can get. I have always thought around 19.95 for the FTD series is a fair price. It was 24.95 then they raised the price a couple of years ago to 29.95. Why, because they can. I am being honest not negative.
RonBaker wrote on November 21, 2007
"Husky Dusty Day" should definately be on here...even if they have to take it from the dvd. It makes the soundtrack incomplete without it. I, too, have not received the two previous FTD cds...I'll wait until I do before I order any more. Not much use in preordering something that you get after everyone else gets theirs.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 21, 2007
Well if its gonna be $30 at least give 2 cd's when it comes to the classic series,its ok if your negative (thats what everyone calls it),theres plenty of automatic praise to go around,dont get me wrong i like many of the releases but theres always room for improvement!
Elvisnites wrote on November 21, 2007
There was a double feature cd put out with Flaming Star, Follow That Dream and bonus Wild In the Country. Which was good because the songs were not scattered all over. But an actual album at the time-no. Agree, $30.00 with shipping is too much.
Elvisnites wrote on November 21, 2007
By the way that was put out in 1995 by BMG. By low key, do they mean alternate master? Because thats how its listed on the back of my cd cover.
Christer wrote on November 21, 2007
The "alternate master" on the Double Features is sung in a lower key so that can be it. I also think that it is one of his best movies even if i think Elvis is "over acting" a bit. I read somewhere (Guralnick?) that it was due to amphetamines. However, beautiful songs!
Tony D. wrote on November 21, 2007
I hope that is gonna be the real sleeve - it's very attractive. I'm not bothered about having all 19 takes of "Wild in the country" as they all sound virtually identical and the song is quite dreary. It was only released as a single to promote the movie, I believe. I expected the "Jailhouse rock" FTD in january.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on November 21, 2007
I can't wait to get this great new FTD.
circleG wrote on November 21, 2007
Good film. Good sound track. Surprising choice of FTD considering the late 60's and 70's albums are waiting for some treatment.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on November 21, 2007
Ernst are you trying to pick my pocket with this?
Steve V wrote on November 21, 2007
Classic album? This wasnt even an EP!
Bill (BW) wrote on November 21, 2007
No one's pocket gets picked with a FTD! You either buy it, or you don't. Personally, I think "Wild In The Country" is a great release and I like the cover. Keep up the good work Ernst.
JerryNodak wrote on November 21, 2007
I know this wasn't an album, or even an EP (though there should have been one,) but I'm glad FTD is gathering these wonderful songs together with deluxe packaging in what I'm sure will be great sound. Really looking forward to this release. Great cover design. Hey, Jumpin' J: If you feel your pocket is being picked, just skip it. There's no law that says you must buy every release. I, myself, have skipped a number of FTD's.
theoldscudder wrote on November 21, 2007
Was it PT Barnum or maybe the err Colonel that said "there'a A sucker born every day". Who can sit through these redundant outtakes? Nice looking cover anyway.
Elvisnites wrote on November 21, 2007
Elvis did. The least thing I can do is join him. :-)
Matt W wrote on November 22, 2007
Great cover and a worth edition to the FTD library. Jumpin Jehosaphat - if you aren't going to post anything worthwhile then cease to post anything at all. Your anti Ernst propaganda is unwanted and unnecessary.
Tony D. wrote on November 22, 2007
To "Mr. Scudder", what are 'redundant out-takes'??!! To collectors, they are nice to hear. Maybe stick with your umpteenth 'greatest hits' collection!
Steve V wrote on November 22, 2007
Cmon now how many of you are really gonna play this more than once? 6 songs over & over again for 35.00? Dont we have these outtakes already on other releases? You really think this is bang for the buck? I think this is the 'thinnest' FTD release so far. At least GGG was a legit soundtrack album. Even tho Elvis' voice was at its peak during this period these songs are somewhat plodding and hearing one after another makes for a one time listen. Sorry, agreeing with the old scudder here & JUmping J here.
Cruiser621 wrote on November 22, 2007
Save your money folks. There are enough outtakes out there already for the listening. How many times can BMG/SONY rape the Elvis Fan?
