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Girls! Girls! Girls!

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, November 19, 2007 | Music
Although I can’t handle 3 of them at the same time anymore, the title is one of the most appealing of Elvis’ movies, thus soundtracks.


As with all “classic album” releases this 7” cover art has been worked out very nicely. The only minor is that the booklet is very thin.


When I bought the original album some 30 years ago, it turned out to be one of my favourites at that moment. Most of the songs were catchy pop tunes and an album with “Return to Sender” on it couldn’t be wrong in my ears. The title song is one of the better post army title tracks, while “Thanks to the Rolling Sea” and the calypso-like “Song of the Shrimp” were different from what I was used to at the moment.

In other words, I used to be happy with it and I must say I still don’t have problems to hear the original album every now and then. Okay, my taste moved on and it is certainly not among my favourite albums, but I can still listen to it.

This FTD release is something completely different. The first 13 tracks are okay, but in the remaining 18 tracks one of the few Elvis songs I really can’t stand, “Mama”, is available in 7 of them. The worst thing is that they are not in a row, so either I have to pre-program my player or I have to use skip quite often. I did that once and that’s more than enough for me. If I have the desire to listen to the soundtrack in the future, I’ll stick to my good old vinyl version of it. Since there are no outtakes of the title track and “Return to Sender”, there is not a real reason to play this version anyway.

The tracks that I did play sounded good and I didn’t notice the usual mistakes on first (and last) listen.


“Mama! Mama! Mama!” would have been a nice title for the reissue, which is not more than a cabinet filler for me.