My boy, my boy wrote on November 22, 2007
Steve V, I understand your point but Elvis happened to have the ability to never sing a song the same way twice. Regarding this, Elvis was truly one of a kind and by singing different versions of his material all the time like he did, he managed to entertain everyone around him and kept his musicians on their toes. I guess it's a little bit of this that the people who buy these releases are looking for...I'll always remember the first time I noticed how obvious it was is when I bumped into many different versions of the song "Am I ready" that Elvis recorded for Spinout. Every take had its own identity and that's what fans enjoy to discover ! I must say though that you first have like that aspect of his music to enjoy it otherwise it's not necessarily worth it for everybody !
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on November 22, 2007
Reading some of the comments and reviews here i can't believe that i'm visiting an Elvis site now. It's rather an anti-Elvis site. Morons.
JerryNodak wrote on November 22, 2007
Yes, I will play this many more times than once. I prefer Elvis the balladeer over Elvis the rocker. Dreary songs? These are beautifully sung. Now if you want to talk about not playing a cd more than once, for me that was disc 2 of Loving You (FTD).
Matt W wrote on November 22, 2007
Cruiser621 - Song/BMG has never rapped Elvis fans, you choose what you do and don't buy, period. Seriously some of the comments from so called "fans" on this site are either totally ignorant or more likely, simply trolling. How about stepping away from the computer and going outside to see the real world? Steve V - YOU may have this material elsewhere and if so then don't buy it. However, the official medium is FTD and they are keeping with their vision. I don't doubt all masters will see a release in the classic album/soundtrack series and rightfully so. Unbelievable some of the comments here.
schemies wrote on November 22, 2007
Hi Folks, I think I will like this release, because I like the songs, they are really underrated (as I can see from some comments). But you cannot argue about taste ! My question is: What about the so called "regular" FTD release ? There was none in October/November, so what will happen in January ? Come on, Mr. Jorgensen, you can do better, we know it !
Dixieland Rock wrote on November 22, 2007
Fantastic Cover design. Very nostalgic to the Elvis album covers in the 1960s. I like it. Great to see the "Wild In The Country" package together in one collection. I welcome the outtakes of "I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell" here together with the other songs & outtakes. Great work FTD & keep up the great work.
MarkE wrote on November 22, 2007
hate the artwork, should be the US single cover for Wild In The Country
Tony D. wrote on November 22, 2007
To "schemies"(?). There were THREE FTD releases in July and two in november! How many more do you expect?!
Ton Bruins wrote on November 23, 2007
To each his own...but I prefer FTD releases from the 70's...I am not a fan of songs like "Forget Me Never", "In My Way", I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell". I like "Wild In The Country" and "Lonely Man" though. And once again a release with a lot of outtakes we all ready have...same goes for "Pot Luck"...
JerryNodak wrote on November 23, 2007
There's 1 phrase that grinds my gears on MBs. It's "WE don't need this because WE already have it". Of course, the WE refers to the completeists who have bought every single Elvis release since they were old enough to walk. Including the illegal bootlegs.Well, I'm not included in your WE (by choice). I'm glad this release is coming. I love the artwork shown. If this is going to be the official cover, that's great! It's much better than the U.S. 45 rpm "Wild In The Country" single sleeve.
Ton Bruins wrote on November 23, 2007
As I said Jerry "to each his own". I hope you enjoy this release..
schemies wrote on November 23, 2007
To Tony Dobb: For FTD there should be "regular" releases like the soundboards or outtake sampler like "I sing all kinds", and additionally the "Classic Album" series. But at the moment it seems the Classic Album series has taken over completely (even if Wild in the Country is no classic LP/EP). It's not the total number, but the kind of music that counts for me. For example: The just now released "Pot Luck" double CD has not much new for collectors, almost everything was released before. But we know that there are many more complete alternate takes of many of the songs. So why was there no 3rd CD, or even a "regular" release with all new outtakes from those recording sessions (named "More Pot Luck", for example) ? And now I think it is time for another soundboard show, another August 1970 Las Vegas show (e.g. dinner show August 13th) or one of the unreleased On Tour shows and so on. Thank you for reading my comments !
schemies wrote on November 23, 2007
Another word to JerryNodak: When I write WE, I mean regular fans like me, who might have some bootlegs, but usually bought almost all regular releases by RCA (now Sony/BMG). Have a look at "Pot Luck" again: most outtakes have been available on those regular releases: "Close Up", "Today Tomorrow and Forever", "Such a Night" (Essential Elvis vol.6), "Studio B 1961-1964 Nashville Outtakes" (FTD !), "Long Lonely Highway (Nashville 1960-1968)" (another FTD), "Collector's Gold", and finally "From Nashville to Memphis: The Essential 60's Masters". So how many of those did you NOT buy ? Of course you have to be at least 30 years old right now to have had enough money for all of them. But you are right: for all new fans FTD is the only way to get the classic albums and even the outtakes released 10 years ago. But is FTD not too expensive for beginners ? Thanks again for reading my comments !
genedin wrote on November 25, 2007
to be honest i enjoy ever release for different reasons and would not be opposed to a 3rd cd being included when necessary. maybe they can keep the same price being sometimes we only get 1 cd in some releases. i love the 70s stuff but do admire the 60s material just as much on occasion. once in a while try not to deliver all the negative comments. it might do some good sooner or later.
JerryNodak wrote on November 25, 2007
schemies: I have all the FTD releases you mention. So yes, there isn't much new, but man, it sure sounds a hell of a lot better on this release than on all those others. This FTD version was worth every penny I paid. As for my age, I'm 57. My dad got me listening to Elvis back in '56. He would have been about 45 at the time. As you'll recall it wasn't very fashionable for the "older" generation to like Elvis back then. As far as musical tastes go my dad was way ahead of his time.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 25, 2007
What is it with peopla commenting oon everyones comment and acting like Elvis is some god and that Ftd is your food,that i find more disturbing than anyone who just says they dont care for a release, and whats with the dontl ike it then dont buy it line? these people are giving there oppions,there not speaking to anyone by name, yet all i see is hey you and you,i dont like your comment,stop ,leave the site, its like you dont want oppions you just everyone to nod in aggreement with you,some take this stuff wayyy too serios,i dont find this release anything to get worked up over,your all fellow fans and remember we all support FTD,We even buy releases there are not our favorites,it seems to me Ftd is putting all its effrot now in the classic series and movie albums and even stretching that a bit,i loved the spinout soundtrack but Ftd didnt put any effrot into it,they left many fun outtakes out,hecne making the bookleg still sought after,they miss the boat on things,yes some great releases but also some lack luster effrots also,they seem to pick the projects they wont to put there all into and for me thats not a good thing!,i could go on but id be a ernst hatter or FTd hater or what ever else people give there oppions are called these days!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 25, 2007
schemies i agree about classic albums taking over FTd,thats also not a very popular comment,but its true,id also like to see another aug 70 show or on tour show,since no box set is going to happen now!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 25, 2007
One last thing,the comment about people being trolls? are you serios?,do we need to prove were Elvis fans now? maybe we could have a secret code word?Oh yea im skipping this release, thats right im taking the i dont like it i aint buying it option,lol have fun!
Tony D. wrote on November 26, 2007
The 'classic album' that "mature_elvis_fan" (he doesn't post under his real name) doesn't seem to like, are a way of presenting the original album WITH OUT-TAKES from the relevant sessions (many of which are previously unreleased officially). The "regular" FTD's that "mature_elvis_fan" and others now crave for after a 3 month hiatus since the last one, have slowed down for a reason! It is because much of the material has been used up over the years. (Elvis hasn't recorded for over 3 decades!!) A lot of the out-takes that have been released on the 'regular' FTD's is now collated onto the 'classic album' releases where they belong, making several of the 'regular' FTD releases redundant anyway! In order to keep negativity to a minimum, they try to package the 'classic album' releases in a nice way.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 27, 2007
Again what does my name have to do with anything? and the whole point is,the classic series isnt needed,just because some like it, doesnt mean everyone does,its not complaining,its the simple fact ,we all dont like the same thing,its really pathetic that people cant just give there views, they must tear into everyone who doesnt see things there way,theres many who dont like the classic series but they know that in the so called Elvis community you better say everything including Ftd is flawless or your this or that,and the fact remains some FTds are not Collectors edtion they should bem since were talking about a collectors label,and what about the sound goofs on cd's like unchained melody,do they even listen to the cd once before releasing it,guess we know the answer to that dont we,or what about the sound on Elvis today from Ftd? no you must overlook everything and only praise like,and no matter what your oppion,ive said nothing thats out of line,Ftd is not the perfect label people pretend it is,nor is it alful but it does have it faults,itsj ust too bad people cant have a real conversation without acting like your picking on there little brother!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 27, 2007
By the way im kevin,feel better? Oh yea this album has the same design as blue hawaii? Opps being negative agina!