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JimmyCool wrote on November 19, 2007
What do you mean by "the usual mistakes"?
Lex wrote on November 19, 2007
The usual mistakes Lene R. makes when she touches the buttons. Thank God she isn't involved this time (although I couldn't really mind if this release was screwed ;-)).
bajo wrote on November 19, 2007
I'll paste my comment from another thread: I used to love this album! I think it's maybe one of the better soundracks, but heavily underrated! Now, here in glorious audio, a classic rising from the ashes! I really enjoyed sitting through the entire CD with a sound I think even the hardest non-soundtrack fan will have to change his/her mind about! I'm more than pleased with this classic release. I guess the reason for the shortage of material is the fact that Ernst has given up finding more material from these sessions. If you ever had doubt about this release, you won't regret getting it! This album is simply great!
JerryNodak wrote on November 19, 2007
Unlike Lex, I didn't appreciate this album back in my younger days. Too many ballads. But as I grew older and came to appreciate Elvis, the balladeer, my appreciation for this album grew to where I enjoyed the album a lot. Now, with the FTD upgrade of this album there's even more to enjoy. And unlike Lex, I like "Mama." I hope that Lene is kept out of the "mix" from now on.
John4126 wrote on November 20, 2007
It does look as though the search for other outtakes etc may have ended. Which is a shame as this is a little 'thin' in comparison with other FTD releases. However, any unreleased tracks are most welcome.
circleG wrote on November 20, 2007
One of my favourite sound tracks but what happened to takes 1-17 of plantation rock ( that name still makes me laugh...)
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 20, 2007
One of worst releases from Ftd in my oppion,just not enough for the money,but to those who like it,enjoy!
Tony D. wrote on November 21, 2007
The sound quality on the FTD is far and away better than on any previous releases of this soundtrack. The booklet is not "thin", but the same as all other FTD 7" re-issues. Also, the reason "Mama" is included as a complete session, is that the tapes were still extant for this song, whereas the others don't appear to exist. "Return to sender" was done in one complete take. "Girls, girls, girls" was take 3. The other 2 "takes" are merely short false starts. You cannot have what is not there! It seems "mature_elvis" is unhappy with everything!?!
SPK wrote on November 21, 2007
Love the soundtracks. Can't wait to get this. Keep 'em coming Roger and Ernst so we can have the whole set. Make them better whenever possible.
Tony C wrote on November 22, 2007
Well said, Tony (Dobb), I could not agree more. Many people appear to feel short-changed because this is a single disc release. We should remember that the majority of the FTD soundtrack CD's have been single discs, even when complete session tapes are still in existence. "Loving You" broke the mould by giving over a second bonus disc containg multiple takes of the title song. Even this did not please some, who thought this disc was boring.
Tony D. wrote on November 22, 2007
It saddens me to keep reading constant griping from people hiding behind psuedonym names. "mature_elvis_fan doesn't seem happy with ANY product!?
JerryNodak wrote on November 22, 2007
As stated in an earlier post I'm really looking forward to this release. As for the 2nd disc on Loving You (FTD) mentioned by another poster: I wouldn't call it boring. I call it monotonous. I forced myself to listen all the way through one time. Never again.
whetherman wrote on November 22, 2007
Really like this. The sound is superb, packaging and booklet very good, even rather liked the outtakes of "Mama". My only gripe would be that they didn't use the full length takes of "Girls Girls Girls" and "Return To Sender" among others as they appear on the Memory Records CD of "Girls Girls Girls"
Tony D. wrote on November 22, 2007
The extra disc on "Loving you" FTD was a BONUS. The material was available on bootleg for several years which nobody complained about. It ISN'T the sort of thing you will play very often, but it is there for completists sake. If they had ommitted even ONE of the takes, people would have complained about that too!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 23, 2007
Tony, is there any possible way you could give your oppion without tearing into others? if you like it then great,theres plenty i like, do i need to give my top 5 favorites everytime i dont have a postative view of any release? ok tony i like one night in vegas, jungle room sessions,polk salad annie,live on stage in memphis, paraide hawaian style,let me guess you also loved spinout from FTD also? even though it left out many great outtakes,thats why they dont take out the importers,they do great jobs on some releases and not so great jobs on others,i dont think you can really give your oppion,that is unless its 100% postative and followed with i love FTD ,glad to have the collectors label,but it in no ways is perfect,and i figure since i buy the releases,i can have a oppion on them,you see i buy some that i dont like as much as others,GGG in my oppion could have waited,and yes i understand the outtakes are lost,as for loving you it was boring,would have loved more takes on the already mentioned spinout FTD,it least there fun songs!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 23, 2007
By the way tony if it really saddens you that everyone doesnt love everything that FTD comes out with,then i find that sad myself,as for my name,what on earth does that have to do with anything? Some could say people gripe about others oppions if there not always like there own,oppion means just that,someones personal view,why cant people simply give there oppion without wanting everything to think what they think, word for word? i assure you what FTD releases or doesnt release doesnt affect my life one bit, sorry its just not that important, have fun gang,if thats possible!
Steve V wrote on November 23, 2007
Amen Mature - I am 50-50 on FTDs as you are. I like some, stay away from some and Ive actually sold some I bought after hearing them once. I guess Im not a real fan then by some peoples accounts. When FTD started its purpose was to put the bootleggers out of business by releasing unheard live shows & studio outtakes. They started out that way and I liked all the early FTDs. Then they just came too many too fast & I do have a problem with the classic album series. Albums that were forever in the mainstream catalog and now you have to buy an expensive FTD to get them and a whole bunch of outtakes that not everyone cares about. (OOPS - Im not a fan again). There are some great Elvis LPs no longer available to the general public, and thats a shame.
Mr Jones wrote on November 24, 2007
as I predicted my boyfriend loves the Guys Guys Guys... and Pot luck cd I gave him for his birthday. Finally the Let's be friends version of Mama and another take from Where do you come from; a song that is very special to us.
Tony D. wrote on November 25, 2007
to "mature_elvis_fan". Of course you are entitled to your "oppion". (I take it you mean opinion)? But every post I have seen from you has been bordering on 'immature' and constant put downs of the collectors' label releases. Sometimes if all 28 takes of a certain inferior movie song aren't included on a release, you must use rational thinking as to the reason behind this.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 25, 2007
ALways has to be a put down?nothing immature about my remarks,i have prasied some releases but no one pays attention to that,people just like to bark about what they see as negative comments,i dont expect to have every take of every song(who said i did) but lets take the spinout FTD,Even the reviews said the bootleg was better,they left out great outtakes,and could have included many more,whats wonrg with giving 100% effort on every release,as for putting down the collectors label,i buy the darn thing,i guess its better to put me down while telling me i shouldnt put the label down,you never see me getting nasty on a personal level,if only we all lived that way!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 25, 2007
To steve,me and you agree on alot of topics,and of course im not a fan ,i just buy all these cd's so i can gripe,i agree also that when Ftd came out,most of the release had great material,there were soundboards, multitrack,and studio outtakes, i at the time thought the movie soundtracks were coming to fast and also the sound was not always the best ,expecially on the masters,also as mentioned some soundtracks were a bit scarce on unreleased outtakes leaving some bootlegs still relivant,,but overall i loved the label,then came the classic series and it became about what classic albums were next,and hence the lost vision of the collectors label,not too mention the coyness of the creatures of the label that is suppose to be about and for the fans!
Tony D. wrote on November 26, 2007
The 'classic album series' collects as many out-takes together in one place as is listenable and tenable. Would "mature_elvis_fan" have liked, for example the "raised on rock" FTD to have just been out-takes without the regular masters so as to pander to your wish of less 'classic album' releases??!! And the reason FTD havn't released a soundboard for a few months is cos fans were complaining of repetition and them 'coming too fast'!!!! The same will now probably happen with the soundtracks as you compain now that THEY are 'coming too fast'!!!
You Dont Know Me wrote on November 27, 2007
I played this soundtrack once yesterday and once today. Its good, but not 'great' soundtrack.The package is also good and i quite like it. With the song 'Mama' i sit on the fence as to whether i like it or not? certainly I enjoyed the outakes of 'Thanks to the rolling Sea' hmm must go and have a sea food meal today! yummy soundtrack and 'bright' feel to it. certainly not in my top 5 soundtracks, but not in my bottom 5 either. so thanks for releasing this in SUPERB BEST EVER SOUND!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 28, 2007
Oh my gosh you mean everyone didnt like there choice of soundboards,maybe its because of there choices for releases,lets face it,they now have a market for shows that they never dreamed they would release,or that people wuold actually want them,they at time seem to be cleaning out the closet,they have released some good shows ,did you notise i just said something postative? its simple everyone doesnt like the direction of Ftd now,as for the classic albums i wished they never had started them and instead made the original albums on cd for those who want them,and if you are going to do the classic series then out the masters on it and put them always in great sound as the outtakes are and only put new outtakes since us who buy Ftd's already have cd's like the essential Elvis volumes,and again its not complaining when you dont like something or have a differt view, but is complaining when you knock every one else who doesnt see everything your way and look at everything only through your eyes!
CD King wrote on December 02, 2007
Just received my copy of this great classic soundtrack album GIRLS!GIRLS!GIRLS Thank you FTD - The songs are all very good, great sound quality. The Cover is really nice and the booklet is superb. Now I am looking forward to add the remaining ones to my FTD 7" Format Library. Let's have them soon, SPEEDWAY, ROUSTABOUT, KISSIN COUSINS, GI BLUES, KING CRELE and BLUE HAWAII
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 28, 2007
Yes i dont care too much for the pattern on the cd's,,but there trying to make them like the old records,if only the prices were the same!