Tony D. wrote on November 27, 2007
How can anyone possibly 'not like' the 'classic album' releases?! "Elvis is back", "Loving you", "Elvis Presley" and Something for everybody" are among the greatest albums of Elvis' career, period! And to put the icing on the cake, the albums are chock a block full of glorious session material. It doesn't get any better than that. Is it possible you could use some full stops and capital letters, and check spellings when posting please "mature_elvis_fan". Your messages are hard to read with so many grammatical shortcomings.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 28, 2007
Then stop reading it,its amazing that people really cant understand that everyone doesnt like what they like,and even if most do like it,doesnt mean i have to,may i ask why all other Ftd's have no booklets? the feeling among some fans,you know the ones who wont speak up because they know they will be told there not fans and other nonsence,those fans feel that the classic series took over the label and that it get treatement that regular Ftd's dont get,and even then some of the classic albums releases dont have the sound on the masters that they should for a collectors label.also answer me on why unchained melody to name one Ftd had sound errors then ernst danced around the subjectwhy do they not listen to there own cd before releasing it? as for my grammer im sure that just another way for you to find fault with what i have to say and another way of trying to insult me,ive come to find out why his fans have the image they do,you would find more mature conversation from 5th graders,again its all matter of taste,really simple but oh well i guess not simple enough!
Steve V wrote on November 28, 2007
Tony - No one ever said we dont like the albums you mentioned in the classic album series, Elvis Is Back, Loving You, Pot Luck, etc. Of course we do, & always will. But dont you remember RCA/BMG's policy in 1997 was to put all these albums out WITH additional tracks to rectify the catalog? For example Elvis Is Back contained the 1960 single releases. This was a great idea for the world to discover these great Elvis albums with some extra tracks. At the time the outtakes were being released on FTD CD's and various RCA releases like Platinum, Essential Elvis series, etc which was fine for us 'hardcore' folks. So I ask why were the albums taken out of print for the general public, then re-released on the classic album series with outtkaes that we mostly had from previous various releases? Doesnt anyone like paying inflated prices for something they already have? (ok a few extra outtakes may appear on some classic album ftds). But for the most part, I see this as making us pay for something we already have and mostly dont need. I dont care about upteen outtakes of a song. I feel this shouldnt be the only was to get a hold of an Elvis classic album. They should have stayed in print and be orderable from Amazon or other CD outlets since most stores are gone!
Josh&Jody wrote on November 30, 2007
Geat release!! Good work from E&R at BMG, "but": *should be half-priced; *missed an opportunity to bring it all together in one FTD called Cowboy Country man Elvis (carrying WiC, Fl Star, StawayJoe and Charro...); *great photo - good image; What's next coming?Hope it is\: PROM LAND, FROM EP BLVD (plus 6 songs from MBlue!!), BURNING LOVE SESSION, ROUST, KCOUSINS, SPEEDWAY and complete KING CREOLE (imagine work parts of HHWoman, Trouble, NOrleans, DixieRock...!!!) Sould we forget then LLETTERS, NOW, GOOD TIMES, FOOL, a.o.?
JerryNodak wrote on November 30, 2007
It's not likely that Kissin' Cousins, Roustabout or Speedway will be coming anytime soon. The session tapes are "lost." Also, not likely that King Creole will get the deluxe FTD treatment soon as they released everything they had the last time the soundtrack was upgraded. Late '80s or early '90s? They won't forget the other albums you mention. There's money to be made. I was rather disappointed that they didn't do The Wonderful World Of Christmas this year. Oh well, maybe next Christmas.